An Epic Night With Pamela Anderson

Title: An Epic Night With Pamela Anderson
Celeb: Pamela Anderson
Author: Kash The Priest
Codes: MF, cons, oral, anal, feet fetish
Disclaimer: As usual, this story is not intended to be read by anyone under 18 & is a work of fiction & is not a reflection on the celeb. Hope you enjoy!

Author’s note: I know Pamela Anderson filed for divorce, but the story was written before that & this story has been floating around the web for a couple of months on other sites, so when you read please try & imagine it being set while she was married.

An epic night with Pamela Anderson

By Kash The Priest

I stood my distance as I watched Pamela Anderson making her way home from the grocery shops. It was late and unusually dark for this time of night. Pamela had gone to the local grocery shops, which was a couple of minutes away from her beach house. She wore a white shirt that was buttoned up and a short black skirt. She had flip flops on and her hair in her usual style.

Me and my friends, Randall and Brendan, moved into Malibu, near the beach. Main reason for this was so we could drool over all the hot chicks in tiny bikinis. One day I noticed Pamela Anderson walking along the beach with her shoes in her hands and remembered from MTV Cribs that she lived in a beach house, so naturally I followed her to see that she didn’t live too far away from me. Since then I’ve been drooling over her and remembering back to my teenage years, when I use to jerk off to her.

Randall and Brendan kept telling me to talk to her, but I could never build up the courage to talk to her. Randall came up with a plan for me to meet her. It was bizarre and I said no straight away but after a month of watching her and feeling like a stalker, which is pretty much what I was doing, I decided to go with Randall’s plan.

Pamela Anderson walked along the sidewalk that lead up towards the beach, she held a paper grocery bag in one hand and her hand bag in the other. Two guys approached her from behind. It was Randall and Brendan, they were dressed in black, with black masks on, the kind that bank robbers wear. The plan was for them to rob her and then when they see who she is, they decide to rape her. But before they can do anything, I come in as the knight in shining armour and save her, which finally allows me to meet her. Like I said, not the best of plans, but I was desperate to meet her.

Brendan snatched her hand bag out of her hand. “Let’s see how much money we have here!”

“Please! Just give me my hand bag back. You can take whatever money I have.” Brendan opened the hand bag.

“$200! Fucking sweet!” He said pocketing the money. “You know what? I think my girlfriend would like this hand bag a lot.”

“No! It was a gift from my mom.” She protested.

“Wait a second!” Randall said. “Aren’t you Pamela Anderson?”

“Yeah she is.” Brendan said, not looking up, still going through her handbag. “There’s no mistaking those tits!” He said grabbing one. Pamela Anderson slapped his hand away and he went back to looking in her hand bag.

“I get it all the time.” She said uncomfortably.

“Really!” Randall said. “You must get your pick of the hunkiest guys.”

“If that’s true.” Brendan said pulling something out of her handbag. “Why does your drivers licence say ‘Pamela Anderson?’ You lying to us?” Pamela Anderson looked down.

“You know what she should get for lying to us? A spanking!” Randall said. “Now pull up your skirt!” He said to her, changing his tone from joking to serious.

“I’m sorry.” Pamela Anderson replied getting scared. “I didn’t mean to. Let me make it up to you.”

“You can make it up to us alright.” Brendan nodded his head. “By giving us some pussy!.” I started to approach them and Pamela Anderson tried to run away from them but Randall grabbed her hair and she let out a scream, dropping her groceries. Which was the cue for our rehearsed ass kicking.

I pulled Randall off her hair and kicked him on the back of his legs which made him buckle and fall to his knees. Brendan pushed me back as they both ran off.

“Fucking cowards!” I yelled at them. “Can pick on an innocent woman, but when it comes to going up against a man, they’re wimps.” I turned around and looked at her. “You ok?”

“Yes. Thanks to you!” She said hugging me. I hugged her back, feeling her huge tits pressed against my chest. She broke the hug, squatted down and started to pick her groceries up off the floor. I squatted down and helped her, putting her stuff into the paper bag. It was mainly fruit and veg.

“A vegetarian?” I asked. She looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah. I don’t believe in killing animals.” She replied. I looked down and noticed her legs were spread apart. If it was daytime or if there was any light, I’d probably be able to see up her skirt. We both stood up and I noticed her hand bag on the floor. Brendan must’ve dropped it. I picked it up.

“I think this is yours.” I said handing it to her and she put her arm through and had the straps resting on her shoulder. “I’m Kash by the way.” I extended my hand.

“Pammy.” She smiled as she shook my hand.

“Here. Gimme that.” I said taking the grocery bag off her. “I’ll walk you to your place. You know, keep anyone else who tries to rob you away.”

“Thanks! I really appreciate that.” She said, holding me by my arm.

“So what are you doing out this late?” I asked.

“I felt bored and cooped up at home, so I decided to do some grocery shopping, get it out the way with so I can spend all day tomorrow working on my tan.”

“You sure you’re fine?” I asked again.

“Yeah, that’s my house over there.” She pointed at her beach house as we approached it. I walked her up to her door. “I don’t feel very safe. Those guys could come back. You think you could hang around for a bit, if you have nothing else to do.”

“Sure!” I replied as we entered her beach house.

“Shoes!” She said pointing at my shoes, as she stepped out of her flip flops and left them near the door way. “So where’s your husband and kids?” I asked.

“Who says I’m married?” She replied as we entered the kitchen.

“You’re Pamela Anderson. You’re married to Kid Rock and have two kids and a step daughter.” I set the bag down on the counter.

“The kids are at my mothers and Bobby’s at the studio, writing material for his new album. This right now, is some quality, alone time with Pammy.” She answered my question. “I take it your a fan?” She said taking the groceries out of the bag.


“A fan of my acting or a fan of me?”

“I have everything you’ve done that’s available on DVD.” I replied.

“Because I have good performances or because I get my clothes off?”

“A bit of the first, a lot of the second.” I replied honestly.

“Honesty! I like that!” She smiled. She led me to the living room area and sat on the sofa, sitting on one leg. I took a seat beside her. “How old are you?”

“23.” I replied.

“16 years younger than me.” She commented. Doing the math, that made her 39. “So you were too young to see me on Playboy.”

“Maybe the first time you were on the cover, but you were a big deal at my high school, every guy fantasized about you including the teachers. I think everyone jerked off to you.”

“Did you?” She asked looking into my eyes. I got a little embarrassed, but then thought that talk of sex could lead to sex. Or maybe not, but I was hoping it would.

“You helped me into manhood.” I replied.

“Ahhh! I’m so glad I could help.” She said leaning forward giving me a quick kiss on the lips. I wasn’t sure if she was making a move or if she was overly friendly. “What about the video?”

“I didn’t see that until a couple of years ago. Me and my friends tried our best to find it when we were younger. Back then the internet wasn’t as big as it is now and we didn’t have a computer amongst us.”

“You jerk off to it when you finally saw it?”

“Not really. It was kind of disappointing. It had shaky camera work but it was home made and as far as home made goes, it was pretty descent. Not up there with proper made porn but definitely better than Paris Hilton’s.”

“Yeah, hers was shit.” Pammy commented. She sat there, it looked like she was thinking about something. “I’ve never really talked to a fan like this before. Usually I get obnoxious guys tell me I’m hot and that they loved my sex videos and when I’m doing the next and if they can be in it.” There was a moment of silence. “What do you think about when you jerk off to me?”

“What do I…? I… er… sex?” I felt like I was asking her a question instead of giving an answer.

“So you don’t just think, ‘Oh yeah! Pamela Anderson’s tits.'” She mimicked with her hand, as if she was a guy jerking off.

“Sometimes.” I replied. “Like having my dick in between your tits and just fucking them.”

“That’s hot.” She commented. “What else?”

“Doggy style sex, blowjob, hand job, foot job, anal sex…”

“Anal sex?” She wrinkled her nose.

“Yeah! More than anything else. You have an incredible ass. I like to imagine my cock jammed all the way up your ass.” I added more detail in then I needed to.

“Well… I am very hot. I can understand that.” She said. “Foot job? Do you have like a foot fetish?”

“Not really a hardcore foot fetish. I just like feet that look nice and… sexy.”

“You think my feet are sexy?”

“Yeah!” I replied.

“Here!” She spun around to face me, placing her feet on my lap. She wriggled her toes around on top of my cock. “Massage my feet.” She said. I don’t think that she knew, that she was wriggling her toes around on my cock and turning me on. “Most guys are always really into my tits. You’re the first guy who’s said very little about them and is into everything else!” She said. “And I like that!”

I picked up one foot and started to press my thumb onto the balls of her foot, just below her toes. My boner was growing and I was starting to get nervous that it was gonna show.

“I’ve never given a foot job before.” Pammy stated. “All this talk about you fucking my tits and ass is getting me horny too.” I worked my thumbs up and down the soles of her foot and rubbing the heel.

“Too?” I said realising what she just said.

“Too.” She said rubbing my cock through my pants with her feet. “That’s quite a massive hard on you got there. Are you imagining my feet losing their virginity to your cock?”

“You’re just turning me on.” I confessed.

“Let me give you a little relief. Take your dick out! I was shocked at what she had just asked me to do.

“Take my dick out?” I repeated. “Didn’t you get married in August?”

“It was actually July. It was made official on August.” She said, still rubbing my cock with her foot. “You think he’s not cheating on me right now? I know he does it all the time and he knows I do it too whenever I get horny and need a dick, but at the end of the day we always come home to one another. So it’s all good. A win win situation for everyone, especially you. Having the woman you grew up jerking off to jerk you off.” I didn’t say anything else, I started to quickly undo by belt and zipper. My thick cock sprang to life, already near it’s full hardness.

“A thick one!” Pammy said rubbing the sole of her left foot along my shaft, while I carried on massaging her right foot that rested on my knees. Pammy leaned forward and licked my cock, instantly causing pre-cum to ooze out. “My penis karma is still as good as ever!” She said, moving her hair to one side to give me a better view of her face, leaning forward and kissing my cock head, getting my pre-cum all over her lips. She pouted her lips like she was kissing, showing me the traces of my cum on her lips. She than licked her lips, taking in my pre-cum.

“Only one way to get more of that.” Pammy said putting her mouth over my large cock head, working her lips up and down the head. I tried to carry on massaging her foot to take the focus of the fact that I had Pamela Anderson sucking my cock, but she just pushed me back onto the seat by my chest. “Relax. It’s your turn first. We’ll get to me once you cum.” She said before wrapping her lips around my cock head. She worked her lips up and down my shaft, only going half way down, pushing my cock up and down her wet tongue.

Pammy took my cock out of her mouth and started to jerk me off with her hand. I was getting very turned on. I felt like I was gonna cum soon from having the women that I jerked off to more than any other woman jerking me off. Pammy grabbed her foot that was on my knees with her free hand and bought it up to my cock. The soft soles of her foot touched my fore skin as she used her hand to rub the sole of her foot up and down one side of my cock.

“You like that Kash? You like the way my foot fucks your dick? Losing it’s virginity with every stroke.” She moaned out loud as she carried on rubbing the sole up and down my cock. She moved her foot away from my cock with her hand, then leaned forward and started to suck the end again, licking up the mass amount of pre-cum that had leaked out.

“Sorry Kash. But your cock just tastes too good!” She said licking her lips as she used her hand to rub her foot up and down the side of my cock again. “Let me see if I can reach.” Pammy said and leaned forward, placing her warm mouth over my cock head as she continued to stroke my shaft with her foot.

“Mmm… Mmm…” Pammy moaned as she worked her lips and foot up and down my shaft. “She pulled her mouth off and lay her foot that she was jerking me off with flat and spat on it. She held my cock with her other hand and rubbed her saliva around the sole of her foot with my member.
“That’s better!” Pammy said, taking my cock back into her mouth and rubbing her foot up and down the side of my shaft with her hand. The double assault that she was laying on my cock was getting to be way too much and I knew it was a matter of seconds before I came.

“Look at the way your huge dick is throbbing!” Pammy said taking her mouth off my cock, but keeping her lips just inches above my pole. “Is it gonna cum for me?” She said in a very sexy voice, her hot breath hitting the tip of my cock. This was way too much and I felt my cum start to get pushed up. Pammy could feel it coming and stroked my cock even faster with her foot, leaving her mouth wide open. Pammy quickly grabbed my cock with her free hand and held her foot in place at the base of my cock with the other.

“Shiiiiit!” I yelled as my first load shot up into her mouth. Pammy closed her mouth catching it and savouring the taste and then quickly opened her mouth letting it flow out on to the sole of her foot as the second load shot into her mouth. Again she closed her mouth and then opened it, letting my cum flow out of her mouth and on to her foot. She did the same thing on the next two loads and swallowed the fifth as my cock stopped shooting the loads out with force and just pushed it out, letting it flow down the side of my cock.

“Mmm…” Pammy moaned as she closed her mouth, looking at me and looking like she was chewing my cum before swallowing. “Mmm… more!” She said leaning forward, licking up the sole of her foot, taking in as much into her mouth as she could. She licked up the sole of her foot again, pushing a thick glob of cum up and on to her big toe. Pammy put her mouth over her big toe, sucking my cum off it. She started to lick around her toes, getting any cum that she had around there and once she was done she sat back up.

“Oh my God!” She said stroking my cock. “Your dick is still huge! It hasn’t shrunk or anything. A little soft but nothing that a little sucking can’t fix.” My cock was almost at full length even though I had already cum, something that never really happen, but I think it’s because I’m with Pamela Anderson, that’s why my cock’s not shrinking.

“Your turn now” I said. “First take off your clothes.” Pammy stood up and pulled her skirt down, revealing a tiny pink thong. She pulled her top off over her head to show she had no bra on. I quickly yanked my pants and boxers down and I started to stroke my cock as I watched Pammy strip off. She turned her back to me, put her thumbs under the waist band of her thong, looked back at me with a cheeky smile and started to slowly pull her thong down, slowly bending over as she pulled them down to the back off her knees. Her round ass stuck out, showing off her tight little ass hole. She let her thong fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

I started to feel my cock growing harder as I started to stroke myself faster. The site of her gorgeous, tanned butt was starting to make my mouth water. I leaned forward pulling her ass towards my mouth. Pammy let out a little giggle as she got caught by surprise. I pushed my tongue out, licking her ass hole. I spread round ass cheeks apart as I pushed my tongue into her tight hole.

“Ooh! kinky!” Pammy said. I slid my tongue down her ass crack, down towards her pussy. Her legs were together so her pussy lips were clamped together. I started to lick her pussy lips, Pammy started to slowly part her legs. I started to push my tongue into her moist hole, causing her to moan as I forced more of my tongue into her. I started to push my tongue in and out of her pussy, getting faster every time I pushed my tongue into her woman hood.

Pammy was starting to get louder and louder, her legs trembling as the signs of her orgasm were coming. She was getting really wet, her juices flowing into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her tiny little waist and reached down to her the top of her pussy and started to rub her clit. Pammy started to grind her hips back and fourth, pushing her ass back forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt.

She was soon coming close to her orgasm, her pussy started to twitch around my tongue faster and faster. By now I was back to full hardness and decided I needed to feel her pussy around my shaft. So I picked her up and quickly slammed her down onto the couch on her front, I landed on top of her and quickly reached down and pushed my cock into her wet cunt. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist, pressing my body down onto hers. My head was at the side of hers.

“Arrrgghhhh! God!” She screamed as I thrust my full length into her tight pussy in one hard and fast thrust and I could feel her pussy start to twitch around my cock again instantly. I quickly pulled back and thrust into her, going into a fast pace instantly. “Shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Pammy was screaming at the top of her lungs now as I rammed into her, hard, from behind. I felt her pussy contract around my shaft fast and then her pussy just tightened around my shaft hard as she came to a screaming climax. I slowed down my thrusts as her hips shaked and bucked underneath me.

“Fuck!” Pammy moaned and then laughed. “That was so good!” she said, turning her head to face me and then kissed my top lip. I sucked her bottom lip. I was pushing into her slower with every thrust until I stopped. “Let me taste my pussy.” Pammy said. I got of her and stood beside her head. She opened her mouth and looked up at me as she moved her head forward taking my cum covered cock into her mouth.

“Mmm…” She moaned out loud, closing her eyes as she tasted her own cum on my cock. She started to bob her head back and fourth, working her mouth more than half way down my shaft, not using her hands. Pammy took her mouth off my cock and stood up. I still had my sweat shirt on and she grabbed it at the bottom and pulled it up, over my head.

“Look at this gorgeous body of yours!” She complimented me, even though I didn’t really have a great body. I had a big build, not fat, but not a skinny guy or someone with ripped muscles. She started to kiss my chest circling around my nipple with her tongue. I pulled her away from my nipple and kissed her, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and it tasted like a mixture of her cum and a little salty from my cum, but I didn?t care. I sucked at her tongue hungrily until she broke the kiss.

Pammy turned around and walked into her bedroom, I followed her in. She turned around to face me as I looked around. I noticed a purple dildo on the side of her bed and she caught me looking at it.

“That’s no where near as good as the real thing!” She said. I walked over to her and started to kiss her. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my body. I could feel her heels on my butt cheeks, and one of them felt wet, probably from when she spat my cum out onto her foot. I placed her down onto the bed, reached down and guided my dick into her cunt. I wrapped my arms around her, dropping my weight on top off her. Her tits were huge and I could feel her big erect nipples poking into my chest.

I started to thrust into her as fast as I could, knowing full well that it was gonna take me a long time to cum again, so I didn’t need to worry about cumming too quickly. I had seen her sex videos and I felt like I had a lot to compete with. I had a big dick, so that was one point to my advantage and although we had been at it longer than her any of her sex video, it was all foreplay, Now I had to prove myself while I was deep inside her.

“You like that tight pussy?” Pammy asked.

“Yeah!” I moaned as I carried on thrusting into her, realising just how tight she was considering all the big dicks that she’s had. I positioned myself onto my knees and then sat up, placing her legs, one on each shoulder and then leaned forward again, locking our lips together. She moaned into my mouth loud and was breathing hard, from being rolled up. I carried on thrusting into her and I was surprised at how long it took for her to break the kiss and try and get some air.

Pammy was wriggling around underneath me, and managed to reposition her legs and get the soles of her feet resting on my shoulders. The foot that I had cum on earlier on, felt a little dry, probably from my cum drying and leaving that dry skin feeling. As I continued to thrust in and out of her tight hole, Pammy carried on screaming with every thrust. The longer we continued, the more we started to perspire and I could feel her foot getting wet, the sweat of my shoulders was staring to get the sole of her foot moist.

I pulled myself back, kneeling in between her legs, not leaving her cunt. I moved her feet off my shoulder realising that our sweat was starting to give my cum that had dried on her foot moisture. I carried on thrusting into her, watching her huge tits bouncing up and down, hitting her on the chin. She giggled at first and then after her tits hit her on the chin a few more times, she put her arm around her chest holding them into place. Pammy placed the soles of her feet on my chest and wriggled her toes around, playing with my nipples with her toes.

“Do my feet look sexy?” Pammy asked.

“Yeah!” I said picking up the foot that I didn’t cum on and bought it up to my mouth. I sucked on her big toe as I thrust my hips back and fourth, gently biting her toe. I started to circle around her toes, taking her toes in my mouth one by one, circling my tongue around the heads of her toe as I sucked hard on them.

Pammy pulled her foot away from my mouth, placed one on each thigh and used her feet to push herself up and off my cock. She pushed herself about a foot up the bed and sat up.

“We need to keep that cock of yours hard!” She said leaning forward and taking my cock into her mouth. I was surprised at how flexible she was. If she wanted to give herself head, she’d definitely be able to do it. She worked her lips up and down my shaft. She was going so fast my dick ached to cum. She just stopped and lay back down.

“A little more feet action.” She said placing her foot on my lap as I was still on my knees. She sandwiched my cock in between her feet and started to gently stroke up and down my shaft with the balls just under her toes. She already knew what turned me on and was using it to keep me rock hard. She teased my cock, gently working her feet along my shaft.

“You like it when I caress your cock with my feet?” Pammy asked and I just moaned. “You want me to fuck your dick with my feet faster?” She asked getting faster with every stroke without me even giving her an answer. “Yeah! Your dick feels so good against me toes! Throbbing so hard, pulsing in between my feet.” She was moaning in a very sexy tone, getting faster with every stroke.

“Oh GOD!” She was moaning like having my cock sandwiched in between her feet was causing her pleasure. Her moaning was getting me even harder and I pulled her legs apart and thrust my cock into her tight cunt and started to thrust into her as fast as I could. I could feel her pussy starting to twitch around my cock and knew from before that she was on the verge of cumming and I didn’t slow down. I tried to go even faster if that was possible and it was a matter of minutes before I felt Pammy’s pussy grip my cock like a vice and I thrust into her hard as she came to another screaming orgasm, her hips bucking up and down wildly like she was trying to shake me off her.

I pulled out of her and stood beside the bed and I stood there watching her moan and writhe around in ecstasy, letting her orgasm subside. Once it did I bent over and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth.

Pammy got up onto all fours and shaked her big round rump. I got back onto the bed, and took my position behind her. I pushed her butt cheeks apart and pressed my cock head in between her crack, pushing down looking for her pussy. “Wrong hole.” I said as I realised that I was pressing the tip of my dick against her ass hole.

“I thought that was the hole you were going for.” Pammy said twisting her upper body, looking back at me. “Didn’t you say you jerked off to fucking me up the ass more than anything?”

“Yeah.” I replied stunned at what she was offering to let me do to her. “You sure?”

“It’s not like I haven’t had anal sex before.” She replied. I pulled her ass cheek to reveal her tight puckered ass hole. I spat on her ass hole and pressed the tip of my wet cock against her ass hole. “I’ve dreamt about this moment since I was old enough to get an erection.” I pushed the head in and Pammy closed her eyes and bit her lip to stop herself from screaming. I slowly pushed forward, getting an inch in and then pulling back slowly and thrusting forward, easing another extra inch into her butt. I did this repeatedly until I had over half my dick into her warm orifice.

“You okay?” I asked, worried that I might be hurting her.

“It’s your fantasy. What happens next?” Pammy smiled, looking back at me. I pulled back and thrust forward hard, my groin slapping on to her butt cheek hard, getting most of my cock into her ass, causing her to let out a ear piercing scream.

“You like that? You like having a big dick up your ass?” I asked, thrusting in and out of her unbelievably tight ass hole slowly.

“Yes!” Pammy moaned. “I love getting ass fucked! Please! Fuck me harder!” She begged. I thrust into her really hard, making her jump forward. I pulled back, only leaving the tip in and then thrust forward again even harder, making her scream as her body jumped forward. The next thrust came faster but just as hard as the last thrust.

“Ahhh!” Pammy screamed every time I slammed into her. I felt her tight ring loosen around my shaft and I started to thrust into her faster and faster, casing her screams to be joint together instead of being spread apart. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks as I rammed my rod in and out of her tight shit hole.

“Here!” I said pulling my cock out of her ass.

“You want me to taste my ass?” She moaned seductively, turning around, opening her mouth and taking my cock head in, sucking hard. “Mmm.. My ass tastes so good!” Pammy said licking the underside of my cock, resting my cock head in between her upper lip and nose. She moved her head so my cock dragged along the side of her mouth, covering her cheek in saliva. I pulled my cock away from her mouth.

“Get back onto all fours.” I said.

“You want to fuck that ass some more?” She asked as she got on to all fours. I didn’t say anything, I just pushed my cock head into her tiny ass hole and thrust forward, straight away going into a fast pace. Pammy pushed her ass back, arching her back, leaning on her forearms.

“Oooohhhhhhhh!” Pammy moaned, looking back at me. Her tits were bouncing around, hitting her on the chin. She leaned forward, resting the top of her head on one of her forearms and used her other hand to hold her tits, to stop them from flopping around. I drilled into her ass deeper and deeper with every thrust. I don’t know how long I brutally fucked her ass, but it was a miracle that I hadn’t pumped her bowels full with gallons of cum.

Both me and Pammy were starting to sweat so much that every time I thrust forward, visible drops of sweat flew up into the air from the impact of my groin slapping onto her butt cheeks. Pammy was still moaning as loud as ever and I was now breathing hard, trying my best to get my breath back. I started to slow down, I spread her butt cheeks apart, getting a good view of my dick going in and out of her rectum. Her butt hole was a red colour from the assault it was enduring from my thick cock.

I pulled out of her and lay down on the bed beside her. My body was aching from trying to satisfy Pammy’s insatiable appetite for sex. I pulled her sweaty body on to mine, with her back turned to me and half on my body. I put my arms under her arms and wrapped them around her. I kissed the side of her mouth while she breathed hard trying to get her breath back too.

I positioned her on her side, while I was still behind her. I pushed her leg up, the one that wasn’t on the bed, to get a better view of her ass. Pammy held her leg up with her hand and I pushed her butt cheek up with one hand and with the other, pushed my cock back into her sweaty bowel. I thrust my hips forward, forcing my cock into her butt and caused her to let out a cute little yelp.

I held her hip as I thrust in and out of her ass, the feeling was unbelievable. I wrapped my arms around her waist, cupping her tits, one in each hand, gently groping them. I held her close to me as I grinded my hips back and fourth, in and out of her tight ass hole. I felt like I could stay in this moment forever.

After a while of this slow paced ass fucking, I decided to up the tempo. I tightened my grip around her and started to pump my cock in and out of her ass as fast as I could, getting faster with every stroke. Pammy’s gentle moans started to get louder and turned into screams as I felt my orgasm nearing with every thrust.

I looked over and saw the purple dildo still at the side of the bed. I reached over her and got it. I lifted her top leg up and pushed the dildo into her moist vagina. I started to gently work it in and out and I felt Pammy’s hand on mine. I let go of the dildo and let her work it in and out of herself. I started to concentrate on getting maximum pleasure from her ass.

Pammy kept up with my strokes, the faster I went, the faster she dildo’d herself. Soon she was starting to go faster than me and I found myself struggling to keep up. Every time she pushed the dildo in, I could feel the inside of her ass get pushed out against my cock. Pammy’s moans turned into really loud screams as another orgasm was approaching her.

“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUCCCCCCCKKK!” She screamed as she pulled the dildo out of her snatch and rubbed it on her clit. Her pussy started to stretch out wide as she came, forcing her ass hole to clench tight around my cock. Her ass hole had gripped my cock so hard, I couldn’t pull my cock back, I just stayed in this position as her orgasm subsided. Pammy looked at me with a dirty look in her eyes and bought the dildo up to her mouth and started to suck her cum off it. She bought her wet hands up to my mouth and I started to lick the juices off her hand and suck her cum off her fingers.

As soon as I felt her sphincter loosen it’s grip I started to thrust in and out of her rectum and I could already feel my cum starting to build up. There was one thing left that I hadn’t done with her and it involved her most famous asset. As she was screaming with every thrust, I gave her a couple of last hard, deep thrusts and pulled out of her, rolling her on to her back. I straddled her stomach and placed my cock in between her massive tits. Pammy knew exactly what I was going for and tossed the dildo aside and pushed her tits together as I started to quickly thrust up and down her chest. I built up momentum very quickly, using the sweat in between her large mounds as lubrication.

Her tits were so big, that when they were pushed together, I couldn’t see my dick except for when it poked up and hit her on the chin. As I continued to fuck her tits, I looked at her face and notice that one of her cheeks had dry skin, which was from when she was sucking me earlier, when she rubbed my cock on her cheek, my pr-cum must’ve gone on her cheek and dried.

“You like fucking Pamela Anderson’s big fucking tits? That’s it! Fuck my big tits with that huge fuck stick! Yeah!” Pammy yelled. “Come on! Cum for Pammy! Come on her big tits.” Pammy started the dirty talk, urging me to cum and as I slid up and down those huge tits, feeling her soft flesh rubbing along the sides of my shaft, I felt my balls start to tighten and with one last thrust up her chest, my hot, thick cum spurted up hitting her right on the chin. As I pulled my cock out my second load shot out in between her tits. I aimed the third load on her left boob, and the fourth one on her right boob, stroking my cock up and down as small loads started to dribble out onto her tits.

“Oooh!” Pammy cooed, as she started to rub my cum into her tits. She wiped the cum off her chin and started to lick it off her chin. “Just needed another taste.” She smiled. “So what are your plans for tomorrow?” She asked.

“Nothing.” I replied, laying down beside her.

“That’s good. I need someone to rub some lotion on to my back tomorrow.” Pammy smiled, smelling heavily of my cum.

So what did you guys make of this story? As good as my previous ones? As good as other Pamela Anderson stories? Any feedback good or bad is welcome and encouraged. Send all feedback or thoughts to: Like I said in the ‘Author’s note’ before the story, I wrote it a while back and when you read it, imagine the setting being before her divorce, so her divorce shouldn’t be a criticism.

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