Amanda’s Break Between Takes

Amanda’s break between takes


This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by explicit language.

I don’t own any of those characters.

NC-17, Mmf,

Amanda sat in her trailer reading some magazine. She was wearing her BDU pants her black T-shirt and a pair of white socks, feet at the table laying back in the chair.

As she turned the pages she saw an old picture of Christopher Judge. It was taken backstage and it shows Christopher’s upper body naked.

She looked at his muscular body and felt a tickle in her crotch. She cupped her breasts and felt her nipples getting
hart under the thin material of her shirt.

She let the magazine in the table and pulled her shirt over her head. She stood up and removed her BDU. She stands there only with her white panties and bra. She reached for the magazine when someone knocked at her door.

She opened the door completely forgetting that she was almost naked and stood looking at two stand man who just wanted some autographs.

They looked at her with big eyes and Amanda wondered what they were looking at. Then it hit her, she had only underwear on!

She slammed the door and leaned on it cursing herself for being so careless. She kept hearing knocks in the door, she looked around and saw the magazine. She remembered what she was doing and cursed them for interrupting her.

She thought for few seconds and then she took a peek outside. The two men were still there talking to each other. From the hand moves she knew they talk about her and the curves of her body.

She opened the door and warned them to never talk about it.

They swear to her and walked in as she leads the way. They eyes locked at her round ass!

The last one closed and locked the door after making sure that no one had saw them getting in.

They walked to the bedroom and Amanda sat on the bed. They sat left and right of her and they started kissing.

They reached out and fondled her breasts, Amanda rubbed their crotches feeling their cocks.

She opened their zippers while one of them unclasped her bra and throw it away. She shoved her hands in the opening of their pants and grasped their cocks slowly stroking them.

They lowered their heads and started to lick and suck her nipples. Amanda moaned and falls back on her bed. They let her and stood up quickly taking their clothes of.

One of them hooked his fingers in her white panties and pulled them of. She lifted her hips and then her legs helping him.

She was shaved and her pussy was already wet. The man throws her panties away and without losing time he spread her legs and shoved his cock on her pussy!

Sam dug her nails in his shoulders, wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside her and howled loudly!

The man started to fuck her hard and fast making her breast move like jelly. Amanda shoved her hand between their bodies and played with her clit bringing her self higher.

The man didn’t last long and came spurting his juices in to her womb! Amanda came too and her juice soaked his shaft and run out of her pussy in to her ass crack down to the sheets.

He pulled out of her and rolled to the side breathing heavily.

Before Amanda really came down from her orgasm the second man placed her legs to his shoulders and shoved his cock in her trembling pussy!

Amanda grabbed the sheets and bites her lower lip as he took her high again!

Before her first orgasm really subdue Amanda had a second one washing over her body!

He felt his sperm running up his shaft and quickly pulled out of her moving upwards on the bed. He aimed at her head and wildly stroked his cock.

Amanda waited for his sperm with her mouth wide open and her tongue stretched out. He started to spurt and his first shot land in her forehead and run downwards to her ear and hair. The second one partially hit her chick and her open mouth. He kept spurting covering most of her face with white sticky sperm. The quantity in her mouth was enough for Amanda to play with it and even make some bubbles before swallowing it.

Then she scooped the rest with her fingers and licked them clean.

She felt a hand in her tight and looked down. The first man was ready again!

He shoves a finger in her ass crack and probed her back door!

Amanda closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable intrusion.

He felt that she was well lubricated; the juices from two orgasms had run in her ass crack.

He flipped her over and slowly pushed the head of his cock in to her tight back door.

Amanda groaned and got a tight grip from the edge of her bed as the thick hard cock violated her rarely used anal passage.

The man grabbed her tighter from her waist and pulled her to a kneeling position. Then he pushed harder in to her. He slid in to her ass until his crotch slammed her ass chicks.

They enjoyed the sensation for few moments and then he started to fuck her fast and hard.

They groaned and yelled from pleasure.

The second man reached under her body and furiously fucked her soaking pussy with his index and middle finger while his thumb rubbed over her clit.

The man in her ass fucked her hard for several minutes and then he started to spurt cum in her bowls. That was enough for Amanda, a third orgasm washed over her body and she fell breathless, face down, in her bed. The man pulled out of her ass with a lout popping sound.

Amanda’s anal muscles couldn’t close the hole fast enough and so it stayed gaping open.

That helped the second man to shove his cock more easily in to her ass!

Amanda pressed her head in her pillow to muffle her pleasure scream!

He pumped her harder and faster then the first one and he came a lot sooner.

He pulled out and flipped her over. Amanda’s gaping ass hole dripped sperm in her satin sheets. He pressed his cock in her face and ordered her to clean him up. The other man joined him and Amanda licked them clean.

Then they put their clothes on and left the trailer

Amanda stayed laid in her bed. Her holes filled with sperm and many orgasms to remember in the future.

Soon she fall asleep with a big grin in her face.

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