Amy Grant

Fictional story about Christian singer Amy Grant.


Amy Grant born in Georgia in 1960. Amy was married to country song

writer and singer Gary Graham for several years. They have 3 kids

together, currently they’re divorced!

Ever since their divorced, Amy been dating the top line of country music

super stars like Vince Gill! But dating isn’t one of Amy’s best things

in life, no it’s her 3 kids with Gary Graham.

After dating Vince Gill
for a little while, Amy decide to date other

guys instead!

One day, Amy was at a party of one of her closes friends in Christian

music. Amy met this guy who she thought was very handsome in her eyes by

the way!

Amy decide to talk to him just to get to know him, maybe they have

things in common?

Well they talked and talked for the entire day!

Amy really enjoyed him as they continued talking, guess it’s his eyes,

they’re blue.

The guy name is Nick, not the one who was married to Carlene Carter, no!

Nick is little younger then Amy she’s 39, he just turned 30.

Nick been married once and has a 10 year old daughter from his previous

marriage, he’s too is divorced!

After a long day, Amy and Nick decide to leave together and go to her

house for drinks.

Yes Amy does drink whine only and not any hard stuff!

They arrived at her house and went in.

Amy afford Nick whine which he gladly accepted! He really drinks beer

and whisky?

They sat down on her couch and dranked whine together.

After they dranked their whine, Amy was wet in the private area as she

calls it?

But Amy knows what it’s called a(pussy)!

Amy hasn’t had real good sex or got laid in couple of months, she’s been

horny for that period of time?

The last time Amy and her husband Gary had sex was few months before

their divorce!

Amy and her new friend Nick talked mostly during the whole evening about

her family and his? Amy said she’s currently divorced from her husband!

Nick said he’s too currently divorced from his wife.

Couple hours later around 10, Amy got so wet and extremely horny she

wanted to have sex badly!

So Amy gave Nick a sign what she was asking, she showed her legs and her

upper thighs!

Nick was surprised, he too was horny but didn’t know what to expect?

So Amy even showed her crotch!

That got Nick so hard felt like he was about to come in his pants.

So Amy lead Nick into her bedroom and they kissed!

They kissed with passion and feelings.

Then Amy pulls her dress and panties off, then lays down on her bed

spread eagle!

Nick couldn’t believe how beautiful Amy looked laying there, he was so

hard his prick was straight as a board!

Amy noticed how big and hard Nick was she can see it through his pants,

her pussy wet and she was waiting to suck his prick!

Nick quickly pulls his pants off, and there it is, the monster Amy was

waiting for?

It was about 9 inches long 2 inches thick, wow!

Nick then lays on top of Amy kissing her, his hairy chest was against

her firm ripe tits.

Amy can feel his 9 inch monster rubbing against her hairy brown snatch,

she loved it!

Nick then kissed her tits, stomach then her magic area. When Nick put

his tongue on her pussy lips, Amy almost went through the ceiling. She

was so sensitive down there she had an orgasm right then!

Nick was enjoying tasting Amy’s pussy juice, he thought she tasted

better then his wife and smells better too.

Amy was loving every touch of Nick’s tongue!

After having about four or five great orgasms, Amy was stroking Nick’s 9

inch monster.

She was smiling as she was stroking it.She then licks it and slides her

whole mouth on it!

It’s been a while since Amy sucked a prick, more likely a few months?

One thing Amy did for experiment, she had first time sex with a woman?

She never thought she would do that, but tasting another woman’s pussy

was an exciting experience!

Tasting another womans pussy wasn’t bad, but don’t think she like how

another womans pussy smells! She don’t even like how hers’ smells when a

guy kisses her after licking her pussy and she tastes her own juice on

his tongue?

Amy was sucking Nick’s cock like she hasn’t sucked one in years!

She does enjoy how a guys cock tastes, she can suck cock all day.

Nick was enjoying watching Amy suck his monster, looks so exciting!

He can’t wait to put it deep inside her pussy and screw her good.

Amy believes a woman should always give a man sexual pleasure, she also

believe the man should always give the woman sexual pleasure at all


Even tho she’s a Christian doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the pleasures of

her sexual desire.

Amy was sucking Nick’s cock so hard he just explodes deep inside her

mouth! Amy kept sucking and sucking until Nick comes again and again in

her mouth. Amy swallowed his glob of sperm down her throat in one smooth

gulp, um tasty! Amy didn’t think she could do it, it did surprise her?

Amy then got on top of Nick slowly slid herself down his sticky shaft.

Nick was watching Amy with excitement sliding down his monster cock!

Amy slides down slowly then up and down again feeling his 9 inch monster

inside her pussy, oh the pleasurable feeling she’s having.

She leans down and kissess Nick and whispers”God your cock feels so good

inside my pussy”! They kissed for ten minutes as she was riding his


After about half an hour later, Nick comes and comes right up her pussy


Amy feels his sperm shooting up inside her and moans out loud, OH GOD


Nick kept coming and coming inside her, he came for almost five minutes

shooting his hot cum inside her pussy. Amy was feeling more of his cum

and screaming out loud OH SHIT I’M COMINGGG!

After ten minutes later, they were laying there just relaxing and


Nick stayed the night with Amy and had sex early morning!

Nick did stay with Amy for an entire month sleeping and having great sex

with her.

That’s what Amy enjoyed is the sex!

But will they continue being together or will Nick leave?


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