Amy Jo Johnson – A Perfect Life

“Amy Jo’s perfect Hollywood life”

When Amy Jo Johnson left the set of Felicity, she was feeling in a good
mood. She had just gotten a pay raise and she was finally getting the
respect that an acress deserves. As the spoiled Hollywood girl pulled
into her long driveway leading to her mansion, she looked in the mirror.

“Well I still look 15 or 16. WOW!” She said admiring her self with a
giggle. “What most people don’t realze is that I am in my early 30s!!”

Amy was right. As most of her big fans know, she is about 30 or 31. The
way actresses lie to get into the business, she could even be older. Not
exactly the young puppy she portrays on tv. As she pulled into her
garage and walked into her large house, far away from the troubles and
most ‘normal’ people’s lives, she felt even happier to be safe at home.

“Ahhhh! No worries for me! I have a ton of money. fame.. fans. Life is
too good.”

She was totally unaware of the man who at that very moment was lurking
in her bedroom closet.

Amy sighed and tossed her car keys upon the bureau near the door. She
then started off for the bathroom in her bedroom, peeling off her
clothes as she went. First she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The
material gave way under her fingers exposing creamy, A-cup, young
breasts. Those sweet mounds swelling enticingly against the red fabric
of her bra. Pert nipples poking forth wantonly.

After entering her bedroom Amy bent forward slightly, her thumbs hooked
into the waistband of her skirt. Her deliciously round bottom began to
wiggle as she worked the fine material down the svelte line of her hips,
she kicked off her shoes as she allowed the skirt to trickled down her
lean tapered legs, pooling about her feet. Now clad only in her fire
engine red bra and skimpy red panties. Amy slithered out of her panties,
casting them upon the floor before unhooking her bra and allowing those
succulent, twin orbs of flesh their freedom. A vision to behold, Amy in
all her nakedness.

Amy’s small tight yet plump butt looked so delicioius to the unwanted
man. She bent down, feeling an itch on her leg, and gave him a nice long
view of her bubble butt, almost too big for a small girl like Amy Jo.

Amy’s unnoticed guest peered from between the slates in the closet door.
His right hand wafted down to rub at the growing bulge in his pants
while stifling a moan with his left fist, as he watched Amy’s young body
slowly exposed to his gaze. He wanted her, and he was going to have her,
no doubt…no doubt at all. Soon that nimble body would be writhing
beneath his, her rosy, pouty lips would be begging for more as he took
her and she would love it.

Amy then stepped into the bathroom and with a bare foot eased the door
over, but not closed. Soon water could be heard running in the bathroom,
steam curled out through the crack in the door. The closet lurker caught
another glimpse of succulent naked flesh as Amy stepped by the door and
into the tub, sinking deeply within the hot soothing water. It was then
that he decided to make his move, slipping silently from within the
closet. He crept closer to the bathroom, then paused. Her scarlet
panties lay on the floor at his feet beckoning, the temptation to great
to pass by. He bent to retrieve them. Straightening slowly, his hand
pressed the slightly moist and musky scented panties to his nose. He
inhaled deeply as he fought to stifle another moan. His cock giving a
mighty jerk in his pants as he could feel the Pre-cum oozing from the
slit in the head. Soon, he thought to himself, very soon.

He pocketed the panties, wanting a momento. Amy began to sing softly in
the tub, still unaware that she was not alone. The man decided to wait
until she emerged from the bathroom, for it was small enclosure and
didn’t offer much room if Amy put up a fight, and he was sure she would.
Soon Amy stepped from the bathroom wrapped in nothing more then a towel,
her hair hung in damp ringlets around her freshly cleaned face. She
appeared so innocent, yet so ravishingly exquisite.

“Ah my life is so good! I deserve it too, I am such a talented actress.
People love me!” she was saying this in a bragging manner, almost
talking to an invisible person who she was trying to make jealous. “No
one would ever look down on me or try to mess up my perfect life in any

The man in the shadow felt sick to his stomach. Her words made him feel
rage. His rage shot towards his cock and made it that much more harder.
Oh how he was about to mess with her life… and alot more.

He struck swiftly from behind as she walked into her bedroom, his grip
like steel around her waist, the other hand clamped over her mouth as he
pulled her back hard against his body. He could feel the delectable
contour of her sweet, tight ass pressing in against his loins. He fought
himself but briefly for control and then spoke. His words were low and
calm, slightly muffled, yet they terrified her.

“Don’t scream and just do as I say and you won’t be hurt. Do you
understand?” Amy nodded slowly, her eyes wide, wild with fear. “Good” He
said as he lowered his hand from her mouth, his arm still around her
waist as he nudged her forward toward the bed from behind.
Amy stuttered, “W-what do you want?” He laughed evilly, “I think you
know exactly what I want.”

His voice gravely, hushed as it brushed across her ear. “Now I want you
to close your eyes Amy, and remember, no screaming” He knew her name!
Amy closed her eyes, feeling she had no other choice as she bit her
bottom lip, trembling now visibly. He lost no time in blindfolding her,
and then staking her out on the bed. Her wrists secured to the bed posts
as were her ankles, the ties firm, allowing no escape. He had used her
own panty hose as the binds.

Amy whimpered, “Please, please just let me go?”

“After we are through I will” Again that muffled voice. He checked and
rechecked the knots holding her helpless, spread eagle upon her own bed
and then smiled to himself as he leisurely peeled off the towel that
encased that luscious body. It was like unwrapping a gift, and what a
gift she was, so firm, so young. Her skin like satin, she was an
absolutely stunning creature. Amy began to cry softly from beneath the
blindfold even as she fought the ties that held her.

“No please, don’t touch me!” If he heard her say, he gave no sign, for
the next thing Amy felt were his finger tips, playing up the insides of
her thighs. She gasped loudly, for then his mouth captured a nipple,
suckling tenderly. His mouth hot, seemingly searing her flesh. His
finger tips began to teasingly stroke her outer pussy lips, deftly
tracing up and down, so very slowly. She couldn’t help it, so many
pleasurable sensations at once. She began to squirm and moan. He lifted
his mouth only for a second, only to murmur,
“That’s it baby, just relax and enjoy”. His tongue slithered forth to
tickle at her nipple, coaxing it to harden all the more for him. His
fingers parted her pink petals, exposing moist tender flesh. His finger
tip honed in on her little clit as it circled and flicked at the now
swelling nub.

Amy’s moaning increased. “nooooo oh no please” Though her words cried
for him to stop, her body told another story entirely. She grew wetter
under his fingers attentions, he knew this well as he began to slide two
fingers within her steamy cunt. The way slickened by her own sweet
juices. His fingers now deep within her tight tunnel, so hot as it
seemingly sucked at his fingers. He started to finger fuck her
deliberately, taking his time while his thumb still brushing across her
clit. He licked and suckled at her breasts as she undulated upon the
bed, gasping and panting. His front teeth captured a nipple and drew
back on it pulling it taut, then releasing it amidst a soft popping
sound. Amy made a small animalistic cry.

“Mmmm yes baby, that’s right. Good isn’t it? Hmmm? You like that don’t
you baby?” He finger fucked her faster now, accompanied by the wet
sounds her pussy made as he toyed with her. Her little clit began to
tremble beneath his thumb. He then moved his mouth down between her
thighs, and began to lap at her sweet slit like a big dog. He growled
and slurped, “Oh yes, baby. Sweet as nectar. Mmmmmm That’s it
baby…give it to me. I want it all!”

Amy’s back arched as she wildly fought the binds, her entire body
tensing as her thighs quivered, and she ground her pussy into his face
even as she shouted, “No! ooh god, no! Please! Stop, no!” But he
wouldn’t, his tongue incessant as it teased and licked, his mouth buried
in her cunnie as he ate her sweet pussy, loving the warmth, the musky
odor, the delicious taste, it drove him wild! So close now, she couldn’t
deny what she felt, what he forced her to experience as he took her
higher and higher. “Please!” She screamed, though she herself was unsure
whether she was begging him to stop or to NOT stop.

He seemed to know better then she as he captured her clit and started to
suck upon it as if it were a small penis. Amy screamed loudly as he
pushed her over that edge and down into the arms of delicious release.
While she came he licked up every drop of her creamy cum. His tongue
digging for more up in her hot tunnel as she almost sobbed from the
intensity of her orgasm. Gently now, softly, he brought her down as she
cried, licking tenderly at her quivering folds. He then kissed his way
back up her belly, across her rosy breasts, up the long, slender line of
her throat, to her lips. Kissing her deeply she tasted her own cum upon
his warm lips.

“Play time’s over!” he said with a sinister laugh. He flipped Amy over,
redoing the binds before doing so. Amy was now on her knees, her hands
behind her back, making her bend over awkwardly. Her bubbe butt that so
many fans lusted over, was straight up in the air just a few inches from
his face. Please! Dont do this!” Amy cried, but the man was in a trance
like state. He spit in Amy’s ass hole and watched it quiver, opening and
closing in nervous anticipation. Her little feet shook and her toes
wiggled. Those were the only parts of her body she could move. The man
became perverse, smacking her pale ass and talking to her “You like that
little girl?”


“You like being spanked?”


“You act like a virgin teenager in college! Like a little girl! So I’ll
treat you like one!”


“NO!” she cried “AHHH!” as the man planted kisses on her burning red
butt cheeks, before sticking his tongue up her Hollywood butt.

Amy protested and tried to wiggle, but couldnt move an inch. “NO!
I….don’t ..please. Stop.”

“You want me to stop?”

“Yes! Please!”

“Okay I’ll stop!” he said pulling out his tongue. Amy breathed a sigh of

Her Hollywood life can go back to nornal now…. or so she thought. Just
then she felt her ass hole being played with again.

“NO!!!! I thought you were gonna stop!” she whined, toes wiggling,
throat almost hoarse.

“I said I would stop licking you, but I have to have something up your
butt to teach you a lesson. I have to fuck your butt now.!”

Before Amy Jo could protest, she felt the head of is large cock pushing
up against her anus, and sliding into the tight crevice.


The man knew he had to work quickly. Amy Jo’s butt muscles her clamping
down, aming te fuck that much more good for him. There is no way he cold
last. He started fucking her deep and hard, going all the way in, then
pulling out almost all the way, before slamming it back home.

“GAWWWW OH YOUR ASS IS SO TIGHT! OH yeah this AHHHH feels so good on
AHHH OHHHH on my cock!” The man’s words made Amy feel even more dirty.

Amy just let out a slow steady moan, not being able to moan every time
she was penetrated because the man was pumping up her butt too fast.

“AHHHHHH! AHHHHHH AH!!! It hurts!! Ahhhhh it is AHHHH too BIG AHH OH

A few more strokes right up Amy’s tight butt hole and the man bew is
load over and over up her butt. Amy just laid there, defeated as the man
pulled out and untied her.

“Well maybe now you won’t be so arrogant…. you old washed up bitch!”

With that, the man left the shadows and disappeared into the night, the
same way he came in. Amy Jo’s Hollywood life was just messed with.

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