Amorous Adventures Of Rose McGowan

Amorous Adventures Of Rose McGowan
By Wonder Mike
(MM+F, FHorse, Fdog, cons, oral, beast)

It was the night before her wedding to metal superstar Marilyn
Mansion, Rose McGowen couldn’t be happier. She had a dysfunctional
childhood, and the cross dressing Mansion was just the man? for her.

They had arranged one last wild night before they settled down to the
white picket fence house in middle America.

Dennis Rodman arrived as the had arranged, he had become good
friends with the couple, they frequented they same type of
places. Rodman had taken a couple of days off from the Lakers, he knew he would need the rest.

Tommy Lee arrived next. Rodman had invited him to join the
group. They had become friends since Dennis paid him to fuck his wife
Carmen Electra, it was his plan to get him to leave him, then Tommy
would dump her. That was the only way Dennis could think of to lose

Rose welcomed the group and took them up to the playroom. The
playroom was set up like a dungeon. It was filled with whips and
chains and a power drill.

Mansion, Rodman and Tommy Lee formed a circle around Rose. Tommy
grabbed her long jet black hair and pulled it back. He shoved his
eight inch cock into her mouth.

Rose was wearing a black Teddy with black lipstick. She wrapped her
lips around Tommy’s cock and sucked like a vacuum. Mansion grabbed her
hair and pulled her away from Tommy Lee, he shoved his ten inch cock
all the way down her throat. Rose was choking on it but she loved it.

Marilyn knew just what she liked, he shoved his whole cock down her
throat. She held her lips against his chest and wiggled her head back
and forth. Mansion was going to cum.

Dennis grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away from Mansion. He
whipped out his 13 inch cock and rammed it into her mouth. He took his
free hand and began to choke her.

Rose couldn’t breathe, Dennis told her he would release her neck
when she swallowed his whole cock. She slowly managed to get all 13
inches down her throat.

She slowly pulled his cock out like a sword swallower. She licked
her lips. Dennis laid on his back. Rose sat on his face.

Rose wiggled her ass on his face, Dennis shoved his tongue into her
cunt. Mansion grabbed her by the ass, then he shoved a finger into her

Tommy pulled her Teddy off. He grabbed her perfect tits, one in each
hand. They were perfect. Too perfect to be real, but Rose swore that
they were.

Tommy shoved two fingers into her ass. Rose squealed, her ass was
the most sensitive part of her body. She climbed off of Rodman’s face.

She slid down his body and sat on his massive cock. Tommy and
Marilyn never pulled their fingers out of her.

Rose was jumping up and down on Rodman’s cock. Tommy stood in front
of her and shoved his cock down her throat. Mansion stood next to Lee
and added his cock down her throat. Nobody knew her better then he

Rose had both cocks half way down her throat when Lee pulled out. He
went around behind her and shoved his cock into her ass.

Rose screamed with delight. She started jumping up and down on those
two cocks even faster. She was slamming her head forward deep
throating Mansion with every stroke.

Dennis was thrusting up so hard into her, that it was lifting her up
in the air. His thrust forced Tommy’s cock all the way into her ass.

Mansion shoved his cock all the way down her throat. He grabbed her
by the hair forcing her head against his chest. He then shot his load
directly down her throat. She didn’t spill a drop.

Tommy Lee was cumming next. Mansion handed him a cup. Tommy pulled
his cock out of her and shot his load into the cup.

Rose jumped off of Dennis and stroked his cock, he shot his load
into the cup also. Rose then drank it all down like a cup of tea, she
wiped her face with her Teddy.

Rose was far from done though. Mansion knew it took more than that
to get her off. He grabbed 4 pairs of handcuffs.

Mansion handcuffed each of her limbs to a bed post. She was
crucified on the bed completely helpless. Rose couldn’t stop giggling.

Mansion wanted to give her something to laugh about. He grabbed a
feather and began rubbing it along her cheek. He slowly worked her way
down her neck and to her breast.

Rose McGowen was laughing hysterically. Rodman was sucking one of
her breast while mansion was tickling the other one.

Tommy laid at her feet, he spread her toes and then began to suck
them one by one. Mansion had worked his way down to her stomach.

Rodman had one of her ample breast in his huge palm, he had the
other one stuffed into his mouth. Mansion was tickling her clit with
the feather.

Rose was screaming uncontrollably, she was fighting the handcuffs
but it was no use. Tommy had spread her toes apart. He had three of
them in his mouth.

Mansion grabbed another feather, he used one to tickle her foot
while he worked her clit over with the other one. Rose was on the
brink of a mind blowing orgasm but she couldn’t get off.

She was begging anyone to fuck her, the trio just laughed, they told
her she would have to earn her climax just like she always did.

She pleaded for release, Mansion called in King, their German
Shepherd. King was trained well and he knew just what to do when Rose
was tied down like that.

King shoved his tongue into her twat, Rose screamed. She was bucking
her hips up into King trying to get his tongue in even deeper. Mansion
kept tickling her cunt as King ate her out.

Rose bucked up until King had his entire snot buried into her cunt.
This pushed Rose over the edge, She gave one final thrust as King ate
her from the inside out.

Rose gave one final scream and passed out, King had done the job he
was trained for. The three way combination of the feather and the long
tongue was too much for anybody.

Mansion knew even passing out from the orgasm wasn’t good enough for
Rose, he knew she would still be horny when she awoke. The trio untied
her and took her to the barn.

When Rose awoke, she was in her favorite place, she was in the barn
in her swinging harness. She was tied under her stallion Kurt.

She brought Kurt with her first movie paycheck, she brought him for
this very reason. Marilyn named him as a joke, he was planning to get
Courtney Love in the harness but she didn’t deserve it yet.

Rose looked up and Mansion shoved the 18 inch stallion cock into her

She took half of it and thought she was going to pass out again.
Mansion knew she could take it though.

He pulled back on the harness and let it go. It sprang forward and
she now had 12 inches of giant stallion cock buried in her cunt.

This time Rodman, Mansion and Lee all pulled on the Harness. They
stretched it back as far as it would go. When they let it go, Rose
sprung forward.

Rose had the entire cock buried into her pussy, she screamed at the
top of her lungs. Mansion took the feather and began tickling her
clit. Rose couldn’t take anymore when Tommy and Rodman began fondling
her tits.

Mansion slapped Kurt on the ass and he rose up, Rose slid down the
cock and back up. Dennis pushed her up by the ass to make sure all of
Kurt’s giant cock was inside of her.

That was all she could take, Rose passed out again, Mansion threw a
glass of water in her face to make sure she was out, Rose never moved.

They unstrapped her from the harness and carried her back to the
bedroom, it was time to get her ready for the wedding.

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