Amanda’s Day At The Beach

Amanda’s Day At the Beach


The story herein is nothing more than a fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

It was one of those hot summers, in which long days of sun and heatdrove the

people towards the sea-shore. Amanda was one of them, seeking coolness in

the fresh salty wind that blew through her hair.

“Wow, this beach is crowded!”
Amanda said to her friend Janice, who had decided to come along

with her.

Actually, Janice was the neighbor’s daughter, but she and Amanda

had become very close, since Amanda had moved in at her new apartment last

year . She was thirteen years of age, three years younger than Amanda, but

somehow they always appeared to be on the same wavelength. In all sorts of

things…Janice shrugged and replied: “We should have expected this. It’s so

hot today!I don’t feel much anyway like just lying around all the time and

frying in the sun.” She smiled broadly as she said this, blinking at Amanda,

who giggled back.

Indeed, Janice was not the exact type for sun-bathing.

She had shiny red hair all the way down her back. It was matched by her fair

skin, which tended to get all freckled when exposed to the sun. Her eyes

were green and always smiling. Janice had a very petite figure, matching her

age, Amanda always thought.

That particular day Janice wore tight hot pants,

which emphasized her amazingly long and lean legs. Furthermore she wore beach

shoes and a t-shirt,through which Amanda could clearly see the nipples of

her bra-less, petite yet pert breasts.

Amanda wore a mini-dress that day, as

she also took pride in showing off her nice legs and slender posture. She

was quite petite, especially compared to Janice, they seemed the same age.

She had light brown hair which was also very long. She and Janice loved to

fix each other’s hair; as a matter of fact, that is how their friendship

started. Amanda had big, brown eyes and full lips and she made a somewhat

sensual impression. Not surprisingly, the girls made quite a lot of heads

turn, as they strolled over the boulevard, hand in hand.

“Well, if we wouldn’t have come so late, we could still have sun-bathed a bit,” Amanda

said, “but a walk along the sea-shore sounds fine to me too.”

“Hmmmm, how romantic,” Janice replied. “I just hope we can find some place less


Amanda looked at the crowd at the beach, which was dissolving as

the sun started to weaken its attack of tanning rays.

“I think it’ll be ok,” she answered smilingly, running her fingers tenderly through Janice’s full

red mane. At that moment they walked past an icecream-vendor. “Hey, do you

want some?” Amanda asked, pointing at the cart.

“Sure”, was Janice’s enthustastic answer, “chocolate and vanilla please!”

Amanda couldn’t help but grinning widely. As mature as Janice was in most things, she sometimes still

was a child.

“Two HUGE chocolate icecreams please”, Amanda ordered to the

boy behind the cart, fetching her purse.

“Sorry ‘Manda’, I only sell popsicles.”

Amanda looked up from her purse and showed a smile of

recognition. The boy behind the icecream-cart was Peter. She knew him from

high-school. He was about seventeen years old and had always drawn her

attention as he was so lively and friendly.

“Hello Pete!” she said. “What a surprise to see you here. What makes you run around with ice-cream at a

place like this?”

“Well, I need the extra money for my new car,” Peter

answered, as he handed over two large chocolate-popsicles to the girls,

peeking at them from under his cap, “but these are on the house.”

“Well, thank you,” Amanda replied. “May I introduce you to Janice? She’s a good

friend of mine.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Janice said and she stretched out her

hand. Peter took it carefully and made a bit of a shy impression.

Amanda smiled at him and said: “See, it may not seem so at first, but Janice and I

have a lot in common.”

She took her popsicle, wrapped the foil off it and opened her lips widely. Then she shoved the popsicle in her mouth as far as she could, sliding it back and forth. Janice giggled at first, then she

followed Amanda’s example. The two girls made a little game out of it who

could get the popsicle in the farthest. Amanda won, of course, as she had

the most experience with making room in her throat. Janice managed to get a

whole lot of the large thing between her lips as well, though.

Peter looked at it all, amazed at first, looking if there were no other customers

arriving, but grinning wider and wider all along. The little contest ended,

when the ice was almost fully melted by the heat of the two girls’ throats.

“Hmmmm, that was good,” Amanda said, blinking at Peter. “I’m sure you have

more to offer.”

Peter seemed to blush a bit, or was it the heat? Anyway,

Amanda decided to change the subject and asked: “How long do you have to

work every day?”

“Usually from afternoons till sunset,” Peter answered,

“though in the eveningsthings usually are not so busy. I move up and down

the boulevard a lot though.”

“You keep in shape very well then,” Janice

replied. Amanda looked at Peter’s body and nodded agreeingly.

“Well, here are some more customers. Work to do!” Peter said. “See you guys sometime.”

He smiled at the girls, who made place for the new group of people. They

waved him goodbye and continued their walk down to the beach.

Amanda and Janice decided to lie down in the evening-sun a while after all. They

changed into their bikinis, which were very skimpy indeed. Amanda enjoyed

this a lot, as she had the opportunity of smearing Janice’s body with

sun-block all over. She loved the feel of her young friend’s soft skin under

her fingers, as she spread the oil all over, kneeding her supple flesh.

Janice had a hard time not to moan too much, as she was very sensitive to

touch. Of course Amanda got her treat as well. Janice’s fingers were soft

and gentle and Amanda dozed off under her touch.

The sky was darkening more and more, when Amanda took Janice’s hand and walked with her towards the


“What a lovely evening,” Janice said, “it’s going to be a

beautiful red sunset.”

“No sunset can match the beauty of your red hair,”

Amanda answered, as she pulled Janice towards her and kissed her face


“Please don’t.” Janice pulled back a little, unwillingly, but still.

“There are people watching.”

Amanda looked over the beach. There were a few

people there, mostly other couples, waiting for the sunset. Nothing scary,

but she knew that Janice felt a little uncomfortable expressing her feelings

in public.

She took Janice by the hand and said: “Okay then, let’s go for a

little walk.”

After Amanda took some stuff with them, she and Janice

strolled along the sea-shore, holding hands all the way. As Janice began to

feel more comfortable, she pressed her body closer to Amanda’s. “Nobody is

watching us now, sweetie,” Amanda said, as she wrapped her arms around

Janice’s supple body.

Indeed, they appeared to have reached a more or less

secluded part of the beach. As Janice was somewhat smaller than Amanda, she

raised her head and softly pressed her lips on those of her lover. Amanda

ran her fingers through Janice’s hair, answering her kiss. She slowly slid

her tongue through Janice’s lips, getting aroused by the taste and feel of

Janice’s tongue playing with hers. Nobody could kiss so fine as Janice! She

surely was naturally gifted.

Amanda felt her desire increasing explosively,

when Janice wrapped her arms around her and pressed her breasts against her

body, rubbing her hardening nipples through the fabric of her bikini-top

against Amanda’s stomach. Amanda dropped her top and lowered herself a bit,

so their breasts met, Amanda’s titties against the little, but taunt tits of

her young friend. The feeling of their nipples rubbing together gave her a

tingling feeling in her stomach, all the way down to her crotch. She took

Janice in her arms and started to softly pull her down with her.

“No wait,” Janice mumbled. It took Amanda some seconds to regain her senses



“Well,” Janice said, “we could still be seen here.”

Amanda stood up, sighing deeply at first, but smiling at Janice again, as she started to

caress her hair.

“But I saw something where we could hide a bit,” Janice

continued and she pointed along the beach.

Amanda looked and saw an old, secluded boardwalk, which rose quite high over the beach.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” she said and she took Janice by the hand again.

“No wonder that there’s nobody at this place,” Janice said as she and Amanda arrived at the

old, wooden pillars. “It’s all stoney here.”

“Well, I’ll give you something soft to sit on,” Amanda replied.

She took a big towel out of her bag and spread it over the floor under the boardwalk, removing some bigger stones.

Then she sat down against one of the pillars. Janice took the hint and stood

over Amanda, softly running her hands through her hair. Amanda replied by

pulling her closer, nibbling Janice’s thighs as she caressed her butt and

back of her legs. Then she started to pull Janice lower, tucking her

g-string teasingly with her teeth. Janice lowered herself over Amanda,

sitting on her lap, so Amanda could wrap her arms around her. At that time,

the sun appeared under the boardwalk, spreading its red light over the

tender couple. Amanda, facing the sun, saw how the light gave Janice’s hair

a mysterious, bright glow.

“Oh Janice,” Amanda whispered, “you’re so beautiful.”

She wanted to say more, but her words got smothered by Janice’s

tender kisses. Amanda gave in fully, sucking her lover’s tongue in her

mouth, playing with it, tasting it. She started to undo Janice’s top and let

it slide off. Janice softly kissed Amanda in the neck, moaning softly, as

Amanda massaged her breasts gently, rolling the hardening nipples between

her fingers. Amanda felt the wetness between Janice’s legs increase,

especially as she began to rub her crotch against hers. This was a sign for

Amanda to slide Janice’s g-string off and to get rid of hers as well.

There was no pubic hair that could stand in the way. Amanda and Janice shaved each

other regularly, making a loving game out of it. Amanda let go of a deep

moan, when she felt Janice’s naked pussy slide over hers. She bent Janice

backwards a bit and ran her tongue over her little breasts, licking between

them, sucking the hard nipples as she rolled her tongue around them.

Janice answered by arching her back and spreading her legs even more, rubbing her

labes and clit forcefully over Amanda’s. Janice came. She moaned loudly as

large amounts of fluids gushed out of her pussy, running over Amanda’s

crotch. When Amanda felt her lover spasm, her own orgasm wasn’t far either.

“Ooooohhh.. baby… you’re so good…aaawww…”

She took hold of Janice

tightly, as that electrifying feeling took control over her body. She let

herself slide sideways from the pillar, taking Janice with her, so that she

straddled over her. Still aroused by her orgasm, Amanda turned around over

Janice’s body, straddling over her head as she spread Janice’s legs,

positioning for a sixty-nine. Janice lifted her head and began to circle her

tongue around Amanda’s pussy. Amanda first caressed Janice’s labes gently,

trying not to get too distracted by the wonderful things Janice was doing

between her legs. She shoved her fingers deeply in Janice’s vagina,

caressing her labes with the tip of her tongue. Janice moaned in exstacy,

stopping for a while. Amanda spread her legs wider, granting Janice more

access. But Janice didn’t need the hint. She shoved her tongue deeply

between Amanda’s labes, sucking her clit fiercly, causing huge amounts of

pussy-juices to flow over her face.As a result, Amanda attacked Janice’s

clit, giving it a blow-job as it grew bigger. Both girls orgasmed almost at

the same time. Their screams must have been heard at a long distance, but at

this moment, they couldn’t have cared less. They lied next to eachother on

the blanket under the boardwalk for a while, kissing the cum from

each other’s lips.

“I’m so lucky I’ve found you,” Amanda whispered in Janice’s

ear. As a reply, Janice squeezed her playfully.

“We’d better get dressed and get back again,” Amanda said. “It’s getting pretty dark already.”

So they put on their ordinary clothes and walked back along the shore again, enjoying

the last bits of red sky as they reached the public beach, which was still

not completely empty. When they walked up the boulevard, they saw Peter’s


“Hi there, Pete,” Amanda said. “You’re still at work? Sales must have

been pretty good.”

“Hey, you’re still here!” Peter replied, smiling happily

at the girls.

“Yeah, things have been pretty busy today,” he continued, “but

now my day is done!”

“That’s what YOU think,” Amanda said, blinking at him

seducively in an overly obvious way. “We still didn’t pay for our ice-cream.

I hate to have debts.” She and Janice exchanged meaningful looks and Janice

smiled broadly.

“Hey ladies, the ice was on the h…”Peter stopped, suddenly

knowing what was going on. He grinned widely,examining the girls with full

interest. Then he turned to his cart again.”I have to bring this thing back

to where it belongs,” he said.

“Well, we can come along with you,” Janice

answered. Peter nodded and so they went, Peter pulling the cart up the

boulevard with the two girls helping him out. They arrived at a shack, a

little walk away from the boulevard. Peter took a key and opened the


“This ice-hut belongs to my uncle,” he said. “Through him I got this

job, see.”

There was a huge refrigerator in the middle of the room. A door

lead to another room behind that. Peter stored the cart and let the girls

enter the back-room before him.There was an old sofa there. A naked

light-bulb was hanging from the ceiling. Peter switched it on and kicked off

his shoes.

“I know, it’s not a palace,” he said, “but do sit down.”

“It’s okay,” Amanda answered, “we have everything we want.”

She walked over to Peter and kissed him. He seemed a bit surprised at first, but then gave in

and kissed her back intensely. Janice stood behind him and started to place

little kisses in his neck.

“Hmmmm, you seem to be the timid type,” Amanda

said, as they had been kissing a while, without him doing much more. “But I

know just the thing for it.”

She kicked off her shoes and sat down on the

sofa, pulling Peter with her. Janice sat behind her and started to fondle

her dress, opening the back zipper,sliding the dress off her shoulders. Then

she placed kisses all over Amanda’sshoulders and neck. Amanda turned her

head to engage in a deep french kiss with Janice, who slid her hand between

Amanda’s legs.

She pulled up the skirt,allowing Peter a nice view on

Amanda’s bare pussy. Amanda also didn’t wear her bra, so Janice started to

fondle her breasts with her one hand, as she parted Amanda’s labes with the

other. She slid her fingers in, rubbing the swelling labes and clit softly.

Peter began to caress Amanda’s legs, moving his mouth towards her breasts.

He took her nipples between his lips, sucking them and tucking them lightly

with his teeth.

“See? I knew you’d come along,” Amanda moaned.

Janice stood up and sat down behind Peter, who continued slowly, but securely. Janice

also kicked off her shoes and then let her pants follow, along with her

t-shirt. She was the first to go naked, but Amanda soon followed, as Peter

hepled her to take off her dress.

“Your turn,” Janice whispered.

She helped Peter out of his t-shirt, mean while placing kisses all over his back. She

licked his ears, as she pressed her hardening nipples against his back,

wrapping her arms around him from behind. Peter moaned, as Amanda joined in

by licking his nipples and stomach. Janice slowly started to unzip his

jeans. Then Amanda took over and pulled the trousers off his legs. When he

was only sitting in his boxer shorts, Janice, still sitting behind him,

started to caress his breast and stomach, moving her hands down till she

slowly slid one of them inside his shorts. Peter gasped a bit, when she took

hold of his dick, pumping it slowly in her fine, little hand. His rod grew

fast and soon Janice could hardly wrap her fingers around it.

“Wow, he’s a big one,” she said.

“Really?” Amanda replied. “Let’s see.”

She slowly pulled Peter’s boxer shorts down, revealing an indeed large and thick stick. Peter

just smiled. The massage Janice gave to his dick seemed to be a good one,

though she had a bit trouble handling it. Still she kneaded the flesh up and

down, squeezing the head lightly, sometimes rolling his ballsthrough her


“That looks tasty,” Amanda smiled.

Janice understood and let go of

Peter’s dick, who sighed deeply. Amanda took his rod in her hands, giving it

the same kind of massage Janice did. She started to run her tongue up and

down the shaft, unleashing little moans from Peter. Janice turned Peter’s

head a bit and french kissed him deeply, as Amanda took each of his balls in

her mouth seperately, massaging them with her tongue. After that she licked

her way up his dick again. When she was up, she parted her lips, sliding the

tip of the head in. She pulled it out, just to form her lips over Peter’s

dick again, taking it deeper this time. She repeated the pattern, slowly

taking in more and more. After a while she paused a bit, jacking Peter’s

dick, using her spit for lube.

“Well? Like it?” she said.

It was needless to ask. Peter was grinning widely, obviously at the peak of his joy.

“Don’t you want to join in?” Amanda smilingly asked Janice, who was still sitting

behing Peter, caressing him.

“I have an idea,” Janice replied.

She stood up and went out of the room. Amanda and Peter heard some noises coming from the

other room, but didn’t think about it too long, as Amanda took his cock back

between her lips, taking him deeper still with each instroke. When Janice

returned, she appeared to have brought some plates with ice-cream on them.

“I just took some popsicles and mashed them,” she said.

Amanda didn’t answer.

She just had Peter’s dick in half-way down her throat. Janice walked over to

her, took some ice-cream and started smearing it over Peter’s balls and the

base of his dick.

“What the … ” Peter began, but he silenced as he felt the

sensation of two pair of lips on his dick.

Amanda bobbed her head up and

down, her lips tightly around his rod, as Janice began to lick the ice off

his balls. The sensation of cold and hot was overwhelming for Peter. This

became even more intense, as Amanda stopped for a while, letting Janice take

over. Janice took some ice-cream and smeared Peter’s dick in with it. Then

she took some in her mouth and slid her lips over Peter’s dick-head, taking

it in slowly. Peter moaned loudly, as he felt his rod slide through the cold

mass into Janice’s hot throat. Rather than bopping up and down, Janice just

swallowed Peter’s dick in more and more, letting him enter as deep as he


“Owwww, you naughty little girl,” Amanda said laughingly. “I know a

young girl like you just LOVES ice-cream. Now you beat me at the game after


Amanda crawled behind Janice, who was kneeling on the floor, and

wrapped her arms around her. She searched for Janice’s hairless pussy and

slid her fingers between her labes. Then she decided to lie down on the

floor, letting Janice straddle her face as she attacked her pussy with

fast-moving attacks of her tongue. Janice shuddered. Not only from Amanda’s

actions, but also because Peter’s dick started throbbing in her mouth.

He pushed it in almost fully, as his breathing got erratic. Short after that

Janice felt a warm stream of sperm being shot in her throat. She took out

his dick, which squirted one last shot of cum against her lips. Janice

licked it off and then let herself slide back at the caresses of Amanda, who

had wetted one finger with Janice’s richly flowing pussy-juices and shoved

it up her ass.

Peter looked at the girls engaging in their horny game. He

kissed Janice, who was leaning forward on the sofa to let Amanda’s tongue

and finger enter her deeper. Peter caressed Janice’s cute, lovely breasts,

kissing them. For a few seconds he just looked at her, while she squirmed

under his and Amanda’s tender caresses.

Such a young girl, but already so

sensual and ready for action. He almost couldn’t believe it. Peter felt like

he was in a dream. He slid off the sofa and decided to take care of Amanda’s

unattended pussy. He remembered the sensations of cold and wet he

experienced and took some of the ice-cream from the plate. He smeared it

gently between Amanda’s thighs and then softly licked it off again, closing

in on her pussy, which was already throbbing with anticipation. Then he took

some of the ice-cream and softly smeared it over Amanda’s labes. The

reaction was immediate: a shock went through Amanda’s body, as she let go of

a deep “oooahhhhmmmm…”

Obviosuly she couldn’t say more, as Janice was

pushing her pussy against her lips. Peter put some ice-cream on his tongue

and shoved it between Amanda’s swollen labes. He spread her pussy and

started to eat it out, causing Amanda to jerk her hips upward madly. It

didn’t take long before Peter noticed how the excitement of the girls rubbed

off on him as well. His dick was rising fast again.

After he had licked out

the last bit of ice-cream out of Amanda’s pussy, he straddled over her legs,

facing Janice’s back, which he began to caress up and down as he let his

dick close in on Amanda’s cunt. Amanda seemed to utter a smothered cry of

joy, when Peter slid his dick between her wet and waiting labes. He wrapped

one arm around Janice, kissing her where he could, while he started to

thrust his dick back and forth. Amanda came within seconds, as Peter also

stimulated her clit with his fingers. His dick slid back and forth in her

soaking wet pussy while he turned Janice’s head for a deep french kiss.

Obviously very aroused, Amanda shoved one more finger in Janice’s arse,

sliding both fingers back and forth forcefully. Peter saw it happen and he

also noticed, how excited Janice reacted to that treatment.

He bent over to her and asked: “Wouldn’t you like something real in there?”

Janice just replied by searching his lips and kissing him deeply.

Amanda took her fingers out of Janice’s arse and said: “Just be careful, Peter. She has

never done this for real before.”

Then she gently parted Janice’s cute,

well-formed butt-cheeks. Janice reacted by bending forward over the sofa

even more, sticking her butt backwards, so Peter could clearly see her pink,

little star. He hesitated though, as it all seemed so small to him. This was

a thirteen-year old girl! How could she ever take his dick up her


Janice seemed to read his thoughts as she said: “Don’t worry, Pete.

Amanda just stretched me back there and I know she will take good care of me

from the other side, as I’m sure you will too when you enter me there.

Besides, I am used to a little pain.”

“Okay darling,” Peter replied, as he

stopped his slow thrusting in Amanda’s pussy. He slid his dick out, which

was all wet from Amanda’s juices.

“See?” Janice said, as his dick closed in

on her arse. “Your dick is already lubed too….”

The last word ended in a

little squeal, as Peter pressed the head of his dick against her anus and

started to force it through. Janice’s arse opened up slowly. Peter stopped

a while with pushing his dick in, as Janice let go of a deep whining and

moaning, which definetely sounded like cries of pain to him. But Janice

urged him to go on. Amanda obviously did a good job between her legs,

mellowing the pain by sucking and licking Janice’s labes and clit. Peter

also caressed Janice’s breats and shoulders, kissing her in her neck, as he

continued to force his rod up her arse.

Finally, after some while,

Janice’s butt-hole opened up completely and swallowed the head of Peter’s

dick. Peter moaned loudly, loving the feeling of Janice’s anal muscles

massaging his hot rod. Janice shuddered and whimpered a bit, which Peter

actually began to find quite a turn-on. He pushed his dick some one or two

inches further up her arse.

“Oooohhh, you’re so tight,” he moaned in Janice’s

ear. Indeed, he never had felt such a a grip on his dick before.

“Fill me,” Janice whimpered, “don’t let go. Stretch me, fuck me there, deeper…

please… ”

As she said these words, Peter felt how her arse began to relax

and he slid some two inches further in. This girl was truly opening up to

him! It didn’t take Peter much more effort to push his dick in fully.

Unbelievable! This fragile girl had his huge dick all the way up her arse!

He bent backwards a bit and looked down as if he couldn’t believe it, but he

clearly saw his rod disappear in the tightness between Janice’s butt-cheeks,

which had been stretched enormously. He also saw Amanda’s beautiful body.

Amanda was still treating Janice’s pussy, causing Janice’s ass to squeeze

his dick.

Peter slowly pulled his dick back again, which caused a deep sigh

with Janice. When Peter was almost fully out, he forced his dick back in

again, much faster this time. Janice held on tight to the pillows on the

sofa and moaned. Peter began to repeat the pattern, sliding back and forth

in long strokes, gradually increasing speed. Peter had just slid his dick

fully up Janice’s ass again, as Janice came with a loud, whining scream. Her

anal muscles spasmed around Peter’s rod ecstatically. Through this Peter

reached his own orgasm in no-time. He almost blackened out, as he shot his

sperm up Janice’s arse. His dick slid out of the tight hole, so the last

shots of cum landed over Janice’s back and then over Amanda’s shoulders.

“Oh my…” Peter sighed as he rolled on the floor on his back.

As he looked at the girls, he saw that Janice was licking his cum off Amanda’s shoulders.

Amanda then held Janice tight to her, smearing the cum on her back all


“You were a good girl,” Amanda whispered in Janice’s ear. “A good girl.

I knew you could do it.”

Janice smiled happily at Amanda and then kissed

her. Amanda blinked at Peter and he could do nothing more but smile back and

nod agreeingly.

“Well, if you want to take a shower, there is one just

outside,” Peter said after a while.

The girls didn’t hesitate and decided to

wash off the sweat and cum off each other’s body. They also washed Peter all

over, paying special attention to his dick, which was a bit greasy from

having been all the way up Janice’s arse. Peter brought the girls home in

his car, receiving deep goodbye-kisses.

“Tomorrow, same time same place?” Peter asked, when the girls stepped out of the car.

“Who knows?” Amanda

answered and she blinked meaningfully.

She and Janice walked up the doorway hand in hand. They sure had a lot of explaining to do to Janice’s parents,

but hey, it sure had been worth it! What was wrong about forgetting the time

while having fun at the beach anyway?


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