An Afternoon Of Sex

Dana Delany

An Afternoon of Sex

Written By: Spyder

In the south-central part of Hollywood California, Dana Delany prepares for a hot party amongst friends of hers. She sits grasping her large tits after having three men fuck every part of her frame the night before. Washing in the bathroom, she cannot believe that that many men ravaged her pussy in the same night. It is this thought that has her wondering if she can carry out the same passion with the ladies she has asked to drop in.

It is early afternoon, as Miss Delany awaits the arrival of the women she has requested for the afternoon.
On the guest list are Kim Delaney, Marg Helgenberger, Gillian Anderson, Jennifer Tilley, Liz Vassey, Emma Samms and Helen Hunt. Dana walks around the living room making sure that everything is in place. Over the chairs are bags for their clothes, smaller bags filled with lubricants and sex toys and of course plates for the food they will enjoy later. In the kitchen she takes stock of the glasses and bottles of wine that maybe used during the rest of the day. Satisfied with what is about to go on, she returns to the living room to wait for the first arrival.

Shortly after looking around one more time the doorbell chimes and on the other side is the sexy Gillian Anderson and Kim Delaney. Dana opens the solid oak door, ushers the ladies in and asks them to be seated while the rest of the guests arrive. Before walking into the room, Kim gently squeezes the ass of her host and moves towards her appointed seat. Soon afterward two more have joined the all woman party in the bodies of Marg Helgenberger and Liz Vassey. Liz plants a lingering kiss on the lips of each of the women and also slides her left hand up the nightie of the hostess. A few moments of waiting and the remaining two ladies have arrived. Both Helen and Jennifer quickly go their appointed seat. Then finally Emma Samms enters the house and awaits the announcement of what is to happen this afternoon.

Dana walks in from putting the coats of these ladies in her closet until the time that they leave. She stands before them and says; “Welcome ladies. All of you are wondering why it is we are hear this afternoon.”

Miss Vassey stops Dana for a second and entertains a guess to the proceedings; “My educated guess is that you want to enjoy an afternoon of sex with us.”

“You have got it my sex first sex partner of the afternoon. Now I would like for each of you to remove your clothes, place them in the Gucci bags and sits down again.” ;says Dana while licking her lips.

She watches as each of these sexy vixens undress and sits down one more time. Once this is done, she selects a partner for each of them. Marg with Jennifer, Kim with Gillian and Helen with Emma. The pairings do not leave the room, just select an area and separate with the small bag of sexual implements to use. Dana and Liz reach for one another, and then kisses are the order to start the sex. Breasts bump as the ladies jockey for position to eat pussy. Around the room the pairs of women fuck and suck their lovers until a switch occurs. The two former soap stars, Emma and Kim pair off with such heated results that they have agreed to meet for future sex. Emma eats the gaping pink pussy of the other Miss Delaney. Kim returns the sexual favor by ramming a couple of fingers into Emma’s ass. Moans echo the living room, as the women have become very adept in sex with each other. At that time Emma and Kim have rubbed their dripping cunts against each other’s, while whipping each butt.

Partner after partner greets each other, as the sex is extremely hot and heavy. Dana will attempt to stand up, but decides to get the final part of the day started. She will inform everyone to join together in the middle of the room for the hottest orgy in Hollywood history. All eight of the ladies are living out their ultimate sexual fantasy as they do unto one another in a group situation. Dana is pleased as she eats the pussies of her friends one at a time, ending up with the very hairy cunt of Kim Delaney straddling her lips. Many moans have filled the home of the former China Beach star and each of them have let the tongue of their host enter the area only men have had before. Dana soon has to wipe the cum form her mouth as she wants to experience each pussy. One at a time they sit on her face and allow the tongue to lap up the juices they are oozing. Tired and happy the eight relax before having dinner and maybe more hot sex later. Late into the evening they enjoy life and sex, before heading to their homes in other areas of L.A. Dana smiles and realizes that this could happen again…hmmm.

The end

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