Ames McNamara Gives Grayson Chrisley His 12th Birthday Gift

Title: Ames McNamara Gives Grayson Chrisley His 12th Birthday Gift

Author: Dr. Demented 666

Celebs: Ames McNamara, Grayson Chrisley

Codes: mm, anal, first, facial

Disclaimer: This story is fiction and is fantasy in nature only.


Grayson Chrisley just turned 12 years old and it was his birthday and his parents planned a big party for him at their Tennessee home. He had all his good friends there and one in particular that he always wanted to meet in person—Ames Mcnamara. Ames was also 12 years old and the young actor on the TV series ‘The Conners’, a spinoff of the TV show ‘Roseanne’. The two met online as members of ’12 year olds’ and have been wanting to meet up. Grayson’s father arranged for Ames to come to Grayson’s party and the two hit it off right away.

The party lasted a long time and things began to wind down and guest left and the parents went down the block to visit the neighbors as only Grayson and Ames were left at Grayson’s home playing on the makeshift water slide laid out on the grass. The two frolicked on it and slid down it in their swim trunks as the warm sunlight beat down on their wet skin and glistened with a tanning color.

Grayson ran and slid down the slide with Ames following directly behind and sliding into Grayson and on top of him. The two giggled a bit and their wet bodies slithered amongst each others and then Ames stopped with a shocked look on his face and looked down between Grayson’s legs. There he saw a bulging penis underneath Grayson’s swim trunks that made him smile.

“Looks like you’ve got a boner going on down there, Grayson.” Ames smiled and laughed to him.

“I can’t help it, you’re all over me and…I mean…This never happened to me before.” Grayson satted with a red and embarrassed face.

“Really? Here, come with me and I’ll show you a few more firsts.” Ames told Grayson as he took him by his hand and led him into the garage and shut the door.

There Ames pinned Grayson up against the work bench and slowly massaged his hand into Grayson’s crotch through his swim trunks. Grayson gasped in reaction with an uneasy feeling as the boy did to him what he never did to himself before. Ames smiled and reached down Grayson’s trunks and pulled his erection out, smiling at the 5” wonder in his hand as he played with it.

“See, feels good…Don’t it? I do this to myself all the time but never had the chance to do it to someone else.” Ames said.

Grayson watched on as Ames played with his dick, twirling his fingers over his cock head and then grasping his balls with the palm of his hand and gently raking his fingertips over the peach fuzzed area down below on Grayson.

Ames leaned in and slowly pecked his lips against Grayson’s and coerced Grayson into his first boy-boy kiss. Grayson was shocked when Ames slid his tongue into Grayson’s mouth and twirled it over Grayson’s tongue. Grayson pulled back with a hesitant look on his face so Ames softly nudged his lips against Grayson’s neck and kissed and licked his way down Grayson’s smooth chest and stomach until he had his face against the tender underside of Grayson’s cock.

Grayson looked down as Ames looked up at him with a dimpled smile and ran his tongue along the entire underside of Grayson’s erection, taking his cock head into his mouth and then the full 5”. Grayson gasped with pleasureful shock from his first ever oral experience as Ames bobbed his head back and forth and sucked Grayson’s dick.

Within seconds Grayson’s stomach was panting heavily and his hands gripped the edge of the work bench tightly as he experienced his first ever orgasm. Hot cum shot into Ames’ mouth and he pulled Grayson from it, jerking him off onto his face and letting Grayson experience the full visual of his first facial. Thick cum shots stuck to Ames’ face as Grayson’s hips jolted from each spasm his dick produced.

“I didn’t know I could do that yet…Where did you learn how to do that?” Grayson stated and asked of Ames.

“The internet…Wanna learn some more?” Ames asked of the birthday boy.

Grayson shook his head in a ‘Yes’ fashion and Ames stood before Grayson.

“Your turn, suck on mine now.” Ames asked of Grayson.

Grayson sunk to his knees and Ames’ eyes lit up as he watched Grayson put him into his mouth and began to suck him off.

“That’s it…Yes…Oh boy, that feels so good, Grayson…Just a little longer…Almost baby…Here it comes…YES! I’M CUMMING!” Ames screamed as he blasted his load all over Grayson’s face and into his mouth.

Grayson licked his lips and suckled the tip of Ames’ boyhood, relishing in the new flavor he never tasted before and realizing he actually liked it. Ames smeared his semen into Grayson’s face using the underside of his sensitive dick and letting Grayson play with his balls just as Ames did to Grayson moments ago.

Grayson stood and Ames turned and bent slightly over the work bench and wagged his smooth naked bottom at Grayson.

“Take it…Put your thing up my butt.” Ames begged of Grayson.

“What? Are you serious? Won’t that hurt?” Grayson asked of Ames.

“No. I used different objects on myself and they didn’t hurt. But go slowly and use some lubrication…Hey, get that suntan oil and coat your dick with it.” Ames told Grayson.

Grayson grabbed the oil and massaged it into his dick, relishing in the feeling of the masturbation he was performing on himself.

“Hey! Don’t get yourself off! Put it in me!” Ames shouted to redirect Grayson’s attention back to him.

Grayson got behind Ames and gently inserted his dick into Ames’ ass, watching ass Ames’ asshole stretched around his shaft and then inhale his boyhood fully. Ames cooed with joy and soft chirps of pleasure filled the garage with each fuck Grayson gave to him.

Grayson felt that all too familiar feeling of his next orgasm and he cupped Ames’ ass cheeks as he felt his dick pulse inside of Ames’ ass. Ames’ eyes widened as he too felt the hot cum shoot into his behind and the soothing hot liquid coat his insides. Grayson withdrew from Ames’ ass after he finished inside of him and watched his cream pie run down the backside of Ames’ leg.

Ames spun around quickly and pushed Grayson up onto the work bench and got between Grayson’s leg. Ames reached around himself and got fingers full of cum from his own leg backside and ass and worked it into his shaft. Slowly he sunk it into Grayson’s ass and watched the first painful expressions of anal penetration on Grayson’s face.

But Ames eased into a fucking rhythm as he laid on Grayson and began to make out with him. Ames reached down and tugged on Grayson’s leg, giving Grayson the indication Ames wanted Grayson’s smooth legs wrapped around him. Grayson wrapped his legs around Ames’ waist as the two tenderly tongue kissed.

“This is your birthday gift, Grayson. 12 fucks for each year you’ve been alive…Count with me, Grayson.” Ames whispered to his lover.

The two stared into each others eyes as they counted out loud together each thrust into Grayson’s ass…


The last number being 12 and the exact age Grayson is old as Ames came inside Grayson while screaming: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

The two laughed as the fondled each others smooth chests and stomachs with their fingertips as Ames remained inside of Grayson and they softly kissed each other. Then Ames jumped off of Grayson as he heard Grayson’s parents come back home. They quickly put their swim trunks on and ran outside where they ran into Grayson’s parents.

“How was your birthday, son?” Todd asked of Grayson.

Grayson looked at Ames and then back to his father: “The best ever, Dad!”


By: Dr. Demented 666

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