An Afternoon With Julia-Louis Dreyfus

Title: An Afternoon With Julia-Louis Dreyfus
celebs: Julia-Louis Dreyfus
Author: Mynameismud
Story codes: MF, oral, anal,
Disclaimer: The woman in this story has a celebrity name, but is entirely my own creation, and Julia-Louis Dreyfus, and all of the characters that she has ever played, and their names, are in no way owned by me, and, unless they are in my dreams, I’m sure she does not perform these kinds of actions, nor am I implying that she does. Adults only, continue to read at the risk of your soul. Any comments or complaints can go to .

The day was as normal as the one before it. I hadn’t had too much work lately, but I had gotten a call to do some yard work. I’d never been to that particular house, but my boss said it would be a good job. He winked. I had no idea what that meant. I drove down there. It was a gated community, and I had to read the address off of a peice of paper before the man on the other end of the voicebox would let me in. I drove up to the house, and walked up to the front door, past a mailbox with the name “Dreyfus”. I thought idly of Juia-Louis Dreyfus when I read the name, but dismissed the idea. It couldn’t be that Dreyfus.

I knocked on the front door, and waited for a few minutes, and then to my surprise, Julia-Louis Dreyfus opened the door. My eyebrows lifted, and I think my jaw dropped a little. She was still hot. She’d gone back to the Seinfeld days’ curly hair, and was just in jeans and a t-shirt, showing a bit of cleavage, and both the shirt and jeans were tight enough to show her curves. Her smile was charming, and I strugged to draw my eyes away from her cleavage and lips. I didn’t think that she noticed me glancing towards them.

“Hi, you must be the new gardener. My name’s Julia” She shook my hand. “Why don’t you meet me out back, and I’ll show you what I want done.” I nodded and she went back inside. I couldn’t help but take a look at her ass as she turned. Hey, it would probably be my only chance to see a really hot celebrity, right?

I went around the house, to the back yard. It looked orderly enough. I couldn’t really see any work that needed to be done. The grass wasn’t even that long. Maybe some digging then. The back door opened. Julia Louis-Dreyfus walked out. She was totally naked.

My eyes bugged. Her breasts were probaby a small C-cup, with perfect nipples. Her stomach was smooth and flat, muscular, with not a hint of fat anywhere, and her hips curved nicely. Her curly hair and amazing smile complimented the whole thing, and I have to say that her carpet matched the drapes. She had hair down there, but it was neatly trimmed, and it really only added to the whole effect. All in all, she was stunning, and as she walked toward me, she jiggled in just the right places. My dick was already hard.

“My husband is away for awhile, and he said that if I needed a little….help, that I should get a nice young man to fuck me.” She said it, just like that, and my dick was even harder. She reached down and cupped my balls through my jeans, rubbing my boner a bit “Ooh, nice and hard already. Nice size too. Why don’t I take your clothes off?”

She wouldn’t have had to ask. I just nodded, and she bent down slowly, wiggling her ass in the air a bit, and untied my shoes. I stepped out of them, and she pulled off my socks. Next she undid my belt, fingers moving dexterously, her eyes looking suggestively up at me, and pulled it out of the loops on my jeans. Then she started to pull my t-shirt off, her hands running up and down my chest softly as she did so, and pulled the t-shirt off, over my head. Now, I don’t like to brag, but I work out a bit, and my chest and pecs and arms don’t look too bad. She nodded approvingly, her eyes roving over my body as her fingers kept running up and down my arms and chest. Then she bent down again, her head dizzyingly close to my crotch, and her fingers rubbed against my erection as she undid my jeans and pulled them down. I stepped out of them, and my boner was pretty obvious through my shorts. She looked up at me “Very nice. I see that I made a lucky choice. Now lets see how big your cock is.” She pulled down my shorts and my uncircumcised dick flopped out of them, swollen almost painfully from arousal. I stepped out of my shorts, and stood there buck naked, before a kneeling Julia-Louis Dreyfus. “That’s more than big enough for me” she was at eye level with my cock, and she reached up and cupped my balls, playing with them.

Her head moved into my crotch as she slipped one of my balls into her mouth, playing with it, and nibbing gently on my ballsack. I was really glad that I had taken a shower just before I came. Her hand reached between my legs, rubbing the area between by balls and ass, and her mouth moved around my crotch, around and around my dick, brushing my cock with her fingers every so often, playing with my foresking, watching my penis jump when she played with it. She stood up suddenly, to my disapointment, and beckoned for me to follow her as she moved toward the shade of her back porch. She sat down on what looked like a small bed, close to the ground, and lay back “Do you know how to eat a girl out?”

I nodded, got down on all fours, and kissed just above her crotch, moving my tongue and mouth around her stomach and down into her crotch, up and down her legs, over her stomach again, and up to her breasts, my fingers rubbing her womanhood as I worked my way back down with my mouth. I kissed and licked up and down her legs again, playing with her toes, and back up to her crotch. My hands started to play with her breasts as I licked around her pussy, and she moaned as my tongue found its way to her velvet lips. I licked and sucked and kissed, up and down, side to side, and my fingers played and rubbed in circles around her pussy as I worked my tongue deeper and deeper into her, flicking and kissing her clitoris lightly.

I did this for what seemed like forever, and my cock was throbbing with arousal when she came. She came for a long time, and I kept going as she did, riding the waves of her ecstasy. Her hips bucked up and down, and I felt her stomach muscles clench as she cried out.

She dropped flat on the bed, panting slowly, her eyes full of contentment and arousal. “That was great. You really know your way around this girl’s girl, don’t you?” I grinned, and she got onto all fours, facing away from me. “Now why don’t you fuck me? Don’t worry about a condom.”

I got onto the bed and rubbed my hands along her hips and ass. “Thank you”. I pressed my cock against her entrance and pushed in gently, feeling her heat. I’m a pretty big boy down there, not necessarily long but I’ve got a lot of girth, literally enough to fill her up, I soon realised, so I moved in and out slowly, letting her get adjusted to me. She moaned “Oh! you’re a big boy aren’t you?” She panted. “Harder”.

I started to move faster and faster. “No. Harder.” She gasped, and moaned as I picked up the pace. “Ready?” I asked, and I saw her head move as she nodded, and she started to moan and cry out as I pounded her in earnest. Harder and faster, harder and faster, feeling her heat and excitement. It wasn’t long before I was ready to blow, and I was about to tell her that when she told me that she was going to cum. I gritted my teeth and tried to think of something unsexy, exercising all of my control, and she just went wild, bucking and screaming, convulsing and undulating around my member for the next few minutes.

I felt myself ready to cum, and as her movements once again became more languid and satisfied, I pulled out and sprayed cum all over her ass and back. There was a lot there, more than I expected. She turned her head and gave me a smile “Wow, you’re really good. Ready to go again?”

I was kind of surprised at that, but not unhappy. “I’d love to” I gestured at my drooping member “But I’m kind of spent here”

She giggled a little bit “Oh, I’ve got something to fix that. She reached into a bag next to the bed and pulled out a bottle full of little blue pills. “Try a couple of these. One of them will make you hard for quite a while, plus better staying power, and it’ll also increase your semen production by about ten times or so.” I stared at her a little bit “What? I’ve got a few pharmicist hook-ups, ok? Just take one”.

I took five. Her eyebrows raised “Well, I can tell that I’m going to be here for a little while, aren’t I? Now, those are going to take a little while to kick in, so why don’t you eat me out again? You do a good job of it”

I obliged, and I felt myself get hard as I made her cum again.

She got back onto all fours and wiggled her ass at me “Let’s do this again.” Once more I filled her up and came on her back after she had screamed and had some fun for awhile. I didn’t notice too much of a difference in my semen production, but I was still hard afterwards, and she told me to lie down as she got on top of me. She was barely able to get her hand around my shaft as she positioned my cock so that she could sit on it, and she gasped as she went down and I filled her up again. Her breasts rubbed against my chest as she moved back and forth, and I played with her breasts as she sat up and bounced up and down. She came again, and changed positions, so that her back was to me, and bounced up and down some more, before getting up and telling me to sit down on a chair on the deck. I sat down. Then Julia-Louis Dreyfus turned her back to me, bent over, positioned my cock against her pussy, and bounced her ass up and down as she stood in front of me, up and down, faster and faster, and all I could do was grip onto the chair as she went faster than ever before, and as she came again. She kept going, and I could feel myself ready to cum again myself. I told her, and she sped up even more, her ass a blur as she leaned back a bit to support herself on the chair. I came a third time, and this time it felt like a hose had gone off inside of her. My cum was actually dripping from her as she stood up and grinned at me “told you.”

I was still hard, and this time I fucked her from the side, then missionary, then doggystyle again, and then we changed positions so that she was on top again, and she slapped her ass up and down for almost half an hour before we both came again. This time I produced even more semen. I could feel it dripping and pooling around my groin as she went back to bouncing up and down. She grabbed a bottle of water while she was doing that and took a drink. she offered me a drink and I took it. Had to keep my strength up.

She got off of me and asked me to eat her out again. I did, and threw in a little anal play while I was at it this time. After I was done she gave me a look and quirked her eyebrow “Do you like my ass?” I nodded “totally”

She looked thoughtful for a bit and grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion by the lawnchair. “I don’t usually do this, even with my husband, but you’ve been so good I think I’ll let you have my ass for a bit.”

she slathered up my dick with suntan lotion, and covered her asshole with the lotion “Push it in there big boy”

“Are you sure you can take it? I’m not too big?”

“You’re bigger than I’ve ever had, but I want to try you out in my ass. Go ahead, hon.”

She didn’t need to tell my twice. I pushed my cock up against her asshole, feeling the coolness of the lotion contrasting against the heat of her body, and pushed into her slowly. I heard her gasp and she said “Slow, ok?” I nodded and went in more slowly, until I was in up to the hilt. She was still gasping, so I just stayed there for a little while and let her adjust a bit, moving back and forth an inch here and there. She looked back at me and her eyes were glazed with a pained but aroused look “Go. Hard. Now.” She gasped in short bursts “Before I lose my nerve.”

“Alright. Just tell me if you need to stop, ok?” She nodded quickly, tears forming in her eyes from erotic pain. I started to pound Julia-Louis Dreyfus in the ass.

She screamed and moaned and cried out, and one of her hands found my chest, feeling me as I pounded in and out. After about ten minutes in that warm, tight orifice, I said I was going to cum, and this one was going to be the biggest of them all. She nodded and told me to keep going, and I pounded faster and faster, and we both yelled out as I started to convulse in her ass, shooting my load deep into her. I just kept cumming. It was amazing. I started to pull out, and my balls literally felt a bit crushed as they kept convulsing and my cock kept pumping semen. Her asshole was leaking semen, her ass was covered in it, and I sprayed cum all over her back in thick ropes that just kept coming. She giggled and turned to get a faceful of the stuff, swallowing it, and letting me unload even more over her breasts and throat. by the time I was done, she was covered in semen, and she scooped between her cleavage and swallowed some more. “Wow.” She giggled. “No one’s ever come that much. Are you alright?”

I nodded, although my balls felt used, and empty, and my dick was aching as the blood left it and it started to droop. “How’s your ass?”

She giggled again “It hurts a bit. I probaby won’t be able to sit down easily for a little while. But it was fun, I’d do it again..If you want.”

“What about your husband?”

“Don’t you remember who encouraged me to find someone in the first place?”

I grinned at her. “Why don’t I give you my home number, and you can give me a call when you feel like taking me on again?”

She nodded, looking tired, covered in my semen. “I’ll definitely do that soon. I think I”m done for today though. I have to wash all this cum off me”

I got dressed and, went around the house as she went inside, and met her at the front door again. She still had some cum in her hair and over her face, but she was wearing a bathrobe. I said “Well, I gotta go. give me a call, ok?”

She nodded and gave me that charming smile again “I think I will”

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