An Evening With Miss Kate Winslet

An Evening With Miss Kate Winslet

By Tom Land

Heather had looked forward to this day for months. She had been an
eager admirer of Kate Winslet’s acting since she’d first seen her in
"Titanic" but she’d come to love her acting in several of the young
blonde’s films. She’d also seen Kate Winslet in "Sense and
Sensibility", "Jude", and "Heavenly Creatures". Heather marveled at
not only what a wonderful energetic young actress Kate was, but even
more as from the very beginning on Kate’s
innate beauty. Her face held
an absolute beauty that rather than appear glamorous seemed to hold the
beauty of a mature young woman who’s comfortable with herself. Heather
also noticed that Kate’s figure was just right and that she was a very
sensually and sexily shaped woman.

Through a mutual friend, Heather had been able to make Kate’s
acquaintance and they had talked on the phone a few times. She had
been delighted to find that she and Kate held so many things in common.
One things was books. Heather loved to read and she discovered that
Kate was an avid reader as well. So the two young women had agreed to
meet at Heather ‘s apartment and spend the evening just enjoying each
other’s company and talking over whatever topics came to their minds.

Heather had come home a few hours early that day and tidied up her flat
just a little bit in order to make Kate comfortable and ensure that she
felt at home when she was there with her. Heather knew from talking
to their mutual friend that she and Kate both shared the same taste in
desserts and coffee, so she had some of their favorite cake and
pastries as well as some delicious coffee that she would provide to
Kate when they both got hungry.

Heather didn’t know exactly what the evening would hold for her and Kate
Winslet but she was so excited about just being able to spend the
evening with only the two of them. Her stomach almost felt tied in
knots from the anticipation of actually getting to meet a woman she had
come to appreciate and care so much about. Even to love and desire!
Heather could simply look at Kate’s photos that were so plentiful in
the London media and she could feel a tension of physical desire and
want begin to well up within her body. She longed to reach out and
touch Kate’s soft blonde hair and look into her crystal blue eyes. She
wanted more than anything to open her arms and have Kate move into them
and share a mutual embrace of love and care with her. Heather felt
her breath catch in her throat as she envisioned her evening with Kate
and hoped that all would turn out as she had often dreamed it might.

Just at the appointed hour that she and Kate had set, the doorbell rang
and Heather felt a nervousness creep over her suddenly as she went to
her flat door and slowly opened it. Heather could hardly believe her
eyes — there actually stood Kate Winslet right in front of her.

A brilliant, sweet smile immediately lit Kate’s face as she realized
that she and Heather were finally getting to meet. "Hello, Heather ,
I’m Kate," the beautiful blonde said as she extended her hand to greet
Heather . "It’s so good to finally get to meet you and have this chance
to spend the evening with you."

"Oh, Kate, the pleasure’s mine, believe me. Won’t you come in?" Heather
laughed within herself from sheer delight as she pulled the door even
further open and the most famous actress in all of England walked
through her door. But Heather never even thought of that as she
closed the door behind them and offered to take the light jacket that
Kate had been wearing. Kate peeled off her coat and handed it to
Heather as she moved over to the couch in the center of the room.
Kate was wearing a tight-fitting, soft dark blue sweater that
emphasized the full, rounded shape of her breasts and a matching dark
skirt and pumps. Heather felt a gnawing in her stomach as she
momentarily stole a longer glance at Kate and just took in the woman’s
beauty and the reality of having her there in her own apartment.

"You’ve got a lovely flat, Heather . I really like the way you’ve got
it fixed up," Kate said as she turned to smile at Heather and patted
the couch next to her, encouraging Heather to sit down beside her.
"It’s so cozy feeling and makes me feel right at home," Kate said.
The two young women immediately began to talk and discuss things in
common between the two of them. Heather had several questions she’d
wanted to ask Kate about her own personal life and interests. And
Heather quickly found out that Kate Winslet was just as interested in
Heather ‘s life and what she found interesting to pour her time and
energies into. When Kate discovered that Heather was an artist, she
asked her to show her some of her work.

When Heather began to pull up some of her artwork on the computer and
also to show her some of the art pieces she’d had made into hard copy,
she was pleasantly surprised to find that Kate really loved her work.
Kate seemed to be totally delighted in it and made several very
complimentary remarks about Heather ‘s work.

"You’ve got such a wonderful taste for color, shape and design, Heather
," Kate said as she turned to look into Heather ‘s face. Both Kate and
Heather felt themselves smiling at each other and then Heather asked
if Kate would like something to eat and a cup of coffee before they
continued. "Oh yes, please," Kate answered.

As Heather got up from the couch to fetch the goodies and fix their
coffee, Kate asked, "Heather , do you have anything else that you’ve
done which you could show me?"

Heather smiled inwardly as she realized that she’d held till last the
best work she’d done and especially since it related to Kate Winslet in
particular. When she went to pull her Kate Winslet calendar portfolio
out, she began to feel nervous, wondering what Kate would think of it.

She sat down next to Kate on the couch and when she lifted the cover and
Kate realized what she was looking at, a gasp of surprise and joyous
pleasure slipped from the young actress’s lips. "Oh, Heather , this is
of me!" Kate exclaimed as she began to look closely at the artwork of
herself which Heather had poured hours into creating. "It’s
brilliant, Heather," Kate said as she looked over each portrait Heather
had made of her in great detail.

Heather was in bliss as she sat there literally within inches of this
beautiful woman she’d come to admire and love so very much — and the
very Kate Winslet she’d portrayed in all her beauty and radiance and
sensuousness was literally there within an arm’s reach of her.

About halfway through the six months of calendar photos, Kate turned to
Heather and said nothing at first. Their eyes met intensely almost
immediately and the two young women sat there, totally alone in the
flat living room, relishing their opportunity to be alone and to enjoy
so many things they had in common. Heather felt the sexual tension
rapidly climbing between them and she was about to make a move toward
Kate Winslet, when Kate seized the initiative and reached out towards
Heather . Kate softly placed her hand on Heather ‘s chin and pulled
her face towards her. Their lips met in a kiss that was instantly very
tentative but then suddenly grew lusty and passionate. The portfolio
of Kate’s pictures fell off onto the floor there at their feet as Kate
reached up and cupped one of Heather ‘s full breasts in her left hand
and an involuntary moan of pleasure escaped from Heather ‘s lips from
the feeling of heat and passion that radiated from there throughout her
body. She felt her heart begin to race and her own hand immediately
moved up to the sweater-covered breast of Kate’s and they began to
caress each other’s bodies and their kisses grew more intense.

Heather had hoped their evening would end like this but she’d felt it
was too much to hope for. But it was obvious that whatever was going
to happen would happen right here in her living room. Kate and Heather
were both so overcome by their physical desire to enjoy and admire
each other’s bodies and to pleasure each other that the tempo of their
lovemaking took on a rhythm of its own. Heather was wearing a long
black dress that buttoned down the front and Kate immediately began to
caress Heather ‘s full breasts through the dress material as she
started unbuttoning the fastenings as quickly as her fingers would
move. Heather realized she was almost tempted to grab both sides of
the front of her dress and simply rip the buttons off in an effort to
give Kate access to her naked body.

Heather quickly had her hands up underneath Kate’s sweater and both of
them were moaning and making small comments of their admiration for
each other’s bodies as they rapidly continued to undress. Kate was
wearing a sexy black lace bra and panties that offset her pale body and
beautiful blonde hair. When Heather pulled the sweater off of Kate’s
head and then she unfastened the clasp of Kate’s bra, Heather ‘s breath
was taken for a moment when Kate shrugged the cups of the black lace
bra away from her sexy full mounds. Kate began undoing her skirt and
shrugging it off as well when while Heather took over the job of
unfastening her own buttons on her dress.

Soon both women were shed of their clothes and their bras and panties,
and they came into each other’s arms, pulling their naked bodies
together there on the living room couch. Heather was lying on her
back on the couch and Kate was in her arms, lying on top of her at the
moment. Their lips were locked in passionate, hot kisses that were
delicious and feverish. Heather found that being with Kate was far
more sensuous and exciting than she had ever imagined or hoped it would
be. An unknown amount of time had passed and Heather began to set up
and motioned for Kate to lie down on the couch. Taking just a second
to admire the naked beauty lying there in front of her, Heather
admired everything that made Kate Winslet the beautiful woman she’d
come to care so much about. Kate’s hair had grown out again to its
natural blondeness and was about shoulder length from her earlier short
haircut. Dark brown nipples crowned the peaks of her full breasts that
thrust out invitingly towards Heather , making her want to grab one in
each hand and bury her face between them. And her entire body was soft
and creamy like ivory.

Heather leaned towards Kate and kissed her again on the lips briefly
before she moved down over Kate’s neck and upper chest and then to the
swelling peaks of her breasts. Kate’s nipples had grown hard from her
arousal and then Heather continued to move further down Kate’s body,
across her upper stomach and tummy. When her head reached down to the
beginning of Kate’s upper thighs, Heather saw Kate willingly move her
legs apart to give her new lover fuller access to the most private and
hidden secrets of her womanhood.

Heather felt Kate’s hands touch her head lightly and even subtlely
encouraging her as she reached out and tenderly caressed the moist pink
lips of Kate’s vagina. Kate was obviously very impassioned because she
was extremely wet; Heather heard low moans of pleasure escape from
Kate’s lips as her fingers tenderly caressed the other woman and then
one ventured inside of her. "Oh, Heather , yes, yes," Kate moaned as
she thrust her pelvis up towards Heather .

Then, having wanted to do this for the longest time, Heather leaned in
towards Kate Winslet’s vagina and flicking her tongue out, touched the
very tip of her clitoris, feeling the softness of Kate’s flesh and
tasting the sweet honey of her moistness and arousal. Kate’s hips
thrust up again towards Heather , encouraging Heather on. Heather ‘s
hungry tongue flicked out again, and then she began to lick up and down
the crevice of Kate’s lusty vagina lips. Kate began to writhe and buck
against Heather ‘s mouth as she began to work her tongue and lips more
firmly against Kate. Kate’s moans grew louder and more insistent and
her hands on the back of Kate’s head pressed her mouth more firmly
against Kate’s groin.

"Ohhhhh, Heather , you’re such a wonderful lover," Kate exclaimed as
Heather could tell that her blonde lover was about to experience her
first climax with her. "Ohhhhhh, ohhhh, yes, yes, Heather , I’m going
to cum!!! Oh, Heather , yes, harder, harder," Kate almost screamed as
Heather lost herself completely in giving Kate pleasure and in the
delicious sexy taste of Kate’s passionate thrashings underneath her
adoring lips and fingers. When Kate started to feel her orgasm explode,
she moaned so loudly that Heather knew the moment had arrived. Kate
thrashed around underneath Heather ‘s kisses and caresses and once the
intense feelings of her orgasm began to subside, lay there underneath
Heather, still breathing rapidly.

Heather kissed Kate once more on the lips of her vagina and then she
moved back up over Kate and their lips met again in a passionate
tangling of their lips and tongues. "Thank you, Heather ," Kate said
as she smiled very sweetly. "Now it’s my turn to pleasure you," Kate
said as she sat up from where she’d been lying on the couch and, taking
Heather by the hand, led her new lover to Heather ‘s bedroom and her

When they arrived at the edge of the bed, Kate just stood there with
Heather naked in front of her and reached up to lovingly run her hands
through Heather ‘s long dark hair that came down nearly to her waist.

"I love your long hair, Heather . I wish I could grow mine that long,"
Kate said as she smiled and leaned forward to give Heather a firm,
moist kiss on the lips. Heather felt her breasts swell and her nipples
grow rigid when Kate reached up and cupped her right breast in her soft
hand. Then Kate lowered her blonde head and took the nipple of Heather
‘s breast between her soft lips and her tongue flicked against the
sensitive flesh as she reached around Heather ‘s body and took her into
her arms. An automatic sign of pleasure escaped Heather ‘s lips as she
loved the wonderful feel of Kate’s loving her breast.

Then Kate pushed Heather onto her back and when Heather ‘s head settled
onto the pillow, Kate joined her on the bed. But instead of lying down
beside Heather , she lay down opposite her so she would have ready
access to make love with Heather . Kate wasted no time at all. She
parted Heather ‘s thighs and buried her face between the vee of Heather
‘s thighs, flicking her tongue out and quickly just grazing the
sensitive flesh of her lover’s clitoris. Kate loved the taste and
sensual aroma of Heather ‘s arousal and she instantly lost herself in
what she was doing.

"Ooooh, Kate, yes, yes, love me," Heather begged as she too felt her
groin thrusting up towards Kate’s loving touches. At the same time,
Heather reached towards Kate’s extremely wet vagina and flicked her
finger up and down along the sexy wet slit of her pussy. The lips of
her vagina were well lubricated from Heather ‘s early lovemaking and
Heather was able to easily slip one finger between Kate’s pussy lips
And begin an inward and outward motion that elicited a moan of pleasure
from Kate. Shortly Heather had a second finger inside Kate and began
to really thrust the two fingers together in and out and to flick
Heather ‘s now aroused clitoris at the same time.

Kate found the dark fur at the junction of Heather ‘s thighs to be as
sexy as the dark long hair on her head and she was overwhelmed with how
sexy it was to be with Heather and to just enjoyed giving each other
pleasure. Kate reached down and squeezed her own breast and tweaked
the nipples with pleasure as she worked to tease Heather ‘s pussy and
bring her female lover to a thundering orgasm. When Kate knew that
Heather was fully aroused and had begun to match her movements with
gyrations of her groin against Kate’s loving hands and lips, Kate also
began to explore the lips of Heather ‘s vagina with first one finger
and then two, bringing Heather to higher and higher states of sexual
arousal. Both women were letting out moans and signs of lustful
pleasure and desire as they sought to show each other how sexy they
were and how good their touches and kisses felt.

This time Heather began to feel her orgasm explode in her groin first
and she started to moan and whine louder and louder. "OH, Kate, Kate,
I’m cumming," Heather whined under Kate’s touch and very quickly after
that, Kate too began to feel the start of her second climax as Heather
kissed and sucked on her pussy vigorously.

When they had both felt their passion evening out, Kate moved back
around up on the bed with Heather and they exchanged several more
kisses. Heather ran her hands through Kate’s blonde hair and told her
that she was the sexiest woman she had ever known. They both had sexy
smiles on their faces just before they fell asleep totally naked there
in Heather ‘s bed.

The End

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