An Ella Enchanted Story: The White Slave

An Ella Enchanted Story: The White Slave

By Dragon333

©July 21st, 2006

Celebs: RuDee Lipscomb, Camile Winbush

Codes: FF, Ff, mc?, fant, nc -> cons, ws

Disclaimer: this story is made for entertainment purposes only and none of the events in this story are real.

In a land of fantasy, with elves, ogres, fairies as well as people, there lived a girl named Ella. Ella was a 22 year old beautiful white woman with pretty brown eyes, white light smooth skin, and had
breasts that were around the size of a 32C. At birth Ella was cursed by a fairy god mother by the name of Lucinda. Ella’s curse was that she does everything that anyone tells her. It was something she struggled with her entire life, but today she would be fully taken for granted of.

Camile Winbush heard of a rumor of the legendary Ella and how she was cursed with mandatory obedience. Camile Winbush was a dark skinned black girl with semi-thick eye brows, kissable lips, brown eyes, and slightly puffed cheeks. She was about 16 years old which, by itself, increased her hottness. At the moment she was wearing a ghetto dark blue du-rag, a black tank top, and dark blue faded jeans. She had a cell phone in her hand containing a picture of the legendary Ella and checked it as she walked around Ella’s home land.

“Halt!” Camile said sticking her black hand out like she was patrolling a traffic lane.

“Is there something I can help you with, miss?” The white girl whom looked like Ella asked.

“You look extremely close to the legendary Ella who is basically everybody’s bitch. And I want to see if it’s really you. And if it is, we’re going to have a LOT of fun with you!”

“What are you talking about? And what do you mean ‘we?’”

“Don’t tell me you live in the legendary hometown of the legendary white slut and don’t know about her. And when I say ‘we,’ I mean I’m gonna call up my friend to have some sexual pleasure with you. Tell me you’re a slut.”

“I’m a slut.” she said quickly.

“Looks like you ARE Ella!”

“N-No I’m not!” she tried to lie.

“Tell the truth!” Camile said as she tried to give her a look like they do in the horror movies ,where in the movies her eyes were supposed to glow.

“I am Ella.” Camile formed a big smile on her face.

“I knew it!” Camile said while taking her cell phone out of her pocket. “Hello, RuDee? Yeah, I found the legendary Ella. Want to get here? Just take the dragon.” She hung up the phone and looked back at her white bitch. Ella was wearing a white dress, no bra, and some cheap shoes. “OK, slut, my friend with big tits is going to give you the time of your life, and you better enjoy it. Before she gets here, I want to test out your cursed limits!”

“N-No! Please don’t!” Ella begged.

“Beg me to fuck you!” Camile barked.

“Please fuck me!” Ella begged just like her new master ordered. Camile smiled again knowing that she was in complete control of her new bitch. She circled her as she checked her out while Ella did nothing but stand there and try to look at her mistress from the corners of her eyes.

“LAY DOWN ON YOUR BACK!” Camile ordered in a very loud voice. Of course, with Ella being cursed with obedience, she obeyed her order and laid on her back and had her head rest in the dirty mudded floor. “Oh yeah, now to test your filthy, disgusting limits!” Camile unzipped her faded blue jeans, took off her black thong and put the black thong under Ella’s nose. “BITE MY THONG!” Ella then held Camile’s thong in her mouth, smelling the bits of dry pee from it. Camile spread her legs over Ella’s stomach and tilted her head back in the air. She exhaled a bit of the air from her mouth and gave a devilish grin at the cursed whore. “This might be something new for you, slut.” Camile then let out a warm stream of yellow piss and peed on Ella’s clothed stomach, getting it on her dress, and then taking small steps up so that her pee would also get on Ella’s clothed breasts and then onto her face. She allowed to relieve the last tiny bits of her pee to be landed in Ella’s mouth. “Very good, slut! You didn’t even complain once while I did that! But now your clothes are all sticky! Stand up and get completely naked.” Ella removed her white dress revealing pretty tits and pink nipples. She removed her cheap dirty shoes, and then took off her white panties.

Suddenly the mistress and the slave heard a dragon fly by. They looked up to see Camile’s busty friend RuDee Lipscomb. RuDee Lipscomb’s overall looks was the perfect combo! She had a VERY pretty face and a huge rack! She stood at about a 34DD bra size. She was wearing a bright red shirt and black tight pants. As RuDee landed, she whistled for her dragon to go ahead and fly away. She immediately pulled her shirt over her head showing a sexy black bra. She quickly undid her bra from behind as she gave out a big horny smile the whole time she was undressing. Soon enough, all three girls were completely naked. “If there’s a white whore anywhere near us… SUCK MY BLACK TIT!” Camile demanded as she wore nothing but her du rag. With swift speed, Ella took Camile’s whole right breast in her mouth and began to suck. She couldn’t help but suck on her beautiful firm, black tits, and looked into her eyes coldly while she felt her tongue press against the nipples and breasts of Camile. Ella wanted to wipe the evil smirk on Camile’s face while she made her suck her black tits. “Now suck my other one you, dirty little whore!” While Camile’s slave sucked her other one, RuDee walked up to her friend and squeezed her black butt cheek and rubbed it. Camile felt RuDee’s soft hands play with her ass like it was jello.

“Go get a strap on dildo from your house, Ella.” RuDee told her.

“OK, but I’m taking my own sweet time doing it.”

“Hurry up!” Camile ordered. With her order, Ella quickly, rushed, and ran to her house and within just seconds, returned with a pinkish strap on. RuDee grabbed the strap on and attached it to her body. “On your knees! Press your hands deep into that mud so my friend can fuck you from behind!” Feeling tears about to form in her eyes, Ella pressed her hands deep into the mud, got on all fours like a dog, and stuck her ass out in the air. RuDee spit on her strap on and rubbed her saliva all over her plastic penis making it nice and wet. She then rammed it inside of Ella’s tight little white vagina. Ella let out a huge scream as she felt the pain of the dildo being rushed into her pussy without her expecting it to come in so soon.

“Oh yeah this feels good!” RuDee said with a big, beautiful smile on her face as she rammed her strap on in and out of the white slave’s love hole. Ella groaned as she felt the rough tempo, and consistent pounding of RuDee’s dildo rubbing against the insides of her vagina. She could feel her white breasts shaking back and forth as she was getting used by the big titted, cute faced girl. While this went on, Camile rushed a dragon over and flew to the nearest smut shop. By sticking her fingers into her own black pussy, and letting the cashier taste it, the cashier agreed to give her the strap on for free. When Camile got back she could see the big smile upon her friend’s face as she pumped her pussy from behind, as well as bouncing her HUGE black tits up and down with rapid speed. The view made Camile’s nipple’s hard; watching RuDee Lipscomb’s tits bounce up and down while she penetrated her cock into the white slut’s cunt. Camile sucked her strap on like a big-stick making it extremely slippery. She equipped herself with her strap on and slowly penetrated it inside of her friend’s black ass. She slowly inserted it in and out, until it was loose enough to fuck at a paced tempo. Eventually, Camile began fucking RuDee’s tight black ass at the same rough, fast speed that she was doing to fuck their slave. Ella’s white C cups would sway back and forth, while RuDee’s humungous knockers would bounce up and down. RuDee loved that her body was goddess-like. She loved the fact that her tits could bounce so high and look so appealing. RuDee was fucking Ella’s brains out, while Camile was fucking Rudee’s brains out. Oddly enough, RuDee had an orgasm while she was boning Ella and removed her strap on from Ella’s white pussy. Ella finally felt the tears from her eyes slowly going down her pale white cheeks.

“Ok, Ella. Now tell us what a whore you are.” RuDee told her.

“I’m a fuckin’ whore.” Ella softly said as she still felt tears on her face.

“LOUDER, BITCH!” Camile demanded.

“I’M A FUCKIN’ WHORE!!!” Ella yelled at the top of her lungs. While she yelled that out, you could hear that she was in tears. Camile and Rudee laughed at her.

“It’s time to taste your own juices, cracker!” RuDee said as she shoved her strap on into Ella’s mouth. “Suck it!” Ella’s eyes widened for a second in astonishment, then went back to normal mode as she bopped her head back and forth sucking off her very own juices from RuDee’s dildo. When RuDee felt that Ella got all of her own juices off of the dildo, she yanked Ella’s hair forcing her mouth off of the strap on.

“We’re done with you for now, bitch! Maybe next time we’ll have you suck on RuDee’s huge tits, heffa!” Camile told the tearful Ella as she and RuDee got on a dragon and flew away on the same dragon. It was the incident that Ella had with Camile and RuDee that made her realize the utmost importance of getting her curse cured, and it also made her realize the troubles she would face in the future if she would continue to have this curse inside of her.

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