American Cheers

American Cheers


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. An idea I’ve
long had and
here we go. Enjoy.

Stu whistled as he worked on the car engine before him. It was a reasonably
busy day at
work for him, a couple of cars done and another coming in for an appointment a
bit later on. Not
busy enough to wear him out but enough to keep the day from being boring. Too
bad he couldn’t
say the same about his nights.

Sure, with his charm, he could have any woman in town but that got a little
boring after a
while and it had been a time since a really interesting
customer had come by for
some “special
service.” So, now Stu was sort of between lovers right now, a situation that
forced him to throw
himself into his work a little more.

The sputtering of a motor got Stu’s attention and he stepped out of the
garage to look up
the dusty road. He saw a motorcycle pull up, a hot one by the looks of it. On it
were two figures,
both dressed in jeans and dark jackets, with helmets to match. Stu felt his
pulse quicken a bit.
From experience, he knew motorcycle babes were often the more intriguing women
in bed and
with two, the potential for wild times seemed to increase.

The cycle came to a stop and the two women on it got off, both pulling off
their helmets.
As they did and Stu recognized them, he knew he was in for an even better time
than he had
dreamed. One woman was a blonde with a face that could show innocence at one
point but with
just a little shift in muscles, take on a sultry and sexy look. The other had a
face that seemed to be
porcelain beauty that made her seem fragile yet sexy still. Both had long hair,
the former sandy
blonde, the latter dark black.

Stu instantly knew who they were: Mena Suvari and Thora Birch, teen
actresses both
thrust into the spotlight by the hit Oscar winning film “American Beauty.” Stu
had enjoyed the
film a lot, the experience boosted by how both girls went topless in the film,
something he more
than enjoyed. And now, they were both right here. Geez, what had he done right
in a past life to
get sweet deals like this?

“What’s the problem?” Stu said, keeping himself calm as he walked up to

“I’m not sure,” Mena said, putting down her helmet as she and Thora got off
the bike.

“We were just cruising and it started sputtering for some reason.”

“Figures the studio would give you a crappy one,” Thora said, shaking her
head. “Why did
I let you talk me into this?”

“Ah, relax,” Mena grinned. “Great way to cool off from both our shoots.
Well, it was until
this happened.” She looked towards Stu. “Can you fix it?”

“Let me take a look,” Stu said, taking the bike and walking it into the
garage, Mena and
Thora following. He stood the bike up and took a quick look at the engine,
nodding as he saw the
wiring problem. “Not too bad. Could take a while to fix, though.”

“How long?” Mena said.

“Not sure,” Stu shrugged. “Could be all day.” Actually, even with the other
he could have it ready in ten minutes but he was hardly going to tell the girls
that. His hand
reached to his pocket as he turned around.

“What are we supposed to do til then?” Mena asked.

“I’ve got an idea,” Stu said, pulling his charm out of his pocket and
holding it before them.

Both women looked at it as the charm glowed in the sunlight, the bright orange
glow mirrored in
their eyes as it worked it magic. One of these days, Stu knew he had to figure
out just where the
charm came from and how it could do what it did. But, that was a problem for
another day. For
right now, he was satisfied with watching it do its mojo on the Mena and Thora.
Both girls stood
there, staring at the glowing gem as its magic washed over them, dulling their
thoughts and will
and making them more subservient to Stu’s desires.

As the orange glow flashed in their eyes, Stu knew he had them. “Mena,
Thora, you’ll do
whatever I say, understand?”

“Yes….” both girls dully said, staring blankly forward. Stu glanced at
the clock and shook
his head. Damn, he didn’t have time to do anything before the next client came.
He looked at the
two entranced women and an idea came over him. “Mena, Thora, you’ll both come
back tonight
to pick up the bike. But, you’ll have to do something first…….”

The sun was beginning to set as Stu came back to the garage following a
quick bite to eat,
a jump in his step as he expected a little something special waiting for him. He
entered the garage,
flicking on a single light and stopped dead at the sight before him, even better
than he had

Mena and Thora stood by the bike, both dressed in dark blue cheerleader’s
outfits. He’d
commanded them to go to the studio and find a way to get a pair of cheerleader’s
outfits in their
sizes. They weren’t the same colors as the film, of course, but they were very
fetching in them,
skirts showing their nice legs, the blue material covering their chests.

“We came for the bike,” Mena said in a sultry tone. As per Stu’s commands,
when they
put on the costumes, both girls found themselves believing they were what they
appeared to be:
high school cheerleaders with particularly outgoing libidos. Just what Stu had
dreamed of.

“Well, it’s fixed and all,” Stu nodded. “All ready to go.”
“Well, that’s kind of a problem,” Thora said, not turning on the sexuality
as much as Mena
was but still very alluring. “We don’t have the cash.”

“But we do have another method of payment,” Mena smiled, slowly itching up
her skirt to
show that she wore no panties, her patch evident. That was all Stu needed to
come forward,
pushing his face on Mena’s and kissing her long and hard, feeling at her breasts
under the shirt.
Mena kissed back letting him taste her tongue on his as her hands rubbed down
his back. Thora
wasn’t to be left out, coming behind Stu and pulling him into a kiss, surprising
him with her

It was ironic that for all the effort Stu went to in order to have Mena and
Thora in
cheerleader costumes, he couldn’t wait to get them out of them. They were naked
both young and firm bodies fully on display. Mena’s perky round breasts and slim
body offset by
Thora’s amazingly developed chest and round ass, each girl kissing Stu as he
yanked off his work
outfit and led the two to a convertible in back that had often been the spot for
quite a lot of fun
over the last year or so.

The three tumbled into the back, still kissing. Mena knelt down as Stu sat
in the plush
back seat, leaning forward so she could take his cock in her mouth. She ran her
hands up and
down the long shaft as she started to suck him off. As she did, Thora sat
herself onto Stu’s lap,
her ass just above Mena’s face as she pushed her tits towards Stu’s mouth. “Suck
him,” she
hissed. “I love to have them sucked and felt up.”

Stu was only too happy to oblige, holding up Thora’s amazing breasts and
pushing them
together as they kissed, then bringing it down to her chest, suckling on each
breast in turn, tongue
tickling the nipples as he took each tit in his mouth in turn. He moaned as he
felt Mena continue
to suck him off. Stu broke off the kiss to moan. “Mean, stop. I want to feel
myself in Thora.”

“Bastard,” Mena said playfully as she pulled her mouth off his cock and let
Thora slide
onto his rod. “Fine, I’ll have fun another way.” As Thora started to work
herself against Stu’s
rod, her tits bouncing in his face, Mena slid up onto the back of the car and
around so her pussy
was right in Stu’s face, her ass to Thora. “Come on,” she grinned. “Lick me out.
Both of you.”

Stu had little choice but to lick, his face right in Mena’s snatch. Thora’s
hands drifted up
to Mena’s ass, squeezing the cheeks and parting them to let her tongue slide
into the waiting
snatch. Mena moaned, hands on the back of the car as she spread her legs between
the two,
letting each one lick at her. Thora continued to ride Stu’s cock, her breasts
worked about in his
hands as she licked at her friend’s ass, loving the taste of juices on her
tongue almost as much as
his cock in her pussy. Stu was havng the time of his life, Thora’s tits kneaded
in his hands as his
tongue slid around Mena’s pussy, sometimes meeting Thora’s as they went at it.
Thora broke off
her licks and cried out as she felt Stu coming, releasing his wad into her, his
hands slamming her
breasts together as the orgasm hit them both. In seconds, Mena let out on both
of them, juices
filling their mouths as she shrieked in pleasure.

In moments, Stu had Mena down on her back in the back seat. He took a
moment to
admire her, the way her perky breasts seemed so more appealing in person, then
slid his cock into
her, her legs up on his shoulders as he started to go at her, pumping her with
hard motions as his
hands rubbed her tight breasts, Mena leaning back and groaning as he did so.

Stu’s view was suddenly blocked and he saw Thora sit down on Mena’s face,
facing him.
“Repay the favor,” she hissed and closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Mena’s
hands rise to her
ass, her tongue sliding into her pussy and licking away. Thora moaned, hands
going up to her
breasts and pressing them together. She opened them to see Stu going at Mena.
“You still owe
me some sucking.”

She leaned forward, her pussy still on Mena’s lapping tongue, her breasts
pushed towards
Stu’s face. Stu leaned as far forward as he could, tongue working around Thora’s
tits, licking her
nipples hard, as hard as Stu was fucking Mena, the blonde’s tongue lapping
becoming more
frenzied as she felt Stu’s meat beginning to let loose. He finally shot his wad
into her, his cries
muffled by the mouthful of tit he had. Thora moaned loud and then shrieked as
she let loose onto
Mean’s face, the blonde swiftly licking away all the cum as she kept rubbing at
the nice ass above

“I think maybe it’s Mena’s turn to taste your tits,” Stu gasped.
Immediately, Mena sat up,
moving to Thora and kissing her hard on the lips, pushing the dark haired girl
down. Stu watched
as Mena went to Thora’s breasts, burying her head in the cleavage and sucking at
her nipples. As
he watched the two girls go at it, breasts and pussies rubbing against one
another, Stu had to
reflect on how fun the charm could be. After his last celebrity encounter and
this was, it was
always just what he needed to “cheer” him up.

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