An Agent’s Confessions – Chapter 3 – Jessica And Ashlee Simpson

“OOOOOHHHHHH…MMMMMMMMMMM” moaned Diana Ortiz as I pistoned my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Her new girlfriend Holly sucking on her titties as Melissa licked her out from behind and Ashley brought herself off in the corner of the room.

I stood up and did up my pants. “I’ll be back for the other two sluts later.” I said. They didn’t care, they continued their little orgy.

I went back to my dressing room and packed another canister in my pocket, I had another target in mind, on the way I passed her, just going on stage, the blonde and busty Jessica Simpson.

“Damn” I said to myself, her set was
going to be at least an hour.

I went back to my dressing room to find Adrienne, Kiely and Naturi in there engaged in the three way. Kiely was on her knees with Adrienne’s foot in her mouth, licking away like a child on a lollipop and Naturi was licking Adrienne’s pussy and loving it.

“I’ve created a total slut’ I thought. I snickered and grabbed my cell phone and left the room, they never noticed a thing.

I spent the next hour on the phone to my family back home in Long Beach. I told them what all was going on, but not about the gas, my mom would have a fit if she knew about that.

I hung up and saw Jessica Simpson and her sister Ashlee go into on dressing room and her dancers and other personnel go into another. “Talk about good luck” I said to myself.

I reached into my jacket and held one of the canisters of mind control gas. “Here goes nothing” I said as I opened the door, I was about to throw the canister when something stopped me dead in my tracks.

I saw Jessica and her sister Ashlee on top of each other kissing like mad women. Jessica had her hands all over her sisters tits and Ashlee with a hand down big sister’s pants, both were moaning and groaning.

“C’mon Ashlee, you know what I want” Jessica said seductively. Ashlee slowly pulled her sister’s pants down. I quickly backed out of the room, but kept the door open a crack so I could see this incestuous lesbian action going on here.

Ashlee pulled her sisters pants all the way down and Jessica stepped out of them. Ashlee moved up to kiss her sisters dampened panties, I could smell them from where I was, Ashlee let out a quick lick of the front of the panties, which got a moan from her older sister.

Ashlee then slowly pulled down Jessica’s panties, which frustrated Jessica. “C’mon Ashlee, I need it baaaadddddd.” I laughed to myself. Jessica Simpson was a spoiled brat behind the scenes. Ashlee pulled her sister’s panties all the way down and started slowly licking her sister’s pussy. “YES!OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME SIS! ” Jessica moaned, Ashlee smiled and continued. Ashlee slid a hand down her pants and started to finger herself as she licked out her own sister.

Ashlee licked faster and faster on her sister. “OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Jessica screamed as she oragsmed all over her sister’s face. “Lick it up, hurry before someone comes in.” Jessica said, I saw my opportunity.

I ran through the door and said “What happened, I heard screaming and I…..” I froze, acting like I didn’t know what was going on. Both Ashlee and Jessica just stood there stunned. Ashlee then got a horny smile on her face, and Jessica soon took note. “You want some hon?” Jessica asked in her best bedroom voice. I decided to taste her. “I thought you were saving yourself for marriage?”

Both girls laughed. “Virginity is for losers.” Jessica said. Although I didn’t show it, I was stunned, but I decided, what the hell.

I removed my pants and boxers, as Ashlee took off her shirt, bra, pants and panties. “Come and get it big boy.” Ashlee said, obviously taking lessons from her sister. I didn’t need to be told twice. I got down and plunged into Ashlee Simpson as Jessica straddled her sister. “Finish what you started.” Jessica said as Ashlee licked out her sister again and I pumped into her hard.

“YYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” Jessica yelled as Ashlee brought her to orgasm, and I was nearing it. “I’m gonna come Ashlee.” I said as Jessica turned to face me. “Let her suck you off, she loves the taste of the stuff.” I pulled out of Ashlee and she scrambled to my cock and inhaled it. “MMMMMMMMM” Ashlee moaned as she started sucking on my cock. I came down her throat soon after wards.

Jessica and Ashlee then got up and got dressed. Ashlee let a stream of cum dribble down her throat and Jessica seductively licked it off, they both then seductively smiled at me, put their clothes on and left.

I sat there thinking for a few minutes. I had nailed Ashlee good, and Jessica……..” Hey wait a minute” I said to myself.


I was sitting on the bus relaxing as we drove to the next date on the TRL Tour when Jessica Simpson came in. “Hi” I said. “Hey yourself.” She replied. She then smiled. “Thanks for last night.” She then said.

“What are you thanking me for, you didn’t get any from me.” I said. “I know, but Ashlee hasn’t felt this sexually gratified in months…..” Jessica smiled that sexy smile I am so getting into and stood up “….do’t worry you’ll get some from me……soon.” She said as she walked into the other half of the bus.

I leaned back and smiled. “I got some and didn’t even need to use the gas.” I said. This was going to be an interesting next couple of days.

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