An Encounter With A Golf Prodigy

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An Encounter with a Golf Prodigy

By: Asiangirlsarehot

(Mf, cons, rom, oral)

“Thwack!” “Eeya!” “Thwack!” “AARRGGHH!!” “Thwack!” “Damn it!!!” The first sound was from a 15 year-old golfing sensation. The second was her comment on each drive off the tee at a driving range. Michelle Wie, the newest golf prodigy from Hawaii, was at the course’s driving range, getting in some cuts before
the LPGA event that weekend. With her 6-foot frame, sculpted by years of golf, and a picture perfect swing that generates drives that leaves opponents in awe, Michelle was being anointed as the next Annika – a combination of power, precision, and beauty that has her opponents fearing her gifts and men drooling over her superstar looks. True, Michelle Wie does not look like a typical superstar – but her Korean heritage gave her an exotic look that undeniably enhances her grace and beauty. Indeed, she is well on her way to being a crossover superstar. However, for today, she is struggling with her drives off the practice tees.

“Thwack!” “That’s it, I suck today!” Michelle sputtered as she threw her driver into her golf bag in disgust. Michelle’s closest friend on tour, Morgan Pressel, looked over at her friend, who sat on the bench in the huff.

“What’s the matter?” Morgan asked, sitting down beside Michelle.

Michelle hugged Morgan and slumped further into her seat. “I don’t get it,” she began. “Like, I don’t know what’s wrong with my game. I’ve been hitting the ball well, but I can’t seem to like, you know…”

Morgan cracked open a bottle of water and gave Michelle a sip. “What are you talking about? Your swing’s just about perfect, you’re gorgeous, and you don’t believe how many guys follow you around when you’re on the course.”

Michelle smiled a bit, but her eyes gave away her real feelings. “I don’t know… really?” she responded.

Morgan continued. “Oh yeah! You don’t know how many guys follow you… I mean, you’re like every guy’s dream – 15 years old, hot body, and got a golf game to boot!”

The Korean-American Hawaiian beauty let out a giggle. Well, you know, … I haven’t, like, had been on a date, in like, I don’t know, forever!” Morgan faked surprise and laughed.

“You kidding me?!” Michelle laughed again, but shook her head no. “in that case, you need a man!”

Michelle punched at Morgan playfully. “no I don’t!!!” She giggled. “Besides, I haven’t gotten time to have a relationship… besides, I wouldn’t know what do when I do have one!” She got up and started towards the clubhouse. “Let’s go,” Michelle said, as she pulled Morgan off the bench. We’re gonna be late for all that promos and stuff.”

A week later, in the clubhouse for the next LGPA event, Morgan and Michelle, along with Natalie Gulbis and Paula Creamer, sat around chatting.

“No way!” Natalie giggled as the girls kept asking. “I’m not telling you anything!”

Paula, dressed in her usual pink golf shirt, kept teasing the 22-year old blonde bombshell. “Come on, how many times have you gotten to ride Big Ben?”

Natalie let out a deep sigh. “Let’s just say he has a winning streak going!” All the girls broke out into laughter.

Paula then turned to Michelle. “How ’bout you, little sis?” All the girls had taken to Michelle like a little sister since she’s the youngest of the group. “Where’s your man?” she teased.

“What are you talking about?” Michelle laughed. “I don’t have time for that!” Michelle then turned her attention to the waiter coming towards them. “Wow, he’s pretty hot,” she whispered to her friends as I was busy tending to other tables. All of the girls turned and looked at me. Suddenly, Morgan’s face lit up.

“I’ve got an idea, watch this!” Morgan stood up and raised her hand. “Hey waiter! You got a sec?” I walked over to the foursome.

“Sure, Ms. Pressel, what would you like?” I answered. For some reason, I felt like fresh meat in front of a pack of wild lions.

Morgan tugged at Michelle, who tried to resist Morgan’s urgings. “What’cha think about her?”

Michelle looked down, and was clearly embarrassed by the attention. “Well, Ms. Wie has a wonderful golf swing, and I have no doubt she’ll be among the best very quickly.”

The girls (except for Michelle, who’s face now changed to the color of a beet) all giggled at my answer. “No,” Natalie giggled. “I meant physically. Is she hot? Ya wanna do her? Rock her world?”

Now, it was my turn to be embarrassed. “I.. uh… yeah she’s quite beautiful, uh…” I stammered before slinking away.

Michelle finally looked at the girls and exploded. “Damn it, guys! You’ve embarrassed me! Leave me alone!” With that, Michelle stormed out of the room in a huff.

At the end of my shift, I walked out of the clubhouse and headed for the driving range, wanting to get a few swings in before it got too late. As I was setting up on the far end of the driving range, I heard someone sniffling. It was Michelle , who fled the restaurant and had been hiding on the driving range since.

“Uh, Ms. Wie?” I began, not really knowing what to say, “Uh.. I’m sorry about what happened back there. I don’t know what else to say.” I took a pack of tissues from my pocket and held it out to her.

Michelle looked up, and even though her tears ran down her cheeks, Michelle’s natural beauty remained radiant. “No, it’s not you,” she sobbed. “They’re just so mean, sometimes, ya know?” I sat down beside her and gave her a small hug. “Thanks, that felt great,” she murmured. “I’m sorry about getting you into that mess back there. They just asked me what I thought about you, and I said you’re hot, and they, like, wanted to act on it.”

I let out a silly grin. “Uh, thanks.” I gazed into her eyes, and was absolutely mesmerized by her beauty. I’ve seen Michelle before in golf magazines and on golf shows, but never in person. Now that she is in front of me, I realized how gorgeous she really was in person. “Hey, tell you what… would you like to get an ice cream with me?’

Now, it was Michelle’s turn to stammer. “I.. uh… sure.” With that, she and I left the driving range.

A few weeks have passed since that night, and Michelle and I have been together everyday since. Her golf game’s improved tremendously, and her focus has sharpened as she has done quite well on the LPGA events. Her three friends – Natalie, Paula, and Morgan – even apologized for that day in the clubhouse, and for Michelle, all was going well. That night, I prepared a special treat for Michelle.

My cell phone rang, as I quickly snapped it up to answer. “Hey, sunshine, where are you?” “Okay, good, I’ll meet you on the driving range. See you at six!” With that, my plan went into action.

Morgan and Michelle pulled into the clubhouse driveway at six sharp and Michelle hopped out. However, Morgan stayed in the car. “Hey, aren’t you coming with me?” She asked her blonde friend.

“Nope, your boyfriend said you only!” Morgan winked and then closed the door. With that, Michelle turned and walked into the clubhouse as Morgan sped away.

Michelle walked into the clubhouse restaurant and found that it empty. “Hello?” she asked. “Anyone here?”

“Outside!” came a voice. “On the driving range!” Michelle went to the driving range to find a table had been set up – at the same bench where we first met.

“Hey, what’chu doing out here?” Michelle laughed, as she came over.

I stood up and pulled her seat out, letting her sit and tucking her in. “What, can’t I be sorta hokey romantic tonight?” I responded. Then I got serious. “I know that even though we’ve been together for about a month, you’ve never really had been on a date-date before.”

Michelle looked confused. “Wait, how’d you know that… Morgan!!!” She buried her hands in her face and giggled as she realized the set-up. I moved my seat around so that I was sitting next to her.

“Well, I wanted to make your first date memorable, and since I know you’re the sorta kinda sappy type, thought I’d try this place.” Michelle gave me a peck on the lips. However, something else happened. As we kissed, she fell deeper and deeper into the spell of love as our kisses became more passionate. The teen prodigy melted into my arms as our lips are firmly locked and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I slowly moved my hands down the front of her blouse and ringed the outline of her swelling breasts. At that touch, however, Michelle momentarily jumped back.

“Uh… oops, sorry,” I whispered. Michelle didn’t say anything at first, but continued to look at me.

Finally, she broke the silence. “Go ahead. I didn’t mind. It’s just that I’ve never done that before…” She leaned forward again, and I slowly ran my hands over her blouse again. She jerked a little bit at the touch but soon enjoyed the sensation of having her body being touched intimately. I pulled her close again, and ran my hands up and down her body, while we continued kissing. She reached down and felt the outside of my jeans, rubbing against my member.

I broke off the kiss and gazed at her. “Maybe this isn’t the place for this,” I whispered. We both got up and I led her by hand to the female locker room. Michelle went in first to see if anyone was there. She then motioned me in, and when we both got inside, we locked the doors to the locker room. Michelle and I sat down on the bench and continued our romance.

The 6-foot tall Korean-American golf goddess broke the kiss and stood up. She unfastened the buttons to her yellow blouse to reveal a white bra underneath that struggled to contain her young teen breasts. As she opened up her blouse more, I could see her nipples poking through the fabric of the bra. She smiled at me before motioning her hands down to the front of her denim skirt. She teased with the edge of her skirt before unbuttoning it. Michelle slipped off her denim skirt as she sat down on the locker room bench. Her white underwear folded into the lips of her snatch, and her scent permeated the air. I sat down next to her and again brushed my hands through her beautiful, shoulder-length jet-black hair, before rubbing up against her earlobes. She closed her eyes at the touch, and shuddered as I ran my fingers around her earlobes. I moved in and kissed her on the lips again, feeling her breath on my lips as she parted them. I ran my hands down to her shoulders, and slowly pushed the blouse off of it, feeling the muscular shoulders of this 15 year old prodigy who is now enjoying her first real taste of relationships. Michelle slowly ran her hands along my chest, tracing the ridges before following the lines down to my waist. I unhooked her bra, and with a quick shake Michelle shook the blouse and bra off her shoulders and shimmied out of it, tossing them aside. Her large, 34C cup breasts were a glorious sight, just the right size for my hands as I massaged and kneaded it gently. Michelle cooed at the touch of a guy – she had always imagined the thrill of having her first boyfriend doing this, and although her friends on tour – Natalie Gulbis, Morgan Pressel, and Paula Creamer – had went a long way to educating Michelle in the ways of love and sex, nothing beat having someone she loved treating her the way her boyfriend is doing right now.

Michelle broke the kiss and gazed passionately into my eyes. “I want to do this. I want you to be my first. Please make love to me.” At her command, I gently laid her down on the bench, and she straddled the bench, opening her pussy up to me. I undid my jeans and shrugged them off quickly. I traced my fingers up the inner sides of her thighs, and I saw that her snatch was wet and waiting for me.

“Are you sure?” I whispered. She moaned in response. I gently brushed against the outer lips of her fold through her underwear and she jumped at the sensation. Slowly, I lingered the touches around the folds and through her bush as she enjoyed the gentle contact of her lover. Finally, I pulled the now-soaked underwear aside and teased pushing a finger into her. She struggled a bit, as I kept teasing her snatch. Finally, I pushed my middle finger deep into her. “Unnnnnnnggghhhh…” Michelle moaned as she felt the penetration deep into her. I slowly began thrusting my finger into her as Michelle thrashed at her first-ever fucking. Michelle grabbed onto the bench over her head to steady herself, pulling her taut 34C’s flat onto her body, as they shook at her constant motions. Michelle’s breathing turned shallow as she began working up the tension.

At the height of her tension, I pulled out and stood up. She opened her eyes and stared at me, whimpering slightly at being denied the pent-up release of tension. Finally, I hooked her underwear and slipped them off of her. She raised her long, lean legs so that it was easier for me to take her underwear off. As I pulled her underwear off, I saw her snatch smiling at me, inviting me to take advantage. After getting the underwear off, she spread her legs again, waiting for my next move. Her trimmed bush glistened from the wetness of her area. I kissed her flat stomach as she pushed my head down. I again teased her snatch, flicking gently at her sweet spot and tasting the sides of her. She grabbed my head tightly, trying to position it correctly but I refused, continuing to tease her. Finally, I flicked at her snatch and she arched her back in delight. I pushed my tongue deep into her, and ran it up and down, hitting her G-spot several times. With each pass, her moan grew louder and her breathing became irregular. I tasted her sweat and pussy juices as her tension mounted. With a huge shudder and a loud “Uhh….. Yes….!” Michelle flooded me with her juices as she experienced for first orgasm.

I got up and now it was my turn to lie down on the bench. Michelle sat up and I could see the fire in her eyes, along with a seductive smile as she understood what to do next. Her bronzed, well-toned body glistened with a film of sweat, indication of how much she loves the experience. Michelle ran her hands down to my member and with both hands squeezed tightly around the shaft. My dick twitched in response to the powerful clutches of her hands. Slowly, she lowered her head and licked the tip of my head, running her tongue all around and down the sides. Soon, she slowly pushed down, engulfing my 8″ into her mouth until I felt the back of her throat. I grabbed her hair as she began licking and stroking up and down the shaft. For a virgin, Michelle seemed to be a natural as I just enjoyed the sensation of having this teenaged prodigy attack the shaft as in her golf game.

“Oh yeah, Michelllllllle….” I moaned as she continued working up a pace. Finally, I sat up and pulled her off my dick. A loud “pop” was made as Michelle reluctantly released her oral hold on me. I gazed into her eyes and again pushed her down gently until she laid on the bench. I spread her legs apart and hovered over her. Taking one long look at her moistened, taut body, firm breasts, and heavenly face that showed her reaction to every moment of her first time, I positioned my member into her waiting snatch. “You ready?” I whispered softly. She closed her eyes as I slowly penetrated her. Being a virgin, her snatch was extremely tight, but her years of golf made it even tighter as the muscles developed in the area made the hold on my member a vice-like grip. Still, the sensation was exhilarating as Michelle enjoyed the feeling of her boyfriend filling her up. Michelle had practiced before, having seen how Natalie and Morgan had done it, by running the metallic golf shaft through her clit, rubbing up against herself, though she never dared to put it in. Now, her boyfriend has pushed deeper into her than she ever had dreamed, and she was losing herself in that world.

Michelle moaned and bit her lips as I continued to rock into her. Her body’s movements matched the rhythm of mine as Michelle trapped her legs around me and pulled me even deeper into her. As her cries became louder, I slowed down, not wanting to waste the moment. Michelle also slowed down, enjoying the sensation. I pulled out of Michelle and turned her over so that she was on all fours. I again slowly entered her, and Michelle wiggled a bit, enjoying the new position. I reached forward and cupped Michelle’s breasts in my hands, as they slapped against her body, massaging and holding it tightly, trapping her nipples between my fingers. Michelle kept up her rhythm as she felt the tension again swelling up inside her. Feeling her pussy tightening up, I again slowed down, but Michelle kept thrusting harder and harder down my shaft, wanting the release of her emotions. She started screaming out cries of ecstasy as she worked up a feverish pace. Watching the Asian goddess impaling herself on me, I lost it and pumped into her several powerful shots. Michelle, upon feeling the cum, tensed up and let out an animalistic cry of joy, as she was overwhelmed by the emotions of her first sexual orgasm. I collapsed on her, feeling my heart pounding against her. Michelle struggled to regain her breath as she slowly came down from her first time. We laid down on the gym floor, holding each other tightly.

Michelle kissed me gently, and murmured “Thank you for this wonderful date. I love you!”

I looked back at her, and gently brushed her hair. “Who said it was over?” With that, she fell asleep in my arms.

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