Amber Benson Meets Max Hardcore – Part 2

Title: Amber Benson Meets Max Hardcore

Author: Ambers Slut

Email: Litas chick AT

Pairing: Amber Benson (Actress)/Max Hardcore (Porn star)

Rating: NC-17

Part: 2 of ?

Summary: Amber try’s to shed her lesbian/good girl image from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and goes to Max for some down and dirty fun. If this doesn’t shed her image; nothing will.

Kink Warnings: Hardcore fucking; isn’t that the point? *lol*. Innocent (ponytails and school girl uniforms), intercourse, anal, oral, rough oral… that’s all I’ve thought of now.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Ms. Benson (if I did then she would be naked,
and have me tied to the bed bent over and she’d have a dildo firmly planted in my ass.) I also don’t own or have any rites to Mr. Max Hardcore. No infringement was intended or implied.

Author Note(s): This is a little to the left of what I normally write. I write a lot of adult but I have never written anything with a real porn star or anything before. I’ve always stuck to total fictional characters. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

She nervously followed him down the stone path back to the stage that she had spotted before when she had first arrived.

It was a pretty simple set. Just an over stuffed leather couch and a table off to the side that had a smaller assortment of objects. She recognized a few dildos, a vibrator, what looked to be a speculum and a big bottle of lubrication.

“Please, have a seat on the couch. Max will be here in a moment. He’s running a bit late so he’s decided to kind of skip the pleasantries and start shooting as soon as he comes onto the set. Are you ok with that?” The dark haired director asked her as she sat on the side of the couch.

“Umm, I guess…” Amber nervously bit her lip. She was a bit unsure as what to expect or what was going to come out of this.

It hadn’t been any more then about 15 min before she heard Mr. Hardcore walk towards the set. He had on a pair of blue jeans, a black t-shirt and his trademark cowboy hat on.

“Well hello there little darlin; what brings you here?” he asked sitting next to her on the couch. His hand quickly rested on her leg, just above her knee.

“I want to shed my good girl image Mr. Hardcore.” She said nervously looking at him.

“Call me Mr. or Sir.” He said squeezing her leg and slowly moving it up her thigh.

“Yes Sir. I’m sorry.” Amber swallowed hard. “Like I was saying, I wanted to shed my good girl image and I have heard a lot about you and your company. I thought I would see if I had what it takes to be a bit naughty.” She blushed and looked down.

He leaned forward and started to move his hand up under her skirt. “Open your legs, slut.” She was a bit taken aback at the quickness and harshness of his words. She swallowed nervously and parted her knees a bit.

“I said open, not tease.”

She spread her legs wider for him; feeling more nervous and self conscious all of a sudden. Amber closed her eyes as she felt him grab her pussy threw the fabric of her satin thongs. He started to press the palm of his hand harder against her. “Do you like this?”

She swallowed nervously “I don’t know Sir. I have never been with a man before.” She looked at him as she started to get into her part a bit more. It wasn’t really acting, well at least not all of it. She was deeply nervous.

“All that is going to change today little girl; I am going to do things to you, you wouldn’t have ever dreamed of doing. And things that you wish you never knew of.” He stood up off of the couch and pulled her thigh so she was slumped down.

Max quickly hiked up her skirt and moved the satin thongs to the side. He roughly pushed 3 fingers into Amber’s tight cunt. He smiled as he heard her cry out.

“Oh Sir please; that hurts.”

“Good you little slut;” He smiled down at her. He started to thrust his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. She could feel him wiggling his fingers around inside of her. It hurt but felt good at the same time. Her emotions were still a bit mixed about this situation. He pulled his fingers out of her wet cunt and put them to her lips. “Open your mouth and suck.” She apprehensively opened her mouth and he quickly shoved his cunt juice covered fingers deep into her mouth.

She gagged at the sudden deep intrusion. He pulled his hand out of her mouth and pushed it back into her soon to be abused cunt.

“Now pull up your shirt. I want to see your beautiful tits.

She slowly started to lift up her shirt and pushed up her bra over her breasts. She winced as the band of the bra rubbed up on her still semi sensitive nipple rings.

“Oh you’re even more of a slut then I thought.” He grinned as he pinched and pulled at one of her rings.

Amber cried out in pain. “Please don’t!”

He took his fingers once again out of her pussy. “You know, slut, I am sick and tired of hearing your whiny little mouth.” He stepped back and quickly unzipped and rid himself of his pants. He walked back to the couch. Before Amber could move he had grabbed her by the ponytails and pulled her to her knees. “Open your mouth and put it to good use you little whore;” She hesitated for a moment. “Now” he commanded again.

She quickly opened her mouth half way and closed her eyes. She felt him grip her hair tighter and push his hard cock into her mouth. “Suck. Or I am just going to fuck your mouth like the slut you are.” Amber started to lick and suck his cock for fear that he would hurt her in any way. He started to thrust his hips towards her waiting mouth while he still had a good grip on her hair.

Despite everything that was going on and the way he was treating her she could feel her panties becoming wet. She was actually getting turned on by everything that was going on.

She could hear him panting and groaning as she continued to lick and suck his cock. She put her hands on his thighs and tried to push him away a bit. He was starting to choke her a bit. His thrusts were becoming more frantic. The grip he had on her hair was also becoming tighter as he started to fuck her mouth with vigor.

Amber soon had no control over the situation and she opened her eyes and looked up at him. Her eyes were tearing up a bit and she thought that maybe he would have a bit of mercy on her.

But her look only encouraged him more. Soon he was fucking her mouth like a wet and willing pussy; she would occasionally choke and gasp, needing air. But thankfully he wouldn’t stay deep long enough to seriously injure her. He would thrust in as far as he could go and watch her eyes well up as she tried to pull away. He was using her hair as leverage to keep her from pulling back on him.

He kept thrusting into her mouth like that for several minutes. There were numerous times that she could feel his heavy balls hitting her chin and neck.

“Good little whore.” She said smiling down at her. “Now get up and bend over the arm of the couch.”

Amber slowly got up and walked back to the couch. She was still a bit shaken from the rough mouth fucking he gave her. She stood next to the couch and placed her hands on the arms. She looked back at him and smiled nervously.

He firmly slapped her and pressed on her lower back and pressed her face into the couch. “I said I wanted you to bend over. Not lean.” He gave her ass a few good slaps; causing her to yelp each time.

He pulled up her skirt more so it looked more like a belt then a skirt. He pulled her panties half way down her leg so they were resting around her knees.

She could feel him playing and prodding her silky smooth cunt. Then without so much as a warning or anything she felt him thrust his thick hard cock into her cunt.

“Oh Sir please! That hurts!” she cried out.

He sneered at her “I haven’t even begun to do to you what I have planned.” He continued his debasement of Amber as he started pounding into her cunt.

He ran his hands over her back and up to her shoulders. He gripped her shoulders to keep her in place as he continued to thrust into her.

Amber started to pant and whimper as his thick cock continued to abuse her increasingly sore cunt. She gripped the edges of the couch and tried to pull herself off of him, even for a little relief; but he wasn’t going to have it. He reached over and grabbed her arms, a little above the elbow, and pulled her arms back. This caused her to have her face and breasts firmly pressed against the couch, leaving her helpless against him.

“Oh please, Ow; Mr.” she whimpered; the brutal thrusting was starting to hurt. The most uncomfortable part was her newly pierced nipples were being pulled and twisted as her body was still pressed against the leather couch.

The brutal fucking Max was giving her abruptly stopped as he pulled away. “Don’t move.”

She felt him move away, but sensed he was near. Amber heard him pick up something from the side table and walk back over to her.

“Now let’s see what I can do to your other hole.” He grinned as he started to pour some lube onto her tight, never been fucked ass-hole.

She knew she was in for it now…

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