An After-Work Treat

Disclaimer: This story is based purely on fiction and none of it is an account of real life. I do not know Alex Pettyfer personally and this story is derived only from my imagination. Fantasy is legal.

I slam the taxi door and step cautiously towards the high-rise, and gaze up at its seemingly never-ending height. Closing my eyes, I inhale deeply through my nose and exhale heavily. It’s just a summer job, Leila. Stick it out for two more months. My eyes snap open and I head up the stairs and make my way to the elevator, bracing myself for the wrath of the neurotic, bipolar control-freak that happens to be my boss.

Mr. Charles Brandon, CEO of Richmond Enterprises, is no easy going guy, and as his assistant I have become so accustomed to walking on eggshells in his presence that it came as natural to me as, well, breathing. He has made my life miserable at work, and on top of that he regularly employs on-calls, and never hesitates to punch his rich, stubby fingers into his Blackberry at any (pathetic) predicament to come his way.

Floor twenty seven. Sighing, I stumble out of the elevator and pause for a few seconds outside his apartment. Just preparing myself, as all. After a handful of seconds pass by I toss my head and straighten my back and stalk into his apartment.

‘Mr. Brandon,’ I pronounce with false confidence. He sits at his desk in the biggest, most luxurious desk chair with his back to me, and the fucker doesn’t bother turning round to acknowledge my presence.

‘Leila, do I pay you to stand around chatting to me all day?’ he snaps, and before he gives me a chance to reply, he continues, ‘No? I didn’t think so, either, now grab me a coffee from Helga and make 15 photocopies of these,’ he dumps a pile of paper next to his chair, landing with a heavy thud. I purse my lips and shuffle over to the pile, cursing at him loudly in the safety of my mind.

After an hour and fifty-two minutes of his crap, he gets up from his indulgent, velvet throne and loosens the ties on his dressing gown, peering down his nose at me through his glasses. ‘Right, well I suppose you can leave now then Leila. See you tomorrow,’ he murmurs, and ambles leisurely through the exit of his study. I glance at the time on my Blackberry. 10:30pm! Oh the bastard.

I power walk furiously through the lobby and out through the revolving doors, and in my rage I bump into a hard wall of a man. ‘Hey!’ I snap wearily, not bothering to look up to see the man.

‘Excuse yourself,’ he mutters in a strong, sexy, clipped English accent. Oh. I glance up and see sexy, beach blonde tousled locks framing an all too familiar chiselled face. Is that… yes, it’s Alex fucking Pettyfer!

I gape at him, taking in his angelic yet manly image; his lusciously lashed green eyes fluttering down at me. Memories of his performance in Magic Mike make me hot and flustered. His face is just exquisite. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful, the stuff Greek gods are made of. He smirks at my all too obvious reaction and a grin creeps across his lips. I melt inside.

‘Sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going,’ I manage to find my voice. He smiles more broadly at me and nudges me gently with his elbow.

‘Nah, don’t worry about it,’ he says, playfully winking, not taking his eyes off my face. I try to match his stare with my own, but after a few seconds of our eyes being locked together I blush and look away. I hear a chuckle under his breath. He’s obviously enjoying this.

‘Alex Pettyfer,’ he steps back and holds out his hand as he says this. I look at him in amusement.

‘Really, would never of thought!’ I exclaim in sarcasm. He laughs, his eyes crinkling at the corners slightly. Oh good God, he is divine.

‘Leila Hart,’ I say. He grasps my hand and gives it a firm shake, sending tingles to my crotch. He holds my hand for longer than necessary, and I feel my knees weaken.

‘Leila Hart, what a pretty name,’ he says, all the while keeping his eyes on mine.

‘Thank my parents,’ I mutter, and he laughs.

‘Say Leila, are you busy tonight?’ he asks, his accent penetrating my ears like it’s ear sex. I find myself shaking my head without even considering his question. Even if I had to go eat dinner with the President, I’d be free for him. ‘Good,’ he mutters, his hand still entwined with mine as he gazes intently into my eyes. He moves closer, entering my personal space swiftly.

‘Well, if you’re not busy, and I’m not busy, how about I formally apologize for knocking into you like that with a drink?’ he offers, his eyes glittering. I feel my face burn. Is this actually happening???

I can’t stop myself from smiling, and he reads my mind and heads to the elevator, my hand still caged by his. Oh my God, this is really happening.

His apartment is breathtaking. I gawk at the sheer expense of it, feeling slightly jealous even, as the LA skyline beams at the back through a wall of glass. Now, I could get used to this.

He shrugs his leather jacket off, revealing his square, muscular shoulders and well-toned biceps through his white V-neck. A sudden thought crosses my mind.

‘Alex… aren’t you engaged?’ I ask in a small voice. He looks over his shoulder at me, grinning.

‘Isn’t it amazing what the press come up with? No Leila, I’m not.’ He grabs wine and two glasses and pours some for both of us. I breathe deeply and my fingers tremble as I grasp the glass. Embarrassed, I curl them tightly. He notices and smirks, cocking his head at me, and I feel his stare directed at my eyes. I am determined not to greet his gaze with my own, and focus on my fingers. He takes a sip of his wine.

‘So, what do you do for a living?’ I laugh and look up at him for the first time since we entered his astounding apartment. Oh, wouldn’t he like to know.

We chat for what feels like minutes and I glance at my Blackberry, shocked by the time. It’s just gone 1:00 am. Shit. I look up nervously at Alex, and he sits back in his chair, relaxed as he flexes his arms and puts them behind his head. Fuck, he looks good.

‘Alex, it’s late. Really late. And I have work tomorrow…’ I trail off. He doesn’t seem fazed, and looks at me as if to say ‘And?’. I lick my lips, unsure of what to do. Before I know it, he grabs my hand and toys with my fingers, sending electricity to my groin. I bite my lip and look at him, and he gazes deeper than ever into my eyes.

I fucking what his hands in my panties. Right. Fucking. Now.

As if he can read my mind, he stands up quickly, pulling me with him and yanks me fiercely in and presses his glorious lips against mine, kissing me. My fingers tangle into his hair as we kiss, our tongues gliding over each other, tasting each other’s warmth and wetness. My pussy begins to pulse and that familiar feeling begins to grow in the pit of my stomach. His hands ravish me without hesitation, running up and down my back, groping my ass hard with hunger, trailing up and down my hips and waist. Feeling his hard on press against my thighs, his fingers creep to the sensitive patch of skin at the pit of my stomach, just above my pussy. My lip quivers at the feeling, and he rubs his fingers over my inflamed pussy lips through my panties, nibbling my ear and sucking my neck. I let out a small moan.

He picks me up suddenly and sits me down onto the island. We break our kiss and my pussy throbs, aching for his touch again, aching for his stroking fingers. Panting lightly, he traces his finger along my lips and I open my mouth to taste it, sucking it for all it’s worth. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine. ‘Fuck,’ he breathes as I bite down on his finger, looking at him innocently through purposefully enlarged eyes. Swiftly and suddenly, he whips me up off the counter and places me on my feet, holding his face centimetres away from mine. I gasp.

He tugs with strength on the buttons of my blouse and hastily pulls it off my body, unclasping my bra immediately after, causing my breasts to spill out. He smiles as he admires them. Sucking and nibbling my neck, he squeezes each breast and tugs on my already rock hard nipples, and bends down to blow them softly. Latching his moth on my nipples, he devours them, sucking with such force that my eyes roll into my head and my stomach lurches in that fantastic way. Alex takes my nipple between his teeth and flicks his tongue at the tip of it before clamping down with his teeth harder. I shiver and gasp.

‘Fuck! Ooooh fuck!’ I squeal, my pussy sopping. He breaks away to quickly rip his T-shirt off and my eyes pop at his immaculate physique. I can’t resist placing my palms on his chest and he kisses me with such intensity that I dig my fingers into his chest. He smiles through our kiss.

Without I second thought I kneel down quickly in front of him and my hair cascades down as he lets go of it, taken by surprise. Not hesitating, I undo the zipper and yank his jeans down. I gaze up at him while face to face with his obviously hard cock, hidden only by the weak strength of his boxers, and I bite my lip as he parts his lips in anticipation. Licking my lips, I stare into his eyes for a little longer, then kiss his shaft through the material, drooling. I hear him gasp as he grabs a fistful of my hair, and it turns me on so much that I can’t stop myself from grabbing my breasts while simultaneously reaching down with my other hand to stroke my pussy.

Slowly, I pull down his boxers and his cock springs to life, inches away from my lips. Slowly, deliberately, I lick from the base of his shaft to the tip of his head, drooling hungrily. I take each of his balls into my mouth and suck them each, hard, and his grip on my hair tightens. ‘Ahhh,’ he breathes. I look up to see his reaction, and his head is thrown back, his marvellous jaw thrust towards the ceiling. Taking a moment to admire his manly, stubbly jaw, I grin to myself as my saliva drips from his balls.

Then, quickly, I take his cock as far as I can go into my mouth, sucking as I struggle with it. Only then did I appreciate the size of it; the impressively large width and length. My pussy throbs harder in excitement. He tugs my hair and pushes me down firmly, hissing through his teeth, forcing me to take him deeper. The force of his strong hands excite me, and I all to willingly take him further into my mouth, until almost the whole of his beautiful cock is shoved down my throat. A stuggled moan escapes my throat, and he returns with his own deep groan as he begins to fuck my mouth slowly.

‘Fuck Leila, fuuuuck,’ he moans, watching me swirl my tongue over the tip of his head.

Suddenly, he bends down and hoists me up onto the island again. My head spins with the sudden movement, and before I know it he has my skirt tossed over his shoulder and his hot mouth on my thighs, kissing, sucking. I gasp and grip his hair, biting my lip. I know what’s about to come.

Alex peels my panties off and pauses right before my hairless, puffy pussy. He inhales deeply and grins, sliding his finger with ease between the lips, and it sets my body on fire.

‘My, my, my, you’re very wet,’ he teases, leaning in closer to my pussy. I lurch my hips closer to him, my body convulsing. Oh fuck, yes yes yes.

His hot, wet mouth clamps down on my pussy, and I wail a high-pitched noise as the sensation knocks me back. ‘Shit!’ I scream, leaning back on my arm for support, my breathing hard and fast as his tongue works wonders as he kisses my pussy so tenderly. He flicks his tongue with hard at my clit and thrusts a finger up inside me, making out with my sex. The sensation is so overwhelming that I come crashing down and scream, coming into his motuh as my whole body shudders and shakes with the euphoria. ‘Oooooo God! Fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK!’ I scream. I lie back, exasperated, gasping for air.

He pulls me upright in a flash, and semi-conscious I tongue his mouth, tasting my own juices as he shoves me into the glass wall that I was gazing out at the LA skyline before. Alex rubs the head of his dick against my pussy briefly as he presses his forehead against mine, and then taking me by surprise, he thrusts his dick so deep inside me, and my toes curl as my pussy stretches, as Alex fills me. ‘Oh God, your cunt’s so tight,’ he mumbles, breathing hard. Slowly, he pulls out, panting, and then thrusts even further, and  I throw my head back, groaning and gasping. He begins to fuck me hard, hard and deep, slamming his god-like body into me with such a force. His balls slap my ass and I dig my fingers into his back as he fucks me faster, he fucks me so hard and fast and deep while he kisses my neck and pulls my hair that I know another orgasm is not far behind. And I explode again, falling back into the euphoria, savouring it with each convulsion as I scream loudly.

‘OH fuck,’ he growls as my orgasm leaves my pussy gripping him and squeezing his cock tighter, milking him. Wearily, I gaze into his stunning green eyes, his hair looking dishevelled and so damn sexy, and he fucks me harder still, his eyes locking into mine.

As he rapidly bucks into me, grinding his groin against my pussy, I begin to feel his dick tense and he scrunches his eyes and throws his head into my neck. Panting and moaning in his deep voice, he cums inside me, relaxing his firm grip as we both pant as he shoots his cum with his orgasm.

Swallowing hard, he brings us both to the white, fluffy mat, and we sink into it together, still recovering. I feel his semen seep out of me and smile wearily, turning to face him. His eyes are already drooping, but he grins in the same weary manner as myself, and I move closer to kiss his salty lips as he pulls me closer. I turn away to spoon with him, and pull his arm over as if it were a duvet, snuggling into him. After a few seconds, I hear his heavy breathing. He’s already asleep.

*  *  *

So trips to Mr. Brandon’s apartment weren’t all that bad. In fact, I reveled in being on-call. An after-work pick-me-up was always soon to follow.

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