An Angel get’s Captured

An Angel Get’s Captured

Late one afternoon while waiting for either a customer or the first
victim, an incredibly sexy brunnette pulled up at Gregs gas station. There
was nobody else around for miles and she provided the perfect oppertunity for
him to snatch her up and have his way with her. She asked him to fill her up
and boy would he ever he thought to himself and began giving her truck gas.
She then asked him if there was a bathroom and he told her it was around the
corner. He smiled as she walked away from him uknowing giving him a good long
glance at her perfectly rounded and tight ass wiggling under
her denims.
After she was out of sight Greg stopped the pump and grabbed a tire iron. He
crept around the bend and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. When
she came out Greg clubbed her with the tire iron from behind and she
collapsed on the ground. One strike was all it took to render her
unconscious. He quickly scooped her sexy figure up and carried her inside the
station to the back room where he has a matress set up for all those long,
lonely and boring nights. But tonight he wouldn’t be alone and it certainly
wouldn’t be boring either. He layed her down on the matress and forced her to
swallow 3 perscribed sleeping pills. He smiled and said ” gonna be a whole
lotta lovin’ goin on in here tonight I can see”, but remembered her truck was
still outside. Greg drove her jeep around back and pulled it into the bay
where he worked on brakes and strutts. When he came back She was on all fours
crawling across the room toward a phone. Greg smiled and drug her back to the
matress where he’de have his way with her. The drug began to take affect on
her but she was still semi-conscious also due to the concussion she no
doubtidly sustained earlier. He centered her on the matress and began
fondling her breasts. They were very firm and she moaned softly as he groped
them through and under her shirt. She passed out shortly after and Greg found
himself digging through her pocketbook for any identification. Her name was
Jessica Alba. Then he remembered that name from TV. This was Jessica Alba
from the Fox series Dark Angel! He licked his lips and said ” oh boy, what a
catch”! The sleeping pills were to help him sleep but 3 would render an ape
unconsciopus for the entire night and then some. Just to be safe Greg forced
her to swallow 2 more and told her ” you’ll swallow plenty more than just my
medication my sweet” and he fondled her sexy legs through her denims. He
removed her sneakers and smelled each deliciously scented feet, first with
her socks on and then off. He became light-headed from the sweet intoxicating
aroma and became lost in the act. She had perfect little feet with red
painted toenails along with a sexy rose tattoe on her left ankle. Greg sucked
on her delicious feet for quite some time, becoming drunk off the smoothness
of her sexy kicks. He removed her tight denims revealing a pair of red and
blue designer panties. Greg rolled Jessica over onto her stomach and took in
the sweet scent of her perfect ass through her panties. “Oh, you smell
absolutley wonderful my pretty” he told her while she slept. He pulled her
panties down after a few minutes of repeated butt massage and sucked heavily
on her exposed ripe ass. His loins were going nuts at this point so Greg
mounted the sleeping actress and began to hump away! Every stroke was pure
bliss and after about 15 seconds he let out an incredible orgasm that caused
him to moan loudly! When he calmed down, he collected himself and closed up
for the night. Then he returned to his sleeping beauty to have his way with
her the rest of the night!

The sex that night was incredible to say the least. Under no circumstances
could he just let Jessica go you know. Greg kept her in the backroom and
fucked her in every position possible for days, he exhausted his supply of
sleeping pills on her as well as all of his endless perverted fantasies…..

day pass…….

Later that week while our gas station owner watched TV he seen a segment on
the news about a missing actress named Jessica Alba from the fox series Dark
Angel. That the actress was missing and that there was a reward for any
information leading to her whereabouts. He smiled and said, ” I have all the
reward a normal guy like me could ever want” and then turned off the TV,
picked up a small bottle of newly perscribed sleeping pills and made his way
into the backroom where Jessica slumbered helplessly for her captor. The
series was shortly cancelled mainly due to the mysterious dissapearence of
it’s main star and Jessica was never heard or seen from again……

The End

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