Amanda’s Lesson

When one has sufficient money, life’s little problems are so much
easier to solve. For example, like many men I had watched the career
of Amanda Holden with some interest. Not of course for her talent as
a tv star; there was precious little of that. I simply found Miss
Holden to be a nicely-shaped fuck-toy.

Thus it was that I found myself standing in a closed pub at 3 am one
Sunday morning. My wealth had enabled me to purchase the use of
Amanda for the night and I intended for this little slut to learn
some important lessons about her role in life.

At that moment, a door swung open and a tall, thick-set
man entered,
holding a dog lead in one of his huge fists. As he came further into
the room, it became clear that the other end of the lead was attached
to something. I smiled as Amanda Holden crawled through the doorway
on her hands and knees. As per my instructions, she was naked apart
from a collar which was affixed to the lead held by my associate.

“Any problems?” I asked him, eyeing the trembling celebrity.

“Nah boss.” He said, grinning. “Didn’t take long to persuade her.”

I grinned back. I know that my associate can be extremely persuasive.
As Amanda crawled further into the light, I could see a few thin red
lines traced over her rounded bottom. Even though I couldn’t see them
yet, I knew there would be more welts across her breasts and between
her legs.

“She’s gonna be a good girl, ain’t you bitch?” asked the hulking man.
Amanda looked up at him, terrified.

“Y-yes sir!” she stammered.

“Excellent.” I said, passing the man a bulging envelope. “There’s a
little something extra for you.”

Taking the package, he winked at me and passed me the end of Amanda’s
lead. “Ta very much. Have fun boss.” he chuckled.

I took hold of the lead and yanked hard on it. Caught off balance,
Amanda sprawled forward, falling full-length on the floor. As my
associate left I tugged on the lead again, pulling Amanda a couple of
inches along the ground. She winced as the leather collar bit into
her slender neck, before hurriedly getting back up onto her hands and
knees. She kept her gaze down, her slim bare form starting to shiver
in the pre-dawn chill.

“You know what you’re here for, cunt?” I asked.

“Yes s-sir.” The girl was obviously very close to crying.

“Through that door,” I said, pointing across the room, “is the gents
toilet. I arranged for it not to be cleaned for two days. Now…” I
started walking towards the toilet door, “…as you might imagine, a
Friday and a Saturday night in a pub toilet usually leave one hell of
a mess.”

Feeling the tug on the lead as I moved, Amanda scrambled to keep up.
I stopped in front of the door. “You will be learning a very
important lesson tonight, cunt. It’s one I know you will remember for
the rest of your life.”

I opened the door and immediately smelt the familiar stink of old
urine. Amanda obviously sensed it too, wrinkling her nose and
swallowing hard.

“In you go, cunt.” I said, kicking the bitch hard between her legs,
making her cry out in pain. Nevertheless, her helplessness was
becoming ever more apparent to Miss Holden and she scurried into the
small, dank room.

I followed the crawling girl through and gazed appreciatively around.
The toilet had been prepared exactly as per my instructions. Three
urinals lined one wall, their cracked off-white porcelain spattered
with piss, globules of spit, thick black pubes and discarded
cigarette ends. It had obviously been a pretty good couple of nights
for the landlord, because his drunken patrons had missed the urinals
regularly; pools of reeking urine lay on the floor and yellowed
stains were still glistening on the walls. Opposite the urinals lay a
cubicle. Leaving the trembling Amanda on her hands and knees in the
filth, I inspected the cubicle, grinning to myself as I saw the
state it was in.

Looking back, I watched the slut take in her surroundings. Her pretty
face was an absolute picture. Like most girls, she’d never even been
in a gents toilet before, let alone one doused so liberally with the
detritus of two night’s hard boozing. As she saw me looking at her,
she lifted her eyes to mine, pleading silently. The reason for her
horror was quite simple. During her training, my associate would have
explained quite clearly what Amanda’s task was for tonight: I’d paid
my money to watch Amanda Holden clean a gents toilet with her pretty
little tongue. I looked back at her now.

“What?” I said, “You should have thought of this before you started
your career as a tv prostitute, shouldn’t you, you silly little

I think it was then that the full import of her predicament hit her.
Her face screwed up and she began to cry: great racking sobs, her
whole body shaking as she mewed pathetically. She was trying to beg
through the tears and, though it was hard to understand her over the
wailing, I believe Amanda was offering to let me fuck her, if I would
only spare her tonight’s ordeal.

That really cracked me up. My roars of laughter mingled with her
sobbing and echoed around the filthy, tiled room. Walking back over
to her, I took hold of the lead once more and pointed to the first

“You can start there, cunt.” I said and leaned in closer, “Or perhaps
you’d like to go back and spend some more time with my friend?” I

Amanda stopped crying immediately and I made a mental note to
increase my associate’s next bonus payment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m
usually more than happy to beat seven shades of shit out of a piece
of gash like Amanda. Tonight though, I’d paid someone else to do the
training, as I wanted to concentrate on mental humiliation.

I jerked the lead harshly and led Amanda over to the first cracked,
stained urinal bowl. She placed her hands on each side of it and I
could almost see the internal struggle going on inside her. Finally,
fear of pain overcame disgust and she bent her head forward. As I’d
fully expected, the slut barely touched the surface of the procelain
with her tongue.

I hit her. The smack of my hand on the side of her face sent Amanda
flying backwards. Before she could recover, I reached down and,
grabbing a handful of her short, blonde hair, I hauled her back to
her kness and put my face inches from hers.

“ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID!” I yelled at her. She started a stammering
reply, but stopped when I sparked up the cigarette lighter I’d pulled
out of my pocket. Her pretty eyes were drawn helplessly to the flame.
I held it close enough that she could hear the gas hissing in the
sudden stillness.

“Now, you will use your whole tongue, little bitch. And slowly too.
This is for my entertainment.” I could feel her body shaking with

“And, if you fuck me off again, I’m going to tie one of your ankles
to this pipe here and the other one to a pipe over there and I’m
going to get down between your legs and BURN your fucking cunt hole
until your lungs burst from the screaming. Do you understand, SLUT!”.

Amanda nodded frantically, her eyes still fixed on the lighter flame.
I turned it off and pulled her up to the urinal again by the dog lead.

This time she leant forward, putting her head properly inside the
bowl. I stood up slowly, smiling as I watched. She pressed her tongue
against the filthy porcelain and began to lick. Amanda worked her way
down, her whole body shuddering with disgust as her pink, lapping
tongue picked up thick, black pubic hairs, drops of piss and greeny-
white gobbets of phlegm. With her lovely neck stretched out,
I could see her swallowing frantically, trying not to let anything
stay in her mouth too long. She did try to close her eyes once, but a
growl from me had them flicking open again, staring ahead.

I leaned back against the wall and lit a cigarette, watching Amanda
lick the piss-spattered urinal clean. She had a nice little body, not
really voluptuous, but appealing nevertheless. After a few all-too-
short minutes, Amanda sat back on her haunches, breathing quickly but

I bent down and inspected her work. “Not bad, not bad at all.” I
said. “Alright, now this one,” I added, pulling on the lead once
more. Amanda crawled obediently to the next urinal and squatted in
front of it. This urinal was in an even worse state than the first:
several sodden cigarette butts lay in the bottom of the bowl and the
drain was half-clogged with short, curly hairs.

Amanda stared ahead for a second and then leant forward and began to
lick. This bowl had obviously been more heavily used; there was more
piss collected at the bottom and Amanda had to slurp this up before
she could get to the drain. This object presented her with something
of a challenge. She considered for a moment and then started to work
her tongue in and out of the metal grill, working the pubes loose
and then licking them up. The piss made her job harder by sticking
the errant hairs to the procelain and I was delighted to see that
Amanda had to lick hard, using her whole tongue to get them up.
Finally, she took the soaking cigarette ends betwen her lips and
swallowed them as quickly as she could.

Her body was shaking now; partly with the chill, but much more with
the growing horror of what she was doing. I decided against telling
her about the hidden cameras just yet. I’d save that particular
surprise for another day, when all this was over and she believed
herself to be safe.

After a quick glance at the now-clean second bowl, I hauled Miss
Holden over to the third and last. This one’s state put the others to
shame. Some undetermined piece of crud had blocked the drain in this
one and consequently the bowl was filled nearly to brimming with a
dark pool of piss. The stink coming off the thing was rank to say the
least. When I pulled on the lead and brought Amanda’s face level with
the bowl, the expression on her face was almost worth the money I’d
paid, alone.

The whore knew better than to complain by now though and she merely
whimpered. Tears started to roll unnoticed down her face.

“Better get drinking, cunt.” I said, prodding her with my boot.

She took hold of the sides of the urinal and I could see how much her
arms were shaking. Bending forward, she tried to lap the piss up like
a dog. I chuckled as it splashed everywhere, soaking her face and
wetting her hair. This was marvellous entertainment and I laughed
uproariously. Amanda ignored me naturally enough and bent to her task
again. This time she decided to slurp the large pool of piss into her
mouth. It didn’t take too long for her to realise that this approach
was much more successful, but that also it would take quite a time to

I whiled away the minutes thoroughly enjoying the sight of one of
tv’s most fuckable pieces of pussy, naked, down on her hands and
knees in a men’s toilet, drinking two-day old piss from a urinal.

By bending down slightly I could see Amanda’s tight stomach – as I’d
expected, the muscles under the whore’s smooth, bare skin had started
to cramp as she fought not to vomit.

“Of course, if you chuck, then you’ll be eating that as well,” I said
conversationally. I was gratified to see her stomach muscles spasm
even more as she took in this information.

Amanda was doing quite well by now; she was down to the last few
fluid ounces of piss and her head was almost completely in the bowl.
The lowered level of the liquid now revealed what had blocked the
urinal in the first place: a very manky-looking condom was wound
around the drain hole. I knew this because I’d paid for it to be put
there. I waited for Amanda to discover just how full the condom was.
She tugged at the rubber with her white teeth (affording me a good
look at how many thick black pubes were stuck between them) and it
came loose. For a moment Amanda hesitated, then with a shudder that
passed down the length of her naked body, she took the dripping
condom into her mouth and tried to swallow it.

It didn’t take her long realise that it might be better to chew the
thing to get it down. I saw a good deal more spasming in Amanda’s
stomach as the condom leaked its sticky, white contents into her
mouth. Unfortunately for Amanda, the rubber of condoms is not so
easily masticated and she was having a difficult time of it before I
told her to remove the condom from her mouth, turn it inside out
and just suck it clean.

She could barely control her shapely but now filthy hands, they were
shaking so much. But turn the condom inside out is precisely what the
little bitch did.

“Look at me while you do it.” I commanded and Amanda turned her tear-
stained face up towards mine. She held the twisted, sticky piece of
rubber up and, keeping her eyes locked on mine, she tipped her
head back and fed it into her mouth. Obviously Amanda didn’t want to
do this more than once, so she used a little intelligence for once
and made sure she sucked hard. The cleaned condom slowly emerged
from between her lips and, once it was clear, Amanda swallowed once
with a choking sob and felt the two-day old cum slide down her throat.

I smiled down at her. “Learning something about yourself, cunt?” I

Her only reply was to drop the condom and fix her gaze on the floor.
Which, as it turned out, was quite appropriate.

“Yes, filthy, isn’t it?” I said. It was almost impossible to tell the
original colour of the tiled floor, so covered with muck and grime
was it. Stagnant pools of urine glistened in the light, unknown and
unknowable pieces of filth floating in them.

“Well?” I asked the naked girl. “The floor won’t clean itself, cunt.”

Amanda looked about, taking in the size of the floor and obviously
calculating how long it would take to clean when one was using only a
small, pink girl’s tongue. I dragged the slut over to one corner.

“Do it in rows. Start here, go up to the end and then work your way
back down.” To emphasise my point, I smacked Amanda hard round the
side of the head again. Her head snapped back and she yelped, but she
managed to retain her balance.

Dutifully, Amanda put her face to the floor and started licking it.
She worked dilligently, lapping every inch of every tile, moving her
head back and forth, using her small tongue like a mop. In those
places where the piss had collected into a puddle, Amanda slurped and
licked thoroughly, taking up all the urine and anything floating in
it. I was quite pleased: the whore was obviously learning something
at last.

I walked beside her, for all the world like a man taking his dog to
the park on a Sunday morning. I kept the lead firmly in hand and
enjoyed the sight of Amanda’s arse thrust up into the air as she
licked the floor. She had quite a sweet little arse, the small
cuntlips poking out delightfully beneath the tiny, brown ring
of her anus, which winked up at me invitingly. I would be accepting
that invitation before too long.

It took some time for Amanda to cover the floor surface and I kept up
a reasonably brisk pace by alternately yanking on the lead or kicking
those pouting little pussy lips. At one point, Amanda had some
difficulty removing a particularly sticky piece of detritus from the
floor. It was impossible to tell what the mess was, but it refused to
budge, despite Amanda’s best efforts. As I’d shared a few jars with
the pub’s landlord earlier, I decided to be kind and help Amanda out.
Unzipping my trousers, I took my cock in hand and began spraying the
floor with fresh piss. As I sighed with relief, I directed the stream
over Amanda’s pretty face.

“Open your mouth, whore.” I told her. I explained that she should
swallow as much as possible now and get the rest later off the floor.
She closed her eyes as I directed the stream over the whole of her
face. It was immensely satisfying to watch my piss cascade over
Amanda Holden’s face and I knew that, whenever I saw her on tv in the
future, I’d always remember this image. Eventually, even my heroic
stream came to an end and I told the slut to get back to the floor-

Another twenty minutes or so brought Amanda to the end of her task
and I told her to show me her face. It was an absolute picture; dirt
of many different kinds was smeared and ground into her features. Her
eyes were red-rimmed from constant sobbing and her pretty little
mouth was covered in a mixture of piss, cum, grime and dirt.

Amanda had been so engrossed in her work that she’d failed to notice
where her movements had brought her. I kicked open the door of the
cubicle and motioned her inside. Still crawling, still shaking with
fear and horror, Amanda entered the fetid little room. The smell was
much stronger here and I could see her stomach cramping again.

Amanda was trying very hard not to look into the toilet bowl, but I
pulled on the lead and told her to get her face right right over it.
The water inside was low and dark; numerous thick turds poked above
the surface and smaller shit stains were smeared over the sides of
the bowl.

I left Amanda contemplating the toilet and removed four pairs of
handcuffs from my jacket. A dry, choking noise made me look round and
I saw Amanda’s body flexing with great heaves, as she fought
to keep from vomiting. As her attention was otherwise engaged,
I took the opportunity to cuff her wrists and ankles to hooks I’d
ordered to be placed in the walls. This left Amanda on her knees,
spread above the toilet bowl. Her slender arms were outstretched
painfully to either side and her legs were tucked up under the rim of
the toilet. Amanda’s face was left a few inches down into the
stinking bowl itself.

After over two hours of inflicting abuse and humiliation on Amanda
Holden and watching her lithe, naked little body squirming around in
front of me, I was more than ready to rape the bitch. I took out my
engorged cock and knelt behend her.

“Your last lesson, slut.” I said as I thrust forward and started to
work my cock head between her cunt lips. Given the arduous nature of
her ordeal, I was surprised by how much Amanda writhed and yelled as
I entered her. But then, that’s typical of women: hit them, kick
them, piss in their mouths, make them lick toilets clean and they
make the most fuss when you try merely to fuck them.

Amanda’s cunt was of course bone dry, but this afforded me the
pleasure of working my cock in and out, rasping against the walls of
her fuckhole, gradually getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.
Once I was finally buried up her to the hilt, I reached round, dug my
fingers deep into her small tits and proceeded to give Amanda Holden
the fucking of her life. Her pathetic attempts to dislodge me, merely
served to add extra pain in the form of her soft, hanging tits being
wrenched harshly in my iron grip.

Amanda alternated between wailing and pleading as I pounded into her.
I fucked her as hard as I could, telling her that I was doing it on
behalf of all the men she’d teased. My cock was like a steel bar
and I gave the whore every inch of it. Her legs were being slammed
against the edge of the toilet and I took to releasing one of her
tits occasionally and smacking her hard round the side of the head,
before taking her bruised teat back into my hand and crushing it in
my fist.

I fucked Amanda’s cunt for a good twenty minutes before I paused for
breath and withdrew. My cock emerged, throbbing and still rock hard
and ready for the next round. By this time Amanda was a mewling,
sobbing mess, stretched over the stinking toilet bowl with her tits
and nipples aching and her cunt on fire.

When I pressed the swollen head of my cock against the wrinkled
entrance to Amanda’s arsehole, the slut found enough energy from
somewhere to try to move away from me. A vain effort of course as I
took hold of her slim hips and began forcing myself up her shithole.
The bitch let out a long, wailing shriek as I succeeded in getting
the first three inches of my cock inside. That was all I needed to
encourage me to get the rest in and I plunged forward, pushing and
straining until I passed the point of no return and her arsehole
opened of its own accord, allowing me to bury myself fully.

I didn’t see any reason to be less energetic than before, so I pumped
Amanda’s gloriously tight arsehole with all the energy I could
muster. I varied my grip on her tits, swapping occasionally to
imprison her nipples between my fingers and squeeze and stretch the
little buds viciously until she was howling with pain.

Eventually though, the enjoyment peaked and I let go of her tits, to
seize her hair and pull her neck back as far as I could. Amanda’s
naked body arched up as I pulled and, finally, when she was bent back
in an almost perfect ‘C’ shape, I shot wad after wad of cum deep into
her hole.

After such an almighty release, I waited for a few moments before
withdrawing. The only sound in the small, dank cubicle was my deep
breathing and Amanda’s hysterical crying. Finally I pulled out,
noticing that my cock had more than a little blood on it. I must have
ripped the whore up somewhat during her lesson.

Standing up, I surveyed the scene: Amanda Holden, naked, bruised, her
face and hair caked in unimaginable filth, tied over a filth-ridden
toilet bowl and sobbing uncontrollably. Only one thing remained to
complete the marvellous picture.

I placed one hand on the back of Amanda’s head and pushed it
forcefully into the bowl. Her scream at having her face forced into
the dark, shit-filled nightmare was cut short as her stomach finally
lost its battle to keep its contents and Amanda’s whole body
shuddered once…twice and then disgorged a huge quantity of vomit
into the toilet bowl. As the shrieking, wretching, heaving girl
emptied herself finally into the mixture of shit and piss I opened
the cubicle door, turned, kicked her in the cunt once, as hard as I
could and left.

Moments later I was stepping into the cool, fresh pre-dawn air,
lighting a cigarette and pondering what the pub’s patrons would make
of their ‘guest’ when they found her the following lunchtime.

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