Amy And The Fan




It is three years from her divorce of Gary Chapman and Amy Grant has remarried to Vince Gill. She promised after being caught by her ex that she would never fuck another man while married. This promise she made to the Lord in heaven and to her heart, but this is famous last words.

One night after an exhilarating show Amy has decided to unwind in her dressing room. The band mates have returned to the hotel they will be sleeping in for the night and the only person left is a security guard, who never leaves his post no matter what. Amy opens
the door to the room, enters and moves over the leather couch in the center of the room. As she prepares to sit down, the lovely Christian singer has decided to do something she hasn’t thought of doing in years. Before her clothes come off, Amy says a little prayer to her God.

Dear God, please forgive me for what I am about to do. I know what I said three years ago is what I’ve followed, so look as this as my way of relieving some inner tension. Thanx for listening and being here. Amen.

Once the prayer is complete, she takes a white table cloth off the buffet table and places it on the soft black leather couch and begins to strip. First Amy removes her blue leather jacket to reveal a black lace bra covering a set of 36DD breasts. She then moves toward the matching skirt, slides her hand under to undo the garter and remove the stockings. A minute or two later she unbuttons and unzips the matching blue leather skirt, lets it fall to the floor and she steps out of it. Underneath the skirt is a pair of lace panties and one sexy set of legs. Slowly she returns to the bra. Sliding the shoulder straps off, Amy drops the bra beside her skirt and jacket. Slipping her fingers downward, she slowly takes the last piece of clothing off, her lace panties, revealing a still trim and thickly haired pussy.

Amy sits on the couch, places her right leg, bent on the couch and her left is dangling off the side. Grabbing her tits, she begins to squeeze them until totally hard with the nipples more erect than she has experienced in months. She will then open a jar of lubricant and proceed to jam the two fingers from the jar in her asshole. Almost climaxing, she takes her left hand finger and masturbates while finger fucking her ass.

Unbeknownst to her, on fan has remained behind to get her autograph, but he sees more than he bargained for as he looks through the slightly ajar door to witness the spectacle. An hour later, Amy has orgasmed a few times and looks around, finally noticing the man watching her outside the room. He walks away, but hears her say that he should enter the room. He does this and the two talk.

Amy asks: “What are you doing hear after the show?’

“Well, Miss Grant, I waited for everyone to leave so I can get your autograph. I walked to this dressing room and hoped to find you alone and….” :says an embarrassed fan.

“First of all, you can call me Amy. Next I don’t think you expected to find me nude and so unbelievably horny.” :states Amy and then she asks: “What is your name?”

‘Well Miss er I mean Amy, my name is Jim. You are right I never expected to find my favorite singer nude and a load of cum oozing from her pussy.” :says Jim with a hard on in his pants.

Before another question is asked, Amy leaps from the couch and removes Jim’s jeans. Seeing that this man wears no underwear, she proceeds to stroke his cock, while repeating the earlier prayer to herself. Once her inner prayer is complete, she sucks on the ten inches before her. Jim is amazed to see how experienced she is in deep throating a mans cock, including one as large as his.

Amy opens her eyes to look up at Jim and says; “Don’t worry I’ve done this many times before and have been caught at it.”

Jim returns the look and asks: “Is this how your first marriage broke up?”

“Oh fuck yes. I couldn’t keep my mitts off the band member with a cock almost as long and as thick as this.” Amy states and continues to extract some cum from her lovers dick.

Seeing that he ahs unloaded inside her mouth, he lifts Amy to the couch, fingers and eats the pussy he ahs only dreamed of. Amy moans and groans in excitement, then she asks: “What the fuck am I doing?”

Jim startled by the language of his lovebird says: “I wouldn’t worry any, Vince does this regularly to his female co-stars.”

Amy looks puzzled and asks; “What do you mean?”

Jim then explains the situation. I remained after one his shows one night three months ago to get his autograph. Just like tonight I went to the door and looked in. While standing there I saw Vince fucking Patty Loveless. To keep me quiet about it they insisted that I fuck Patty until she came so hard, she wouldn’t need Vince the rest of the tour.

Amy listens to the story and yells, then begs Jim to complete what they began. He turns her over, places two inches in her tight ass and teases her for a couple of minutes. He will then rear back and jam all ten inches deep in her ass. Amy yelps in delight as Jim fucks the gorgeous ass of Amy Grant. Once he cums in her ass, Jim takes hold of her hips and fucks her pussy from behind. This continues for a half an hour and Amy then asks Jim to fuck her for the longest time. Before he enters her pussy, Jim tit fucks her and unloads his cuz on her breasts. Jim then slowly fucks her, blasting her box time and time again. Then Amy squeals in delight as Jim cums a whole lot more than even she has felt. After it is over Amy asks Jim to leave quietly and never mention it to another soul.

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