An Agent’s Confessions Ch.2 – Dream

I felt pretty good after having my way with all three members of 3LW, so I decided to join them on the upcoming TRL Tour, but that wasn’t on my mind right now. All I was concentrated on was Naturi sucking on my member and Kiely licking Adrieanne’s feet.

“MMMMM” A satisfied moan from Naturi, this girl was a natural cocksucker. “I’m about to blow my load slut, get ready.” I said to Naturi. She smiled and continued to suck on my twitching member. “UUNNNNNHHHH” I said as I blew my load into her mouth. “MMMM, good stuff hon.” Naturi said as she wiped some stray cum from her lips.

I stood up and pulled up my pants.
“Get some rest tomorrow, we’re going to New York for the start of the tour.” I said. Naturi obediently got up and walked upstairs, followed soon by Kiely and Adrianne. I smiled at what I had accomplished. I picked up my cell phone and made a phone call.

“Jerry, it’s me” I said.

“Tommy, did it work?” He asked.

“Like a charm” I said.

“Well, it looks like you may be getting a chance to use it more, I hear your girls are going on tour soon.” Jerry said.

“Yep…..” I replied “…is there anything else I should know about this gas?”

“Yes, one thing. Don’t use the gas on the same people twice.” He said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It wears off and they remember everything they did while they were under.” Jerry said.

“Don’t want that.” I replied.

Jerry laughed. “Hey listen I gotta go, prepare for the tour” I said. Jerry laughed some more and said “I want pictures” “Ok” I said and hung up the phone.importantly a fun tour” I said to myself.

***One week later***

“Remember sluts, act normal.” I said to Kiely, Naturi and Adrianne as they walked into MTV Studios. The girls were getting ready for the TRL Tour which was to kick off that summer. I noticed a lot of people on the way in. Members of Destiny’s Child, Eve, Jessica Simpson, and other members of the TRL Tour, but what I noticed, or more inportantly, who were the girls that my sluts went to. They were the members of the girl group Dream.

I waled over to them. “Hi, I’m Tommy Fitzpatrick, Their manager.” Hi” A cute blonde piped up, that was Melissa Schuman. “Nice to meet you, we’ve heard a lot of good things about you” The cute brunette, Diana Ortiz said. I smiled and made nice with all four of them, the other two being the redhead Holly Blake Arnstein, and the attitude of the group, a girl with short blonde hair, Ashley Poole.

I was making nice on the outside, but on the inside the wheels were turning as to what I could force these four to do to me, and to each other, and to the girls I already had under my control.

***two days later***

We were in Albany, NY for the first concert. 3LW went on first, but I noticed Melissa Schuman go into her dressing room alone. “Melissa, anything wrong, you are never alone.” I asked. She sweetly smiled at me and said. “The four of us always have some alone time before a show, it’s tradition.” She said. PREFECT, my opportunity has presented itself. I smiled, she went into her dressing room and I rushed to mine.

“Where did those tramps hide it.” I said as I went through the room. “AH, found it.” I said as I found the gas canisters that I had packed. I only packed about 20. I slipped a canister into my jacket pocket, and bolted to where Dream’s dressing room was. I opened the door and saw them, playing games I said “Oops, wrong room.” I saw all I needed to see, they were alone. I opened the door slightly , popped the canister, threw it in and closed the door.

I held the door closed for about two minutes, then opened it. I saw them standing there with a glazed ove look intheir eyes. I closed the door and said “Strip” They moved to comply immidiately, their pants went first, Ashley wasn’t wearing panties, the others were, Ashley is wild too, I’ll have to note that.

Melissa was stripped nude first, she has a decent body, Holly is the most, I guess you can say sheltered, of the group, her pussy was hairy. Diana and Ashley were normal, and shaven. I went for Melissa first, (naturally) she dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock. “MMMMMM” She said as my cock slid into her mouth.

I laid back on the couch. “Ashley straddle me” I said. Ashley came over and sat on my face. “Holly, Diana, go for each other” Holly and Diana started kissing as Melissa worked over my cock and Ashley began humnping her cunt up and down as I licked her teenage pussy.

The familiar moans of passionate love making were starting “OOOOHHH YEAH LICK MY PUSSY, LICK YOUR SLUT.” Ashley began yelling ad Melissa continued to work over my cock, she wasn’t as good as Naturi, but she was good. Holly and Diana were going at it in a 69 on the floor. I continued to lick the pussy that was currently in my face, and feel the sensations of the cocksucker I had on my cock right now.

“UUUNNNNHHHHH, YEAH, KEEP LICKING, LICK ME, SUCK ME, FUCK ME, PLEASE SUCK ME” Ashley was delerious with pleasure as I lapped away at her pussy. I also felt my cock twitch as Melissa continued sucking on it. I blew my laod into her mouth and she swallowed it happily, then cleaned me off. She sure knew what she was doing.

Meanwhile Ashley was spasming on my face as she had an orgasm right on my face. She collapsed on the leather couch. I layed Melissa on the ground and immidiately shoved my cock into her pussy. “AAAAAAAHHH” She screamed as I broke her hymen, that idiot boyfriend of heres hasn’t hit it yet, moron.

I pumped her very tight pussy for a few minutes, damn didn’t take me long to cum in her pussy. I pulled out of her with a nice pop, and she moved her hand to her pussy and scooped up my cum and licked it off her fingers. I layed down to her and whispered into her ear. “Melissa, you love cum. It is a drug for you, you can’t make it through the day unless you have tasted cum from man or woman.” She nodded her head and went to sleep as my commands sunk in.

I also noticed Holly and Diana asleep after brining each other to orgasm. I whispered into Holly’s ear “Diana is not your lover, you two are commited to each other. You are both girlfriends.” I whispered the same thing into Diana’s ear, then left the room. I would have my fun with the rest of them later.

I got up, put my clothes on and left the room, confident in my control over two of the hottest girl groups in pop music. I had 48 canisters left.

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