American Roomy



American Roomy

By Darren Johnson

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I had recently moved
to Los Angeles looking for better jobs than what was in

my hometown; I was working as a clerk at Dollar General and even though the

pay was good at $6.00 and hour and working 7 hours a day, 5 days a week which

totaled $210.00 in a weekly pay check I knew there had to be a better jobs so

I searched the net for jobs in my area and there were none that I was

especially interested in and set my search else where at found a clerical job

at MGM Studios in Hollywood so I emailed my resume and they replied that they

wanted to hire me so I made arrangements, packed my bags,  gathered up all I

saved and headed off to California. I found a reasonable room and board but

found a notice on a message board stating "Roommate wanted either male or

female. Electricity and plumbing taken care of but will require to pay half

of rent. Please call phone number below" So I called the number and a woman’s

voice answered and I asked if the offer was still open which it was so I told

her that I would be in next week and she replied that   would be great and

gave me some directions and we ended our conversation. I packed up my stuff,

which was not much, I   pulled up in my VW Mini-bus in which my belongs were

piled in front of the address the address indicated on a note pad I had

scribbled it down on 10086 Sunset Blvd. I made my way down the street and

stopped on front of a restaurant which had some rooms above it I looked down

at the note and it said to come around back so I ventured around the side of

the building and came to an arched gateway, flipped up the latch and opened

the iron gate. I walked into a garden area which had a rose garden along a

stone fence and a small veggie garden along the wall of the restaurant I made

my way down the stone path and up the stairs to the only door there I knocked

on the door and waited pretty soon the door opened and I stood there in shock

when I saw who was standing there. I gathered my wits and said, "I am Darren

Johnson I am the one who called about the roommate ad you posted." Thora’s

eyes beamed "Please come in I am glad to meet you and I obliviously don’t

need to introduce myself seeing the expression on my face" I blushed slightly

"I’m sorry its just that I wasn’t expecting an actress like you to put up an

ad for a roommate considering all the horny men out there" The actress

giggled "that’s why I didn’t put my name on the ad and had you call." I

thought that made sense "you don’t know how glad I am you called because I am

having trouble with rent right now due to I haven’t been called to star in

any movies lately." I looked around the apartment, which was very nicely

furnished; a sunken living room with a fireplace on one wall. I commented on

how nice and secluded it was "Yeah I like it that way" my new roommate said

"I was looking for a place where I can live a normal life without having to

worry about fans or press showing up on my doorstep and I found this place

and the owner said that it was free for me to do whatever and at a

"reasonable" rent so I used the money I had been paid and fixed it up and

planted a veggie and rose garden" I followed her across room to a pair of

doors she opened one to reveal a brightly lit room which looked out on to the

street and in was a bed with a dresser, an empty bookshelf and a closet. I

put my bags down and looked around "well I guess I will go get my stuff and

get settled in" Thora asked if I could use some help and I told her that I

didn’t really have that much but it would go faster with an extra pair of

hands so she helped me carry the boxes where my belongings were stored and I

arranged them and I felt at home.

The days after that went by pretty normal, I went to my job at the studios

while Thora worked at a video store 2 doors down, I helped out with cooking

and cleaning and washing and drying of sheets, towels and my own clothes, the

arrangement was simple as could be. I knew Thora had was dating so I was not

surprised to come home from work to an empty apartment one evening I walked

into the kitchen to find a small pot of tomato soup warming on the stove and

a grilled cheese sandwich in the toaster with a not saying "I will be back

sometime tonight, here is some supper for you. Please don’t wait up for me.

Thora" I was exhausted from a long day of work and so I shed my clothes,

hopped in the shower for a quick one and put some comfy clothes on and made

my way into the kitchen and poured some soup into a cup, took my sandwich out

of the warmer and headed into the living plopped down on the couch and

flicked on the news. I was in the middle of finishing my supper when I heard

the gate swing open; I glanced at the clock, which read 635 p.m. I was

surprised because I knew Thora was the only who had access to the gate. I

heard the sound of footsteps running up the stone stairway outside and then

Thora came in tears in her beautiful green eyes, she had her hair pulled back

and was wearing a dress which shown off her curvy body and beautiful

cleavage, the fabric around the breast area was some what transparent and I

could barely see her nipples through the fabric. "Baby what happened?" the

distraught actress came bounding down the steps and into my arms sobbing. "I

went to my boyfriends apartment and I found him in bed with Mena." Her body

was racked by more sobs; I hugged her close "Mena Suvari?" I asked, she shook

her head yes and I sat down on the couch with her letting her cry on my

shoulder while I rocked her back and forth trying to calm her down. I asked

her why he was in bed with Mena and she told me that he said that my breasts

were too big and he preferred small chested women. I kissed her on top of her

head and said, "well he a damn fool for dumping such a beautiful girl like

you and as far as your breasts I think they are very sexy indeed." The young

woman in my arms had stopped crying by now and looked up into mine her eyes

shimmering from the tears and asked "Really?" I nodded "I fell in love

them the moment you took off your bra in American Beauty." Thora giggled

lightly, in fact I liked them so much that I searched the net and found a

website that sold unsigned 8x10s and they had one of your topless scene." I

went into my room and pulled out the framed picture from the special place I

hid it and came back into

t he living room and showed Thora. "I’ll be damned!" she chuckled and then

sniffed "I’ll autograph it if you like." I told her that I would like that

very much and so she took it out of the frame and took a pen and autographed;

I said that "I would have mailed it to you a long time ago but read that you

weren’t much of a signer and that the addresses which were posted didn’t work

blushing slightly she said "well I just changed agencies and for me not

signing when I did get fan mail its that most of the pics I got sent were of

like this one. But since your roommate and were so kind I made an exception."

She slid the picture back in the frame and I said Thank you and laid the

photo on the table. I hugged her again and asked if she was going to be all

right she wiped the tears away. You know she said they look much sexier in

person I started getting hard as she started unfastening her dress and pulled

the front down and revealed her breasts in all there glory and they were

sexier up close; she had areolas which were light pink and nipples that

accentuated them perfectly, the young actress just sat there while I admired

them, I started to reach for them but pulled away she said it was ok so I

reached out and caressed her right breast; which felt silky to the touch and

warm and felt doughy when I squeezed it lightly, I reached over and started

to caress her left breast I couldn’t take my eyes off them all I could focus

on is how beautiful they looked and how wonderful they feeled. I heard her

ask, "You never touched a girl’s breast before?" I shook my head slowly and

heard the thing I thought I would never admit to a person is that I was still

a virgin at 25. Thora looked into my eyes and said well don’t you think its

about time to loose it? I lost mine to Wes Bentley at 16 during the shooting

of American Beauty and my ex-boyfriend has fucked me 3 times.  I was slightly

disappointed that she was not a virgin. I bent down and kissed her

passionately the fire I managed to suppress all these years came erupting

inside I picked her up by her ass, she locked her legs around my waist and I

carried her into her bedroom and laid her on her back on the bed, I slowly

pulled off her dress planting small pecks on her body as I did which sent

shivers through her body. I let the dress fall to the floor, she was wearing

a pair of black silk panties I reached down and pulled them of with one swipe

to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy. I stood up and started removing my shirt

letting it fall to the floor while the young nude actress looked on me with

lust filled eyes. I started to unzip my pants but Thora scrambled forward

before I had a chance, unfastened them the unzipping them; she took the waist

band of my briefs and pulled them down to reveal my throbbing cock she

started at it then bent forward taking it in her mouth and started to give me

my 1st blow job ever, I was in heaven fireworks seemed to be going off in

front of my eyes, my knees were weakening I stumbled up against the bed and

fell back on with my soon to be lover following not even breaking a beat, she

continued sucking my cock my head was spinning she stopped after a few mins. 

and crawled on top of me and looked deep into my eyes and said "are you ready

for a good time?" I nodded and whispered yes she then slid down on my rock

hard cock; her pussy enveloped it in a warm satiny feeling glove. I let out a

moan as she sat up and started sliding up and down on my cock I reached up

and started playing with her tits and she rubbed my chest. I started humping

up and down, she whispered "oh yes oh yes" she then started going faster and

after about few minuets I whispered "fuck me hard!!" and with those 3 words

its like she snapped into a wild animal bent forward placing her hands on the

headboard and began fucking me for all its it worth. I started moaning "Oh

god Oh god!!" while she grunted in time to her fucking those grunts started

turning into shrill squeaks mean while my balls were ready to explode I

indicated that I was close and she said for me to hold back, I held back for

5 mins then she threw back her head and let out what was between a laugh and

cry as her pussy clamped around my cock and I let loose my load deep in her

pussy. Thora collapsed on my chest crying "I love you I love you I love you"

I asked what was the matter and she said that I was the first man to make her

cum, I was touched I kissed her on the forehead, Thora rested her head on my

chest, I flicked off the light by the bed and we drifted off to a blissful

slumber in each others arms.

The End

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