An Afternoon She Forgot

Cindy Crawford

An Afternoon she forgot

Written By: Spyder

New York City, an unusual town to forget a sexual happening, but this is the case for Cindy Crawford. She has decided to return to the city to find out if anything took place at her apartment she rents while she stays there on modeling assignments. Arriving late one day, Cindy enters the spacious suite and walks around hoping to revive a memory. It isn’t that long before the doorbell chimes, on the other side is one of her sex partners from that day she forgot.

“Hi Kelly, how are you this day?” ;asks Cindy.

Kelly Lebrock
enters the large room, lowers her coat, revealing a scantily clad body answers her friend; “I am just fine, Cindy. Are you here to enjoy more of what occurred the last time you were here.”

Cindy looks puzzled and inquires; “What are you suggesting, Kelly?”

“Don’t tell me you have no memory of the sex we had with Mariah Carey?”

Cindy nods her head to let Kelly know that she doesn’t remember. At that minute of relapse, Mariah enters the apartment through the opened door; she also removes her coat and is very naked underneath. The two hot ladies walk to where Cindy stands, remove her clothing and prepare to help her memory return.

Kelly says; “Mariah, our friend lost all memory of the sexual pleasure we gave each other the last time we were together.”

“Is that so?” :asks Mariah and says while squeezing her breasts; “Well there is only one thing to do. We need to lead her through the pleasure of the first time we fucked one another.”

Cindy is slowly remembering the last time, but is suddenly being lead to total memory regain. They lie her on the couch, Kelly slides between her legs to eat the shaven pussy and Mariah takes hold of her friend’s breasts to suck the nipples of her lover. Cindy writhes in ecstasy as her pussy is being devoured by Miss LeBrock. Many moments of hot passion are at hand as the models love juices explode on the tongue of the movie star. Mariah takes the place atop Cindy’s face to await the woman’s tongue inside her cunt. Now the singer is not one to shave her pussy, so Cindy is eating a pussy with a dark, thick patch of hair surrounding the pleasure point. While enjoying the tongue lashing of her own, Cindy gives one to the sexiest singer she has had. Moving her tongue from her clit to her asshole. Jamming it in both holes, while screams of delight fill the room.

More cum flows freely, while Mariah lies down, Kelly takes her spot between the singer’s legs to jab her tongue in her tight ass and Cindy sits on her pretty face. It is the hottest threesome in history and shows no end. Cindy cums over and over again, Mariah once again explodes as Kelly makes her cum all over her chin. Another change in places sees Kelly lying down with Mariah eating and Cindy sitting on her face. Kelly again remarks at the lack of hair Cindy has compared to her and Mariah. Cindy says that she hopes to have it fully-grown for the next time they get together. The three horny women expend loads of cum on each other over the hours or two that passes. Cindy moves from having her clit invigorated by Kelly’s tongue and asks Mariah to

Hold her tongue inside a little more.

Once the eating session is complete, two of the ultra vixens position themselves so that they are banging each other’s pussies together. Cindy remembers the episode of a few weeks ago and goes to get a few items. Returning to the living room, Cindy has brought a cucumber, a knife, a condom and a dildo. She moves into position and peels the cucumber half way down. She slides the vegetable inside the pussy of Mariah and is pleased she is enjoying it so much. Mariah moans as the cucumber makes her even hotter, she dreams that it is a male organ and thrusts towards Cindy’s movements. Later on Kelly does the same maneuver on the now prone Cindy. The afternoon proves to be a wild one as these horny women have derived pleasure from each other and a vegetable. Kelly is the last to receive a salad fuck. A lot of clashing pussies and they wrap up the day with the eating of the cucumber. Once they are resting from the sex, Mariah begins to eat Cindy’s pussy again, but Kelly has left to answer a call. The door clicks shut as the remaining two fuck. Two hairy cunts meshing together, cumming rapidly as the orgasms fill the apartment. Cindy watches Mariah leave the love nest for home. She reaches down to her pussy and jams three fingers in her slit, while three on her free hand go up her ass. Soon she lies flat to rest, falling fast asleep while dreaming of having Dana Delaney and Sara Evans the next time.

The end

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