America’s Next Top Voyeur

As per any story, the celebrity/and or celebrities don’t act like this in real life. If you’re under 18, blah blah blah blah blah, you know the rules. For those that don’t know who Eva or Naima are, they are the winner’s of the last 2 seasons of the show, America’s Next Top Model.

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America’s Next Top Voyeur

Starring Eva Pigford, Naima Mora, and Tyra Banks

Story codes-FF, solo F, cons, fist, voy

Eva Pigford, last year’s Top Model winner, was sitting in the hotel lobby when her cell phone rang. She looked at her phone and smiled,
flipping the phone open. “Hello Miss T” she answered as her pussy warmed up, wondering what she had in mind. The Miss T she was talking to is Tyra Banks, supermodel and Top Model show host. Tyra let out a slight moan on the other end, rubbing her pussy as she sat with a hand down her panties in her hotel room. “Hey girl, is my favorite little model ready to get to work?” she asked Eva. Eva replied “Of course Miss T” as Tyra started to tell her the plan.

Naima Mora, the newest Top Model winner, walked into the lobby, pulling her carryon behind her. She stopped to sign a couple of autographs, still surprised that she won and flattered that people wanted her autograph. “So, I guess I have to keep an eye out for you now” a voice came from behind her, as she turned around to face Eva. Eva smiled and moved to hug Naima, letting her hand brush against Naima’s ass as she broke off the hug. “Oh my god, it’s great to meet you Eva” Naima said as she smiled “I still can’t believe I won.” Eva just laughed “Don’t worry girl, it took me the longest time to get use to it.”

Eva looked her up and down “What are you in town for Naima?” Naima started telling her about the interviews, photo shoots and how crazy it all seemed. “You’re a tough chick like me, you’ll be able to handle it” Eva told her. “Hey, if you ain’t got anything else planned today, I have some wine in my room. You can just come chill out and relax for awhile” Eva asked her, crossing her fingers and hoping she would agree. Naima got a big smile on her face “Hell yes girl” she said “I didn’t feel like going out and dealing with a bunch of drunks in a club.” Naima grabbed her carryon and walked with Eva to the elevators, both of them smiling.

The elevator started its way up to Eva’s floor as she and Naima chatted. “So, how much crazy stuff have you been approached about doing?” Eva asked her. Naima just chuckled and shook her head “I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count. I was at the airport and some guy asked me if I wanted to do porn.” They both laughed, knowing the same thing probably happened to a lot of girls out in LA. Eva looked up as the elevator reached her floor “Alright, here we are girl” she said as her and Naima walked out. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her keycard, swiping it in the door and opening it. Naima followed her in and dropped her carryon, running over to the bed and plopping down on it.

Meanwhile, in the room next door, Tyra was watching on the room through a few carefully hidden cameras. She had them installed in the room a few days earlier, testing them out when she watched Eva masturbating. “Damn, that girl is a little vixen” she thought to herself, watching Naima roll around on the bed. Tyra was sitting in an oversized chair, just wearing her bra and panties as she watched Eva move towards the bed. “You must be tired after all that traveling” Eva asked Naima, smiling at her rolling around on the bed. Naima looked up at her “Oh, it’s not that bad, just on my feet a lot. It feels good to finally be able to sit down and relax. So, how about that wine?”

“I thought you forgot all about it” Eva said as she walked over to the small bar in the room, grabbing 2 glasses and a bottle. As she walked back over, Naima was taking off her jacket, exposing the belly shirt she was wearing underneath. Eva got a big grin on her face as she handed her a glass and got on the bed. “Thanks Eva, I really appreciate this” Naima told her, holding her glass up as Eva poured the wine in. Eva poured hers into her glass and put the bottle on the side table. “Don’t sweat it Naima, I’m there for you if ya need anything” Eva told her as she raised her glass. “A toast, to 2 crazy tough chicks winning Top Model” as they both laughed, clinking their glasses together and taking a drink.

Tyra watched through the cameras as the 2 girls went through several glasses of wine apiece. She leaned back in the chair, moving her hands down to her panties and sliding them inside. Her pussy was already wet from thinking about the 2 girls getting it on. She rubbed both hands over her bare pussy as her fingers slid up and down on her lips. Tyra pulled one hand up to her mouth, slowly licking her fingers as she tasted her pussy juice. The other hand was busy rubbing against her pussy as she slipped a finger inside, slowly pushing it in and out as she moaned slightly. “Mmmmmmm yesssss” she let out as she started pushing the finger in and out faster, looking up at the monitor.

Naima and Eva were both a little buzzed as they laughed and talked about their experiences on the show. Eva looked over at Naima “So, have you hooked up with anybody yet or you swinging single?” she asked as she layed down. Naima just giggled “Oh no, I’ve been too busy with the show and everything. I’m sure there’s plenty of fish out there though.” She leaned back against the pillows as Eva smiled at her “What about you girl? I’m sure you probably met somebody.” Eva grinned “Well yea, I did hook up with somebody. She’s been pretty wonderful to me so far.” Naima looked at her “She? You did say she, right?”

Eva’s she was watching in the next room, rubbing and fingering her pussy as she watched her pet start to make her move. “Yes, I did say she, that’s not a problem is it?” Eva asked, waiting for Naima’s reaction. Naima just smiled and looked at her “Nah, it’s not a problem girl. Back when I was wild a couple of years ago, I fooled around with girls a few times.” This brought a big smile to Eva’s face as she moved her hand over and put it on Naima’s leg. “So, you wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again sometime” Eva asked as she slowly rubbed her hand up and down her leg. Naima let out a slight moan “No, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it” she said as she layed down next to Eva.

Tyra perked up as she watched the 2 Top Models laying on the bed, hands rubbing up and down each others bodies. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, dropping it on the floor as she let her 2 large breasts hang free. Her nipples were already hard and sticking out as Tyra started pinching and pulling on them. “Ohhhhmmm goddddd” she moaned out as her nipples were twisted and pulled. Tyra pushed her breasts up as she leaned her head down, sticking her tongue out and slowly licking her nipples. She moaned as she took a nipple into her mouth and sucked on it, lightly nibbling on it before switching to the other one, watching the 2 girls.

Eva and Naima were laying on the bed, looking at each other. “Are you sure about this?” Eva asked Naima, both of their hands on each other’s bodies. She looked at Eva and just smiled “If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t do this” she said as she leaned in and kissed Eva. Naima softly kissed her, letting her tongue slide out and brush against her lips as Eva kissed her back. They both moaned slightly as the kissing continued, their hands rubbing up and down each other’s bodies. Eva moved her hands down to Naima’s stomach, feeling her soft skin as she slid her hands up underneath her shirt. Naima moaned as she felt Eva’s hands moving up to her small breasts.

“Mmmmmmm….beautiful little titties” Eva said as she pulled Naima’s shirt off, exposing her small perky breasts. She leaned down and started licking her nipples, switching back and forth as Naima moaned and wiggled beneath her. Tyra watched as Eva sucked and licked Naima’s tits, moaning as she felt up her own big ones. The supermodel pinched and twisted her nipples as she watched Eva start pulling Naima’s jeans off. Eva flashed a wicked grin at Naima as she pull her jeans off, exposing her bare pussy. “Ohhhh….you dirty little slut, going commando I see” she said as Naima looked up at her. Naima reached down with both hands and started rubbing on her bare pussy, spreading her lips apart.

“Come on and eat it girl” she said as Eva layed down on the bed and moved her head between Naima’s legs. She stuck her tongue out and teased Naima, slowly licking up to and around her pussy. Naima put her hands on Eva’s head, running her fingers through her short cropped hair as she felt her tongue on her. Eva started licking around her clit, flicking her tongue against the little nub as Naima squirmed and moaned. “Ohhhh yeaaaaa….lick me bitch” Naima said as Eva started sucking on her clit, flicking her tongue over it while it was in her mouth. Eva moved a hand up and started rubbing her fingers on the wet pussy, slowly pushing a finger inside the petite model.

Naima started moving her hips as Eva was sucking and fingering her pussy. “Mmmmmm….tastes so good you little slut” Eva moaned as she flicked her tongue fast over Naima’s clit, adding another finger as she banged the 2 of them in and out of her pussy. Tyra smiled and moaned as she was rubbing her pussy, watching Eva eat out Naima. “I taught her well” she thought to herself as she pushed 2 fingers into her pussy, moving them in and out slowly. She let out a loud moan as she pushed her fingers deep inside of her, feeling the warmth and wetness as she moved them in and out. The buxom beauty watched the hidden cameras as Eva continued eating out Naima.

“Ugghhmmmm…fuckk….eat me Evaa…..ooohhhh yesssss” Naima moaned loudly, bucking her hips as Eva sucked and fingered her. Eva started sucking and fingering her faster and harder, sucking up her juices. Naima was rubbing and squeezing her breasts as she watched Eva suck and finger her cunt. She reached down and put one hand on Eva’s head, holding it closer to her pussy as she felt her orgasm coming. Eva could feel it coming too as she pulled her wet hand away. Her tongue continued sucking and licking on Naima’s little pussy as she moved her hand to her asshole. Naima screamed out as she felt Eva’s finger push into her asshole, writhing as she was getting assaulted from both sides.

“Yea….take that you bitch….fucking slut” Eva growled as she sucked on Naima’s pussy and fingered her asshole. Naima moaned and groaned, bucking her hips as her friend continued the assault on her pussy and ass. “Mmmmmm yeaaaa….fucking give it to me…..yessssss” she said “Gonnnaaa cummmmm.” Eva added another finger to her ass, pushing them in and out faster and harder as she watched Naima squirm. Naima raised her hips up as she felt her orgasm coming “Ohhhh fuckkk….imm cummmingg” she yelled out. Eva pumped her fingers faster as Naima was cumming, watching the little model’s pussy convulsing as it leaked out a flood of juice.

Eva moved in and licked up Naima’s pussy juice, slowly pulling her fingers out of her ass as she sucked up the sweetness. “Oh yes…mmmmmm….sweet pussy juice” she said as Naima smiled at her, running her hands through her hair. Naima looked down at her “Oh my god girl, that was the best orgasm I’ve had in awhile” she said as she layed back, sweating and breathing hard. Eva moved up and layed on top of Naima, leaning in and kissing her softly, letting her taste her own pussy juice. The 2 girls kissed for a little bit, sucking on each others tongues as Naima reached down to pull off Eva’s skirt. “Looks like somebody is ready to get busy” Eva said, smiling as Naima rolled her over and pulled her skirt down.

Tyra got up and walked over to her suitcase, pulling out a double headed dildo as she kept an eye on the monitor. She was enjoying the little show the 2 Top Models were putting on, licking her lips as she sat back down. Naima threw Eva’s skirt on the floor as she looked down at her, smiling as she pulled her up. “Turn around and bend over sexy, I wanna see that ass” she said as Eva the Diva bent over. Eva stuck her ass up in the air and shook it around, smiling as she showed off her thong. Naima playfully smacked her ass as she pulled Eva’s thong down, exposing her ass and her hairy pussy. “You naughty girl, going all natural huh?” Naima asked as she bent down.

The double headed dildo was getting licked up and down as Tyra watched Naima start licking and kissing Eva’s ass. She pushed her tits together and held the dildo up as she started slowly sucking on it, going up and down. “Mmmmfhffhmmmmm” Tyra moaned as she imagined it was a hot guy she was sucking off. Miss Banks turned her eye back to the monitor as Naima and Eva continued to play with each other. Naima spread Eva’s cheeks, leaning in and slowly licking around her asshole as she moved a hand down and felt her wet pussy. “Dirty slut….you like eating ass, don’t you?” Eva asked with a grin on her face, looking back at Naima.

Naima started licking harder on Eva’s asshole as she slipped a finger into her pussy, feeling how hot and wet it was. Eva moaned loudly, feeling her tongue start to slip inside her ass as she added another finger to her pussy. “Ughhhmmm…fuckk….eat that ass baby” she said, her head pushing down as Eva pushed her ass into Naima’s face. Naima pushed her tongue in and out of Eva’s ass, feeling her squirm as she kept fingering her pussy. “Yea bitch….mmmmm….you love that tongue in your ass” she cooed as Eva moaned and groaned beneath her. Naima added another finger, bring the total to 3 as she felt Eva’s pussy opening up more.

Tyra pulled the dildo out of her mouth as she watched Naima eat Eva’s ass, pulling it down to her pussy as she rubbed the head up and down her slit. She moaned as she slipped the head insider her wet cunt, feeling it spread her open and slide inside. “Ohhmmm yessss….mmmmmmmm” Tyra said as she started pumping the dildo in and out slowly, watching her 2 protégé’s going crazy. Naima pulled away from Eva’s ass as she kept fingering her pussy, watching her 3 fingers going in and out fast. She smacked her ass with her other hand “You slut….mmmmm yea….feel that girl” Naima said as she smacked her ass again.

Eva looked back at Naima, giving her an evil look as she moaned and groaned. “Put it all in Naima…mmmm…give it all to me…ohhhh fuckkk” she yelled out as her orgasm started to build. Naima added a fourth finger, watching Eva squirming and groaning as she finger fucked her harder. “You sure you want it all girl?” she asked Eva as she started to add her thumb into her pussy. Eva just moaned and shook her head yes as Naima added her thumb and started to push all her fingers in. Tyra licked her lips, enjoying how slutty Eva was as she started to get fisted. She started pushing the dildo harder and faster, going in and out of her pussy as she watched the monitor.

Naima watched as her hand started to slip inside Eva’s pussy, her lips stretching out around her hand. “Ohhh godddd….fuckkingg fist meeee….mmmmmmmm” Eva yelled out, feeling Naima’s fist pop into her pussy. She started to push back onto her fist, feeling it rub against the inside of her pussy. Naima yelled out as she started to push her fist in and out “Yeaaa…dirty bitch….take it all…mmmm yessssss.” Tyra was going crazy, pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy hard, watching Eva getting fisted. She was leaning back in the chair, her pussy leaking out all over it as she got close to cumming “Ugghhmmmm yesssss….gonnna cummmm…..oohhh yessssss.”

Eva was moaning and groaning loudly, her orgasm coming up as Naima started pumping her fist harder. “Uggghhhhh…fucking fist me slut…..ohhhh godddd yesssss” she yelled out as she was about to cum. Naima pushed her arm deeper, getting halfway up her forearm as Eva started to shake and shudder. “Gonna cum bitch?…..mmmmmmm fuck yeaa…do it” she growled as Eva yelled out. “Immm cumminnngggg…ooohhhhhh fucckkkkkkk….pull it outttt” Eva yelled as Naima pulled her arm out of her pussy. A big torrent of pussy juice shot out, splashing against Naima’s chest and onto the bed. Eva moaned and collapsed on the bed, looking back at her wet friend and smiling.

Tyra started shaking as her orgasm hit, the dildo going in and out of her pussy faster and harder. “Mmmmmmm fuckkk….Ohhhh yessssssss” she screamed out as she started cumming, relaxing and letting the dildo pop out of her pussy. She felt her pussy juice flood out as she leaned back in the chair, breathing and sweating hard. “Oh boy….that was a good one” she thought to herself as she watched the monitor. Her 2 new pets were laying on the bed, holding each other as they recovered. Eva stroked Naima’s back, feeling her soft skin “Whooo…that sure was exciting” she said as she smiled at her new partner.

Naima just smiled back “I didn’t know you were into stuff like that girl, that’s crazy” she told her. They both held onto each other as they started to fall asleep, exhausted from their sexual session. “You know, one day I’ll have to introduce you to the woman I told you about earlier” Eva told her as they drifted off. Her petite friend had her eyes closed, but still smiled “That would be nice Eva” she said as she fell asleep. Tyra watched the 2 girls fall asleep as she sat in her chair, pouring herself a glass of wine and sipping it. She just got a wicked grin on her face “That poor girl doesn’t know what she’s got coming to her” she said as she turned the monitor off.

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