An IntEResting Party

An IntEResting Party

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Inspired by
an Echso piece
he practically begged me to write for so here goes. Might be more on Ming than
Alex, but hey,
she’s the one he wanted to see. Enjoy.

Studio parties are always an interesting affair, some more than others.
This party for the cast
of NBC’s smash “ER” was a combination of “welcome back” and “going away.” The
shifting cast for the show was going to have its last season with original cast
members Anthony
Edwards and Eriq La Salle. However, after a five year absence, Sherry
was back on
the show, balancing out the departures. While some said the show was no longer
as original or
ground-breaking as it had once been, it still got big ratings and was one of the
network’s big
moneymakers, even more important now, after all the networks were reporting
losses following
the week devoted solely to news programming during the week of September 11th.

For the cast, the party was a great way to unwind from the pressures that
hit the industry
since that date. Ironically, for a show about doctors, they weren’t too worried
about all the wild
anthrax threats going about. They just wanted to unwind, have a good time and
try not to worry
about the future of the show.

For Alex Kingston, that was a big worry. Since Anthony was leaving at the
end of the
season, it still wasn’t sure if Alex’s character, his wife, would be written out
as well. While the
idea of going back to England and watching over her family there was intriguing,
Alex liked the
show a lot and didn’t want to just drop it like that. She tried to reassure
herself that her British
accent and upbringing helped give a touch of class to the program and the
producers would
that. But it was still a big unknown.

For right now, she was having a good time talking to some people. The party
wasn’t just
for the cast, a lot of the crew was there as well, enjoying a chance to mingle
with stars from other
shows and be in the same circles as the actors they often felt below of. It also
allowed for some
other opportunities most of them wouldn’t get.

Even in a room full of beautiful women, Alex stood out. Her reddish-brown
hair fell in
curls to her shoulders, offsetting her beautiful face which was in a broad smile
most of the party.
She was wearing a nice blue dress around her frame, which was quickly back in
shape after having
a child earlier in the year. She was chatting with a few network people before
deciding to take a
brief breather.

The party was at a huge mansion, Alex couldn’t remember whose exactly but
it was quite
nice, with plenty of empty rooms to grab a break from the mob scene in the main
room. She made
her way up the stairs and into what appeared to be a nice den, plenty of
antiques and decorations
littering the walls. She walked along, putting her drink down on a table, so
enraptured by the
collection that she failed to notice the man inside at first.

“Hello,” he called out and Alex started a bit as she looked at him. It took
a moment to
realize this was Lenny, one of the prop people for the show. In a nice suit and
tie, he looked a far
cry from his usual slovenly figure on the set. Yes, he was still a bit short and
balding but still
looked better out of jeans and a bad shirt, sipping at a drink as he looked Alex
over. “Enjoying the

“So far,” Alex nodded. “It’s been a bit awkward with all the people.”

“Not used to being amongst the common folk?” Lenny smiled teasingly.

Alex smiled and shook her head. “Not that, I assure you. No, just a bit
nervous about how
the show is going, how long it can go.”

“Well, it’s not so tough on us crew guys,” Lenny shrugged. “Plenty of shows
and stuff in
Hollywood to work on, we can just move right to another. I’ve got tons of prop
shit I can move
around. Like over here, here’s something I could use on ‘VIP’ or something.”

He pointed to a statue that sat on a shelf, Alex turning to see it. It was
a small golden idol,
probably fake, but looked good, Asian design, with a female figure, naked
apparently, nice chest
and a sharp face all set in gold. “Where did you get this?” Alex asked, honestly

“Oh, little curio shop in Chinatown,” Lenny explained. “Amazing what kind
of stuff you
can find just lying around.”

“It’s very nice,” Alex said. As she looked it over, the statue seemed to
catch the light
somehow in a way that made its eyes seem to glow. Obviously some sort of optical
illusion but
Alex found it amazing to look at anyway. The glow seemed to brighten a bit as
Alex stared and
she felt a sudden rush of warmth coming over her. It was weird, she just
suddenly felt so hot, and
not just in the temperature department either. Her hands slid up to the straps
of her dress and then
down, pulling the straps down as well.

Lenny smiled as he saw Alex staring at the statue, her face a bit flushed,
unaware of her full and pointed breasts being exposed to the air. Lenny downed
his drink and set
it down, moving towards the Britishwoman, smiling as he saw her face lost in
lust. He reached
around and cupped her breasts and Alex nearly swooned in her arms as a wave of
pleasure ripped
through her. Lenny breathed in that great lush of hair and began to slowly speak
to her.

Ming Na wasn’t used to such big Hollywood parties. Course, it had been a
long time since
any had come her way. Oh, she’d made a couple of lists but, as much as Hollywood
would like to
say differently, an Asian-American usually didn’t travel in the same circles as

Thankfully, that had changed for Ming the last couple of years as she’d
come back to
“ER,” reprising a role she’d briefly held during the show’s first season and
managing to hold it
even during her pregnancy. Her character was getting a bigger boost this season
and she was
looking forward to being able to get more exposure.

Right now, Ming was looking for Alex, wanting to talk about an upcoming
episode with a
big surgery scene between the two. She’d been through the party but no one had
seen her for a
while. It was a big house, so Ming figured Alex was somewhere around. She came
up the stairs,
her white dress clinging to her thin body, her black hair pulled into a bun as
she walked around
the rooms, looking for someone.

She paused before a bedroom, hearing something on the other side. She
opened it to see
Lenny lying under the covers, a cigar stuck in his mouth, a big grin on his face
as he lay on the
bed, hands behind his head. Ming started a bit as he saw both him and the
somewhat familiar
looking dress lying on the floor.

“Um, Lenny,” Ming began nervously. “Sorry, I can see you’re busy. Um, have
you seen

“Oh, she’s in the shower,” Lenny grinned, taking out his cigar and placing
it on an ashtray
on the table next to him. “She had to get cleaned up quick, I just fucked the
shit out of her.”

Ming was thrown by several things. First, there was the crude way Lenny put
statement and the lavisioucus way he looked Ming over. Second was that Alex was
married and
for her to just hop into bed with this guy was unthinkable. And third was that
this was all taking
place in the middle of a big party.

Before she could say a word, however, Ming suddenly felt very warm, a wave
of relaxing
heat washing over her body. She heard herself sighing as that strange feeling
increased, the
warmth soon shifting into arousal, Ming feeling herself getting wet right before
Lenny’s eyes. Her
hands moved up, undoing the bun and letting her long dark hair fall free.

Lenny smiled as he glanced over at the statue on the table, the eyes once
again glowing
and letting out their strange spell. He looked back over and saw Ming had
unzipped her dress and
was pushing it off her body. She reached behind her and undid her bra, letting
it also fall to the
ground and releasing her pert breasts with erect nipples. Her panties were
lowered to show off her
nice trimmed cunt.

Ming was apparently very susceptible to the arousal of the statue as she
was on the bed in
seconds and kissing Lenny hard, her tongue diving into his mouth and working at
him. Lenny
grinned through the kiss, his hands reaching down to Ming’s erect breasts,
squeezing them tight
as the kiss continued. He let his hands move down her back, reaching down and
squeezing her ass
hard, the Asian letting out a squeal as she moved up, her pussy shifting around
Lenny’s hard cock.

Lenny gripped Ming’s ass hard, pulling her up and letting her work up and
down on his
member. Ming groaned, her black hair flowing down at Lenny’s face as she kept on
shifting herself up and down on his rod harder, her cheeks kneaded in his hands
as she kept
working hard at him, her breasts pressing onto his face. His tongue reached out
to lick them,
causing Ming to moan long and loud as he tickled her nipples with his appendage,
her body still
grinding on his cock as he got ready to let loose. Ming threw back her head and
cried out as he let
loose inside of her, the feeling of pleasure rocking through her.

Ming collapsed on top of Lenny, sighing with pleasure as the door opened
and Alex came
out, completely naked, a shower cap over her long hair. “Well,” she said,
raising an eyebrow at
the scene. “Looks like someone had a bit more fun.”

Instead of feeling at all embarrassed over being caught like this, Ming
instead smiled wide
as she lay on her back, spreading her legs a bit to show off before Alex. “Hmmm.
Could use a
little more fun.”

“Well, a bit worn out myself,” Alex admitted as she pulled the cap off,
smiling. “But, no
reason we can’t have fun still.” She moved down, crawling onto the bed and
pushing her face into
Ming’s pussy, licking it carefully. Ming lay back and moaned loudly as she felt
Alex go at her, her
tongue licking away at her lips. She was quite good at it, licking all around
the lips before sliding
in and tickling the clit hard. Ming moaned, her hands going to her breasts,
squeezing them hard as
her legs slid up on Alex’s shoulders, holding her in tight as she licked away at
the Asian’s pussy,
tongue working hard as Ming’s mouth was wide open.

Suddenly, a long and warm object entered as Lenny put his cock into her
Immediately, Ming started to suck on it, her lips running up and down the shaft
as her tongue
tickled the penis. Her sucks coincided with the licks of Alex’s tongue on her
pussy, Ming in
absolute ecstasy as she started to come loose. Her mouth opened wide around
Lenny’s cock as
she came, her juices exploding onto Alex’s face. She was still moaning when
Lenny came loose,
his wad blasting down her throat.

As Ming came down from the great orgasm, Alex broke up, wiping at her face.
know,” she smiled. “I could go for another run actually.” She moved up and sat
herself onto
Ming’s face, her clit pushing into her mouth. Ming instantly started to lick,
her tongue trying to
pay Alex back from before while her hands moved up and gripped Alex’s strong
breasts hard,
squeezing them as tightly as possible, pinching the nipples as Alex started to
shift on top of her,
neither noticing Lenny lighting up a cigar behind them and rubbing the small

No one really took notice of any change in Ming and Alex when they rejoined
the party,
just as no one had noticed them being gone at the same time. No one noticed how
their hair
seemed a bit less perfect than it had been when they arrived and no one
definitely noticed how
each was wearing the other’s panties.

Coming down the stairs, Lenny lit up another cigar and grinned, feeling the
nice weight of
the statue under his coat. He figured this little charm could be his ticket to
getting some nicer-
paying jobs and a better place. Just have its little spell kick in and a woman
would almost instantly
become so hungry for sex, she’d do anything he wanted. Looking over the party of
Lenny knew that in this town, getting a rich and gorgeous woman horny as hell
would be no
emergency at all.

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