An Almost Perfect Plan

An Almost Perfect Plan

Starring Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston

By Dbud ( for feedback)

Codes: MF, FF, NC, rough, rape, viol, and catfighting
Disclaimer: Not real. Just a story. Don’t read if you don’t want to.

Full Disclosure by the Author: I find both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie incredibly hot. Which is probably weird since they probably could be more different women.

Jennifer has a tight athletic body, perky little tits, tight ass, sweet face and disposition. Alternately the classy almost regal looks of Angelina combined
with her wild and somewhat insane personality, huge tits, long legs and arms and thin frame makes her almost irresistibly attractive.

I want to believe that in bed Jennifer would be so eager to please she would do anything while no request could be too perverse to shock Angelina. And even though it is contrary to what appears to be her real persona, I also like to think Angie has a real mean streak in her too. Then you put these two fighting over the same man (not much of a fight really though) it gets even better. That led to this story.

Also, this story continues the idea first used in ‘Trapped in Paradise’ starring Jessica Alba about a tropical island with a dark secret. If you like this story, by all means, check out that one too.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Jennifer Aniston sat in silence, stunned by the letter in her hand. She was sure she had to have misread it. She looked it over again and then a third time just to be sure. It appeared genuine; the handwriting was definitely Brad’s. She would know it anywhere.

The letter said that he was having second thoughts about being with Angelina (‘that whore!’ thought Jennifer when she read her name.) It said Angelina was demanding and moody and Brad wanted out but he didn’t know what to do. It also said he was having second thought about leaving Jen and he wanted to meet her to see if there was any way that he could get her back. Due to the public lives they lived, he suggested they meet out of the country and he hoped she would agree. He had found a small, very remote island called San Giselle, where they could meet privately. The letter instructed her to be at a small airport down the coast Friday morning and a private plane would bring her to him.

She dropped the letter and thought for a second about what this meant. It was as if all her dreams had come true. Brad wanted her back. Jennifer jumped up and ran upstairs to pack and pick out her outfits even though it was only Tuesday morning.

Jennifer Aniston stepped out onto the balcony of her luxury suite in a five-star resort on the island of San Giselle the following Saturday morning. She looked out over the clear blue water, ‘This really is paradise,’ she though to her self. She had flown in the day before and been picked up by a limo at the airport and brought to this massive hotel. Her suite was huge and luxurious. She was even more convinced that Brad wanted her back, otherwise, why would he go through all this trouble and expense.

One of the bellman who carried her bags, which took three trips, had given her a note, also in Brad’s handwriting that he would meet her tonight at seven for a romantic dinner. Jennifer was ecstatic. She spent the day in the hotel spa, relaxing and getting a massage and facial. She was so eager she had gotten dressed and was ready to go two hours early. At quarter of seven a bellman knocked and led her out of her room and to the elevator. She eagerly followed him.

Jennifer stepped off the elevator on the top floor of the resort. The man led her through two large double doors into an expansive parlor. Off to the right was a sitting area with armchairs and a sofa. A pool table was across the room and in the middle was a small table set for dinner for two with flowers in the center. It was a beautiful.

The bellman asked her to wait and left, closing the doors behind him. Jennifer checked her self in the mirror. She was wearing an ultra-short mini-dress that barely came to her mid-thigh. Jennifer leaned forward and cupped her breasts, shaking her shoulders side to side to plump them up. The dress was low cut, allowing the push-up bra underneath to shove her tits up and over the top edge. She turned and extended one of her lean tan legs smiling at the sight of her high heel at the end. Turning, she checked her ass in the mirror as well, it was tight and round as usual.

Just then Jennifer heard the ding of the elevator doors and she fluffed her hair in the mirror and made one more quick glance to check her make-up and turned to face the doors, waiting for Brad to enter. She heard footsteps and smiled wide wanting to greet her former lover.

The smile quickly faded as the doors opened and Angelina Jolie walked into the room. She stopped to pose in the doorway before sauntering up to Jennifer. Angelina was dressed as if she was looking for sex. She had on a short skirt and knee high leather boot that ended in a spike heel accentuating her impossibly long legs. A sheer silk blouse was stretched nearly to the breaking point by her massive tits that wanted out of the bra fighting to hold them in. Her thick luxurious dark brown hair fell over her shoulders.

She simply smiled as Jennifer Aniston stood there with her mouth agape. “Wha-what the hell are you doing here?” Jennifer was flustered as she saw her rival the woman who stole her husband walk into the room.

“Oh? Did I interrupt something?” Angelina asked dryly. “Were you expecting someone else perhaps?” the dark-haired beauty stood before Jennifer and faced her with her arms crossed in a defiant posture.

“Oh, I, ah, no, not at all,” Jennifer was trying to cover the fact that she was in fact waiting to meet Brad.

Behind Angelina three men entered the room. They were all in terrific physical shape. The first man was in his mid-thirties with a crew cut and the second was a large black man in his early thirties and bald. The last man was younger, early twenties with curly blonde hair. He also shut the doors as the three of them moved into the room.

Jennifer was stammering, “I, ah, what? I don’t understand. What is happening here?” She couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Angelina decided to fill her in. “In case your still expecting Brad, he’s not coming. In fact, he doesn’t even know we are here.”

It suddenly dawned on Jennifer that she had been set up. “I can’t believe you did this. I am leaving.” Jennifer moved to walk around Angelina but the thick black man stepped between her and the exit. She had a shocked look on her face as she was denied leaving.

“Thank you Trey,” Angelina spoke to her bodyguard who had interceded, “and you’re not going anywhere bitch!”

“WHAT? What did you call me?”

Angelina just smirked at her and suddenly Jennifer realized she was standing in the middle of three big men who all worked for Angelina. She was suddenly afraid. “Please Angelina, what is going on? Why are you doing this?!”

Angelina threw her head back and laughed, “You want to know why you little cunt? Because I’m tired of your pathetic little ass and I’m going to do something about it!”

“But you’ve won! You stole Brad from me! He was everything to me but he loves you now. You have children together. And me, I’m in my late, I mean early, thirties, I might never have a family.” Jennifer was in tears now and Angelina was smirking broadly, loving the humiliation of her rival.

“And my career, it’s a shambles. After Brad leaving me and so many flops my agent doesn’t even know if he can get me any roles even as a supporting actress.”

“HEY!” Angelina’s finger was in Jennifer’s face as she snapped at her, “Don’t blame me for you career. It’s not my fault you’re a shitty actress. You should have stayed on TV where you belong. But don’t think for a second I don’t know what you’ve been up to!”

“What do you mean? I haven’t done anything!”

“Oh please. I’ve seen the letters you wrote him and I know about the late night phone calls and the messages you’ve asked his mother to give him. I’m not stupid and I’m tired of you interfering in my family.”

“Me? Interfering in your family!?! You stole my husband you BITCH!”

Jennifer lunged at her but her clawed fingers stopped about 10 inches from Angelina’s face, her intended target as she fully planned on scratching Angelina’s eyes out. The oldest of the men and the bald black man had grabbed Jennifer by the arms and were restraining her.

“Get your hands off me now!” she screamed at them. “I mean it! You had better let me go or I’ll…HOOOFFFFF!” Angelina stepped up and with all her might threw and uppercut into Jennifer’s gut just above her navel. While she was a woman she had quite a punch and Jennifer was left limp and struggling to catch her breath. She would have collapsed to the floor but the two strong men held her up by the arms.

“Hu-hu-hu,” was the only sound Jennifer could make as she fought the pain in her abdomen from being hit.

Angelina stepped back and examined her nails to make sure she hadn’t broken one, “God, I am so tired of hearing that bitch run her mouth.” She and the men all laughed. Angelina stepped back up to face Jennifer after giving her a few seconds to catch her breath.

“You’ll do what Jen? Hmmm? What are you going to DO!” As Angelina spoke the last word Jennifer looked up just in time to see Angie swing her hand and slap her across the face…WHAP!

As Jennifer took the blow and her cheek became instantly bright red, Angelina stepped back, shaking her hand, obviously in pain. “Ow, that hurt you bitch.” She nodded to the young man, her third body guard standing next to her and gave him a slight smile, “Jason, if you don’t mind.”

He stepped up in front of Jennifer and just as the tears in her eyes began to clear, he hauled off and slapped Jennifer across the face so hard she thought her head was going to come off.


Even Angelina flinched at the ferocity of the blow. The honey brunette’s head was thrown to the side and in fact if it had not been attached it would have been tossed to the other side of the large room.

“OH GOD! STOP! PLEASE, no mo…” WHACK! A second slap caught her from the other side and buckled her legs. Jennifer was limp in the men’s hands, “P-pu-pl-lease, Angelina, s-s…top this.”

The man was going to hit her again, but Angelina stepped up, “Jason, that’s enough.” Jennifer looked up through stunned eyes trying to figure out what to do. Angelina grabbed the top of Jennifer dress and with a quick strong yank tore it off her body.

“Yaaaaa…Nooooo!” Jennifer squealed in protest as she was stripped nearly naked being left in only her heels, panties and bra. As Jennifer’s mind reeled at what was happening, Angelina stepped to the dinner table set up in the room and picked up a silver knife. Jennifer’s eyes nearly doubled as Angelina approached with the blade in her hand. She held it up in front of her to make sure her victim saw it.

“No, no, no, please no!” Jennifer begged as she actually beginning to wonder if she was going to be stabbed. Angelina just smiled as she took the straps of Jennifer’s bra and slid the knife blade underneath it. Jennifer closed her eyes as she felt the cold of the metal against her skin. She relaxed a bit as she realized that Angelina was simply cutting her bra off.

Suddenly it occurred to her that she was now topless. She opened her eyes to see the three men and Angelina enjoying her now bared tits. They were small, especially when compared to Angelina’s cannons, but were firm and perky with small pebble sized rock hard nipples. Angelina couldn’t resist pinching her left nipple hard enough to make Jen flinch.

Using the knife again, she cut the side of Jennifer’s thong as well and left her totally nude in the middle of the group.

“Ooooo, smooth,” Angelina purred as she ran a finger up between the soft folds of Jen’s pussy lips and felt the hairless flesh between her legs. Jennifer started fighting to break free now, this last violation was too much. She was jerking her arms and twisting to pull out of the men’s grip but they held her. Angelina stepped back quickly as Jennifer kicked out at her, “YOU BITCH! LET ME GO!”

Angelina stepped back up and grabbed Jennifer by the hair once Walter and Trey, her guards holding Jen, got a firmer grip and restrained her from lashing out. Angelina snapped Jen’s head back hard and all four heard a loud ‘CRACK’ sound as she wrenched the woman’s neck at an unnatural angle.


“SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Angelina was literally screaming in Jennifer’s face from less than an inch away. All the men in the room had been on the receiving end of her rage and it was not pleasant.

“Now, you are going to get what you deserve. Jason, you can go first.”

At his employer’s instruction the youngest of the men pulled his shirt off over his head revealing an almost impossibly ripped torso, shoulders, and arms. The man was a solid wall of muscles like he did nothing but work out. Even as Jennifer watched him take his shirt off she didn’t get what this meant. But then he began unbuckling his belt and opened his jeans.

Jennifer’s eyes went wide as it suddenly hit her what Angelina meant when she said ‘you are going to get what you deserve’.

“NO! Angelina! You can’t be serious. You can’t do this!” Jason’s pants fell to the floor and Jennifer’s eyes stared at his enormous cock. He had an erection already and it was huge and hard. Jen had never seen a cock this big. Brad’s had been the biggest she had ever had but this dwarfed even his member.

“No, no, no. Oh god! Please don’t do this!”

Angelina thought for a second scanning the room. “I think the pool table will do nicely.” The two men holding Jennifer tightened their grips on her arms and lifted her off her feet. They carried her to the pool table and pushed her down so she was forced to bend over it. Trey checked out her perfect ass.

“Please. This can’t be happening. Okay, okay Angie. You made your point. I won’t send Brad any more letters or contact him. I’m sorry, you win. Now, please let me go.” Jennifer kept begging but the other four people in the room seemed to be totally ignoring her.

“The other side of the table. I want her facing me so I can see her expression when Jason takes her.”

The two men lifted Jen’s helpless body again and carried her to the other side of the pool table. Jen saw Jason was standing next to Angelina and stroking his sex organ with his hand as he watched Jennifer being manhandled. Suddenly the thought of that monster of a cock being forced into her hit Jen and she screamed at Angelina…


The intensity of her scream seemed to get Angie’s attention. She walked up to the pool table and leaned forward, lowering her face only a foot or so to Jen’s. From this position, she couldn’t see Jason crane his neck to check out his boss’s perfect ass and make an exaggerated ‘Oooooo’ motion with his mouth indicating how shapely and tight it was.

“How can I do this bitch? I’ll tell you how. I want to you suffer and to never forget who owns you. Even when you hear all those people talk about Team Aniston, you’ll know who got the better of you.”

Jennifer was terrified and crying, “But you won’t get away with this. I mean, I’m famous, you can’t kill me. People will suspect you. There will be an investigation. You can’t think they won’t catch you.”

Angelina laughed again, “Oh, I’m not going to kill you. I want you to live remembering every detail of this night.”

As Jen tried to argue her way out of this situation, Jason stepped around behind her. The other two men let her go and Jennifer’s arms were now free. She didn’t fight though, she knew she didn’t stand a chance. She was only 5 feet 5 inches and barely weighed 105 pounds. There was no way she could fight off a man Jason’s size, much less the other two and Angelina as well.

Jennifer was still bent over the pool table as she felt Jason’s hands caressing her hips and buttocks. She visibly flinched as she felt the underside of the shaft of his cock slide between her ass cleavage. He was positioning him self to fuck her. Jen knew that any second Angelina would give the command and he would penetrate her. She had to make one last desperate argument and pray it worked.

“B-but then, you’ll be charged with raping me!” Jennifer turned to look at the men and back over her shoulder at Jason, “All of you will be. Are you really willing to go to prison for the next ten years for her? Just let me go and I won’t tell anyone about this. We will all just walk away.” Jennifer thought she had made a convincing case and expected them to let her go.

“You really don’t know where you are do you? Poor stupid little Jennifer, so trusting. I knew you wouldn’t bother to research this island. If you had, you sure as hell wouldn’t have come here alone like you did. Oh, but that’s right you were going to meet the love of your life, my husband.”

Angelina continued explaining Jennifer’s predicament, “I learned of San Giselle when I was researching human rights violations for the UN. I mean there are some bad places in the world and in many of them women are treated as little more than slaves. But this place, San Giselle, is the worst of all of them. Most countries, even those in the Middle East and Africa at least have laws prohibiting sexual assaults and violence against woman even if they aren’t enforced. But San Giselle doesn’t.” Angelina leaned in close, “Not one.”

She let the words she had just spoken to Jennifer sink in. “W-hwat d-do you m-mean? You can’t mean…” Jennifer’s voice trailed off as she was struck by the implications of what Angelina had said.

“That’s right bitch. Rape isn’t a crime here. They, hell even I, could rape you any and every way we want on the steps of the police station and there’s not one damn thing anyone can do about it.”

“B-but I’ll talk, I’ll tell everyone. You’ll be ruined.”

Angelina laughed, “No, I don’t think you will. If people thought you were pathetic after losing your husband to me imagine what they will think if you tell them I raped you. That is, if they believe you at all, in which case you’ll be even more pathetic. So, go on, tell whoever you want.”

Jennifer was stunned at the planning that had gone into this. Angelina stepped away from the pool table, grabbed a chair from the dinner table and placed it about five feet away and sat down to watch the show.

“Now, I think we’ve waited long enough to start. Jason, get to it!” Angelina snapped her command and the young man behind Jennifer grabbed her by the hair. “Oh, and Jason…make it rough.” Angelina smiled wickedly as he yanked back on Jennifer’s hair hard.

“Oh shit! Please don’t!” she begged but Jason responded by kicking the inside of her calves and forced her legs wide. Jennifer was barely standing on the floor, she was on her tiptoes as he forced her over the edge of the pool table. Jen could feel Jason moving his hips back and forth rubbing his massive cock in the crack of her ass. There was a loud ‘WAP!’ sound and Jennifer grimaced as he slapped her right ass cheek hard and she felt a tremendous stinging.

“no, oh my god, no,” Jason placed the bulbous plum sized purple tip of his cock to the soft folds of her pussy and with an eye to Angelina whose face was eager to see the woman she hated most in the world suffer, he thrust his hips forward and forced most of the length of his organ deep inside Jennifer Aniston.

“AAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE! OOHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDD NNNOOOOOOOO!” Jennifer wailed in protest as what she feared most happened and she was raped. She felt him moving back and forth into her. She could feel the head of his penis inside her, forcing itself through the resisting but soft flesh of her vagina. Her sex organ was no match for his. He easily parted her and took what was most sacred from her.

Jason yanked back even harder on her hair arching Jennifer’s back sharply to the point that she feared he might literally break her in two. At the same time he began thrusting harder and harder, if that was even possible, into her. Jennifer squealed as he violated her over and over, each one hurting her both physically and spiritually more than the last.

But worse of all; worse than the man fucking her against her will; worse than him trying his hardest to be as brutal as he could about it was knowing that the woman who she hated more than anything and anyone on earth; the woman who had stolen the most precious thing she had; who had stolen her life, her family, the children she should have had with Brad; knowing that woman, Angelina Jolie, was sitting only a few feet away and savoring this moment was the absolute worst of all.

Jennifer fought to look through tear filled eyes towards the chair in front of her. Angelina was leaning forward with her elbow on her knee and her fist under her chin. She was watching intently smiling with a wild look of glee on her face.

“NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!! PPPPLLLEEEAAAASSEEEE NNOOOOOOO MMMMOOOORRRREEEEEE!” The sight of Angelina’s pleasure at what was being done to her nearly broke Jennifer’s psyche and she let loose with a desperate cry for mercy but she got none as Jason rode her pussy and savored the pleasure she was giving him through his cock. Every thrust felt like it was splitting Jennifer in two as he reamed her with his massive organ over and over.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, but was most likely five or six minutes, Jason began grunting and panting in time with his thrusts.

“Oh yeah, oh oh my god, ahhh ahhh, yeah, that’s it baby!”

He was nearing climax and was increasing his fucking of Jen as he couldn’t resist it, he wanted to cum and now.

With one final deep long push that was so deep it felt to Jen like it ruptured a major organ in her abdomen Jason’s balls let loose his semen.

“OHHHHHH YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH! OH GOD FUCK YEAH!” he screamed and threw his head back as his finger tightened and wrapped Jen’s hair in his fist. She grimaced again as it felt like he was pulling her hair out he was pulling so hard as he climaxed. He didn’t care of course, he wasn’t even doing it on purpose. He was totally lost in a moment of ecstasy as his hot fluid pumped from his cock and into his victim, Jennifer Aniston. He reached up with his right hand and brought it down hard on her ass cheek, spanking her again.

His body was tense and rigid as he held her ass cheeks against his crotch savoring his orgasm. Finally, he fell forward and cried out again, “OH GOD!” He collapsed on top of her, pinning the petite woman between his muscled chest and the green felt of the pool table. He was still humping her as he breathed heavily in her ear, both of them near exhaustion.

Jennifer’s eyes flickered open and she looked up at the sound she heard. It was clapping. Angelina was standing and clapping while smiling broadly. “Awesome! That was great Jason. Someone is going to get a big fat bonus next year!”

Jason stood panting and pulled out of Jennifer and stepped away leaving her bent over the table and weeping. His cock was only half-erect now, hanging limp with cum dripping from the tip just as it was from Jen’s ravaged pussy.

As Jennifer’s mind reeled from being violated she watched as the other two men, Walter and Trey stripped off their clothes. Something told Jen they weren’t yet done with her. Jennifer couldn’t help but notice that all three men had enormous sex organs, thick long cocks and big dangling testicles. Jennifer wondered if it was one of the requirements to even be hired by Angelina in the first place that you had to present your manhood for her approval or if she had hired them for this particular mission.

“Put her on the table,” Angie ordered. Jen looked up wondering what was next as Walter pushed her legs up and onto the pool table. “Hold her too.” Trey grabbed Jennifer’s right wrist and held it against the table face while Walt took her left and did the same. The man who had just ejaculated in her pussy grabbed her ankles and pinned them as well. Jennifer was on her back looking up. She was crucified and being held down and at Angelina’s mercy.

Angie climbed onto the table and stood up, placing her feet on either side of Jennifer’s head. She was smiling broadly and loving this.

“Please. Whatever you’re going to do. Don’t”

Angelina grabbed the edge of her mini-skirt and, wiggling her hips, hiked it up and over her waist. She slipped her fingers under the straps of her thong and slipped it down her legs and off. The men all stood wide-eyed staring at Angelina’s perfect and smooth cunt. She knew she was giving them quite a show, but she didn’t care.

Angelina knelt next to Jen’s head and stuck a finger in her face, “Now, you are going to get me off.”


“Okay then, I’ll just give you to my guys then.”

Jennifer seemed to think about the alternative, “Okay, okay. No more please.” Angelina smiled as Jen’s resolve broke down. Angelina swung her leg over Jennifer’s head, facing her feet. She took Jen’s hair behind her left ear with her hand and made her arch her neck to position her mouth so it could access Angie’s clitoris and pussy.

“You better do a good job, or else!” Jennifer didn’t want to know what ‘or else’ meant.

Angelina lowered her crotch over Jen’s waiting and open lips, “Use your tongue,” she commanded and Jen extended the muscle from her mouth. She felt the tip reach into the soft folds of Angie’s pussy and she began licking up and down. She had never serviced a woman of course, but she was eagerly trying to please.

“oh, oh, yeah, that’s it. That’s good you bitch!” These words of encouragement told her that Angelina was feeling the pleasure. Angelina reached up and took one of her tits in her hand and began twisting her nipple. She lowered her weight to the point that she was literally sitting on Jennifer’s face. Her other hand was on Jen’s chest and she was using it to help hold herself up as she rocked back and forth grinding her cunt down onto Jen’s tongue and lips.

Jennifer could barely breathe but she was able to suck in enough air not to choke and she was too terrified to say anything. Angelina was riding her face in earnest, humping her like a man might. This was not the gentle lovemaking Jen had always assumed being with a woman would be like. As Angie rode her face more and more vigorously…

“Oh god! Yeah! That’s it. Don’t stop! Don’t you dare FUCKING STOP!” Angelina suddenly tensed and her body went rigid but she kept grinding her hips. A flood of fluid that Jen prayed wasn’t urine flowed over her face and filled her mouth. After another few seconds…

“OH GOD! OH GOD YES! OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Angelina screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed hard and kept humping Jennifer’s head faster and faster. Then suddenly, Angelina fell off to the side and lay next to Jennifer. She was sweating and panting savoring the after effects of her orgasm. Jennifer turned her head and spit out the fluid that Angelina had filled her mouth with.

“I have to admit, I’m impressed. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

Angelina rolled off the table and lowered her skirt and adjusted her bra to cover her ass and tits.

“Please Angie. I did what you asked. You’re going to let me go now right?”

Angelina smiled and laughed, “Is that what you thought you little idiot? That if you got me off, it would be over. No Jen. I’m afraid your night is just beginning.” Next she spoke to the three men who had let Jennifer go but were standing around the table, “You boys have fun.”

Jennifer rolled to her side and curled up into a fetal position and began to make sobbing noises covering her face with her arms.

“Pathetic!” Angie snapped as she left the room and left Jennifer to her guards. But as Angelina turned to walk out the sound Jennifer was making changed and Angelina realized she wasn’t sobbing. In fact, she heard the last sound that she ever thought she would hear coming from the woman lying on the pool table.

Angelina turned with a puzzled look on her face. Jennifer was laughing.

Jennifer Aniston, who had been fucked against her will by Jason and then forced to pleasure Angelina with her tongue until she orgasmed, was rolling back on forth on the green felt of the pool table and laughing. Not just giggling either, but really belly laughing and hard. All the men and Angelina stared at her in disbelief.

“I think she might have snapped,” Trey said as he watched her.

Jennifer started to sit up and swing her legs off the table, “No, no, I’m okay, really I am. I just figured something out is all. Something I find funny.”

Angelina crossed her arms, “Oh really, and what pray tell, is that?”

“Just that these three guys are three of the stupidest moron’s I think I’ve ever seen.” Jennifer started laughing again. Walter, Trey and Jason all exchanged looks as Angelina spoke again.

“Just a little tip honey, but you might not want to piss them off right now. I mean, no matter how bad what they are going to do to you is, it can always get worse, believe me.”

Jennifer seemed to have regained some composure, “Oh I believe you, but seriously, you guys are so dumb.” The men were visibly pissed now. “I mean you guys have a great opportunity here and you’re too stupid to even see it. She really does have you right in the palm of her hand, doesn’t she?”

Angelina turned to leave, “I’m done with this nut-job. You boys have fun with her. Make it hurt. A lot.” She waved back over her shoulder to Jennifer, standing nude and beaten in the middle of three large men, all with raging erections about to tear into the petite starlet.

Trey then did the unexpected, “What do you mean ‘in the palm of her hand’?” The question stopped Angelina in her tracks. She turned, “It doesn’t matter what she meant. She’s lost it. Now get to work!” Angelina screamed at the three men as she ordered them to finished Jennifer’s rape session.

Jennifer was very calm though now as if she had something serious to say to them all. Even though she was tied up and naked, all eyes were on her as they waited.

“What I mean is, you guys have a great opportunity standing right there.” Jennifer nodded at Angelina and the three men all looked at her. “I mean that is ANGELINA FUCKING JOLIE, isn’t it?!?” Angelina got a perplexed look on her face as Jennifer spoke.

“I mean, isn’t she supposed to be to most beautiful woman in the world? Isn’t she supposed to be the woman all men, and all women for that matter, drool over? Isn’t she supposed to be able to suck start a snow blower with those bee stung lips of hers?”

The three men all traded looks as if the beginnings of where Jennifer was headed began to form in their minds. It also appeared to be forming in Angelina’s mind too and an angry look crossed her face. But before she could even say a word in protest…

“I mean guys come on. I know I’m hot, don’t get me wrong, but how can I compete with ANGELINA FUCKING JOLIE! Brad Pitt left me for her and you’re going to just let her walk out of here and be satisfied with just me when you could have her too.”

“Hell yes they are going to let me because I’m their boss and I write their checks,” Angelina retorted.

“Oh I see. I’m sorry, I thought you guys were stupid and that this hadn’t occurred to you but now I see you’re just pathetic.” Angelina didn’t like the way Walter was looking at her, but Jennifer did.

“I mean here you are on an island where you can fuck any woman you want and ANGELINA FUCKING JOLIE is here too and you’re not gonna take her because you don’t want to lose your job. Wow, she must pay really great!”

Jason muttered under his breath, “not really.”

“Well, it can’t be that you’re opposed to taking what you want from a woman, so it must be that you don’t have the balls.”

“SHUT UP YOU BITCH!” Angelina screamed at her. “Your little trick isn’t going to work. They work for me and that’s that. You know I was going to head upstairs while they went to work on you, but now I think I want to be more hands on.”

Angelina reached back to slap Jennifer but her hand suddenly froze in mid-air. She snapped her head around to see Walter holding her arm by the wrist. Angelina gave him her patented cold stare down; squinting her eyes and cocking her head just slightly to show her displeasure.

“Take…your…hand…off…me!” Angelina paused between every word to show how angry she was.

“Calm down Angie.” He said to her.

“What the fuck did you call me!?! MY NAME IS MISS JOLIE TO YOU FUCKER!” She went to jerk her arm free but he did not let go. Instead, he shoved Angelina towards Jason who took her by the arms and held her, standing in front of him and facing the group. He had her just above each elbow. There was no way she could pull her thin arms free from his large hands if he didn’t want her to.

Angelina took a different tone, “Look guys. Let’s just stop for a minute, okay? Just let me go and have your fun with Jennifer and I’ll forget all this ever happened.”

Walter turned on her, “I told you to be quiet.” He stuck his finger in her face, “So shut the fuck up already! My god, you’re an arrogant bitch!” Angelina looked like she had been punched. No one; absolutely no one spoke to her like that.

Walter looked at the other two men, “So, what do you guys think? She’s right. This is a hell of a chance we got. One in a lifetime.” All three men were eyeing Angelina’s body up and down, taking in her impossibly long lean legs, her tiny waist, her huge bouncing tits, her perfect porcelain face and the lips that were made by god for the sole purpose of sucking a cock.

There was a pause while the men pondered their options and the women waited, but then Jennifer Aniston spoke again. “Umm, I have a suggestion.”

“SHUT UP!” Angelina yelled at her.

“I think you guys need to see a good old fashioned cat-fight!”

The men all looked from Jennifer to Angelina to each other as wide smiles crossed their lips indicating they agreed. Walter spoke, “Yeah, I think you’re right.”

Trey stepped back out of the way while Jason released Angelina. Angie couldn’t believe they had turned on her like this. The look of shock and rage on her face showed them all how pissed she was. Then, in an instant, she wheeled on Jason, the young stud of the men and her expression changed. Where it had been rage, now it was smiling sweetly.

“Jason, you don’t want to do this.” Her right hand found his exposed cock and she let her fingers wrap around the shaft and begin massaging it while her left ran through his thick curly blonde hair. “I mean come on. You and me, we could have a lot of fun, just the two of us. How about you take me out of here and I’ll go show you how…appreciative I can be?” She gave him her best come hither look. But to everyone’s surprise he backed away.

“Frankly Angie, I’m tired of your bullshit.”

Angelina’s face twisted again into one of hatred and rage, “YOU MOTHER FUCKERS! I’LL FUCKING HAVE YOU KILLED FOR DOING THIS TO ME! YOU WON’T LIVE TO REGRET TH…”

Angelina’s threats were cut off as a naked Jennifer Aniston charged and tackled her, driving her shoulder into her tits. Jennifer kept running, driving Angelina backwards until they slammed into the table that had been set up for Jennifer’s fake dinner with Brad. The two women crashed over it, sending the table, chairs, and dinnerware scattering to the floor.

They jumped to their feet and faced each other in the middle of the room. Angelina tossed her head back, her hair wild and cascading all around her. She was looking around the room as if she wanted to get away, but Jennifer was right in front of her with a look of rage on her face. The look told Angie that Jen was out for blood. Plus the men were still blocking the exits and so Angie knew she couldn’t get away and would have to fight.

“Fine! If you want it, I’ll be happy to kick your ass bitch!” Angelina yelled at her and raised her hands like a boxer. Jennifer stood with her fists clenched tight but she held them to her sides. Between the two women, it appeared Angie was the better-trained fighter.

Angie stepped forward with a snapping motion of her left hand. Jennifer’s head snapped back as she was hit by a quick jabbing punch from Angie. Trying to take advantage of Jennifer being momentarily stunned she threw a hard punch at her foe’s head. While Angelina had been in several action movies and had apparently studied boxing and some martial arts, she had never been in a real fight. Her punch was a wild haymaker and missed Jennifer by a mile.

The force of the missed punch spun Angelina around nearly one hundred and eighty degrees. By now Jen had recovered and suddenly being presented with her opponent’s back, she kicked hard and slammed her heel between Angie’s shoulder blades.

“Ahhhh!” Angelina grunted in pain and she was sent sprawling over the coffee table in front of a large plush sofa. Her shins hit the edge and she tripped and fell face first forward rolling off the top and into the space between the table and the couch. As Angie tried to get to her feet, Jennifer jumped over the table and grabbed her by the hair and yanked on it hard.


Angelina screamed as it felt like her hair was being ripped out of her scalp. As she fought to her feet, Jennifer pushed her back on to the sofa and jumped on top of her, straddling her waist. Jen wrapped her hands around Angelina’s throat and began trying to throttle the life out of her.

“I’ll fucking kill you, you bitch!” she screamed in Angelina’s face as she choked her. Angie was rolling side to side trying to fight her off. She grabbed Jen’s wrists and fought to pull her fingers from around her neck, but Jen had a good grip and she wasn’t letting go.

Walter looked at Trey, “I think she might really kill her.”

Walter responded, “A C-note on Angie?” Trey nodded indicating he accepted the bet and would take Jennifer.

Angelina’s face was turning red as she fought for air. Jen gritted her teeth and kept squeezing and fighting to keep a writhing Angie beneath her. As they fought and rolled back ad forth, Angelina’s skirt had ridden up. She had never put her panties back on after riding Jen’s face on the pool table. The men craned to look at her shaved pussy for the second time tonight, although they knew they were going to be seeing more of it after the fight.

After over a minute of struggling from the bottom, Angie in desperation reached up and sank her nails into the soft flesh of Jennifer’s right tit.

“FUCK!” Jen screamed in pain as Angie raked her claws down her chest. Four red lines appeared in her tan skin as Angie dug her nails in. Jennifer lost focus and this allowed Angie to push her off and to the floor.

Angelina jumped up and now was on the attack. She grabbed Jennifer by the hair. Pulling her head towards her chest she then slammed the back of Jen’s head into the wooden coffee table they were wresting on.

THUNK! Jen’s head made a dull solid sound as it bounced off the hard cherry wood.

Angie tried to slam her head into the table again, but Jen reached up and grabbed Angie’s top and yanked. The buttons popped and the fabric ripped and it was torn off her. Angie’s shock at being stripped led her to lose her balance and she tumbled off Jen and to the floor. The men all smiled as Angelina’s enormous tits flopped out of their bra, finally free at last.

Jen climbed to her feet holding her head with one hand and the tit Angie had nearly ripped off with the other. Angie stood smiling wickedly at Jennifer’s pain ignoring the fact that she was now topless and her cunt was openly exposed as well, “Not so tough now are you whore!?”

“FUCK YOU! I promise you’re gonna pay for this! If it’s the last thing I do you are going to pay!”

The two women faced off again, both practically nude except for Jen’s high heels and Angie’s boots and crumpled skirt. Both enraged even more now than ever, charged at each other and began grabbing at each other’s hair and clawing at each other’s skin. Jennifer felt her hair yanked hard, Angelina felt Jen’s nails dig into her arm, Jen took a hard slap across her face and Angie felt the wind knocked from her by a fist to her gut.

Jennifer pulled her fist back and landed a hard right to the tip of Angelina’s nose that sent her staggering back towards the pool table. Angie, as she held onto the table to support her, felt into one of the pockets and grabbed a billiard ball. Bringing it up, she threw it at Jennifer yelling, “BITCH!” as she did.

The hard ceramic ball hit Jen between her tits and made her wince in pain as she was momentarily stopped in her tracks. Luckily for Jen though, Angelina threw like the proverbial girl and the ball did not have much force behind it. Angelina grabbed a second ball and threw it as well, this time aiming for her head. This one slipped from her hand and shattered a picture on the far wall. As Angie was about to let a third pool ball fly, Jennifer charged at her and grabbed her extended arm stopping her from flinging it.

Angie’s right hand was held by Jen’s left over her shoulder and Angie used her left hand to grab Jen’s hair and began yanking and tugging on it. The two women were locked in combat, cursing and insulting each other as they thrashed trying to gain the upper hand.



“You fucking bitch!”

“It’s not my fault you can’t keep a man!”

Jennifer, even more enraged by that last comment, drove her knee up between Angie’s legs as hard as she could muster.

“OH FUCK!” Angie cried out and dropped to her knees on the floor, her hands cupped protectively over her cunt. Jen grabbed her by the hair to pull her back up but Angie punched Jen in the navel sucking the breath from her. Angelina climbed to her feet as Jen held her stomach.

Angie lifted her leg, giving the men a great view of her wide-open pussy as she did, and side kicked Jennifer in the chest. Walter was a bit impressed. It seemed all that training for those Tomb Raider movies might help him win his bet. Jen stumbled backwards into one of the chairs and before she could recover Angelina launched her self into the now seated woman. Angie drove her left knee into Jennifer’s chest.

“WHOOF!” Jen exhaled as she felt all of Angie’s weight drive into her. Angelina grabbed Jen by the hair and pulled her head back exposing her face. Angelina landed a right cross to Jen’s chin that was as hard a punch as she could muster. A sharp pain shot through her arm and Angie thought she might had broken several fingers on Jen’s jawbone but she didn’t care.

She punched Jennifer again in the face this time in the cheek and then again in her left eye. Jennifer felt her self-losing consciousness. She had no idea if the men would intercede on her behalf if she passed out or if they would let Angie kill her, which she was convinced she would.

Jen reached up, just as Angelina had earlier, and grabbed her left tit. Unlike Jen’s small breasts, Angelina’s full C cup boobs made great targets and were easy to grab as they dangled right before Jen’s face. Jen sank her fingernails into the woman flesh of Angie’s breast. Her nipple was in the center of her palm as she spread her fingers and grabbed hard, curling her fingers into the soft white skin.

“AAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!” Angelina screamed bloody murder as she felt Jennifer dig her claws into one of her most sensitive body parts. Angie lost all thought of throwing punches as she grabbed Jen’s wrist in and effort to get her to stop her assault. Seeing how much pain she caused though, Jen redoubled her effort and began twisting as well, driving her nails even deeper. Blood began to flow from the holes her fingers were tearing in Angelina’s.

“OH GOD STOP!” Angie screamed. She turned towards the men standing about twenty feet away and watching the show with their erections proving their interest, and called out to them, “PLEASE! MAKE HER STOP! GET HER OFF ME!”

Angelina was a really whiny bitch when she wanted to be. Angie had Jen by the right hand trying to extricate her nails from her tit when Jennifer suddenly realized she had a free hand and Angelina had a free tit. With all the malice she could muster, Jennifer sank the nails of her left hand into Angelina’s massive right breast and let her claws sink as deep as the first.

Angelina grabbed this hand too but she was helpless to stop Jen. She through her head back and wailed in agony, “OOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDD SSSTTTOOOOPPPP!”

She shrieked and begged as Jennifer twisted and clawed trying to rip her tits off her chest. And she might of if Angelina had not slid off the chair and onto her butt on the floor. On one hand, this freed her breasts from Jen’s grasp, but on the other it did so by tearing them free as Jennifer did not let go and so Angelina was in tremendous agony as she felt like her tits had in fact been ripped off.

Angelina rolled to her feet and looked down at her tits. They had large punctures, dripping blood, and deep long red marks where Jen’s nails had raked the meat as she pulled free.


Jennifer laughed, “I guess your tits are so perfect now are they!”

Jennifer and Angelina lunged at each other and traded punches to their faces and body over and over. Each was raining punches down on any exposed skin of the other woman they could. Each took blow after blow to their cheek, jaw, chest, stomach, and kidneys. Neither of them was defending her self in any real way, so focused on hurting the other. Consequently, each was extremely easy for the other to hit. Finally, after each woman had landed and taken more than ten strong punches they both collapsed.

For several long minutes both women lay on the floor of the parlor. They had fought a twelve rounder and both were exhausted and in agony, barely able to move. The men waited to see if either had any fight left in her, but finally they realized it was over.

Jennifer felt her self lifted to her feet by her hair. It took her a second to realize that Trey has holding her up. She also saw Walter lift Angelina the same way. Neither woman could fight back; they could barely have lifted their arms much less fight off three burly men.

“That was one hell of a fight. How about we call it a draw?” Walter asked Trey, referring to their bet. Trey nodded. He had other things on his mind as he caressed Jen’s tight little body with his free hand.

Walter led Angelina over to the pool table where Jennifer had been bent over and fucked less than an hour ago. He shoved her up against it. Angelina stood, panting deeply, with her back to the table facing the man whom, up until earlier tonight, she trusted to protect her. He had in his hand a length of plastic to use to bind her hands.

“Turn around,” he ordered but Angie didn’t immediately comply. Instead she held up her delicate hands in front of her in a gesture asking for a moment of his time.

“P-please Walt, please, think about this. You don’t want to do this.”

“Actually, I am pretty sure I do. Now turn around and put your hands behind you.”

“Please, don’t. You’ve worked for me for five years. I trusted you. I thought we were friends.”

“HAH! FRIENDS!? Did you say friends bitch?”

Angelina flinched as he erupted at her and called her a bitch.

“The last thing we are is friends. Yeah, I’ve worked for you for five years. Five years of being yelled at and cursed at and ordered to do every demeaning job you could think of and forced to chase around your bratty little kids. Oh, yeah, but we’re great friends.”

“N-no, I didn’t mean…I nev…”

Walter slapped Angelina hard across the face, the blow spinning her. Once her eyes cleared she found her self bent over the table with Walt securing her wrists behind her back with the plastic restraint he had. Once she was totally helpless, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back so he could look down into her face.

“Do you remember what I told you when you suggested this idea to me? Huh? Do you? What I said when you said you wanted to lure Jennifer down here and have me rape her?” Angelina shook her head in terror, afraid to say anything to anger him further. “You told me you didn’t care what I thought and I would do what you told me too or else. So, if raping her was a good idea, then why is raping you not? Huh?” Angelina couldn’t argue with the logic. “Arrogant bitch!” He slammed her back down over the table.

Without another word, Walter forced his massive cock inside her pussy.

“YYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! NO NO NO NO NO!” Angelina screamed as she was violated in a way that she never thought possible. Walter began pumping his organ into her over and over. He was fucking her hard and yelling at her as he did.

“Oh yeah, you like that, huh? You like getting fucked don’t you bitch?” Angelina was just wailing though. With every thrust of his cock her haughtiness and arrogance seemed to shrink.

Trey, Jason and Jennifer just stood watching Angelina be raped by Walt. For a second Jennifer actually felt sorry for her, but the she remembered why she was here and what had led to her being raped by Jason a while ago.

Besides, this had been what Jen wanted. She wasn’t sure when she had thought it up, maybe when she was lying under Angie and tonguing her pussy, but at some point she realized that if she couldn’t escape she could turn the men on Angelina. That’s when she had suggested they use the laws, or lack thereof, against Angie and take her as well. She figured that once the possibility of fucking Angelina was presented to the men they wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

As Jennifer savored Angelina being forcibly violated, Jason, whose cock Jen was intimately familiar with now, jumped up on the pool table and faced the screaming woman.

“No, please Jason, not you too!”

Jason laughed at her as he bent his knees and lowered his hips so his ball sack was hanging even with her chin. He took two big handfuls of Angie’s thick hair and pointed his cock at her face.

“Open!” he commanded. She obviously refused and so Jason let fly a slap across Angie’s face before repeating his order, “OPEN!” This apparently did the trick because Jason thrust his cock forward into Angie’s now open and waiting mouth.

Jason closed his eyes and held his breath, “OH GOD! THAT’S IT! THAT’S SO GOOD! THEY’RE LIKE WARM PILLOWS!” Apparently Angelina’s lips were as good as everyone imagined they would be when wrapped around a cock.

Jason began using his hands and hips to force his cock back and forth in and out of Angelina’s mouth, his swinging balls whapping up against Angie’s chin as he did. She was gagging and gurgling as he fucked her harder and harder and deeper and deeper. Both Walter and Jason were now ploughing into Angie from opposite ends of her, one into her pussy and the other into her face.

Angelina was helpless and was being tossed around by their efforts to satisfy their lust. Her gigantic tits were flopping up and down and back and forth in time with their thrusts. Tears streamed down her face from both the choking of having Jason cock shoved into her throat and the shame of being violated like this.

For several minutes it seemed Jennifer stood watching Angie’s violation and she almost forgot where she was. But then Trey turned his attention to her and she realized she was not getting a pass just because the men had a new plaything in Angelina. Trey bound her hands like Angie’s had been and forced Jennifer onto her back on the sofa.

Jen didn’t fight or resist. She knew what was going to happen. Trey mounted her, placing her feet on his massively muscled shoulders. The head of his enormous cock was pushing up against her tiny little pink hole as he maneuvered himself and her to get into position to start raping her. Jen barely made a sound as he did this, she knew there was no point. Jennifer couldn’t resist the whimper that escaped her lips as the huge back cock was finally shoved inside her though.

Jennifer’s legs began flopping up and down on his shoulders as he began raping her in earnest. It was obvious that Trey was excited, after all he had watched Jennifer get fucked earlier, then Angelina pleasure herself, then the catfight, and just now watched Angie getting fucked by his accomplices. That all created a lot of sexual energy to be released and he was using her cunt to do just that now. Even though Jennifer knew fighting wasn’t going to help her she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as she was raped for the second time tonight and by the second man. Jennifer could feel Trey big round nuts pounding against her asshole as he reamed her pussy.

This situation continued for several minutes with Jen hearing the occasional slap or squeal from Angie over her shoulder. Then she heard Angie cry out something new…

“No, please, Walt, NO! NOT MY ASSHOLE PLEASE!!!”

This plead was followed by a scream as Walt ignored her and began sodomizing Angelina. Jennifer couldn’t see Angie but the thought of her being violated like this made her feel a little better. But unfortunately for Jen, Trey heard this too and appeared to like the thought of anal sex.

He withdrew his cock from her pussy with a slight ‘Pop’ sound and lowered his hips to line his cock up with her tight and taunt puckered asshole. Jennifer had never been a fan of anal sex. She had rarely let a man inside there before Brad and even with him she only did it when she felt he really wanted it. Now she was about to be sodomized and she became terrified.

The sensation of feeling his massive organ stretching and pushing through her sphincter muscles was agonizing.

“OOOHHHHHHHH NNNNOOOOOOOO!” A wail came from Jennifer’s lips without her even realizing it. Trey smiled as he got the first real signs of distress from the tan woman below him. This just encouraged him and he reamed his cock as deep as he could in several hard thrusts into her asshole. Jennifer grimaced and squealed as he did.

As the men began ass fucking their prisoners, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were screaming and begging in rhythm to each other as they were both brutally sodomized.

After several minutes, the men climaxed and hot loads of sticky fluid were fired into both women’s asses as Angelina was also forced to swallow Jason’s salty cum. All three men stepped back panting as Jennifer lay limp on the sofa and Angie collapsed to the floor after her ordeal. But neither of the women thought they were done and they were correct as the three men had just gotten started.

Since there were three males in the room and they were incredibly turned on, both of the women were being fucked in some way almost continuously for the next several hours. One man might rest and watch as the other two had their fun, but then soon enough he and his cock would be ready to go again and he would trade places with one of the other rapists and start fresh.

The supply of Viagra tablets that Angelina had been sure to bring also ensured they were rock hard and ready for fucking at almost every moment. Of course, Angelina brought the sex aids to be sure that Jennifer got the most thorough reaming she could. She never intended for them to be used to fuel the cocks being shoved up her own asshole, into her own pussy, and down her own throat. That was one minor but now seemingly important detail that Angelina had missed. But you can’t foresee every little detail when planning to rape your rival now can you?

Over the next several hours both women were fucked in every conceivable position and orifice they could be. Nothing seemed beyond these men’s imaginations and Jennifer and Angelina were both used as little more than sex toys to pleasure all three men for hours. Both women passed out from the abuse several times.

But the worst part of the night actually wasn’t being raped. The men also enjoyed hurting and abusing the women during intercourse and between sexual sessions as well. Slaps to the face, punches to the gut and kidneys, hands wrapped around their throats to choke them, kicks to the crotch, pinches and yanks on their tits, and whippings across their back and ass cheeks with hands and belts were an almost constant side effect to the fucking. Several times a Jason stopped fucking Angelina just to slam a fist into her solar plexus only to them return directly to fucking her.

Of all the parts of the women the men abused, Angelina’s tits seemed to be one of their favorite targets. The men slapped, punched, twisted, yanked, and squeezed them all through the night. Jennifer had always been envious of Angie’s breasts, not that she liked to admit that. Brad had always been a boob man and Jennifer had always felt inadequate in that area. She was sure Angelina’s breasts were one of the first things that had attracted his notice. But after seeing the agony that Angie’s breasts caused her that night as they also attracted these men’s attention, Jennifer was glad she was more modestly endowed in that area.

After hours or torment, Jennifer wondered if she would survive the night on several occasions. Towards the end of the night, the men’s cock began to weaken and they had trouble keeping erections, even with the little blue pills that they were swallowing in handfuls.

Once this happened, the men began to look for other ways to entertain themselves. The women were pitted against each other in degrading contests. Forced to crawl in a race around the room with the loser, Angelina, being choked into unconsciousness and then revived. Jennifer also faced the most humiliating moment of her life when she and Angelina were forced to see which of them could hold more pool balls in their rectum. Angelina won with thirteen, but then the two women were made to face each other and excrete the ceramic spheres into buckets. The thudding sound each made as it hit the bottom was as bad as the painful sensation of passing them through her asshole.

Jennifer finally passed out for good as Walter and Trey gave her a brutal double penetration, her pussy and asshole being reamed at the same time. She succumbed to unconsciousness as she saw Angelina being fucked yet again by the young stud Jason.

Some time later…

Jennifer’s eyes flickered open weakly. She raised her head but even that small motion was excruciating. Her vision was blurry but she managed to clear it and look around but even after doing this she could not see through her left eye. It was morning and there was daylight outside. She timidly looked around the parlor praying she would not see any of her three rapists. She relaxed when she did not.

She was lying on the sofa. Tentatively she tried to stand up but immediately collapsed to the floor, her legs were unable to support her weight.

“OH GOD!” Jennifer cried out as she curled into a fetal position holding her genitals. Her entire body hurt but the agony pulsating from between her legs was beyond anything she could have ever imagined. The men had fucked the shit out of her and had nearly fucked the life out of her and her pussy felt like it. She was crying hard and rolling back and forth on the carpet.

Finally, after several minutes she tried again to stand. She steadied her self with the arm of the sofa. It was incredibly painful but she found her legs could support her weight. She took several steps, limping. Tossing the champagne bottle out of an ice bucket that was somehow survived the night, she lifted the bucket and poured the cool water over her face and hair. She took a long drink of the remnants of the ice water trying to wash the taste of several wads of cum she had been forced to devour the night before.

Suddenly she saw her self in a large mirror on the wall and approached it. She looked horrible. Her lipstick and mascara was smeared but that was the least of the problems for her face. Her left eye was swollen nearly shut. She had several bruises on her cheek and forehead. Her lip had dried blood on it and her nose appeared broken.

Her entire body was covered with bruises and cuts. She saw the four long gouges that Angie had dug into her tit during their catfight in the reflection. She held her arm tight against her body as her shoulder was killing her. She remembered what had happened. Trey had dislocated it as he ass fucked her. He and Jason had popped it back in place. She must have passed out when that had occurred because when she woke back up, she was back on her belly being sodomized by Trey again.

Finally, her pussy looked like raw hamburger. It was swollen and red and incredibly tender. A combination of rage and humiliation swept over her and Jen threw the ice bucket at the mirror and shattered it. She sank to her knees trying to get her bearings and then from behind Jennifer heard a soft moaning.

She suddenly remembered, “Angelina.”

She walked around the side of the pool table to find Angelina lying on the floor naked and if possible in worse shape than Jen was. Her hands were tied behind her back still and she looked like she had been beaten within an inch of her life. Her face, that even Jennifer had to admit had been flawless, was battered and bruised but it was the rest of Angie that looked worse.

Her tits were a dark purple and one of them was swollen to an unnatural size even for her. Blood trickled from her asshole and between her legs. There were also a number of long dark bruises all over her body as well. Jennifer remembered the men taking pool cues to Angelina that would account for these wounds. There was a dark large bruise on her ribcage that Jen thought might conceal several broken ribs.

Normally, seeing someone in this state would bring up a swell of sympathy and mercy in Jennifer, but not now. Seeing Angelina helpless on the floor, she thought of only one thing. She spotted a dinner knife on the floor and grabbed it and knelt near Angie head. Using the arm that had not been dislocated, she lifted Angie’s head and placed it in her lap. Clenching the knife tight, Jen placed it against Angie’s throat just under the jaw line.

Jen paused, thinking about what she was going to do. Could she really kill in cold blood? It occurred to her that this what the men wanted. They had left Angie bound and Jennifer free. They probably hoped she would kill their former employer. Then…

“je-nn-iffer, p-plu-uzze. M-me…rrr…cy”

A weak voice came from Angie. How could Angelina ask for mercy from Jennifer after what she had planned to have done to her? But it didn’t matter. Jen tossed the knife aside and moved away. She couldn’t do it. But she knew Angelina had to suffer for what she had done. Jen didn’t care that her plan had backfired or that her own guards had horribly raped and beaten her. It was Angie’s fault that she was here and she had not paid for that yet.

Jen managed to lift Angie and push her onto the pool table. Angelina offered no resistance as she was barely conscious and her hands were still tied. Jen didn’t know what exactly she was going to do but she knew it had to be something to punish this bitch.

She looked at Angie’s limp body, barely awake but helpless and then around the room. Lying on the floor was a pool cue and Jen knew what to do. She grabbed Angelina’s right ankle and pulled her leg towards the edge of the table, then repeated with her left. Angie was lying on her back now, nude and spread eagle. Her pussy looked as bad as Jen’s did but she didn’t care, it was about to get worse.

Jen took the pool cue and grabbed it with both hands and twisted. She cried out in pain as her left arm screamed in agony at her but she didn’t stop until she had managed to untwist the top and bottom halves. She tossed the upper and thinner end away and kept the bottom end. It was about three feet long and a good two inches thick at the fat end. Jennifer climbed up onto the table with Angie now stirring but still mostly out of it.

Jennifer wedged the smaller end of the cue under the rubber lip of the pool table and made sure it was secure. She then pointed the fat end at Angelina’s cunt and, grabbing her by the thighs, pulled the woman towards it. Angie flinched as pain shot through her when the tip touched the tender swollen meat of her pussy. That pain seemed to rouse Angelina and she began to stir. Jennifer didn’t want her to be able to fight so she began to move quicker.

Once the tip was about a half inch inside Angelina’s sex organ, Jen stopped pulling and stood up. Fighting against her own pain she stood over Angie and lifted first her right leg and then her left. The boots Angelina had been wearing had been taken off at some point in the night as had Jen’s high heels. They were both barefoot which made what Jen was about to do easier.

She placed Angie’s ankles under her armpits and grabbed her by the legs just below the knee of each leg. Jen gritted her teeth as she made sure she had a good grip. Angelina was really beginning to stir now.

Angie lifted her head and looked down her body past her swollen discolored tits towards the end of the table she was on. Her eyes went wide as she saw the pool cue wedged between her pussy and the raised lip of the table. She then looked up to see Jennifer Aniston standing on the edge of the table holding her legs spread wide.

“Jennifer?” she asked softly.

“Now, you’re going to get yours Angelina,” Jen repeated the threat she had received the night before when Angie had ordered Jason to rape her.

Suddenly finding her voice, “N-NOOO, NO, DON’T JEN. DON’T DO TH…”

Angelina’s voice was cut off as Jennifer pulled back hard with all her might. She threw her weight backwards and would have leapt off the end of the table if she didn’t have Angie’s legs to support her. Angelina’s ass slid across the smooth felt towards Jennifer as she yanked. Unfortunately for Angie, the pool cue secured against the table edge did not budge and it was forced deeper and deeper into Angelina’s cunt.

“AAAIIIIIIEEEEE!! NNNNOOOOOO! NO! NO! OH GOD NO!” Angelina screamed in agony as she was violated for the countless time again but this time by a hard wooden stick longer and thicker than the biggest cock from the night before. Jen looked down and after her first tug on Angie’s legs the cue was buried about six inches inside the her abdomen, but that wasn’t good enough.

Jennifer pulled even harder, forcing another three inches into Angie’s cunt and summoning more howls of pain violation from her. “OH GOD STOP JEN! YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!”

But Jennifer did want to. She couldn’t bring her self to kill in cold blood, but she wanted to do this, that much she knew. Jennifer kept pulling as hard as she could and the pool cue inched more and more inside Angie. Every inch though increased the resistance and Jen was working harder and harder to get deeper penetration. She was using her legs, back, shoulders, and arms to pull, putting every muscle to use and every ounce of strength she could muster into it.


Jennifer threw her head back, closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she put everything she could into the force on Angie’s legs. All the pain and soreness in Jen washed away replaced by nothing but contempt for Angelina.


Jennifer did not even realize it but she was literally hanging off the edge of the pool table. Her feet were anchored against the edge and she was leaning back like a water skier at nearly a 45-degree angle being supported by only Angie’s legs. Jennifer also couldn’t hear Angie squealing bloody murder either. She was totally lost in moment and focused on penetrating Angelina.

Suddenly, Jen found her self lying on the floor of the parlor at the foot of the pool table on her back. She had lost her grip and fallen. She could see Angelina’s legs hanging off the edge of the table and they were kicking wildly. Jennifer stood up and looked down at Angie.

The pool cue was embedded deep inside Angelina’s cunt, nearly two-thirds of its three-foot length had disappeared inside her. Angie was obviously in horrible pain as she was thrashing, her entire body convulsing wildly.


Angelina screamed at Jen who didn’t even bother to answer. She just began to cry and turned to walk out of the room leaving Angelina screaming in pain and flailing. Finally, Angelina rolled off the table and slumped onto the floor, apparently out cold. Jen walked into the hallway and collapsed her self, passed out from her ordeal as well.


It had been nearly a week since their night of horror. Jennifer limped down the hallway of the local hospital on crutches. She was healing but still in pain. She would be okay physically eventually, but she didn’t know if she would ever recover from the night emotionally.

She was getting ready to leave the hospital and stopped at a large window looking into a hospital room. Lying in the bed was Angelina, still unconscious. Her injuries had been far greater than Jennifer had suffered . She had been through several surgeries and was bed-ridden from them. Jen watched as the nurse checking Angie’s vitals walk out into the hall.

“Excuse me.” The nurse stopped to face Jen. “Is she going to live?”

“Oh, I think so ma’am. But she suffered terrible injuries. Someone used a pool cue on her privates. How could a monster do that to such a beautiful creature? A shame.”

Jennifer nodded pretending that she sympathized and the nurse went on…

“But she won’t be the same, not ever. The doctors had to remove her ovaries and most of her uterus. She won’t be able to have anymore children and might not even be able to enjoy sex ever again. Also, the damage to her breasts was extensive and they had to remove one of them as well.”

Jennifer remembered what Walter, Trey and Jason had done to Angie. They had tied ropes to her tits and hoisted her up by them with her hands tied behind her back. Jennifer watched in horror as Angelina screamed and flailed wildly hanging by her most sensitive female parts. They had then taken pool cues to her as she hung, treating her like a piñata. Watching that scene, Jennifer was thankful she did not have larger tits because she was sure she would have been hanging right beside Angie if she had.

“Such a shame. She was a beautiful woman.” The nurse seemed to emphasize the word ‘was’ when she spoke. She then walked off and Jennifer looked through the glass at Angie. She sill hated her but she wondered if she had gone too far with her revenge.

“Oh well, nothing I can do now”, she shrugged, turned and limped off down the hall towards the exit and a waiting car to go to the airport and home.

Back in the states…

Angelina sat in a wheelchair on the marble floor of the foyer to her mansion. The car that had dropped her off pulled away leaving her alone. She waited for her family, her husband, her children, even her servants to run out to greet her, but no one came.

It had been over six weeks since what she thought was a perfect plan had blown up in her face. She had spent nearly three weeks in the hospital and it took another two before she could leave San Giselle. She had to let her injuries heal before she came home to the states. If the press got photos of her like she had been there would be questions she couldn’t answer.

She knew Jennifer had told Brad everything that had happened and what she had done. Brad had even come to see her on the island. She wanted to lie but she couldn’t deny the truth to him. She confessed. Brad was revolted by her actions. He left her there on her own.

Now he was gone from their house and had taken their children with him. He had filed for divorce and threatened that if she fought for custody he would reveal what she had done and use that information to make sure she never saw the kids again. Angelina Jolie sat alone in the dark and tears began to flow as she thought about what she had done and what she had lost

The End

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