An Eye For An Eye

Title: An Eye For An Eye

Author: Tori

Celebs: Peyton Roi List

Codes: MF, inc, NC, rape, anal, viol, snuff, WS

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.


“Don Carlo?”  Inside the office a man in his mid-50’s was busy fucking a cute teen in her ass.  Another knock on door came, “Don Carlo?  Please, I have to talk to you.”  The man pulled his cock out of the girl’s asshole and grabbed his robe.  As he put it on, he slapped the girl’s ass and said, “Cover yourself baby.  This won’t take long.”

The Don opened the door and looked at his Lieutenant and said, “Mikey, this had better be important.”  The man watched the pretty girl scurry into the bathroom and said, “I’m sorry Don Carlo.  I……well, there’s no easy way to say this.”  The Don said, “Spit it out Mikey.”  Mikey looked at his shoes and said, “Your son, Anthony.  He’s been killed.”  The Don slowly turned and walked across the office and sat on the couch.  After a minute he said, “How?”  Mikey stepped in and closed the door and said, “Anthony and his friends were walking down the street in Hollywood when an SUV jumped the curb and hit them.  It all happened so fast.  As far as I know, three people were killed and dozen more injured.”

Don Carlo got up and walked over to the bathroom.  He opened the door and told the girl to get dressed and leave.  As soon as she was gone, he looked at Mikey and said, “I want inquiries made.  I want to know who did this and why.  Capiche?”  Mikey looked at him and said, “Si, Don Carlo.  I’ll take care of it.”  As he turned to leave he said, “My condolences Don Carlo.”  The Don looked out the window and said, “I don’t know how I’m going to tell his Mother.  He meant everything to her.”

Three days later, Don Carlo buried his son.  There was a large attendance at the funeral.  Friends, business partners and even competitors came to pay their respects to The Don and wife.  At the reception, Mikey approached Don Carlo and said, “I’m sorry to interrupt Don Carlo.  May I have a word please?”  Don Carlo kissed his wife on the cheek and said, “I’ll be right back.”  The two men walked outside and Don Carlo said, “So?”  Mikey smiled and said, “We have the guy boss.  I’ve got him at the warehouse.”  The Don looked at him and patted his shoulder and said, “Good work Mikey.  I can always count on you.”  Mikey bowed his head and said, “Thank you Don Carlo.”  Then The Don said, “Does this piece of shit have any children?”  Mikey nodded and said, “Si, a boy and a girl, twins.”  The Don leaned in and said, “Bring them to the warehouse, tonight.  Capiche?”  Mikey stepped back and said, Si Don Carlo.  I’ll get it done.”  The Don turned and went back inside to console his grieving wife.

Later that evening, Don Carlo walked into the warehouse and approach the man tied to a chair.  There were two huge men standing behind him and it was obvious to Don Carlo that they’d been beating the man.  His nose was bleeding and his left eye was closed and swollen.  Then man was nearly passed out when Don Carlo waved his hand and said, “Look at me you piece of shit.”  When he didn’t look up, one of the men grabbed his hair and yanked his head up and said, “Look at the Don when he’s speaking to you scumbag.”

The Don stepped closer and said, “You killed my only son.  His Mother hasn’t slept in days and she’s at home, crying because of what you did.”  The man tried to talk but he was punched in the face before he could speak.  After lifting his head once more, the thug said, “You have no idea what we’re going to do to you fuck face.”  The Don waved his hand once again and the man let him go.  Then The Don said, “Excuse my friend here.  He speaks out of turn.  It’s not what I’m going to do to you but what I’m going to do to your children.”  That caught the man’s attention and then he saw four other men dragging two naked teens over and dropping them to the floor behind Don Carlo.  They both had their hands and ankles tied and they had burlap sacks over their heads.

Don Carlo walked over to the two lying on the dirty floor and looked down at the girl.  He couldn’t help but notice her long legs and pert breasts.  He motioned to the two men standing by her and said, “Pick her up.”  The men did as they were told and stood her up, allowing him to reach over and pull the sack off her head.  As soon as he did, Peyton List blinked and shook her long blonde hair out of her eyes and said, “Where am I.  What do you want?”  That was when she saw her Father in the chair and screamed.  Don Carlo slapped her and said, “Shut the fuck up bitch.  Your old man killed my son.  Now it’s my turn.”  Peyton stared at her Father and started to cry.  “Please mister.  It was an accident.  Please don’t kill him.  I’ll do anything you want, just don’t kill my Daddy.”

Don Carlo reached down between her legs and rubbed his hand across her bald pussy pushing his finger inside.  He pushed a second finger in and then started to frig her, causing her to get wet.  While he fingered the blonde beauty he said, “I’ll bet a fine piece of ass like you loves to get fucked, don’t you slut.”  He pulled his fingers from her and tasted her.  “Sweet, very sweet.  Put her on her knees.”  The two men pushed her down as The Don unzipped his trousers.  He pulled out his 10 inch cock and said, “Show Daddy what a good cocksucker you are.”  Peyton looked over and saw her Father staring at her and opened her mouth.  She leaned in, taking half The Don’s length into her mouth.  Peyton began to suck the cock in her mouth taking more and more down her throat until she had her nose buried in his pubes.  The Don reached behind her head and held her tight against him, his cock stuffed down her throat before releasing her.  As he began to fuck her face, he looked over at Peyton’s Father and said, “Like what you see asshole?  I’ll bet you’d like her to suck your cock, wouldn’t you?”  The Don pulled his cock from her mouth and then grabbed her by her hair and dragged her over in front of her Father.  One of the men untied Peyton and said, “Take your Daddy’s cock out bitch.  You’re going to show everyone what a good little whore you are.”

Peyton slowly began to undo his trousers and when she pulled out his cock, she said, “I’m sorry Daddy.”  She opened her mouth and was soon bobbing up and down on his cock.  The Don and the rest of the men stood and watched as the Disney starlet sucked off her own Father.  It didn’t take long before Peyton was swallowing his cum.  When she finished she looked up and The Don and said, “Satisfied pig?”  Peyton sat back and said, “I did what you wanted now let us go.”  The Don laughed and said, “Stupid slut, we’re just getting started.”  He motioned to one of his men who pulled her over next to her brother.  The Don watched as the man untied her brother Spencer and pulled the sack off his head.  Spencer looked at Peyton and then saw his Father.  The Don came over and said, “Your slutty sister here is a pretty good cocksucker kid.  I’ll bet she likes to get fucked in her ass.”  He told Peyton to get on her hands and knees and then said, “Let’s go kid, I don’t have all day.”  Spencer looked over and saw one of the men put a pistol to his Father’s head and said, “OK, OK, just don’t hurt my Dad.”  He got behind Peyton and said, “I’m sorry sis.”  Peyton closed her eyes and said, “It’s OK Spence.  Just do it or they’ll kill Daddy.”

Spencer’s cock was already hard from seeing Peyton’s naked body so he got behind her and tried to push his cock into her ass.  Peyton put her face down on the dirty concrete floor and reached behind and spread her cheeks apart.  “Spit on it first and use your fingers Spence.”  Spencer spit a few times and then pushed his fingers into her tight hole causing it to open.  He spit again and then pushed his cock inside her ass.  Peyton winced and then moaned as her brother violated her.  When he was about half way in, Peyton said, “Come on, fuck me Spence.  Fuck me hard.”  Spencer shoved his cock all the way into her ass and started to bang away at her.  Peyton felt his balls slapping against her pussy and within minutes, began to cum.  She pushed herself up and arched her back, taking her Brother’s cock deep in her gaping hole.  Peyton was soon screaming, “FUCK ME SPENCE……FUCK MY DIRTY ASSSSSS!!!!!!!!”  Spencer pulled out, stood up and shoved his cock back into his gorgeous sister’s ass.  “FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” she screamed.  Soon the only sounds were Peyton grunting like a common whore while her Brother sodomized her in front of their Father and The Don.  Spencer banged away for several more minutes and then said, “I…..I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!”  Peyton came just he started to fill her ass his hot load.  Just then a shot rang out and she felt her Brother’s dead body on to her causing her to fall flat on the filthy floor.  Her ears were still ringing when she heard her Father scream, “NOOOOOO YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!! YOU KILLED MY SON!!!!!!!”  Peyton pushed Spencer’s lifeless body off of her and turned to see the blood pouring from the hole in the back of his head.  She shook him and screamed, “SPENCER…….SPENCER…….OH MY GOD!!!!!!”

Peyton was still trying to shake her Brother awake when two of The Don’s men came over and dragged his corpse away, leaving a trail of his blood on the floor.  The Don walked over to her Father and said, “An eye for an eye.  You killed my son and now I killed yours.”  Peyton crawled over to her Father and hugged him, her Brother’s cum oozing from her freshly fucked ass.  She looked at The Don and said, “Fucking bastard.  You killed my Brother.”  The Don grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off her Father.  He looked down at her and then his men and said, “She’s all yours boys.”  Before he left he looked at Peyton’s Father and said, “If you say a word to anyone, I’ll kill your wife and your Daughter.  Capiche?”  Her Father simply nodded and watched as the men took off their clothes and gathered around Peyton.

Over the next several hours, The Don’s men gang raped Peyton.  After awhile, she stopped screaming and was left a mindless piece of meat to be used by their cocks as her Father was forced to watch.  The last act of degradation came when they all pissed in her mouth, making her swallow as much of the rancid liquid that she could.  When they finally finished, they were driven home.  Peyton’s Father carried his ruined daughter up to her bathroom and gently bathed her.  She was still in shock when he carried her to her bed and pulled the covers over her broken and bruised body.  He went downstairs, poured a drink, sat down and cried for his murdered son.  He had no idea what he was going to tell his wife.


The End

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