Amy’s Revenge

Amy Grant

Amy’s Revenge

Written by: Spyder

After hearing of Vince’s indiscretions from a fan, Amy decides to get some revenge from the ladies he has injected some cum into. Slowly she phones her friends in the business and slowly she forms the plan that will alleviate her notion of a cheating husband. Two days later, Amy goes to an adult toy store and selects a few things for her to dominate her female friends. On the appointed date and time Lee Ann Womack and Patty Loveless arrive for what they believe is an afternoon of tea and conversation.

First to enter the home of Amy and Vince is
Lee Ann and she says; “Hello Amy. It’s good to get together after a long absence of time.”

Amy replies; “You are certainly right on that one Hun.”

Just as she finishes the sentence the doorbell rings aloud and Patty enters her friend’s home. She looks nervous not knowing that Amy has found out about her and Vince’s tryst.

“Good to see you once again, Amy and Lee Ann.”; states a nervous Patty.

“Yes it is good to see the both of you again.” ; answers Amy and she adds; “Before we do anything else I would like to have each of us remove our clothing.”

“Did you say take off our clothes, Amy?” ;asks Lee Ann.

Amy answers that and the three of them remove their clothes. Around he room they take a spot and Lee Ann is the only one to not have any inhibitions and she removes the only piece of clothing she has on, a denim dress. She has a gorgeous body, a firm pair of 38dd tits, a slender waist, slim hips, long sexy legs and a thin wisp of hair surrounding her pussy. Patty is next to get naked. Her breasts are fully covered with a blouse and a strapless bra. Her waist down is adorned with a pair of jeans and a black pair of silk panties. Patty undoes the blouse, shrugs it off and then takes off her bra. She squeezes the nipples on her large breasts of 36 AA and then slowly removes her jeans and panties, revealing a red patch of hair around her pussy. Now Amy slipped into another room to undress and pull on a leather dominatrix uniform. The ladies stare at the new look for their friend, as Amy ushers them to the floor.

Standing above the prone ladies, Amy insists that they kiss each other. While Patty and Lee Ann engage in a full lip lock, their hostess drags a whip across the breast and hips. She rears back and with the crack of the whip, she lands the leather upon the turned ass of Miss Womack. Lee Ann yelps out a scream and Patty places herself between the legs of Lee Ann. Amy seeing this tells Patty to not do that yet for she wants Lee Ann to eat her pussy while Patty watches. Lee Ann slides underneath Amy and awaits her next instructions. Another crack of the whip and a trickle of blood oozes from a slightly open sore on the butt of Patty Loveless. Amy looks down and tells Lee Ann to pull her leather outfit from her body. Obeying the command Miss Womack reaches up undoes the laces and zippers and the outfit falls to the floor. Amy kicks it aside, remains spread eagle and Lee Ann begins to eat the furry pussy of her friend. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room Patty has retreated to and prepares to masturbate. Seeing this Amy yells for Patty to return to the area that she started in. Once she moves back to the two ladies she hoped to remain separated from. Amy grabs some hair and insists that Patty suck the breasts of Lee Ann. The three-way sex is long and tense as Amy conducts the scene from above. Two hours later, Amy tells the ladies to lick her ass and kiss one another. Another flick of the whip and Amy barks out another command and this time she has insisted that the three of them fuck in any form they can.

Patty looks up into Amy’s face to see that she is enjoying the proceedings. A lapse has occurred and Lee Ann reaches for the whip, but doesn’t have it as Amy holds on tight. Amy goes to the drawer, retrieves three dildoes and gives one to each of the women who now have cum dripping from their faces. In a circular fashion, Patty, Lee Ann and Amy jam the dildoes into each hot clit. Vigorously they perform some hot fuck action and without warning the door opens and in walks a surprised Vince.

Vince asks; “What is going on here, Amy?”

“I am in the middle of getting even with the women who you’ve had the need to fuck on the road.” ;replies a moaning Amy.

The ladies continue to have the hot three-way action, as Vince undresses himself in hopes of having three of the hottest ladies fuck his brains out. Seeing that Vince is nude, Lee Ann moves to him and decides to take a real cock in her mouth. Amy cracks the whip one more time and demands that Lee Ann lick her ass once again before sucking her husband’s dick. Patty doesn’t want to disappoint Amy and slides over to her so she can suck the breasts she has only dreamed of. Vince, who cannot wait any longer grabs Patty by her hips and plunges his cock deep in her pussy. Over the next few hours, Vince takes his turn with each woman, cumming on and inside of each of them. After a three-way blowjob, Vince has tired of the situation and wants to leave, but Amy has one more item for him to perform. She cracks the whip once again and insists that Vince fuck the three of them without stopping. He starts with the pussy of Miss Womack, fucking her ass and pussy until the cum has blasted it’s way inside her mouth and ass. Next is Patty, who sucks the cock of her one time co-star before he plunges his dick into her hot cunt and then her tight ass, banging her long and hard, again until she has his cum everywhere it belongs. Amy has decided to punish her husband later, ties the two ladies together and has her way with them. Oozing with cum the ladies have succumbed to the wiles of Amy grant. In her mind, she believes that her revenge is complete and prepares to let her man off the hook until the next timeā€¦.

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