Amazing Tracy

Amazing Tracy



Tracy Spiridakos

MF, cons,oral

This story is purely fiction and should only be read with that in mind. This didn’t happen, but a guy can dream. This is in no means meant to be demeaning to Tracy, only a work of fiction. Feel free to distribute this to anyone, but please give me credit. Or I’ll hire Liam Neeson to find you. And I think we all know how that one’s gonna end.

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I was just kind of sitting there minding my own business in my favorite hole-in-the-wall bar and grill, when some movement grabbed my attention out of the corner of my eye. Being the nosy, annoying person I was, I peered around the big pillar that I was semi-hidden by to see what was going on at the bar. It happened to be just close enough that I could hear the conversation if I strained my ears, thanks also to the incredibly slow night this place was experiencing.

Over at the bar was an attractive woman who looked to be maybe a bit taller than average. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, and a modest chest. She was wearing very little makeup and jewelry, while being dressed casually in long pants and a long sleeve shirt that revealed just a tiny bit of cleavage.

As I watched she casually slipped her arm away from underneath another guy’s hand, a polite yet uncomfortable smile on her face. The man was average height, had short, dark black hair, dark eyes and had a natural tan. He clearly worked out and he seemed like the type who was pretty full of himself because of it. I watched for a little bit longer, interested in what exactly would happen. After another minute or so, the woman shook her head and smiled politely again, then turned away from the guy. However, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and grabbed her arm to try to keep talking to her.

Being a fine upstanding citizen, I decided it was time to put my nose where it didn’t belong and get involved. I took a long drink of my soda, ate another french fry, then stood up to walk over. I brushed a few crumbs off my shirt as I stepped around the pillar and strode over to the bar. On my way over I looked at the girl a bit more, then it hit me who exactly she was. Tracy Spiridakos. Not an incredibly well known actress, but one nonetheless and one who seemed to have a bit of talent.

When I came close to the bar I started peering around as though I was looking for someone, not hiding what I was doing and catching the attention of both Tracy and the guy, before my eyes landed on her. I smiled and walked up to her, as if greeting an old friend or family member.

“Melissa! I’m sorry I’m late, traffic was killer,” I said as I walked up to her to hug her. She was taken aback at first but when I winked at her and did that pointing eye thing towards the guy, she caught on and stood up to hug me back.

“Oh its fine,” she said as we let go of each other. I couldn’t help but notice that not only did she smell amazing, her skin was really soft too. “I’m just glad you’re finally here!”

The guy took his cue to clear his throat to make his presence known. He then spoke up in a really douchey voice. “Hey, I’m talking to her right now move along and mind your own business.”

I let the smile wipe from my face as I turned to face him. I towered over him as I was the better half of six foot, but he held his ground. He smelled strongly of alcohol and bad cologne, and his hair had more grease in it than a McDonald’s hamburger. “And who might you be,” I asked, lazy arrogance in my voice.

“I’m the guy talking to this girl and getting ready to kick your ass, who the hell are you?”

“I’m her older brother and I just came back from being overseas for over a year,” I lied. Are you going to really keep me from catching up with my baby sister?”

He paused for a second, clearly not expecting to hear the lie I gave him. He stood there for a second trying to decide whether to hit me, ignore me, or walk away, his feeble drunken brain clearly struggling with what to do. The silence continued for a little bit longer before he surprised me by saying his apologies and walking away. Even dicks can have manners sometimes I guess.

I exhaled softly, unclenching my fists and turning back around to face Tracy. She smiled and motioned for me to sit down, which I did eagerly. I wouldn’t say I was particularly scared of that guy, I can hold my own generally, but there was still a bit of adrenaline to be released.

“Why thank you,” she said once I was seated, her smile becoming more genuine. Up close I noticed she had cute little dimples. “Some idiots just don’t get the word no,” she said. She took a sip of her drink before continuing. “Don’t mistake my gratitude, but who are you and why exactly did you do that? I had it handled.” She seemed a tad defensive, but her smile stayed on her face.

“I’m Russel, and I did it completely because that guy is a dick and not at all so I had an excuse to talk to you.”

She titled her head back and laughed, doing interesting things to her chest. “Well thank you again Russel,” she said as she tipped back and finished her drink. She held out her hand to shake mine, “I’m Trac-”

“Cy Spiridakos,” I finished, giving her a smug smile as I did. “Best known for Revolution on NBC, but can also be remembered for a particularly interesting scene with Katie Cassidy.”

She laughed again, although this time her cheeks were a little red from blushing. “You saw that did you?”

“Once or twice,” I said winking at her again. Her cheeks became even more reddened at my comment. We continued to talk for a while longer. Turns out she wasn’t just a pretty face, but an actually smart girl. She continued to sip on random drinks as we talked, trying to get me to partake in some too, before just settling for the fact that I didn’t drink alcohol.

(I could tell you the ins and outs of our conversation, including how she got the part on the show, how she became an actress, and general nonsense facts about me, but who the hell is reading this for a retelling of a two hour conversation? So let’s skip ahead:)

Two hours had passed since we started talking, and in that time I learned that Tracy can really hold her liquor. She hadn’t been pounding drinks by any means, but considering that she had been mixing different drinks, the fact that she was barely drunk was pretty impressive. I told her as much too.

“Wellllll,” she began, “SOME of us drink and our bodies are just used to it. But trust me sweetie, the alcohol is taking its toll on me, just not in the form of slurred words and clouded thinking,” she finished with a smirk and a wink. She then finished her last bit of her drink, set it down, then looked up at me, meeting my eyes. As I looked into her eyes I noticed her hand slowly moving towards my leg.

I smiled at her as I noticed her pupils were getting dilated. “It’s been fun Tracy, but I think I need to go home,” I said, curious how forthcoming she’d be.

Apparently very. She slipped her hand on my leg and started moving it slowly towards man-land, her smile getting more mischievous as her hand came closer. “I’m clearly too drunk to be left alone, would you be so kind as to take care of me until I sober up?”

“Of course my dear. Come this way, I will take care of you,” I said, taking her hand in mine and bringing her close to me, before wrapping my hand around her waist and leading her to my car.

We got to the car and I opened the door for her, garnering a polite nod from her and another million-dollar smile. Me being who I am though, I also smacked her ass, harder than I meant to actually, which made her squeal and glare at me. The glare might have been more successful if her eyes weren’t filled with lust, so I just grinned back at her and closed the door for her as she got in. I smiled as I walked around to my side of the car, opened my door and sat down in the driver’s seat.

The car hadn’t even had time to warm up before Tracy’s hand was on my leg, slowly making its way to my crotch. I looked over at her, and as she looked back at me innocently with her hand now unzipping my pants I felt my cock between to twinge.

The hardest part of the ride home was the beginning, as I almost wrecked the car twice while she was teasing my cock. Once she was done unzipping my pants she slowly slid one finger in my pants and traced the outline of my dick through my underwear. Then she traced my balls with her finger too, the whole time looking at me and grinning evilly when I twitched from it feeling so good.

After she got done doing the invisible dot-to-dot around my man parts she put her hand in my underwear. Using still just the one finger she teased the tip of my dick. It didn’t take long at all before her teasing made me rock hard, and it took everything I had in my not to pull the car over and shove my cock in her mouth, but I resisted the urge, curious to see what she was going to do.

She slowly started stroking my dick, and I moaned softly, which made her grin widen even further, and her hand go somehow even slower. Fuck she was tease. It was turning me on so much I felt a little bit of precum start to ooze out as more time passed. Tracy seemed to have been waiting for it because instantly she rubbed her index finger over the tip of my dick and got all the precum off, making me shiver in the process.

“Well what do we have here,” she asked rhetorically, her voice filled with more sex than it had previously. I looked over at her as I stopped at a red light and gulped, I was insane horny from her teasing, and watched her as she slowly slid her finger in her mouth and licked it clean of my precum. Then I saw her free hand move silently over to unbutton her own pants and unzip them, before sliding the finger she had just licked into her pants and into her pussy. She closed her eyes as I saw her hand move, swirling her finger around inside her tight pussy. She smiled as she slowly pulled it out, her eyes half closed and pupils completely dilated, as she held her soaking finger up in the light for me to see. Then she put it in my mouth, and I licked her juices clean just as she had mine, the taste of her pussy being delicious.

A horn honked behind me, making us jump, and she took her finger out of my mouth and crept it back down into my pants as I hit the gas to get moving. I waved casually in the rear view mirror to be polite, and got the finger in return. Normally that bugs me, but with Tracy’s finger teasing my cock I couldn’t find it in me to get angry.

I kept driving, having never realized that I lived so fucking far away and wishing I could get home so I could fuck the angel in the passenger seat. The longer it took to get home the more Tracy seemed to enjoy being a cock tease, as she turned it up a level and, her magic finger teasing my nuts, she leaned over, moving my pants out of the way, and laid a gentle kiss on my dick. That was the second time I almost wrecked the car, making her laugh sensually, and me saying, “Alright missy, two can play that game.”

I put my hand on her head, and my initial instinct was just to make her  blow me, which I think was what she was waiting for, but at the last minute I changed my mind and instead gently pulled her hair making her head move away. She didn’t even have time to look surprised before I put my own free hand down her pants and started rubbing her clit through her panties. Tracy looked at me as if she had wanted to say something smart in reply, but as I moved her panties aside and put the very tip of my finger into her sopping wet pussy she seemed to have completely forgot what it was she was going to say and simply let out a soft moan.

I was going to say something smart back to her instead, but she looked over at me, her eyes half closed again, and instead I felt her hand move onto my cock and grip it tightly as she began to stroke it for real and not just tease it. This made me step up my own game and I put my finger deeper inside her. She started stroking faster, and I simply put another finger inside her, making her moan. I grinned thinking I had the upper hand again before she took her other hand and started playing with my balls while she stroked, making her look over at me and grin in genuine amusement, at least behind the total lust she was feeling from my finger fucking.

I was going to put a third in her, but we finally arrived at my home. I thought about just fucking her in the car right here right now, but my elderly neighbor was passing as the thought crossed my mind, so instead I parked, turned the car off, then grabbed both her wrists with my now-free second hand and pulled them out of my pants. I put my pants back on enough to cover up, the fabric of my underwear pressing hard against my cock with every movement I made. I took my fingers out of her tight pussy, then into her mouth to lick clean as she did her own pants back up.

Once her pants were back on, she turned away and practically ran out of the car, waiting for me to show her where I lived. I followed suit and got out quickly, then ran up the stairs to my apartment, turning for a brief second to make sure she was following me. I then put my key in the look turned it, held my door open for her, then went in myself and locked and closed it.

I didn’t even have time to put down my keys before she just jumped into my arms, her short heels already taken off, wrapping her legs around my waist and meeting my lips eagerly. I dropped my keys on the ground as I returned her hungry kiss. I found that my hands were on her bum, probably just an instinct from her jumping me, but I took one away and started sliding it up her back, her pale skin smooth under my hand. I unhooked her bra in short order, the whole time she attacked my mouth with such hunger it made me want to just bend her over that much more. Fuck it, who needs a bed?

I walked her into my kitchen, the whole time trying to kick out of my shoes, take off her clothes, balance her ass on my hand and return the kiss as eagerly as she was giving it. Passionate sex is hard work, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

Once I got into my kitchen, my shoes off, I set her ass down on my half counter (about the height of a table) counter and broke off the kiss as I put my hands on her waist to take off her shirt. She took the cue and started working my shirt off me. She got it off long before I could get her shirt and bra off, and she had time to leave a trail of hot saliva down my chest leading to my freshly unbuttoned pants before I even got to her jeans. She threw my pants off as I worked her pants, which judging by how tight they were I can only assume she used at least half a stick of butter to get into them.

I felt my pants fall down and my already rock hard cock was pressing tightly against my boxers. Finally I got her pants past her thighs and down to her knees, and as a reward to myself I started to kiss her neck. I left a whole trail of slobbery kisses on her neck, savoring the taste of her soft skin. As she let a breath escape from her mouth I whipped my cock out, shoved her panties to one side, and rubbed the tip of my dick on her clit.

I felt her shiver under me the same time I felt a bit more precum ooze from my cock and string itself onto her clit. I rubbed it in as best I could with my cock, causing more soft moans from Tracy, before I took the plunge and shoved my dick inside her pussy.

Oh. My. Gosh. Her pussy took my cock in eagerly, gripping it with such strength I had to put a good amount of effort into pushing through. Immediately upon entry Tracy’s head fell back and she let out a loud moan, her chest pushing itself out as her head went back. I took my chance to suck on her right tit, swirling my tongue around it, the taste of it sending shivers of my own down my spine. I absently grabbed her legs and wrapped them around me as she leaned further back, and I soon felt her feet pushing into my back, egging on my cock to go deeper in her.

I could only fit about half of my 8 inch cock inside her before my progress halted, and I had to pull out. She looked down at my cock as it came out of her dripping pussy, a mischievous smile spreading across her face and sexual fire burning in her eyes. I looked up at her, her eyes meeting mine, and kissed her hard, harder than we had been just a moment ago. I attacked her mouth with hunger. I wasn’t just doing it for pleasure either, I NEEDED her at that moment, with a desire so strong my whole body tensed. As my lips had initially met hers I had also put one hand down to the base of my cock and was guiding it back into her sweet, tight pussy. I shoved it in as our mouths mauled each other, pushing through the tightness and getting all but two inches of my dick inside her. I moved my hand from my crotch and put it on the side of her neck, gently but firmly grasping it in my hand, forcing her head to one side as I continued to taste every inch of her beautiful mouth.

She helped push me another inch or so in before I pulled it almost all the way out slammed it all in, causing her head to lean back and another loud moan escape. I decided it was time to pay attention to her left tit, now standing fully erect, and started sucking on it while my cock slowly picked up its pace. By now her hands had found my back and I could feel her gently scratching it as they moved to the rhythm of my thrusting. I tried to double the speed I was fucking her, but the angle just wasn’t cutting it. So I gave her nipple one last kiss, a bit of a love bite, before I picked her up, my cock still inside her, and turned her around to lean over the counter.

Tracy, ever the overachiever, picked up instantly and helped me, and by the time she was bent over the counter my cock had only been forced out of her for a few seconds. I didn’t waste any time and picked up my pace, her pussy now loosening enough to let me fuck her, but still plenty tight to make me work for it.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she said as I placed my hands on her hips to get more leverage. About that time I really wished I’d had a glass counter and maybe a camera below because I so badly wanted to see her tits pressed against it, moving with every thrust of my 8 inch cock. I kept a good pace for a minute, but it still wasn’t enough for me, and I reached up, grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair, and pulled it back, raising her head and making her moans much more audible.

Pulling her hair back finally gave me the spot I’d wanted, and I re-doubled my efforts and was fucking her as fast and hard as she’d ever been fucked. A tiny part of me had been worried about going to far, but she quickly calmed my fears. “Oh you like that,” she asked breathlessly. “You like fucking this slut pussy baby? C’mon pull it harder, fuck me like you mean it.”

I grinned at her and once again increased my pace. My mind was lost in ecstasy and although it felt like hours of me pounding her, I’m sure only a tiny bit of time had passed before I was thrust back into awareness by the sound of Tracy’s voice. “Ohhhh fuck. Ohhh god. C’mon, c’mon, make me cum!”

I hadn’t realized just how close I was to my own orgasm, but I willed it away and picked up my pace, hoping I could outlast her. “Mm, that’s a good girl Tracy, take it from behind. Cum on my dick!”

Right on cue Tracy became breathless, her flailing arms tightened, her feet wrapped around my feet, and she had a raging orgasm. She didn’t even have the strength to keep her head up so she just laid it down as she came.

Much to my surprise, and hers too I believe, she began to squirt after the first few seconds of her orgasm. Tracy didn’t even have enough breath left to moan at this point, and I was too in awe of the geyser spouting from her pussy to put too much effort into fucking her. Some of it hit my midsection, but her panties, now on the ground somehow, caught the majority of it as it went to the ground. Don’t ask me how long she squirted for, I was too busy marveling in its glory and enjoying her pussy constricting on my cock to pay attention to trivial things like time. All I know is it lasted a while, and when it was finally over my balls were hurting with the need to cum.

“I’m about to cum,” I said breathlessly. “Where?”

Tracy took a deep breath as she rolled over. “Mouth,” was all she could get out. I didn’t waste any time and almost tripped as I went over to the other side of the counter to spew in her mouth. She looked up at me, her beautiful blue eyes full of lust, made even brighter by the paleness of her skin. She was so beautiful, so sexy lying there. I couldn’t waste this chance. So I aimed my cock at her face and shot my load on it. She seemed surprised at first but took it in stride as one stream hit her above the eyebrow. Then another stream hit her on the same side but on the cheek. I repositioned a tad. Then another spurt of cum came out of my cock, this time covering the either side of her face from forehead to cheek. I then moved to get my cock into her mouth but a tiny bit more made its way onto her lips and dripped onto her chin before I got my cock into her mouth to finish off. I immediately shoved my whole cock down her throat, making her gag and her one open eye water a tad, and proceeded to shot more cum down her throat. She coughed from it a bit, but took it all in and swallowed it all. I left my cock in her mouth for a little bit, and felt her tongue dance around the tip, coaxing as much cum out of my cock as she could. When I finally pulled out of her mouth I just rested my half-erect cock on her forehead, physically spent from my orgasm.

She smiled brightly at me, and moved her finger to start mopping the cum from her chin onto her mouth. I personally could have stayed with my cock on her head and looking at her cum-covered face forever, but she made motions to get up and I helped her as best I could, still marveling at my masterpiece. When she got up she went over to my pants and started feeling around, drawing an inquisitive look from me.

She found what she was looking for in short order, my cell phone. She hit a button, then handed it to me. I looked down to see the camera open. When I looked up she was posing for me, one finger over her lips, one eye closed, and her face covered in cum, even some of her hairline matted down by cum. I took the picture immediately, then another, then a third of her tits just for good measure, before I put it away. She winked with her open eye and grinned broadly at me, making my cock twinge a tiny bit, even after being so thoroughly used. The message she was sending was pretty clear; “I trust you for some unknown reason. Take a pic to remember this, but don’t you dare share it with anyone or I will fuck your world up.” I was fine with that.

I then bent over and handed her my shirt, which she took with a nod and wiped the cum off her face. I waited patiently for her to be done. When she was all clean she looked at me, smiled broadly and genuinely, then wrapped her arms around me. I embraced her closely, feeling her heartbeat slowing. I picked her up and carried her to my room. We didn’t say anything, because there was no need to; we were completely comfortable with each other and were so content we didn’t want to ruin it with words. I set her down beside me on bed, then we both lied down. I spooned her, naked and all. She gave her butt a little wiggle then turned around to look at me smiling. I smiled and closed my eyes.

Next thing I knew I woke up alone. I sighed somewhat disappointed that she left, or she was making breakfast which could be equally bad, then I noticed something on my dresser. I got up immediately to check it out. I noticed in passing that my clothes had been tossed to the bottom of the bed, although in no particular order. On the dressed there were two things. I took the note first. It didn’t say anything. It just had 10 digits on it, which I presumed was her phone number, and right below that on the little piece of paper was a kiss she’d left with lipstick on. Damn she had big lips. Below the paper was her panties; still a bit damp from her squirt last night. I smiled and shook my head. Again a pretty clear message. As I walked out of my room to to the bathroom, the only thought in my head was, “Son of a bitch, what an amazing girl.”

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