Amy And Her Sex Toy


A Short Story



(F, mast)

(“Pretty Baby Chapter 4” and “Helena & Keira Become

Slaves Part 2” coming soon)

Amy Acker’s gorgeous dark hair was draped over the p

illows, as she, lying on the bed watching a dirty mo

vie, became increasingly horny. She watched as the

big man pounded the petite girl, who looked not unli

ke Amy, almost as cute, with pig-tails and wide eyes


Amy would like to be that girl, stuffed and fucked o

n her hands and knees, pounded like a champion slut,

without mercy…

But alas
there was no man to fuck her brains out, so

Amy Acker turned to her trusted friend, “Mr. Cummy”

…that was the name she gave her vibrator, which ne

ver failed her.

She slipped off her skimpy panties, and slipped Mr.

Cummy between her wide open thighs, and switched hi

m on…Buuuzzzzz!

Teasing her clit, the vibe made Amy whimper softly,

as her back arched, the cute little brunette now a h

orny vision of loveliness…any man who witnessed th

is sight would find his cock rock-hrd in an instant.

..Amy thought of the teenage boys and men who watche

d Angel, and the fact ht many of them fantasised abo

ut her, about fucking her…the things they would do

to her!

As the vibe pleasured her, Amy dreamed of being fuck

ed, of being a slave like she was in her frst appear

ance on Angel, a sex slave for her ml fans, tied to

a bed, tied to a bench, trussed up, and fucked and p

leasured…dressed up like a slut, like a schoolgirl

, like a maid…oh god…she would be their playthin

g, she would suck as many of their cocks as they dem

anded, and she would let them fuck her as they pleas

ed, fucking hr and fucking her and fucking her, with

no end in sight.

Amy pushed the vibe inside her, as her body convulse

d, writheing on the bed, her moans, whimpers, and gi

rlish cries echoing across the bedroom, as she came,

her wet juicy pussy, and her dirty mind making a ve

ry pleasurable team.

Yes, she thought, I will arrange a treat for some of

my fans, she said to herself with a wicked smile on

her pretty face…

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