Amy Nuttall In – “A Walk In The forest”

Amy Nuttall in – “A Walk In The Forest”

By Sfor


Do not read below the title if you are under the legal age to view
pornography in your region, or feel you may be offended by themes of
sex, bondage or humiliation.

I intend no disrespect to any Celebrity or person who is named nor
do I claim they would ever act in the way described.

This story is a complete work of fiction, and all character
references, with the exception of Amy, have only coincidental
similarity with any real person either living or dead.

the difference between fantasy and reality is as
fundamental as the difference between right and wrong.


“What a wonderful wife you’ll make someone.” Amy’s friend Lauren
tossed the now empty banana skin into the kitchen bin.

“Well if you can’t help a friend when she’s injured, when can you
help them?” Amy replied. Lauren had hurt her right ankle in a fall
recently and Amy had just completed the weekly shopping for her.

“You’re an absolute doll. Go and wash a couple of glasses and we’ll
share a bottle of white.”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all morning,” laughed Amy as she
took two wine glasses and began to rinse them under the tap.

“How’s the film business Amy? I know you’ve had a bit of a struggle
since giving up Emmerdale.”

“It’s tough Lauren. You know, the other day I was turned down for a
part because they said that I looked uncomfortable with an on screen
kiss, and therefore how could I be expected to do sexual nudity? I
ask you, after playing Chloe for so long!”

“Ouch,” said Lauren in sympathy as she tugged at the loose long
blond hair that tumbled around her lovely shoulders. “I bet you’re
sick of it aren’t you?”

“No, something will turn up soon. In the meantime I’d better go and
practice my sexual technique. At least that’s better than having to
brush up on trigonometry!”

Both girls laughed loudly. Lauren had been a friend to Amy for years
and very much appreciated her being there, especially when she
needed a shoulder to whine on. The young actress drained the glass
and then got up to leave.

“I’ll be seeing you love,” she said bending down to give her friend
a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah, thanks again Amy. Oh, and don’t worry you won’t fail the next
audition because of a lack of sexual experience!”

“Why, are you going to teach me some new tricks? See you.” With that
Amy opened the front door of her friend’s apartment and left.

Lauren watched the tight faded denim, covering her friends
curvaceous rear, disappear through the door, and sighed.


Amy stood half asleep under the shower. It had been a long morning
and she had been up early to visit Lauren. Moving her hand to the
dial she turned it towards the blue arrow and let colder water
splash down onto her naked skin. She gasped and shook her head, her
senses clearing a little under the cold spray.

Stepping out of the shower Amy slowed the speed down to a trickle
and then turned it off. Outside the day was glorious and sunshine
baked the garden. Amy admired her unclothed body in front of the
shower room mirror before putting on a pair of white knickers. She
had a good body, and she knew it. How could she be turned down
because of a perceived lack of sexual stage presence? If she were a
male then she would definitely fancy herself.

Amy began to fondle her large breasts making the red aureole
stimulate the nipples into a state of solid erection. She was happy
with the reflection facing her in the mirror and her eyes glazed
over a little as she began to casually rub herself through the
flimsy material of her knickers. Enjoying herself, Amy began to
concentrate. Her fingers began to move more quickly as she tried to
stimulate her clitoris but she realized that the material between
her fingers and her pussy was prohibitive. Amy slipped her hand
inside the hem of her underwear and located the stiff little bud.
Closing her eyes with a look of pure pleasure she began to visualize
her innermost and most erotic fantasies. Her mind’s eye went from a
Pirate Ship to being tied up outdoors and across to having sex in a
public place as she frantically worked her pussy up to a climax.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, yes,” she gasped as her thighs clenched around the
invading fingers. Her efforts caused her to come, alone and
unashamedly, with a look of basic lust on her lovely features as the
pleasure ran through her taught body. Amy ground her hips furiously
until she buckled at the knees and collapsed in a satisfied heap on
the floor.

Once she had recovered from her orgasm Amy stood up. The weather was
too warm for a bra and so she slipped on a short-cropped vest.
Pulling on a pair of brief white shorts Amy decided to head outdoors
into the field at the bottom of her garden.

The lovely young actress breathed deeply as the fresh air filled her
lungs. She felt much more awake now as she ambled across the meadow
and into the forest beyond. It was a fantastic day and she visibly
relaxed as the sunlight beamed down through the criss crossed
branches of the trees above her.

Amy glanced at the numbers on her watch and realized that the time
was four thirty in the afternoon. She had been walking for three
hours and, looking nervously around, had to admit that she was a
little lost. Following her instincts Amy turned around and headed
back. Moving more quickly now Amy felt a little more apprehensive
than she had earlier.

“Shit,” she yelled to no one in particular, as she tripped and fell
on the soft leaves. Picking herself up and cursing the old thick
stump that had felled her Amy carried on. She moved quicker afraid
of everything and nothing when, suddenly, she fell again. This time
she had been tripped by something deliberately. As she lay on the
soft earth Amy saw the glint of the trip wire and swallowed hard.
Then, suddenly and shockingly, her head was pushed forcefully to the
ground and rough hands turned her over onto her stomach. She tried
to speak but was punched hard in the ribs. Gasping for air Amy felt
sharp nails rake her thighs burning into her skin.

A feeling of utter helplessness came over her as she was dragged to
her feet and saw a large gang surrounding her. All wore dark clothes
and protective masks. She saw no faces, which made the whole
situation even scarier, if that were possible. She gulped at the
sight in front of and around her. Glancing to the side Amy looked
for a way out but there was none. She looked apprehensively from one
to the other but could see only cold, calculating desire in the eyes
that stared back.

“Strip.” Came an order. Amy was struck dumb and could not move.

“P…p…please,” she begged finally, “let me go.” The deep, male voice

“Prepare her.”

“Nooooooo!” yelled the beautiful, cornered girl as the gang advanced
towards her.

They stripped Amy.

Then two strong arms held her to the ground while a body tried to
mount her. She could see his large naked erection and she twisted
and kicked trying to get out of the way. He battered her legs down,
positioned himself between them and clutched her thighs to hold her
still. He thrust against her, the head of his cock prodding time
after time until her found the entrance to her pussy. Seeking out
the dry split between her lovely legs the man plunged in. Amy cried
out and closed her eyes tightly.

“Open your eyes. Look at him,” came a voice from above her, “we
don’t like it when you close your eyes.”

She kept them shut as the man pounded her with quick hard strokes.

“You’ll be sorry bitch,” came the voice again.

Amy opened her eyes. The man’s hooded face was above her as he
watched her through the narrow eye slits afforded by the mask,
drooling over her superb breasts and narrow waist. His mouth was
open and he grunted loudly with every stroke.

She turned her head to the side and saw a second man rubbing his
cock as she was raped. Amy quickly looked back to the man gasping
above her. The men pinning her down watched with an eager look in
their eyes obviously waiting their turn.

The man pumped harder now. Amy stared at the body above her trying
to put her senses far away from her current predicament, but failing
to do so. Then he suddenly thrust hard and remained connected deeply
to her, tight against her groin. His mouth opened wide and he
growled his delight as his body twitched and throbbed inside her.

“You lovely bitch!” he spat.

The feel of his jerking cock sickened Amy. When it released its load
into her pussy, she gagged.

He pulled out of her and stood. His shiny erection dripped a long
white arc of spunk down to her pubic hair. Then he stepped back
smiling, hands on hips, cockily looking down at his victim.

The man on her right let go of her arm. Amy watched helplessly as he
got on top of her and prepared to enter her.

“No, please,” she begged pathetically.

She wanted to throw him off, to fight back, but she was powerless.
So she lay beneath him motionless as he too rode her to a climax.

Then she watched again as he stood and laughed. He motioned to the
man holding her left arm who took up position and put his cock at
Amy’s now soaked entrance to her pussy. She was breathing hard and
ragged as the third man pushed his cock into her.

“Ohhhhhh,” she groaned. This one was smaller than the others and she
moaned as he shoved himself into her harder then his colleagues. His
mouth went to her right breast and sucked the nipple, gnawing on it
almost. Amy cried out in pain and clutched at the dry earth beneath

“No, stop it,” she yelled as a reflex action made her take the man’s
hair in her hands in an attempt to pull him away from her.

He snarled like a dog.

“You’ve blown it now slut,” he said smiling.

Amy’s survival instinct took over and she grabbed him again this
time pulling his face to hers as she kissed him fully on the mouth
trying to minimize the suffering she would experience at their
hands. She darted her tongue into contact with his and stroked her
hands under his black top and up his naked back pressing him even
more deeply into her. He moaned with pleasure as she moved his head
back to her breast showing him that it was okay to be attentive to
her there as well. He chewed on it again. Amy bit her lips and
winced once more. She cried out with pain but kept up the pretence
of enjoyment until he finally shook with climactic spasms, moaning
and gasping as he came.

The man stood up. No one else moved towards her even though she
counted six in the gang. Amy sat up wincing from the pain in her
body and from between her legs.

“Get up,” one man ordered.

Amy got to her feet as another man approached her. She hurt inside
and she could feel the stickiness of their seed running down the
inside of her thighs. She instinctively backed away wondering
momentarily if she dare turn and run. But there were men behind her
and she had nowhere to go. Her hair was grabbed and twisted and
before she knew it Amy was on her knees in the dirt. Two of the men,
who hadn’t yet had her, loomed threateningly. Amy was still

“Please, no more. Leave me alone now.”

Both men slipped out their rock hard erections. Looking down on her
one man lifted his boot and kicked Amy in the stomach. She doubled
over retching in agony.

“We have needs, and that’s just to remind you who is in control

She felt her head pulled back up towards one man’s groin. Amy knew
what he wanted and opened her mouth accepting the rigid purple cock
head. As she began to stroke his shaft with her tongue Amy felt the
other man’s hand stroke her bottom exploring and feeling her every
curve. His fingers moved between her cheeks and Amy offered no
resistance remembering the beating she would probably get if she did
resist. The prick was huge in her mouth as a single digit slipped
into her bottom. Amy’s eyes opened wide but she could not make a
sound. She moaned around the invading shaft as the finger probed
deeper and deeper. Amy was pushed down to the leafy floor onto her
knees between the man’s thighs without releasing him from her oral

She felt her bottom raised into the air and held her breath as the
second man’s cock was positioned against her arse. Amy knew what was
coming and was certain that the lack of lubrication would hurt. But
as he pressed she sucked more vigorously on the cock in her mouth
and felt herself impaled as the tight ring of muscle relaxed and he
sank into her bottom. Amy moaned as his hips pushed forward
embedding his cock even more, cushioned against her soft bottom

“Fuck me,” said the man who was being sucked off, gazing down at the
lovely young actress sandwiched between him and his collaborator.
Amy’s bottom tensed around his shaft and the cock in her mouth felt
enormous. She groaned as the man behind her began to thrust in and
out. Amy began to buck back and forth on his prick, when, ominously,
she felt her hair grabbed in a strong fist. Her head was pulled
roughly back as a cock erupted in her face, splashing sperm all over
her mouth, her cheeks and her chin. At almost the same time the
other man grunted and quickened the pace of his drive into her. Amy
gasped and tried to get her breathing under control.

“I’m going to come,” yelled the second man as he fucked savagely
into her arse causing Amy to fall onto the floor resting on her
arms, unwittingly giving better access to her rear. Then he shoved
and his cock was forced as far as it possibly could be inside her
clutching depths. His whole body stiffened, groaning loudly as he
ejaculated deep into her bowels.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she groaned.

“Fuckkkkkk!” he yelled.

Then the two of them collapsed like rutting dogs into a heap on the
soft earth.
Without any respite Amy was pulled up to her knees. She was covered
in dirt and slime from the abuse she had experienced. She noticed
that the man now in front of her was one of her original attackers.
The sixth member of the gang still sat on a tree stump, unmoving,
watching every detail.

“Show some enthusiasm slut,” he taunted. His free penis was solidly
erect again. He placed his palm on the back of her neck and pressed
her to his groin. Amy’s lips peeled apart allowing him to slide
easily into her mouth. It seemed to stiffen even more once inside
her warm depths and she started to suck, obediently giving him what
he wanted. He held her hair and ground hard into her face. From time
to time he would pull out slightly and have her masturbate him into
her own mouth. Amy knew where this was leading and she did not
relish another throat full of spunk. But soon his excitement was at
a peak and he came deep in her mouth. Amy could do nothing but
swallow his seed.

“Fucking great bitch. Nothing wrong with your technique,” he

Amy sank back on her knees. What had happened to her? Why was this

“How the fuck did you find me?” she shouted out loud. She began to
sob great tears into her hands.

“Awww, poor thing,” mocked one of the men. He approached her and Amy
felt her hair once more bunched into a tight fist. She instinctively
moved her hands up to where her hair pulled on her scalp.

“No, please, where are you taking me.”

Amy felt her wrists bound cruelly together by thick white hemp the
other end of which was thrown over a large tree branch. She was
marched back until she stood behind a large felled tree. By pulling
on the rope holding her wrists Amy’s arms were pulled out in front
of her until she was bent over the trunk.

“Ouch,” she cried as the rough bark scratched her skin. She felt her
body stretched over the tree as rough hands fondled her all over and
the rope was secured over the higher branch. Amy felt very
vulnerable with her bottom sticking out available to all that wanted

She sensed a group massing behind her and glanced at the solitary
group member still sitting passively on the trunk, watching,

She felt a presence behind her as someone reached round and found
her lovely breasts, rubbing them. Amy felt her nipples harden as
something unceremoniously penetrated her pussy. Amy gasped as he,
whoever he was, filled her, her eyes widened, staring blankly ahead.

“Oh!” she moaned, as the pace of the thrusts became faster. The man
inside her began to fuck her harder; his pushes now frantic and then
she felt the thick sperm running out of her slit and down her legs.
He had come. Another man took his place immediately with a mocking
grunt as his cock slid home. Amy exhaled heavily as he shagged her
roughly. She could do nothing but succumb to whoever decided to fuck
her in whatever way they had chosen. Amy closed her eyes as the
feeling coming through from between her legs began to arouse her.

Soon she felt him withdraw and ejaculate over her bottom only to be
replaced straight away by a third cock entering her. Amy whimpered
as he fucked her and she soon felt his sperm join that of his
associates in filling her slit and covering her thighs.

A fourth penis touched her skin; equally as erect as the others but
this time he slid into her bottom.

“Ouch, no please, that hurts.” She cried. Her awareness was becoming
hazy as she felt the thick shaft pump in and out like a mechanical
piston. She felt new hands on her breasts and fingers probing her
cunt. One cock was replaced by another and then another as her
arousal began to heighten, until just as she felt consciousness
slipping away from her, she orgasmed. Her body cried out with a
great rush of ecstasy straining her against every sharp edge and
rough surface of the old gnarled bark.

“Fuckkkkkk!” she screamed crashing over wave after wave of lust
fuelled energy until she finally slumped over the tree barely aware
of where she was and what she was doing.


Amy Nuttall came to slowly.

They had fucked her raw.

Gradually the pain in her body came back to her, and she focused
slowly on the thick rope still wrapped around her wrists and
fastened in front of her. Her head was swimming in a hazy way as she
tried to concentrate. Her body felt cold and Amy could feel the
slime from the men covering her bottom and legs. She could taste the
residual sperm in her mouth, which was unpleasant at best.

Then, once more her head was raised by virtue of her hair being
pulled cruelly upwards. She stared into a face of one of the gang.
She could tell it was the sixth member, the one who had not taken
part in the abuse of her body. Now she stared straight into his
face. Only it wasn’t a ‘he’.

“So Amy, did you enjoy that?” Amy was shocked to hear the female
voice, and a familiar one at that. “More to the point do you
remember it, and will you remember it next time you need to?”

Her head was lowered and Amy looked up at the woman as she moved
away from her.

“You won’t lose any more parts now. Untie her and let her go.”

Amy watched completely bewildered as the female walked away limping
on her obviously injured right ankle.



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