Amber Benson Meets Max Hardcore

Title: Amber Benson Meets Max Hardcore

Author: Ambers Slut

Email: Litas chick AT

Pairing: Amber Benson (Actress)/Max Hardcore (Porn star)

Rating: NC-17

Part: 1 of ?

Summary: Amber try’s to shed her lesbian/good girl image from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and goes to Max for some down and dirty fun. If this doesn’t shed her image; nothing will.

Kink Warnings: Hardcore fucking; isn’t that the point? *lol*. Innocent (ponytails and school girl uniforms), intercourse, anal, oral, rough oral… that’s all I’ve thought of now.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Ms. Benson (if I did then she would be naked,
and have me tied to the bed bent over and she’d have a dildo firmly planted in my ass.) I also don’t own or have any rites to Mr. Max Hardcore. No infringement was intended or implied.

Author Note(s): This is a little to the left of what I normally write. I write a lot of adult but I have never written anything with a real porn star or anything before. I’ve always stuck to total fictional characters. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Amber sat nervously in the back of the cab.

“What’s the address?” the cabbie looked over his shoulder at the beautiful voluptuous blond sitting in the back seat.

“Umm…” she looked down at the crumpled up paper in her lap. It was a bit ragged from her twitching her hands nervously. “1728 Pine Crest Ave. It’s the gated house at the end of the street.”

“Ok no problem.” He turned back around and continue to drive down the California hillside.

Amber Benson, 26 years old, is best known for her roll on the hit T.V. show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She played a 22 year old lesbian witch named Tara Macay. Fans and strangers everywhere were known for calling her Tara. Which she didn’t mind. She loved her fans. One thing she had to admit got on her last nerve was the endless questions asking if she was a lesbian in real life.

The first 50 times it was funny but after 5 years from when she started that roll enough was enough.

She was tall and beautiful. Amber liked to blend in but when she dressed up she was a real dead knock out. Regardless she turned heads wherever she went. She had long blond hair that went down pas the middle of her back; a medium build body. She hated nothing more then the Kate Moss looking nasty models that were plastered all over Sunset Strip. Her breasts were big and full. Very womanly her last ex boyfriend used to say.

Amber rolled her eyes as she looked out of the back of the cab. Her ex was a horrid lover and so vanilla. Leaving the lights on was kinky in his book.

She secretly always wanted to venture on the wild site. Well today that was about to happen.

Amber reached in her bag and pulled out the performance contract. It stated what was expected of her (to a degree) and what was to be expected. Nothing was very specific because it wasn’t scripted.

She was allowed to set a few boundaries; 2 to be exact. She specified no bondage, she wanted to get into kinkier things but she wasn’t ready for everything just yet. The other she picked was no pissing. She shuddered at the thought. That was one boundary she was never going to go near.

“We’re here.” The cabbie jolted her out of her thoughts.

“Oh. How much do I owe you?” She looked down and started to reach for her wallet.

“It’s been taken care of by the production company.”

“Wow, thank you.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a 5 dollar bill and handed it to the driver. “This is for your time. Thanks again.”

“Thanks miss; good luck and enjoy.” He grinned as he winked at her. He must have known who this address belonged too by the leering look he gave her as she stepped out of the cab.

That didn’t ease her nervousness one bit. She adjusted her skirt as she walked up to the gate.

“I’m here to see Mr. Hardcore. I have an appointment with him.” She said to the guard in a hushed voice.

The guard smiled and buzzed her in. “The gentleman on the left will take you to the main house.”

Amber walked up to the man and smiled nervously at him.

“Don’t be nervous Miss Benson.” He smiled back at her. “Just take your time, we have all day. I’m going to take you into the dressing room we set up for you. There’s a shower and anything you will need. If you have any problems please feel free to buzz us and we will do whatever we can to make your experience here more comfortable.” His words put her at ease as he walked her around the back of the house and past what looked like a stage. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys. He opened the door to the pool house and motioned for her to step in.

“The phone is on the vanity if you need anything. There is your wardrobe over on the bed; along with all of the makeup and everything that Max has requested. All the instructions are on the vanity. I will come for you in about 20 min to bring you to the set.”

“Oh… ok thanks.” Amber stepped over to the vanity as she heard the door close behind the man. She looked at the dressing and makeup instructions.

She was asked to wear these white satin bra and panties sets along with short white socks and black Mary Jane healed shoes. She shoes were very sexy. She was also instructed to put on a short black vinyl skirt and a white baby doll T-shirt.

Amber was very nervous. She had never thought of wearing anything so revealing, let alone in front of a man that was nearly a stranger.

She decided to wait to read the makeup instructions and walked over to the bed and started stripping off all of her cloths.

She looked over the room as she pulled off her peasant blouse; there wasn’t anything much in the room. Just a few items to make it look like a real room. As well as the long dresser to the far left of the room was filled with various sex toys. She shuddered to think of everything that was to come the rest of the day.

Amber also saw the big mirror that was over the dresser and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She turned and reached back and seductively took her dark green bra off. She watched as it fell to the ground.

She slowly turned around, with her hands covering her breasts like there was someone in the room watching her, and looked her beautiful body from head to toe.

She was now completely naked save for her hands covering her bare but newly pierced breasts. Nobody would have ever guessed that shy little Amber had pierced her nipples a few weeks ago. It was a dare but she did it none the less.

She slowly lowered her hands from her full breasts and ran them down her stomach to her thighs. Her right hand slowly reached down to her newly waxed pussy. She was nervous and thought that it would be best to be waxed clean. She had never done anything like that before but she had to admit. She really liked it. She loved the feel of it even more.

The night she did it she fingered herself for nearly 4 hours; she couldn’t stop touching herself. She finally tired from exhaustion.

Amber shook her head and turned back to the bed to slowly start to dress in her ‘outfit’ as per requested. She put on the satin bra and panties. They were her size because the production company knew before hand. They felt really good; especially on her cunt and over sensitive nipples.

She then went and picked up the skirt from the bed. It wasn’t very long, by any means. Just long enough to cover the important parts.

‘It’s not like it’s going to be on very long’ she ironically thought.

Amber bent down to step into the skirt and shuddered as she felt the panties rub up against her clit.

She quickly finished getting dressed and headed over to the vanity. She nervously sat down on the chair and looked at her makeup and hair instructions.

They weren’t so horrid. He wanted her hair in 2 ponytails and he had selected little to no eye makeup and deep red lipstick. It was a pretty shade.

Amber picked up her bag and pulled out her hairbrush. There was one on the vanity but she felt more comfortable using her own. She parted her hair down the middle and started to brush one side out; she looked down at the sheet in front of her and looked at what the ‘rolls’ and such would be for the shoot.

Mr. Hardcore stated he wanted an innocent looking slutty schoolgirl. The scenario seemed pretty simple. Amber had seen some of his movies and she didn’t completely know what she was in for but she had a decent enough idea.

She took a deep breath and stood up and walked over to the big mirror. She had to admit she looked pretty cute. Her hair was in 2 low pony tails and her makeup was perfect. She lowered her eyes and looked down her body. The baby doll shirt wasn’t long enough to cover her stomach; in fact it was barely long enough to cover 2 inches under her breasts. She felt exposed but comfortable at the same time. The skirt like she had first thought was barely long enough for a tube top let alone a skirt. It was about the same length down as the shirt.

Amber had to admit that her favorite part of the outfit were the shoes. They made her taller then she already was but they made her legs feel longer and slimmer. They just made her feel hella sexy.

The knock on the door startled her out of her thoughts. “Come in.”

The gentleman that had brought her to the room was standing at the door. “Wow, you look great. Mr. Hardcore will love it. Did you sign the contract? I forgot to take it from you when I brought you here.”

“Oh yes I do. I’m sorry about that.” Amber walked over to her bag and pulled out the contract that she had signed and looked over again in the cab on the way over. “Here you go. Is there anything else you need?”

“Nope, just your sexy piece of ass over on the set.”

Amber blushed. “Do I bring anything?” She nervously looked over at the dresser with the assortment of toys.

“No. Everything is all ready for you on the set.” He smiled, and looked her up and down. “Let’s go.”

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