Alyssa Milano’s Wedding Night

Fictional story of Aylssa Milano’s marriage.

Alyssa Milano now 26 married punk rocker Cinjun Tate of the
rock group Remy Zero. The married couple send their honeymoon
vacationing at their home. Their house was at the beach
front. Alyssa decided to go nude around her beach area, just
hope no
photographers are watching? Alyssa was totally nude
she was walking the beach with her new husband Cinjun, he was
also nude. Two hours later, they went back in their house to
get dressed. Then they went to eat lunch at a near by
resturant. Now what Alyssa and Cinjun was doing couple days
ago was what else having sex? They spent the whole day having
wild sex. Cinjun enjoyed it but Alyssa enjoyed it more. She
had orgasms after orgasms. As they were in the resturant
ordering, Cinjun had an idea? He was thinking of taping
themelves having sex? He talked to Alyssa about it and she
absolutely didn’t want to do that. Well Cinjun also had
something else in mind secretly video taping them? Couple
hours later after lunch, Alyssa went shopping at one the
malls. Cinjun went to price video camera equipment? Cinjun did
buy the video equipment for almost $1000?
He went back home to set up everything before Alyssa got back?
He knew how to set up everything didn’t take long either.
There were 3 cameras in different places for different
Then an hour later, Alyssa came home with bags of goodies
mostly for her? She bought several different panties and
couple of crotchless panties for easy access? She also bought
packages of condoms, even though Cinjun doesn’t like wearing
them? Alyssa kissed Cinjun when she came home then went
straight into the restroom to pee. Alyssa almost didn’t make
it as she set down,
then relief finally. Whew!
Cinjun went in there with her like he always does to watch
They always watch each other pee, guess its a turn on for
Alyssa was talking to Cinjun about what she bought? She then
noticed his hardon through his pants, she said"Boy Cinjun, you
must’ve hoping I would come home fast, you have a hardon I
like that". Cinjun laughs alittle says"Yea baby I always have
a hardon cock for you, it’s waiting to be put in your pussy"?
Alyssa smiles furiously"Well my pussy been wet since I went
shopping and its wet right now hun"? Then she flushes and gets
up. They went in the bedroom and kissed and kissed. Cinjun
looks to make sure the cameras were set up for recording? The
cameras record by motions and sensores? Then Alyssa unzips
Cinjun’s pants pulls his dick out and strokes it. Cinjun
always enjoys that, he loves how Alyssa strokes him. Then they
were on the bed totally nude,
Cinjun was stroking Alyssa’s clitoris and kissing her. She was
stroking his cock to full hardness. Alyssa whispers"I want to
suck your hard cock".
Well she got on top of him and she was stroking it then
sucking it. Cinjun was feeling her mouth and tongue sliding
down and up his 8 inch prick, oh did he enjoy it? Cinjun was
tasting Alyssa’s sweet tasting pussy juice, he loves how she
Alyssa was going crazy on sucking his cock, guess she likes
how it tastes? She was also enjoying the feeling Cinjun’s
tongue flickering on her pussy.
The cameras were recording every position in every angle
possible. Alyssa was sucking so hard she made Cinjun cum
inside her mouth, she wasn’t expecting that yet? She did chock
alittle and coffing.
But she swallowed some.
Cinjun made her have good orgasms twice.
Alyssa then slid down his wet sticky prick. She slides down
then up and down again slowly.
Cinjun was enjoying watching and feeling her pussy sliding
down his cock.
Alyssa was showing pleasure on her face as she was feeling his
cock inside her pussy.
For about two hours they had sex in most of the positions,
except anal sex. Alyssa isn’t crazy about anal sex it hurts
too much?
Then she slides off and Cinjun cums on her thick furry black
pussy hairs. His cum covered most of her pussy hairs, he came
for two minutes. Alyssa was certainly relaxed now after having
good sex with her husband. They were just laying there talking
and talking?
Cinjun wasn’t sure if he should tell Alyssa about the cameras
he has hidden?

Cinjun could make lots of money if he sold the tape, having

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