America’s Most Wanted

This story is purely fictional, and does not depict the sexualities of those involved

It had been a while since Brit and I had last gotten together.

I was so busy on tour, trying to make my career as a solo artist since the break up of my group, Destiny’s Child

Britney was busy too, touring all over the country, shaking her sexy little ass for all the men and women out there. God, that would be a sight! I wished I could be there

I was shaken out of my reverie when my cell phone rang. I was surprised to hear the voice of the girl I had only just been fantasising about

“Hey Beyonce,
how’s it going?” she said in her soft Louisianan accent

“My pussy’s aching for you” I teased, remembering the nights of passion we had shared during various shows and gigs

She giggled. “I have a big, thick plastic dick with your name on it. I can’t wait to shove it up your pretty little pink pussy, you minx!”

Every word was making me all the more wet

“I’m in town this weekend, if you want to get together……..” she let her voice trail of and I followed her lead

“Sure, we could get together” I agreed, knowing exactly where this was heading

I was excited at the thought. I couldn’t wait to make love to her again, ramming the plastic cock in her every available orifice

“I can’t wait to see you” I said

We talked for a few minutes more before I put the phone down

I was so horny now, and my pussy ached. I rubbed my hand over my crotch, trying desperately to satisfy my ache

The weekend soon came and I longed for the moment when Britney would arrive

She was right on cue. I opened the door for her, her hands were immediately all over me as we embraced in the doorway. She put her hand on my breast.

I didn’t bother wearing a bra, as it would be a waste of time anyway

She pulled down my top, playing with my nipple.

She took her chin in my hand, drawing it up to my face. I opened my mouth and she slipped her tongue in.

As she did this, she pushed her fingers up my skirt, immediately finding my wet pussy. I sighed.

It was so long since we’d done this

She pulled my top off, then slid my skirt down. I wasn’t wearing any panties either, I wanted to be ready for her.

She walked me over to the bed and pushed me on to it. I watched as she started to take off her clothes.

I put my hand on her thigh, leaning up to give her a little kiss. I felt her kissing me back, and I slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth.

As we kissed, I reached down to the hem of her dress and lifted it up.

She got on top of me and I started to caress her luscious body, running my hands over her soft smooth skin

Her mouth was all over my tits, sucking and nibbling at my nipples, making them hurt with arousal

She moved back up to my face, sliding her tongue back into my mouth. I kissed her, tasting my own salty flavour on her tongue

I felt Britney’s hand find it’s way to my damp bush, and I gasped as she rubbed my clit

She moved swiftly, and I promptly came all over her fingers. She put them to her lips, tasting me on them. I rubbed her tits, pinching her perky nipples.

She spread her legs apart for me and I shoved my tongue deep into her snatch. She jumped when I licked her clit.

I moved up, pushing my tit into her mouth. She sucked it lovingly, like a baby on it’s mother, and I groaned softly

I could see she was working on her pussy, fingering her little clit frantically. She whimpered into my chest. She worked a little faster until she exploded, giving out a small gasp. She nearly bit my nipple as she came

Britney climbed on top of me, and I opened my legs wide as she mounted me

I buried my tongue into her mouth, kissing her with the passion I felt for her

She moved her pussy up to my face, shoving it in to my mouth. I took it willingly.

I had waited so long for this moment.

I sucked on her heaven, running my tongue over her slit, teasing her rosebud, making her groan in delight. She soon came, filling my mouth with her honey. I lapped it up eagerly

I got up, making my way over to the drawer. I picked up her favourite plaything – my 10 inch dildo

I saw her eyes widen in delight as she clasped eyes on it

Moving back to the bed, I opened her soft thighs, sliding the toy into her waiting pussy

Her hips bucked as I fucked her, her eyes closed as she lost herself in ecstasy

My other hand went to her left tit, and I gave her nipple a squeeze

I knew she was loving this, enjoying it as much as I enjoyed giving it

She loved the fake cock in her mouth, adored the way I drove it deep into her

Her pussy was taking it all in, her juices coating the plastic cock

I slowed down my movements, driving it into her steadily

This brought her to the edge, and she erupted like a volcano, sending juices flowing everywhere.

I continued to fuck her, bringing her climax to a close

She told me to sit on her face, and I did so, positioning myself over her. I jumped as her tongue found it’s way to my clit. I rode her face, humping her with wild abandon

It didn’t take me long to come, and I released my load on to her face, her mouth was open, ready to receive my goods. I lay back, taking a deep breath.

But she wouldn’t let me rest, shoving the dildo into my arse. The juices on it made it slip in easily, and I shifted to accommodate her, drawing it in deeper

Her fingers went to my pussy, and she slid two of them in, fucking me in the magical way she always does

The combined efforts of her fingers and plastic cock sent me over the edge, and I climaxed for the umpteenth time that night

She watched as I succumbed to the whims of ecstasy, her eyes never leaving my face as I came over and over again. I sank back, totally exhausted, but completely satisfied

This woman sure knew how to please a girl!

“God Britney, you were fantastic………as usual’ I told her, giving her a wicked smile

“I’ve missed you, Bee” she gave me a kiss, sliding her tongue in my mouth

I kissed her back, running my hand up and down her sexy body

“Well, we got all night” I said, breaking off the kiss

She chuckled in my mouth, shoving the dildo back into my dripping cunt………….

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