Amanda Bynes Is Going To Meet The Man Of Her Dreams Part 2

Amanda Bynes Is Going To Meet The Man Of Her Dreams

By: Yoke


Part II She Meets the Man Of Her Dreams

Background in case you have not read the first story which you
Amanda has just hit this stranger after running to meet her
friend. Her sexual tension has been building up in her pussy all
day, but she has been able to contorl it. As soon as she hits the
stranger the “dam” breaks letting out her mind bending orgasm in the
middle of the mall, and that is where we will pick up our story, but
you still should read Part I How It All Begins, it made me hard and
I wrote it.

Amanda has just had the best orgasm of her life, by accident. She
almost falls asleep on her stomach in a major mall it take so much
out of her, poor girl. She would have fallen asleep if not for a
large hand gently rubbing her back as she lays down.

“Ms. I’m so sorry I was carrying all of these boxes and I must not
have seen you. Are you ok, Ms.” said the deep voice, sound like he
was only 18. Amanda started to wake up, but was still groggy from
her recent out “cum”.

“Uhhhh…” Amanda started to roll over, she rubbed her head.

“Ms. maybe you should sit up” said the strange man. Amanda slowly
lifted her back up and put her arms under her as supports. She was
still not fully concience to her surroundings. Her eyes were still
trying to foucus on the person standing over her. At the same time
she was trying to stand up.

“I really don’t think you should just stand up now, you might have
hit your head hard.” She stopped trying to stand the voice was so
calming and reassureing to her. Her eyes had finally foucsed, she
looked down at her pants and saw they were soaked. When she came it
must have let all of her girly cum out, two months worth. She tried
to cover up but figured it would make it obvious. Then she looked up
and saw him. He was standing up and looking down at her head. This
was a boy she had only seen in her dreams. He was 6′ 2″, she loved
tall boys, she wanted to bury her head into their chest when she
hugged them. He had a military high and tight hair cut, she loved a
man in uniform. Here she was soaking pants and with the cutest guy
in the world.

“You want to try and stand up now” he said. He bent down behind her
and picked her up by the arms. She was not letting this guy see her
with dripping pants. That is when she saw her exit a bathroom. She
got up and ran. A few steps and she tripped on a shoe box and fell
to the ground. Stumbling to her hands and feet to run again she
forgot her right flip flop. She had made it to the bathroom where
she thought she would be safe, but she wasn’t.

The boy had tried to catch her but it was to late. He bent down and
picked up her sandal. Standing there confused by this odd girl. He
was too good to let her go with one shoe, but she went to the
women’s bathroom. What is a boy to do? He knew give the girl her
shoe back, it was his fault she fell, and tripped over the boxes
making her lose her shoe. He walked over to the bathroom door looked
around and saw no one, so he walked in. He looked around saw no one
except in the far stall with one flip flop on, it was her.

“Aman…Ms. you lost your shoe.” Shit he almost called her Amanda,
he knew who she was since he saw her butt in the parking lot, but
was to scared to talk to her and just left for work.

“What did you say?” Amanda was sitting in the toilet with her pant
in her lap trying to clean off the mess. It was worse on the inside.
“Forget it just go away.”

“Not till I can give you back your shoe and ask for your forgiveness,
to your face.”

“NO! Drop it and leave.”

“No.” He went to the door and locked it. “Now your trapped.” Amanda
gave up, she told him to turn around she could get her pants on in
the stall. He did and she came out and put her pants on. For a while
she was naked and it felt odd even if his head was turned.

“OK I’m done now.”

He turned around his head and began to laugh softly. He turned his
head to avoid staring.

“Yeah I pissed my pants, so what. If I didn’t run into you I could
have made it here in time.”

“No, your fly is down. Is it hard for your hair to keep that shape?”
he said. Amanda pulled up her zipper and walked to him and held out
her hand. “You have something of mine.” she said.

“I want to put it on your foot.” he figured he was in control, and
he was.


“I work at a shoe store, and if you don’t then we don’t leave.” She
was getting turned on again but tried to make it seem like she
didn’t want to. So she just lifted up her foot and let out a huff.
He bent kneeled a placed it on her foot, she giggled as his hand ran
under her foot. Before she pulled her foot away he kissed her big
toe. She scremed.

“What the hell was that?…” she liked it “….You didn’t say you
were going to do that.”

“You would have said no. Sometimes you have to take a chance. I

“Your cute, that was my chance for the day” She said and meant it.

“Want to take another chance if you think I’m cute.”

“What?” Amanda was getting turned on, this was like a dream come
true for her.

“Lets fuck that doors locked and no one will be here till noon.”

“First, what is your name.”


“Adam, I want to get eaten out.” What ever she wanted he got down on
his knees and pulled down her pants. They were difficult because
they were so tight. He had only gotten them down to her knees when
he looked back up and saw her pussy. It was beautiful, trimmed to
perfection and had the biggest clit poking out calling for him. He
never seen one stick out already he usally had to work to get it out
of the hood, not with Amanda it was always ready for lovin’.
He began to lick and suck on it. Amanda body began to shake in
appreciation of the attention. Her knees were buckling, even if he
wasn’t good Amanda’s body told him he was the best. Amanda was just
letting her body go free and was reaping all of the benifits. Her
orgasm was better then the first, this clit or this guy’s tongue was
magic. She was cumming and didn’t care, twice in one day. Then she
heard it…

BUZZZZZZZ. Amanda was snapped back to reality her alarm clock was
going off and she was back in her own bed in her own house under the
same pink sheets as this morning. She pulled off the covers to look
at the mess. Her thong was soaked her shorts were soaked at it had
just started to come through the sheets. She pulled off her shorts
and underwear to see the damage, her clit still stuck out like
always, waiting. Amanda was upset understandably so, she had just
soaked herself with cum. She just got up and got ready for the rest
of the day. She just figured it was a female version of a wet dream
and left.

Amanda started to get herself off more routinely to avoid
this. It was the best thing to happen to her now she was more
relaxed and that is how she has had all her sucsess from then on.

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