An Erotic Walk on the Beach with Peter North

Disclaimer: The events and opinions expressed in this short story are solely my fantasy and

may be rather fictitious than real. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

As many of us, Peter North enjoys a walk on the beach, feeling the sand between

his toes and the warm seawater on his ankles. Of course many beaches are crowded

and he often feels he is recognized, in particular by men, some looking at him

jealous, some admiring.

Usually he does not care, his celebrity status as a male porn-star has made him

getting used to it and as long as women do not start yelling and catching her

children to keep them away from him, it does not keep him from enjoying his

walks on the beach. Sometimes, however, he just can’t stand other beach visitors

staring at him, making him feel like running the gauntlet, a tribute he has to

pay to his celebrity status.

Such a time is today, when he is walking at some beaches not frequented by the

usual crowd of swimming and sunbathing visitors and families. The area had many

small bays, each surrounded by impassable cliffs keeping away curious observers.

Other visitors he is walking by occasionally share his occasional desire to

enjoy the silence, loneliness and secrecy of these small bays that allow

sunbathing and splashing in the sea away from noisy crowds of other people –

quite often for a reason. Since these visitors enjoy swimming in the nude or

naked sunbathing, this audience prefers the remoteness of the beach he is

walking today. Usually, not many of the naked sunbathers appeal to him, some are

even elderly people that quickly make him look to a different direction.

Nonetheless, he frequently passes by beautiful naked woman taking a sunbath

alone, who often don’t even notice his presence when he is walking by. This time

of the day with its low sun shining from the sea is best for having a look at

beautiful girls taking their sunbath in the nude, since the sun is blinding

sunbathers looking in his direction so he can watch them with everything he

wants to see being well illuminated while they will not even be able to see what

direction he is looking at.

In the porn movies he is acting in, this setting would be a perfect situation to

meet a beautiful, undressed girl and to start action after a short conversation,

having a hot sex scene on the beach ending with him shooting his huge wad onto

the tits or butt of his female partner. He smiles with this thought as it seems

he cannot deny his profession even in his leisure time. He smiles even broader

when he thinks of the intensely lovemaking couple he passed by on one of his

walks on this very beach, remembering how the tits of the girl were bouncing up

and down as she was riding the stiff rod of her partner and exposing a great

view on his dick sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy. He still remembers

the yells she made out of lust: “Ah, ahhh, yes, oh, ahahaaahhh”, without the

dirty talking or the repetitions the females make in his movies. Too bad he did

not have a camera or cellphone with him that day to keep a remarkable souvenir

of that memorable walk at the beach.

He noticed that remembering this gorgeous view at the wildly fucking couple got

him an erection, his stiff rod being slightly squeezed by his sporty shorts

rubbing at its inside. The slight warm wind was waving through his T-shirt as he

passed around a corner into another little bay that was well protected from

undesired views… except from his one. So far his walk has been uneventful, but

a few steps further he saw a naked, black body lying on a large, blue bath towel

so close to the water that he would hardly have a chance of passing by

unnoticed. Anyway he continued his walk, having a closer look at the slim, black

body of a woman with long black hair taking a sunbath naked, her eyes closed and

her sunglasses pulled up above her forehead. A basket supposedly containing her

clothes and some refreshments was placed close to her, another towel covering

its content. He watched her remarkably voluptuous breasts and well trimmed pubic

hair between her slightly spread legs. She appeared to be asleep with one of her

hands on her right thigh.

The shape of her body, these luscious breasts and the beautiful face of that

black woman appeared to be somewhat familiar to him. “Hey, I know her”, blazed

through his mind, but what was that? The hand on her right thigh slowly moved

upward between her legs, touching her dark pussy lips and a finger started

moving inside her, slightly at first, then a little deeper, just to be slowly

pulled out again, in order to repeat the initial exercise. His professional

skill made him recognize instantly she was gently massaging her clit. His stiff

penis expanded further and was slightly rubbing the inside his shorts, both due

to the friction at the cloth and that exciting look the girl granted him. This

walk does not seem to become _that_ eventless after all. As he slowly walked

closer along the beach while watching the black, big boobed beauty caressing her

clit, he finally recognized the girl and where he knew her from. In the meantime

she has lifted her hips up a bit, pushing her vagina towards her massaging

finger that started moving faster and entering her even deeper.

He was getting closer and finally his shadow inevitably fell onto her body. He

stopped, just a few feet away from her. “Hi”, he said, “I think we met before”.

“Uh, ehm, what?” the woman replied in surprise, opening her eyes, finding out

she was no longer as lonely as anticipated. Peter noticed she did not even

attempt to hastily cover her naked body with a towel in the presence of someone

she must believe to be a stranger. She was obviously used to expose her

beautiful, naked body with her voluptuous breasts to other people. She stopped

pleasing her clit and lifted her hand to cover her eyes to get a better look at

him. He could see a moist gloss on the finger she used to massage the inside of

her pussy. “I still cannot see your face, the sun is blinding me… who are

you?”, she said. “Oh, I’m sorry”, Peter replied, “I’m Peter North, and I think

we have worked together.” He was absolutely sure now he just bumped into

Dominique Simone, one of his co-stars and his female scene partner in a number

of porn movies. “Oh, really, Peter” she said in a warm voice with a smile,

pleasantly surprised, “What a nice surprise! Just place yourself next to me on

the towel.” Peter laid down onto her towel next to Dominique and he noticed she

has indeed recognized him. She put her sunglasses into her basket. “What have

you been doing since then, and what takes you to this remote place of the

beach?” she started the conversation, turning her front side towards him,

holding up her lateral position with her bent left leg, spreading her thighs

even wider and further exposing her black pussy to the gentle, warm wind from

the sea. Her large, firm tits followed the gravity just slightly. They started

chatting, with Peter also having turned his front side towards her, resting his

body on his elbow so both could look into each others faces. After talking for a

while, Peter realized that he still could not deny his profession even in his

leisure time: he noted he was fondling the inside of Dominique’s right thigh

close to the entrance to her paradise all the time with his right hand, just

shortly after he took his place next to her. At first he was puzzled that she

did not protest, but he soon noticed she was unable to forget her job during

leisure time as well since her left hand was caressing his stomach under his T-

Shirt all the time while talking to him.

Her hand just set course downwards to the bulge in his shorts. Did he still kept

that erection, or did he get another one in the meantime from the proximity of

this beautiful women so close to him in her nudity? He could not remember. As

her hand felt the hard-on through the fabric of his shorts she started giggling:

“Oh, Peter, are you thinking of something naughty?” He was a little embarrassed

and explained that during one of his walks he saw a naked couple fucking

vigorously on the beach and that was the reason of his erection. The words just

escaped his mouth as he realized what he just said. Dominique Simone started

giggling even more and was teasing him: “Peter, what do you want to tell me with

that?” In the meantime, her hand has swiftly pulled down his shorts, causing his

stiff cock to pop out for her to see, which she was very well familiar with. She

slowly started caressing it with her hand, her fingers wrapped around it. Peter

suddenly had to think of the moisture he noticed on her finger earlier. “You

know”, she started, “it’s not easy to keep a relationship with a man with a job

as a porn actress like me. Believe it or not, but I have not been with a man for

quite a while. Off the set, I mean”, she giggled again. “All right,” Peter North

thought, “that explains her lying at the beach naked and masturbating”.

“OK, so you mean we can… enjoy some fun together?” Dominique said, pulling his

shorts down to his feet while sitting up. Without waiting for an answer, she

wrapped her lips around his stiff dick, moving up and down slowly while gently

caressing his shaft with her tongue, slightly tickling his balls with her

fingertips. “Sure we can”, Peter replied just before pulling off his T-Shirt to

become totally naked as well, realizing that any resistance to Dominique was

futile. And after all, this was going to be fun, a lustful… reunion,


His dick has become fully erect rapidly by her skillful treatment and she

stopped her blowjob quickly. She started crawling on top of him, moving in a

tantalizing way, her huge breasts gently striking over his skin and his hard

pecker. As her knees were placed on both sides of his hips, she set up a bit,

looked straight into his eyes and said with a lusty sparkling in her eyes:

“Peter, you are now just ready for me.” Her hips rotated gently, catching the

swollen head of his fully erect penis between her labiae. As she felt him to be

in just the right position, she gently pushed down her hips, first only a few

inches, then more vigorously to take his stiff dick up her well lubricated

vagina. She felt his hard cock and its head tightly filling her up, gently

grinding her clit when she was moving up and down on his shaft. She could feel

the head of his dick slightly stretching her cunt. Every time she slid down on

it with a deep stroke that took him up entirely inside, her clit bumped onto the

base of his penis, stimulating her even more and making Dominique moving up and

down more vigorously. She started moaning.

In the meantime Peter enjoyed the excellent view of her huge tits bouncing up

and down while she was riding him. He could watch his big, stiff rod sliding in

and out of her pussy, glossy from her moisture. While he felt his penis being

intensely stimulated by her wet twat sliding up and down, he watched his dick

moving between her labiae and her pink clit that was sticking out between them

and right below her pubes. As he listened to her gasping breath, felt her

arousal, her moisture and her passionate movements he realized it felt so much

better than in their scenes together when making another porn flick. Her eyes

half closed, her lustful little moans and yells echoed in his ears: “Hhhhhhhahh,

ah, ahahaahhhhh, ah oh, aahhhh”. No dirty talk, no dull repetition of her love

sounds as in the movies, but the raw passion of a couple making love. They were

engaged in an intense fuck, aiming at their orgasm. Peter was thinking of the

fucking couple he observed and was wondering if he and Dominique would expose a

similar great view on his dick sliding in and out of her pussy passionately to

an accidental passer-by. Probably they presented a better view because of the

contrast between his erect penis and the black skin of her perfectly shaped

pussy lips.

Dominique felt one of Peters hands on her hip, his grip indicating when to move

faster and when to slow down and his other hand on one of her tits, making it

bounce less vigorously than the other one. But this was second to her because

she was rather focusing on extending the duration of their intercourse in the

beginning and later, when she felt she could not hold back for a longer time, on

finishing with an intense climax.

As Peter noticed Dominique wrapping her pussy lips more tightly around his stiff

rod and taking it up into her damp pussy completely with every stroke, he

realized she was about to get off. Dominique felt a heatwave flushing through

her body, starting from her clit and the depths of her vagina that started to

pulsate intensely. She could feel her pussy contracting rhytmically as her face

and breasts started to feel hot… not from the sunshine, but from the heat her

intense orgasm created inside her. Did she finish with a loud yell? She did not

even notice.

Peter suddenly felt Dominique’s pussy contracting convulsively while she was

getting off with an intense orgasm.“Hhhhhhahhhhh, hhaaaaaaaaaahhh”, he heard

Dominique yelling loudly when she went off, stopping to move up and down his

thick shaft that was completely buried inside her vagina, which she wrapped even

more tightly around his cock. He could feel the tip of his cock being squeezed

rhythmically by her pulsating pussy just before the contractions arrived at the

base of his dick. They both enjoyed the pulsation of her vagina that was slowly

ebbing away for a while when Dominique laid flat onto him so he could feel her

large, firm breasts on his chest and her hot breath on his face. She rolled onto

her back, still keeping his stiff dick inside her pussy. So he ended up lying on

top of her, between her gorgeous thighs and on her big tits. Still with that

lusty sparkling in her eyes she said “What an intense orgasm.. now I want YOU to

get off!”.

Now it was Peters turn to do the work. He was ardently pumping into her wet

cunt. It felt as if his body was hovering above the ground only being kept from

flying away by his stiff dick buried deep and enclosed tightly inside her love

tunnel. He was only seconds from shooting his load. He continued to move in and

out passionately between her pussy lips, rubbing her clit intensely while

ramming his shaft completely into her damp pussy. “Ahh, ahh, Peter!” she yelled.

He could feel his juices climbing up his dick and when he was sure he could no

longer hold it, he pulled out and shot his load.

Dominique, lying on her back, was still excited and enjoyed him fucking her

vigorously. It was a lustful experience feeling his passionate movements inside

her despite she just had an intense orgasm. They were kissing passionately and

when she felt him thrusting into her deeper and faster, she knew he would soon

flood her pussy with his semen. As she felt his dick starting to quiver, she

expected his hot load shooting into her. But he obviously had other plans,

pulling his huge, swollen dick out of her. “Uhoaaah!” he yelled lustfully. She

watched his dick shooting thick, white wads of cum onto her black body, onto her

pussy, her belly and her huge, black tits, leaving white traces all over her

body that contrasted well with her dark skin. One, two, three… for some reason

she started counting the spurts of semen his dick was squirting around wildly.

When Peter had finished, he saw Dominique laughing and holding a hand in front

of her face that had caught a spurt of his load which otherwise had smacked into

her face. She started giggling. “I counted eleven huge spurts from your dick”,

she said, still giggling, “but you were supposed to shoot off into my pussy!”.

“Oh, really”, Peter North replied, shoving his still erect cock back into her

slippery vagina. Dominique Simone wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him

closer and kissing him passionately. “Oh, it doesn’t matter”, she said to him

smiling, her hands caressing his neck. “It seems we cannot deny our profession,

even not in our leisure time. You will surely do better next time…”.

The End… for now!

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