An Agent’s Confessions: Chapter 1 – 3LW

An Agent’s Confessions by Evil

Chapter 1 – 3LW

I am about to tell you the story of my life in the music industry, I am an agent for some of the most beautiful stars in the music industry. But it was not all catering to their every need, I got to indulge in them as well as these stories will show.

Kiely Williams, Naturi Naughton and Adrianne Bailon were known to pop and R&B fans as 3LW (or 3 little women) I was their agent until the end of the recent TRL Tour on 2001, but oh what a time I had.

Here is how it all began:

“Girls hurry up, the session is in 25 minutes.” I yelled to the
girls, they came running down the stairs of the home we shared because they lived on the east coats and the tour began here on the west coast. The girls all rushed down the stairs and into the limo.

I won’t bore you with the details of what happened at the session, the only interesting thing that happened was during a break, I was in the studio strumming away on a guitar. I looked up and saw Adrianne and Kiely talking softly and Adrianne holding Kiely’s hand.

On the way back home I got an idea, I had some connections at UCLA. Maybe I could have at least one member of this group. Once I got home the girls went right up to the room they shared. I got on the phone and called up my friend from UCLA. “Hey Jerry, It’s Tommy”

“Hey Tommy, what’s up? How’s the music industry?” Jerry asked.

“Ok, but that’s not why I called.” I replied.

“Ok, what’s up?” He asked.

“Do you guys still have some of that hypnotic gas you used last year on that record industry party?” I asked

“Yeah, how much do you need?” Jerry asked.

“How much you got?” I asked.

“Enough to last for about three months.” Jerry said.

“Three months, so about 60 canisters.” I said.


“Perfect, I ‘ll take all of it.” I said.

“Cool, you know where to find me.” He said as he hung up. I called up to the girls, but only Naturi came out, she was a cute little thing with short black hair and a nice rack, the biggest of the group. And at only 16, she was smart as the others put together too. I would definitely have her first. “I’m going out for about an hour, tell the girls not to leave the premises, ok?” I said. “Ok” Naturi replied she bounced up the stairs and back to her room. ‘Damn, what an ass’ Ii said to myself as I grabbed my keys and left.

***15 minutes later***

I pulled my car up to the Roxy on the Sunset Strip in L.A. I immediately went in after parking my jet black Bentley. “Jerry” I yelled. He was at our normal booth . “Who are you planning on using this on?” Jerry asked. “The little sluts I’m managing.” I said as I pulled my black hair into a ponytail. “Those little girls?” Jerry asked. I grinned. “Sick man.” Jerry said as he put out his cigarette and I sat down.

I opened the briefcase Jerry brought with him, inside were sixty canisters of a green liquid. “Remember only one canister per person.” Jerry said. “What if all three are in one small room?” I asked. “Only one canister then, and once the canister is open and they inhale the gas, they are totally under your control mind body and spirit.” Jerry said. “Cool” I said as I plopped down $3,000 in cash on the table. Jerry grabbed it and we both left.

***15 minutes later***

I arrived back at my L.A. home and checked in on the girls, they were all asleep. “Perfect” I whispered to myself. I closed the door and went to my room and went to bed. “Tomorrow it begins.” I said to myself.

***The next morning***

I snuck down to the girls bedroom and peeked in, they were still asleep. Now was my chance, I crept back to my bedroom and grabbed a canister and came back to the room. I cracked the door open and hit a button to activate the hypnosis gas. I rolled it into the room and closed the door. “Should take about a minute to affect them.” I said. I waited for a minute and re-opened the door.

The girls were still asleep, the canister was empty and their window was closed so the gas effected them. I looked them over, Adrianne Bailon was an 18 year old cuban native with long, curly hair and a body to die for. She had to have at least 34c breasts.

Naturi Naughton was an energetic 16 year old with the biggest rack of the group and not bad legs either.

Kiely Williams was the sexpot of the group, she had long light brown hair and small breasts but definitely the sexiest.

I smiled and said “Ok my little sluts get up and get dressed like the whores you are” They immediately started moving, I left the room and went down to breakfast.

The girls came down a few minutes later…dressed very slutty. Kiely had on a shiny pink tube top and a tight black leather skirt. Naturi had on a tight bikini top and daisy duke shorts, and Adrianne, who was dressed sluttiest of all had on a black leather top that showed her chest from the bottom of her breasts down to her tight fitting black leather pants and stiletto boots.

My cock was about to burst. “Naturi, get over here and prepare to service me slut.” She couldn’t move fast enough, before I could blink she was on her knees at the table, while the other two just stood there emotionless and staring blankly into space. I slowly moved Naturi’s bikini top off and started to suck on her breasts, she started moaning as her hands moved to my pants.

I mauled her breasts as she undid my pants and moved in. She engulfed my 7″ penis immediately. “MMMMMMMM” I moaned as she expertly sucked me off. I noticed Kiely and Adrianne still standing there, dressed to fuck, but doing nothing. I called Kiely over and whispered into her ear. “You have a foot fetish and only Adrianne’s feet will satisfy you.” I slapped her ass as she went upstairs.

Naturi wa still sucking my cock as Adrianne came over to me. I planted a kiss on her lips, I frenched her for about a minute. “You are a dominatrix and Kiely is your slave, but you will always obey me.” I slapped her ass and sent her upstairs too, those two should have some fun.

I got back to Naturi, still sucking my cock. I was going to blow my load into her mouth. “Naturi, you want cock, you want cock all the time, nothing makes you feel better unless you have a cock in your slutty pussy or in your ass or mouth.” She “mmmmmmmmm” ed in response. “UUNNNNNHHHHHH” I shot my semen down her newly slutty throat.

“Ready to get fucked slut?” I asked. “Oh yeah.” Naturi said.She slid off her daisy dike shorts, she wasn’t wearing panties. “Oh yeah” I said as I slid my cock into her pussy, breaking her hymen and taking her virginity. “OOOOHHHHHHH….OH YES…OOOOH GOD.” Naturi moaned as I pumped in and out of her. I pumped in and out of her right there on the kitchen floor.

“OOOHHH GOD YES……GOD…FUCK MEEEEE.” She moaned as I pumped harder and harder. I was about to cum again. I pulled out with a POP (irony?) and shot my load all over her black body, and like the slut she was now becoming she rubbed it into her skin and licked it up. I pulled my pants back up and left the tramp laying on my kitchen floor.

I quickly made my way upstairs to the girls room and saw Adrienne in a chair, with a look of sexual bliss on her face. I walked around the bed that was blocking my view and saw Kiely licking her feet and rubbing her cunt. “MMMMM” I heard from Kiely. I looked at Adrianne, she knew what I wanted. She untied the leather top she had on and let her breasts fall free. She then smacked Kiely. “Get on the bed, strip and spread your legs.” “Yes mistress” Kiely relied. She got on her bed and took off the rest of her clothes.

I kissed Adrianne again and took my pants completely off and went for Kiely. I slid into her rather easily snapping her hymen in two, she was really wet so it was easy. “UUUUNNNNHHHHH” Kiely moaned as I pumped into her, but her moans were cut short as Adrianne placed her cunt over Kiely’s face and Kiely lapped away furiously.

I pumped in and out of Kiely for a few minutes until I came, then watched Adrianne and Kiely got at it in a 69. After Kiely slid out from under Adrianne, I mounted her and roughly shoved my cock into her ass, Adrianne was too spent to even moan, I slid a couple of fingers into her pussy……her hymen wasn’t there. Adrianne isn’t a virgin. I pumped in and out of her ass while I watched Kiely move around and start licking her new mistresses feet again. She moaned in pleasure when her tongue touched Adrianne’s feet.

After I came in Adrianne’s ass. I had a thought as I watched Kiely continue to lick and suck away at Adrianne’s feet. “I still have 59 canisters left” I though. I could put them to good use.

Adrianne was out cold on Kiely’s bed, Kiely was licking Adrienne’s feet and masturbating and Naturi was still sexually spent on my kitchen floor. First test of the hypno-gas canisters was a success. I would have to make note of future uses.

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