An IntEResting Negotiation

An IntEResting Negotiation


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Enjoy.

Misconception was something Laura Innes had been forced to put up with for
some time.
Ever since her character of Carrie Weaver had appeared on the hit show
"ER", Laura had to put up with the idea that she used a cane in real life
just like Weaver did.
She also had to put up with the idea that she was as bitchy in real life
as Weaver could sometimes be. But now, she was about to put up with what

may be her biggest
misconception yet: That just like Weaver
was about to be, she was a lesbian.
Laura had been surprised about the sudden change for her character and
wasn’t entirely happy with it. To her, this seemed less like an important
life choice and
instead smacked of a ratings stunt to get press and controversy onto the
show. Just because gays were hot on TV right now, that was no reason to
change her
character so much.
Laura had decided she would do the storyline on the condition that she
could get a pay raise for it. Laura could have gone directly to the
producers but she hated to
make a big stink out of it, given the mega-million dollar deals previous
stars had gone for. So, on the advice of her friends, she had decided to
see a professional who
could help with things like this. She and her
brother ran a special agency that helped actors by being go-betweens
between them and the studios. A couple of people Laura knew had used them
before and spoke
quite highly of them so Laura decided to give them a try.
She arrived a few minutes before two, dressed in a nice pair of slacks and
a dark shirt, her short red hair better combed than her character’s, her
gait showing not a
hint of the limp that was Weaver’s trademark.
To her surprise, she was let into the office precisely on time to meet the
agent who was taking her case.
Victoria was a strikingly beautiful woman with long dark hair, currently
wrapped up in a bun on her head, a pair of glasses poised on her nose. Her
model-like form
was clad in a black business suit, long and smooth legs showing under her
short skirt. She smiled and shook Laura’s hand as she came in.
"Glad you could make it," Victoria said. "My brother is out on another
appointment, so I was happy to step in."
"Your brother is Victor, right?" Laura said as she took a seat across from
Victoria’s desk.
"Yep, Victor and Victoria. What can I say, our parents didn’t have that
much originality when it came to names," Victoria shrugged. "Anyway, I got
the basic
message of what you wanted. So it’s money, huh?"
"Look, I realize I’m not exactly the same big name as the others but I
think I’ve done well on the show," Laura replied. "I’ve done a few movies,
like ‘Deep Impact.’
I think if I’m going to do such a big character change, I should expect
some more money for it."
"Hmm, it is an interesting idea," Victoria said, leaning back. As she did,
she adjusted the bracelet on her wrist, the gold and silver bands wrapping
together with a
pair of small circular charms attached. Victoria carefully moved her wrist
back and forth slightly to catch the light and play it along Laura’s face
in a motion that, while
not too obvious, still got the actress’s attention.
"We’ll have to approach it carefully when we go to the executives about
it. We should catch them when they’re off-guard, you know, when they’re
feeling relaxed. We
really should get to them when they’re feeling relaxed so they’ll listen
to us better. It’s really important that we can get to relax so they’ll
listen to me, I really have to get
them relaxed so they’ll listen to me. That’s the key to the whole thing,
to make them relaxed so I can talk to them, relax them while I talk to
them, I have to make them
feel more and more relaxed as I talk to them, I have to relax them to talk
to them, I have to make them relaxed so they’ll listen to me. I have to
make them relaxed so
they’ll listen to me, I have to relax them so they’ll listen to me. I just
have to make them relaxed so they’ll listen to me, I have to relax them so
they’ll listen to me, I have
to make them more and more relaxed so they’ll listen to me, more and more
relaxed, just more and more relaxed…."
Laura’s eyes were glassy as she stared at the shiny bracelet, her face
relaxed. Victoria smiled as he watched Laura fall under her control. She
had always been a
better hypnotist than her brother and didn’t need a lot of his fancy
devices to do the job. But at least they had the same ideas on how to deal
with her clients and have
fun at the same time. Laura may not have been the
same drop-dead gorgeous as the others who came through their offices but
Victoria had always liked her and when NBC had asked her to try and talk
Laura out of
her desire for a raise, Victoria had known the best way to do it.
"It’s when they’re deeply relaxed that they’ll listen to me, Laura. It’s
when they’re so deeply relaxed that they’ll listen to me, it’s when
they’re as relaxed as they can
be that they’ll listen to me, they’ll listen to me when they’re this
relaxed, they’ll listen to
me when they’re so deeply relaxed like this, they’ll listen to me when
they’re this relaxed. They’ll listen to me and they’ll do what I say
because they love being so
relaxed, they love being so relaxed that they’ll do anything I say because
anything I say relaxes them more and more, anything I tell them to do
relaxes them more and
more, they’ll feel more and more relaxed by doing anything I say, they’ll
do anything I want to stay this relaxed, Laura, they’ll do anything I want
to stay this relaxed."
Victoria lowered her wrist, watching Laura’s head tilt slightly, her eyes
wide open but unseeing, her body slumped in the chair.
"Laura, can you hear me?"
"Yes……" she replied through parted lips.
"Laura, are you relaxed?"
"Laura, do you know what you have to do to stay this relaxed?"
"Anything….you say….."
Victoria nodded and pushed a button on her desk. Behind the oblivious
Laura, the wall opened up into a plush bed, ready for action. Victoria
slowly rose from her
desk and walked around it, standing before Laura. She stepped back a bit
and allowed Laura to look at her.
"Watch me, Laura. Watch me undress and as I do, you will feel more and
more attracted to me. By the time I am naked, you will feel incredibly
attracted to me and
will want to feel that desire with me."
Slowly, Victoria began to remove her clothing, her incredibly body
revealing itself to the hypnotized Laura. Her large but pointed breasts
hung well with no sag, her
dark pussy already wet.
"Laura, I want you to stand and undress," Victoria said. "I want you to
undress completely and by the time you’re naked, all the desire you’ve
been feeling with
come loose and you’ll want to make love to me more than anything."
Within moments, Laura’s body was revealed to Victoria. She was quite nice,
a bit thin, but still quite attractive, her pert breasts tight, the red
patch between her legs
begging for touch. Victoria took her in her arms and slowly kissed her,
her tongue diving deep into Laura’s mouth. The redhead was stock-still for
a moment, but soon
got into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Victoria and letting the other
woman lead the way for her.
They fell onto the bed, kissing one another deeply, their limbs moving
around each other’s bodies as they withered on the plush sheets.
Victoria lay on her back and brought Laura onto her, kissing her deeply.
She pushed Laura’s face down to her ample chest and spoke.
"Suck on my nipples, Laura. Suck on them."
Laura obeyed, putting her mouth around one of Victoria’s breasts and
licking the nipple, her mouth circling around it as she did. Victoria took
one of Laura’s hands
and pushed it downward, letting the fingers slide across her pussy.
Victoria slid two of Laura’s fingers into the lips and Laura did the rest,
working her fingers inside of
Victoria’s pussy as she continued to suckle and
massage Victoria’s breasts with the other. Victoria sighed as she felt
Laura go to work, her sucking and finger work doing the job quite well,
her entranced mind
unleashing her passions onto the nearest person, which Victoria was only
too happy to be. That thought carried Victoria as she came, her come
streaking Laura’s hand.

Victoria lay Laura onto her back and moved down to her red pussy. She took
a moment to breathe in the scent of sex, then moved in, her tongue
immediately going
to work at the actress.
Laura soon found herself at the hands of a professional, Victoria’s tongue
showing her experience at lesbian love, something that Laura was beginning
to love. She
withered on the bed as Victoria’s hands moved around her thighs, sending
waves of pleasure down to her pussy, where Victoria’s tongue did the rest.
In her relaxed
state, Laura’s arousal had already been
turned on and Victoria was only adding to it with her expert tongue
It wasn’t long before Laura was coming onto Victoria’s face, her agent
eagerly licking away all the cum she could taste.
Victoria straddled Laura and sat her pussy onto her, letting Laura begin
to lick at her pussy.
"Listen to me, Laura," Victoria gasped as Laura began to lick at her.
"When you awaken, you will remember none of this. But you will be more
open to the gay
storyline. In fact, the idea of being with another woman will be quite
attractive to you. You will not want more money for doing this, you will
be happy to do this."
The rest of Victoria’s speech was cut off as Laura’s tongue slid deeper
into her. She figured the other instructions could wait. For now, Laura
was a bit more open to
the idea of a lesbian affair.
And Victoria was going to make sure she was open to a couple of special
appointments to learn more of her new assignment.

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