Amanda’s Shower

Amanda’s Shower
by RandyPan
Story Codes: mast, anal, ws
Celebs: Amanda Seyfried
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Amanda Seyfried came back to her hotel room from a long day of shooting, exhausted.  She went in the bathroom, and turned on the shower, than immediately stripped down.

In the shower, she soaped up her body; her large breasts, her stomach, her thighs, her big, round ass.  Her nipples responded when her fingers touched them, so she rubbed and pinched them, and started to squeeze and fondle her tits. “Mmmmmm…” Her right hand moved down, and she started to rub her clit with her middle finger, while continuing to feel herself up with her left.

She was starting to finger-fuck herself, when she reached out of the shower for her carry-on bag, pulling out a vibrating dildo.  She then squatted, and shoved the dildo into her tight asshole. “Ah-uuuhhh!” Leaning against the shower wall, with one hand, she fucked her ass with the dildo, and with the other, she furiously worked her clit. “Gah-ah!” She pounded her ass with the dildo, so hard it actually hurt a little, but it also made the pleasure from her rubbing her clit that much more intense.  Eventually, she came, letting out a high-pitched cry, which echoed against the shower walls.

She came out of the shower, without even drying off, and reached into her bag again, this time pulling out an even bigger, black, more dick-shaped dildo, and a jar of Vaseline.

Getting onto the bed, still wet, she popped the top on the Vaseline, then stuck the end of the dildo in, and ground it a bit, making sure it was thoroughly coated.  She then stuck it between her ass-cheeks, and, with much straining, pushed it into her asshole.  The thing was so big, she could feel it through her entire body.  Breathing rapidly, she stuck the other dildo into her pussy, and then started fucking herself with both.  She pounded her ass with the big dildo with the same force as with the other one, which hurt a lot, but also felt really good.  The twisted expression on her face said, “I’m in agony, but I don’t want it to stop.” “Yes!” she squeaked, “YesyesyesOhGodYes!”

Eventually, she came, and came hard, letting out a cry that could probably be heard in adjacent rooms, and even pulling a couple of muscles in the process.  She pulled out the vibrator in her pussy, and then, slowly, and with a wet pop, pulled the big one out of her ass.

As often happens after a good masturbation session, she suddenly had to pee badly, but she was so exhausted, she couldn’t move to go to the bathroom.  All she could do was lie there, and let loose.  Catching her breath, she started peeing, which soaked the sheet under her ass, and spread from there.  Finally, she stopped, and, in her fatigue, passed out where she lay, in her own urine, and didn’t wake up until her wake-up call the next morning.

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