Amanda and Avril’s First Day at College

***This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. Oh well, enjoy the story if you’re 18 or older***

Setting: At Highland College in rural Northern Ontario, where many famous people attend because lack of publicity they receive, actually most don’t recognize them.

Amanda and Avril’s First Day at College

Code: MF, FF, MMF, and MMMF

It was Amanda’s first day of Frosh week, which is the week before college starts that freshman move in and get familiar with their new campus. Amanda was walking down one of the campus’ many walkways when she was approached by two men. “Hi there, I’m Jason and this is Darren and we are with the fraternity Kappa Omega Pi. We’re throwing a party later tonight and we’d love if you would come”. Amanda thought about it for a few seconds then responded, “Sure, sounds like fun, I’ll be there”. Jason stayed with Amanda for a few more minutes giving her the details as Darren went looking for other freshman. Once Jason finished with Amanda, he rejoined Darren as Amanda continued back to her dorm room. When Amanda got to her room, she went in, but saw something totally unexpected because she had just walked in on her roommate about to get it on with some jock. “Oh I’m sorry for just barging in Avril. I should have knocked first”. Avril was a little embarrassed with only being in her bra and panties, but played it off well, “It’s okay Amanda, we’ll just have to work out a system for the future, but do you mind if I have the room for an hour or so?” Amanda gave a nod and before answering, “Yeah, this guy Tim said I could hang out with him whenever I wanted so I’ll see you a little later.” With that said, Amanda left the room and shut the door before making her way to Tim’s place.

Meanwhile, back in the room, Avril and the jock (he’s name being Jacob) picked up from where they ended. Avril and Jacob started making out again as she undid his belt and pants so she could slide her hand down his pants and feel his growing dick. She did this until he had a raging hard-on and then pulled down his pants and boxers in one quick tug and threw them on the floor next to his already-removed shirt. Before she made her way down, Jacob unclasped her bra and released her impressive breasts, which where bigger than average, but not huge, with silver dollar size nipples that were a bright pink colour. He didn’t have a chance to remove her matching black thong before she was out of reach, on her knees between his legs as they were dangling off the bed as she went to work on his cock. She started stroking it hard with her hand while licking the tip of his head, which was starting to ooze some precum, which she eagerly slurped up. The taste pushed her over the edge and she started to shallow his member, at first getting 4 of his 9 inch cock into her mouth. On her second, third and fourth pass, she had taken most of it into her mouth before he helped her get the rest in by thrusting his hips upwards. He was now practically fucking her face with no mercy, with both hands on the back of her head to help with slamming her back down. After a few minutes, Jacob drew impatient and needed to fuck the hot Canadian, but she wouldn’t let him before he returned the favour. A little irritated, he roughly through her to the top of the bed, tore her thong off and threw her legs wide open and began eating out Avril’s completely bald pussy like it was his last meal. The much smaller Avril didn’t mind the rough treatment, in fact it turned her on and made her a little wet even before the jock could start pleasing her, so his rug munching only enhanced the pleasure. Jacob was now tonguing her clit as he slipped a finger into her snatch, and then another once she was a little looser. Still a little upset with having been forced to give her oral before sex, he became more daring and decided to move his mouth down her slit to her small, tight asshole. To his surprise, she didn’t hate it, she actually liked it and shifted her hips upward to give him better excess to her virgin asshole. Once he managed to get his tongue in past the sphincter it drove Avril crazy with excitement and she rolled him over on his back and began riding him with a heightened sense of horniness. Jacob started to match her thrusts along with kneading her boobs to the point where it almost hurt, which only made Avril ride harder. Once he realized he wouldn’t be able to take to much more of this frantic pace, he tossed her off of him and on to all fours and penetrated her pussy again as her tits laid dangling beneath her. Avril loved being controlled while fucking even though she had a tough personality, so when Jacob shoved his thumb in her ass and told her to get use to it she complied with argument and this double penetration action was to much for her and she came. Knowing he was gonna bust soon after feeling her hot cum he wanted to fuck her up the ass still, so he spit on her ass crack so it ran into her tiny asshole then began inserting. He butted his head against the opening, which was met by some pleas of “no, you’ll rip my virgin ass apart” that he ignored by swiftly pushing his dick against her until her asshole accepted his cock. He started doing short, shallow thrusts to try to hold back from cumming, but finding that this was useless, he started pumping full out into her ass so his dick was slamming her colon so Avril’s cries went from pleasure to agony. Just before he blew, he pulled out and dragged her down so he could shove his dick into her mouth and blow his huge load down her throat. To both of their amazement, Avril loved the trio of taste of his cum and her own twat and asshole so she spent several minutes sucking his cock dry, as well as in the meantime she made him hard again. Avril, being totally exhausted from the hot heavy sex, laid on her back and went to sleep as Jacob mounted her for another go around, which would end in 20 minutes with him shooting his load deep into her cunt. He then left her sleeping on the bed as he got dressed and walked out of the room, looking for more hot girls that were hanging around the dorm that were just as easy as the Canadian singing whore he just anal fucked after knowing her for only 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, after leaving her room that she saw her roommate about to be fucked, Amanda went straight to Tim’s room and was greeted with Tim laying on his bed in his empty room. “Hey Amanda, can I help you anything” Tim asked as he sat up so he could get a good view of her amazing tight, curvy body that had perfect sized boobs and long legs clearly visible from the plaid skirt she was wearing, that led to her round, firm ass. “Well, I need a place to crash for an hour so my roommate will let me in once she’s done screwing some jock” Amanda replied, wondering if she gave away to much information. Tim laughed and then said, “Well I only have my bed set up so far, but I think we can come up with something to do” as he eyed her body up and down, making sure she noticed. Amanda began to blush, as she wasn’t use to compliments, as she only recently became a full-blown hottie. She did think Tim was good looking and he seemed like a nice guy, so she walked over to the bed, sat next to him and started to make out with him. Tim became instantly turned on, having his 10-inch cock stand at full attention so he decided to advance the situation and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and discovered that she was wearing no bra. She followed suit and broke the kiss to peel his shirt off over his head revealing his muscular body that started to make her wet between her legs. Tim once again made the first move and slid his hand under her skirt and started rubbing her pussy through her panties before pushing them aside and shoving two fingers in right away, followed by a third. Amanda was really getting into it, so she took down her skirt and panties leaving herself in just her running shoes, as Tim used this time to take his pants off as well. “You know, my favourite number is 69” Tim said slyly as he went back on to the bed, as if to get her approval before proceeding. “Tim, I’m far from a virgin so don’t treat me like a naïve, little girl” the tall brunette shot back as she climbed onto him and swallowed the tip of his head in one quick movement. Tim was an ecstasy for a few seconds before pulling himself out of it and started licking her pussy slowly, enjoying the sweet taste of her twat that only had a little strip of hair down the centre of it. Amanda was loving the attention he was giving to her clitoris, even more so when he started licking the inside of her cunt so she rewarded him by taking his full length into her mouth, but this wasn’t gonna satisfy her. She quickly sat up and got on all fours and waited for the big-dick man to come and plug her from behind, and without delay he was in her and thrusting hard. They were both grunting and moaning in pleasure, both thrusting into each other to take in as much if his cock as possible. Amanda wanted to switch things up, so she moved forward to get him out of her and then moved him on to his back and mounted him, reverse cowgirl style. She knew this would bring her to orgasm, but she didn’t care because this was feeling too good to stop herself from cumming, so it didn’t hurt when he reached around and started rubbing her clit. Within a minute or so of this rapid fucking, Amanda started cumming all over his dick, so he pulled out with a smile on his face and said, “Finished already, what should I do now.” Amanda was exhausted from her amazing climax, offered to suck him off, but he had his mind made up on fucking those gorgeous teen tits of hers. “Well, I’m flattered you like them so much” so she pushed them together as he nestled in between them and rammed them so hard that the head of his cock kept hitting her in the neck. After a couple of minutes he had to explode so he grabbed his cock and jerked off on her boobs, but she wanted to taste his sticky man juice so she picked it up with her fingers and swallowed it down. “You know, I’m gonna be right down the hall all year if you ever get thrown out of your room by your horny roommate.” Tim joked as he started to get dressed. I’ll keep that in mind since no one else has made me cum that hard before” the talented actress added as she finished getting dressed as well.

Amanda left Tim’s room fully satisfied and returned to her room, knocking first, then entered, to see Avril lying in bed naked, almost in a coma-like state so she barely noticed her hot, brunette roommate come in. “Most have had some pretty good sex blondie, looks like your still in recovery mode” Amanda noted as she took in a good look of her hot blonde friend. She looked at her long, straight blonde hair, her beautiful face, her perky boobs with bright pink nipples, then looked at her flat, toned stomach, which led to her hairless pussy and skinny legs. Amanda found herself being turned on over her new friend who, on closer inspection, had some cum running out of her pussy, so Amanda decided to try something new and daring. Amanda walked over to Avril and leaned in and said, “Avril, I’m going to help clean you up, okay?” but without response she put her between Avril’s legs and started lapping up the sperm that was trickling down her inner thigh. The smaller blonde girl was moaning with satisfaction was she was being eaten out again, and before long, Avril was pulled out of her haze and released she was having her first lesbian encounter. Avril was a little hesitant at first, but was so pleased with the oral skills of Amanda that she didn’t care and rolled her onto her back so Avril was now sitting on Amanda’s face and having her cunt shoved in her face. Amanda was taken back by this move, but it didn’t last long as she began furiously working her tongue in and out of her pussy until Amanda’s face was covered in Avril’s cum. Avril dismounted her face so she could lick up her own pussy juice from Amanda’s face before lying back down next to her. “I’m sorry that I can’t return the favour right now because I’m exhausted and need to sleep, but it’s a long year and I’ll make up for this later tonight when I play your cunt like a violin.” Avril was starting to daze off to sleep so Amanda got up and decided to go for a shower since she had to leave for the party in an hour. Before she left to go to the shower, Amanda grabbed the clothes for later that night & her shower stuff then wrote a quick massage to Avril for when she woke up to head to the party when she woke up from her back-to-back orgasms.

Amanda just finished drying off as she started to get dressed, starting by stepping into her pink thong and putting on the matching pink bra then put on a jean mini skirt and a pink wife beater. She then decided to head over to the party and hoped that Avril would meet her over there, after all it would be good to know one person at her first frat party at her new school. Once she got to the house, she entered through the front door and saw that the party was already started with many men and women in the main lobby. It didn’t take long until Jason and Darren caught up with her and gave her a beer, “It’s great that you could come Amanda, wanna go upstairs so we can talk.” Amanda was glad to get away from the huge cluster so she happily followed the two frat boys to the second level of the house. At the top of the stairs Amanda saw some girl on her knees sucking off three guys at one time, “Wow, who is that” Amanda asked. “Oh, that’s Nikki Reed. She is a sophomore, but only here because her dad is making her go so she gets back at him for fucking as many people as possible.” Amanda Bynes was shocked to hear that, but she was more impressed by Nikki’s blowjob technique, after all she had on dick buried in her mouth (all 10 inches) and still managed the to make loud slurping noises plus she was well adapt at jerking off men with both hands. In fact, Amanda could barely see her hands move as she was stroking the matching foot long cocks so fast. Amanda followed the two men fast the slut and headed to the lounge to “talk” with the guys as she wondered if Avril got her message and if she was gonna come tonight.

Back at the top of the stairs, Nikki was working a good rhythm on all three cocks, giving equal attention to them all. She was already naked as the guys made short work of her clothes early, all three guys had only there pants around their ankles before one of them kicked his off and made his way over to the backside of the brunette bombshell. Nikki had switched to sucking off one of the 12-inch cocks as she jerked off the 11 incher, when she suddenly felt her dry, tight pussy being penetrated. The guy didn’t even bother to get her wet before hand, he just threw his dick in and started pumping as he watched her somewhat small boobs bounce with every thrust in. Nikki was now taking turns bobbing on each cock as her pussy responded to the pleasure and became wet instantly. The guy was that was fucking her bald cunt from behind pulled her away from the other two so she could get on and ride him, but during all this, the other guy with the foot long cock came behind her and pushed her forward. Without lube of any kind, he placed his head against her asshole and pushed in with full force, immediately fucking her shapely, round ass with all he had. Nikki was not able to handle all three of her orifices being stuffed hard; she came all over the dick in her twat, which her orgasm nearly pushed all three to cumming themselves. One by one, they pulled out of the whore and shot their sperm into empty shot glasses until there was three full glasses, all with Nikka’s name on them. Nikki got the hint and took all three shots into her mouth and swallowed them down with a big smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Jason and Darren were sitting on each side of Amanda now, asking her how she was enjoying the party and the school. “Well, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed that you two studs actually brought me up here to talk because I was hoping I would get to fuck your brains out.” With that said the two men stood up and ripped off their clothes like they were on fire, then turned their eyes to the dressed goddess beside them. Amanda lifted her hands above her head so Jason could remove her shirt and bra, then she arched her back allowing Darren to yank down her jean skirt and pink thong. Amanda grabbed Darren’s head and moved it to her almost hairless pussy as she reached out and started massaging Jason’s semi-erect cock until it swelled to its full 10-inch length. The most intriguing thing was its girth, which was 3 inches wide making it hard for Amanda to get it in her mouth, but she was too determined to not suck it off. Darren was pulling and rubbing and licking her clit so much that it was becoming red, but it was driving Amanda crazy, making her hum on his buddy’s cock. Amanda broke the blowjob and said, “I want you to fuck me with your tree trunk cock and Darren I want your 15 inch monster in my mouth.” Neither guy said a word they just did as they were told with Jason driving his cock deep inside her pussy and Darren having his engulfed to the base by the skilled brunette. After several minutes of this formation, Jason told her to get on him so she can ride him, but Jason wanted to stay in her mouth so he pulled out long enough for Amanda to get on Jason then stood on the couch and shoved his dick back in. Then an idea popped into his head so he broke the cocksucking and moved behind the lanky beauty and started licking her asshole and before long the brunette was begging for his python in the tight ass. Darren stood up and started to push his way in, but it was so tight that he didn’t think it would fit until he almost fell over when it finally went into tiny asshole. Amanda started screaming with extreme pleasure as the two guys continued to double penetrate and then she couldn’t handle anymore and started to cum, having her sweet liquid erupt on Jason’s cock head and dribble out of her almost full cunt and drip onto the couch below. Jason and Darren then pulled out and stood beside Amanda as she was down on her knees and jerked themselves off until they came one after another into her mouth then watched her swallow it down like the good little slut she is.

With most of the people at the party already hooked up with each other, Kyle was a little down after not finding any girls that were still available, until in walked a blonde bombshell no taller then 5’2, but packed with attitude. The girl was wearing a black tank top with her black bra straps showing along with baggie camouflage pants that unfortunately hid her feminine, curvy body. “Hey there, you’re a little late aren’t you?” asked Kyle who sounded upbeat. “Well I had a late nap, but I’m surprised to see the girls saved me a cute one” Avril said sarcastically with a look of a little disgust on her face. “Listen, the only reason you came was to get some, so why don’t you come over here and start sucking my off.” Avril liked the boldness the young guy showed so walked over to him and started kissing him while at the same time removed his pants and tightie whites. Avril instantly dropped to her knees and put his soft dick in her mouth and used her tongue on its underside until it reached its 14 inch max length. “Wow, I’m enthused and can’t wait to see how you use it, but first I want you to get me wet” Avril demanded as she stood up and leaned herself against the wall, face first. Kyle didn’t bother to unbutton her pants, he just ripped her pants and black thong straight then spread her asscheeks apart so her asshole gapped open and then dove in tongue first. Avril moaned in enjoyment then used her hands to keep her cheeks open so that Kyle could use his fingers to work into her cunt. He started right away with three fingers, then added a fourth and then squeezed in the thumb so he was all out fisting her loose, bald pussy as he kept rimming the 19 year-olds asshole. This made Avril scream out, “Fuck me, fuck me in my ass, NOW”, and Kyle didn’t hesitate as he buried his 14 inch monster into her ass until it reached her bowel. Avril was thrusting backwards to allow as much of his cock as possible into her asshole to increase her pleasure, then Kyle reached up under her shirt to feel her rounded tits and hard nipples. Avril knew she was gonna cum soon so she slid her hand down and used it to rub her clit, sending so much thrills through her body that she squirted, all her cum painting the floor below her. Kyle couldn’t hold back anymore so with one hard drive, he blew his thick load into her ass. “Not bad man, I’ll keep you in mind when I’m horny next time” Avril said as she slid her pants back on and left to go find her friend.

Avril didn’t have to look to hard before finding her long-legged roommate who was also looking for Avril. “Hey Amanda, I’ve been looking all over for you, having a good time?” Avril asked. “Yeah, actually I think I’m starting to like this guy Jason, let’s go find him” Amanda said to Avril before they headed off to the lounge. The door was slightly ajar so they looked through and to their amazement, they saw Jason and Darren having another threesome with some big boob red head. “That’s Lindsay, she’s down the hall from us in the dorm, I can’t believe what a whore she is.” Avril added as they watched Lindsay on her knees taking turns sucking off both men. Lindsay then motioned for Jason to take his fat cock and fuck her from behind, so Jason got up and did just that as he watched her ass ripple with every thrust into her full bushed twat. Lindsay got into a system so that every thrust Jason gave she would bottom out on Darren’s dick in her mouth. She was having a great time, but she knew it could be better with a dick on her pussy and a dick in her ass too, she what she wanted, she usually got. Lindsay instructed Jason to stop and sit on the couch then she sat on his dick slowly, allowing the thick monster to insert into her ass with her legs spread apart. As quick as a flash Darren planted his cock into her snatch to complete the double penetration that had Lindsay thriving in ecstasy as both men worked their giant manhood in and out of her openings. As if in unison all three reached climax with Jason blowing in her enlarged asshole and Lindsay and Darren swapping cum inside her deep pussy.

“What a bastard if he thinks that he can screw you and then 10 minutes later go and screw some firebox bitch that has like a million freckles on her pasty skin.” Avril barked angrily to Amanda. “Yeah I know, he wasn’t even that good of a lay anyway” and with that said, both girls walked down the stairs and out of the house, back to their dorm room. All and all, not a bad first day of school for anyone.

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