An Interview With A Legman

Story title: An Interview With A Legman

Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Leeza Gibbons and Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, FF, MC, oral, mast

The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. As far as I know Leeza Gibbons and Jessica Alba might not even know each other. If this offends anyone please stop reading now, because this is a sexually based story. If you are under eighteen years of age please stop reading now too. Anyone with any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to Before you do this go inside of C-S-S-A
and make sure I have not written that story already.

By sharkboy

As I stand backstage with a great view of Leeza Gibbons legs before me, I inhale so hard. I normally would not do this, but when Leeza wants to use me to do a comeback show on NBC it is hard to say no to her. My eyes move over her pantie-hosed covered legs, and I try not to drool so hard. Leeza Gibbons might be considered old by network news standard, but her legs look so amazing.

“What do you mean that The Legman is not here yet? We go on in less than ten minutes!” Lezza then begins to get really upset. Her eyes start to water up some too. Then she calls my beeper number that she used to get a hold of me. My beeper then begins to go off, and she looks at where I happen to be standing.

If I stood still and let her look at me she might eventually look away and I might make my escape. I cannot turn a true invisible like Marvel Comic’s Invisible Woman, but I can go unnoticed at will. Like how I got inside of here and even went to make-up to get ready for the show. Leeza has a hot make-up artist working for her, and she has great legs too. Sure she happens to be four months pregnant, but she carries it well. Not Leeza, but her make-up person.

I begin to walk towards Leeza, and because she heard my beeper and she now knows that someone happens to be here, she can now see me. She looks at my face so hard, as I smile at her. “Remember me?” I ask her, as my eyes go over her sexy legs. Leeza is still a goddess if you ask me. Age means nothing to me. I’d happily screw a sixty-year old if she still had a great body.

I then lean down, and finger moves over her knee. Leeza jumps in shock and lust. Then she glares up at me, as she tries to control the slutty urges that she has had from what she and I did together. “YES! I remember you!” She might not be able to pick me out of a line up, but she sure can remember my hands.

“May I sit down then?” I ask as I sit close to her, and I move my chair a little closer to hers. “So, worried I would not show up?” My eyes cannot leave her sexy legs. If you ask me Leeza Gibbons has to be one of the top ten fucks of all time. She might not be a kid any more, but she knew things!

“Yes, sit down please. Where the hell did you come from?” Leeza looks past me to where I was, and she shakes her head hard. “Do you have powers or something?”

“I have talents that are rare among most people. One of them is that I can go unnoticed at will and few can see me when I do it.” I tell her, as I try to look into her beautiful brown eyes. God, Leeza Gibbons is so hot!

“So anyone able to look past this talent and see you?” Leeza smiles, as I look at the camera and it happens to be on. We are tapping.

“Yes, someone named Sarah Michelle Gellar saw past this ability of mine, and she tried to run away.” I smile, as my eyes go over her legs. Leeza looks so great in black boots.

“So, your powers do not work on her? So you have never screwed Sarah Michelle Gellar then have you?” Leeza smiles a wide smile, as hope comes into her heart that there might be a way to stop my skills.

“Oh my powers work on her. It took me a little longer to get her to be mine, but it happened.” I smile as I look into her eyes.

She blinks some, as she asks. “How did you catch Sarah Michelle Gellar? She happens to be very atheletic.”

“Yes she is.” I smile at her, as I add. “Having her buddy from Buffy behind her helped my efforts.” I speak of her friend Charisma Carpenter who was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer before she went on to do Angel and some part time work.

“Lets talk about what you did to Charisma now shall we. That is the person who you speak of right?” Leeza narrows her eyes at me, as she asks. “Were you behind those pictures?”

“Nope, I had nothing to do with those pictures. That guy happened to be at the right place at the right time.” I smile, as I look into her chest. Leeza has nice tits, but you would never know it by how she dresses.

“So that was a case of…” Leeza leads me, and I smile.

“Shitty luck for her.” I smile at Leeza and she rolls her eyes some. “By the way, I would like to say hello to the good people of TV land out there.” I wave at the camera and Leeza sighs hard.

“So, how long did you know that we were filming, and can you watch your mouth please?” As she gives me an ultra stern look I imagine Leeza in a black one piece with long boots and some fishnet stockings. I try not to drool, as my mind goes to that image.

I then lean in, and I place my hand on her still very thigh and I whisper into her ear. “Leeza, I suggest you stop the bullshit, before I make you into a total sex slave and I pass you around the crew.”

Leeza freezes with fear, as she feels the power of the interview leave her and she swallows so hard. She looks at me, as I can see fear in her eyes while she looks out at the crew. “Master I…”

I smile, as I watch Leeza try and pull out of her sex slave mode and my eyes go over her sexy body. She looks into my eyes and she gives me a smirk. “So, what can I do that will not offend you?”

I smirk, as I look into her beautiful brown eyes. “Bring out your surprise guest. I am a big fan of hers.” I look over her body once more, and Leeza sighs in defeat.

“I can’t get anything past you can I?” She rolls her eyes once more, and I realize that I am not used to being around a strong woman like Leeza Gibbons without her completely under my power. I kinda like it, and I hate it too. “Our next guest happens to be currently ranked number two as the sexiest woman in the world. Shes the former star of FOX’s Dark Angel and she has starred in The Fantastic Four, and this summer she’s to star in the next line of Fantastic Four movies. Everyone, Jessica Alba.”

Jessica Alba walks out and she gives me a firey glare that could melt the iciest moon or explode the hottest sun. Her eyes have a hate inside of them that would make anyone run in sheer terror, and I nearly run too. She then walks to me, and she slaps me in the face so hard after she shakes Leeza’s hand.

“So, what did I do to deserve that?” I ask, as I hold me face. God, she is strong. I might end up with my head on the hood of her car, or to make matters worse my dick.

Jessica sits down, as she crosses her sexy legs. She then cocks her head, and she looks at me. “Can you believe that he asked me that Leeza?” Jessica happens to be wearing a very alluring short skirt with pantyhose, with her white button up top she looks so amazing that she makes me want to cum so bad.

“Yes, what is your real name Legman? I am not going to call you that all night.” Leeza looks at me, as my attention goes to the much younger and extremely hot Jessica Alba.

“What? Sorry, but I was trying to look up Sue Richards’ skirt.” I smile at the now blonde Jessica Alba. To tell you the truth Jessica can get away with being super sexy, as either a blonde or a burnette. She should try redhead next.

“Leeza, you promised that he would…” Jessica then does the dumbest thing that she can do she takes her knees into her chest and she covers her legs with her arms.

I litterally look up her short skirt and I can so see her underwear. “Black panties? You naughty little minx.”

I laugh as her feet litterally hit the floor so hard and they make a loud slamming sound. I hear crew members knocking each other over so he can get a glimpse of Heaven. “Leeza, I am gone.”

Before the talented and extremely sexy Jessica Alba can get up and leave in a huff, I say something that makes her go cold and sit back down. “Jessica, if you take that well formed ass out of that chair without my permission. I guarantee that Leeza shall be passed among the crew like a pack of cigarettes inside of a prison.”

Jessica looks at me in shock, and then she looks at Leeza and she gasps hard. “Jessica, he has said that to me before, so I now beg you to sit down.” Miss Alba slowly sits down, and she glares at me right in the eyes.

“You are a real piece of work here.” Tears begin to well up in her eyes, and she begins to believe that both she and Leeza are prisoners or something. “So many women have you done this to?”

“Not sure, I don’t keep count. If we do an average of how many women I screw a week.” I pretend to do the math inside of my head. “Wow, holy crap. When do I find time to sleep?”

“If must sleep after you fuck all of us famous women’s brains out.” Jessica has forgotten that we happen to be on TV.

“God, I hope you got that Marv?” Leeza looks at a man, as he gives her thumbs up. “Jessica, need I remind you too that we are filming?”

“I am so sorry Leeza, but he makes me so mad. Hes the reason why my marriage failed.” Holy made up stuff! If Jessica Alba could not keep her marriage going she cannot blame it on me. What happens to women after I screw them does not last that long. A few weeks at most!

“Yes, the beautiful and very sexy Jessica Alba could not keep her marriage going and she blames me. You know Jessica when you point a finger at someone you end up pointing three of them back at you?”

Jessica stands and she slaps me so hard. I then stand and I look into her beautiful brown eyes. “Its go time!” I then pick up Jessica and I pull her over my shoulders so her head hangs over my back.

She strikes my back so hard, as she screams in such horror and outrage. Her punches hurt like hell, as my hands move over her sexy thighs. While my hands move over her outstanding thighs I look into Leeza’s eyes. She looks at what I do to Jessica with want and wonder. She sits at the edge of her chair hoping to be next.

Jessica stops punching my back, and I can feel some bruises that she left as I set her down. I know what you must be thinking. What if the crew tried to save her or something stupid like that? If it happened it would happen. I set her back onto her feet and she has that sparkle in her eyes that all of the women that I use my powers on. I then lean in to kiss her, and she wraps her arms around me and she kisses me back nice and deep.

“Would you like to make me happy?” Her hand goes to my dick, and she grins up at me while she plays with my hardon. My penis salutes her and all of her sexual teachers. When I took Jessica she had only had one man before me, and now she has had many more.

“I would do anything for you my Master!” She looks at me like all of the women who come under my power does, when I use my powers on them.

My eyes go over the many men who look at Jessica with such want. My eyes land on one fat discusting guy who happens to be well over twice her age. His face has a crappy little beard on it and his beer gut is huge. The man has nacho stains on his shirt, and his stomach sticks out some. To top it all off his head has very little hair on it too.

“Jessica, do you see that camera man over there?” I ask as her eyes land on him and they immediately widen.

“Yes Master…” She shakes some, as she looks at him.

“Go and kiss him like you did to me.” My hands are still on her sexy thighs. She shakes so hard, as she looks at him.

“Just like I did to you?” Her legs shake so hard out of fear.

“Jessica it would make me so horny, and if you were so nice and you did that to him, he would have jerk off material for a month.” I smile, as my hands leave her sexy legs. It does not take her long to miss my hands on her sexy legs.

She walks out to the man with lust in her beautiful brown eyes, and she wraps her arms around him and she gives him a deep and sensual kiss. It takes the man a minute to figure out that she is really kissing him and he kisses her back.

Then while they look into each others eyes like they are young lovers Jessica comes back to earth. Her eyes widen, and she gasps hard while she looks at him. She then sees the wedding band on his left hand, and she tells him that to tell his wife that she is sorry for doing that to him.

She then looks back at me, and my hands are on Leeza’s legs and she is so turned on. My eyes look into hers, as she looks at Leeza and then to me. She sighs hard, as Jessica walks back to her seat. The guy who she kissed says something under his breath. “Are you kidding? After that she owes me an appology.”

Jessica looks down at me in hate and jealousy, as my hands go over Leeza’s legs. Leeza shakes and she shivers so hard, as my hands glide over her sexy legs. “Jessica, how did I fuck up your marriage?”

She crosses her arms, as she looks down at me and then she exhales hard. “Have you ever talked to the first couple of guys that have screwed the women that you have screwed?”

I still remember the look on Brad Pitts’ face after he and Jennifer Aniston first must have fucked after I first screwed Jennifer’s brains out of her head. The look on his face said. Will nothing now get this woman off? “Nope, can’t say I had.”

“After you fuck us the next few weeks are filled with horny hell. No matter how many horny and handsome men fuck the shit out of you it does not help. You spend many weeks climbing the walls so horny that you wish you were dead.” Jessica looks at me so pissed.

I walk to Jessica and I whisper into her ear. “I could have left you outside of a crackhouse, or some other horrible place where you might not be allowed to escape. They would take you and you would spend weeks or maybe even years getting raped over and over by the scum of the earth. You might end up becoming sick or dying as a drug addict.”

Jessica shivers some due to disgust and fear, because I am so close to her and my hands them move over her long and sexy legs too. She closes her eyes, and she moans so loud. Then she shudders so hard, as my hands move over her stocking covered legs.

She collapses into my arms and she shivers so hard, as my hands move over her black stockings. Her eyes roll back, as she breathes so deeply. Her chest heaves as she shudders so hard, and her eyes roll back too. “Jessica?” I ask her, as I look at her beautiful face.

“Yes Master?” Jessica responds, as her chest heaves so hard.

“Would you like to go home with the man that you kissed earlier?” I know what the fuck shes going to say, and I smile wide waiting for her response.

“If you wish me to Master, or you could let me rent us a motel room and you can fuck Jessica Alba and Leeza Gibbons at once.” Jessica looks up at me dreamily, as does Leeza Gibbons.

“Okay ladies. Lets go and stain some motel bedsheets.” I say, as I leave the studio with my hands on the thighs of both Leeza Gibbons and Jessica Alba. Hot damn this shall be great! And not one person inside of the studio has any urge to stop us and I truly doubt that they want to do so.

Later inside of a small motel room that Jessica has been in before, I fuck the shit out of her glorious asshole, while she screams like a banshee. While I fuck her asshole so hard, Leeza lies on her side and she eats out Jessica’s yummy pussy. The fact that this is not her first ass fuck does not surprise me, but the string of profanity that comes from her mouth shocks both Leeza and I so much. “Oh fuck Master! Screw my slutty asshole like the whore that I am! AAAHHH! AHHH! AHHHHH! Fuck my slutty ass you fucknut. Come on, do it now!” I then begin to slap Jessica’s ass with fury, and she screams in lust as it makes the sound of CRACK over and over. Her hands then move up, and they massage her tits while I ass fuck her and slap her ass; and while Leeza Gibbons eats her out with such fury.

Jessica then has a major orgasm all over Leeza’s beautiful face, as I continue to fuck her perfect ass and my hands move all over her legs. I then widen her legs so Leeza can eat her out even deeper, and Jessica shudders so hard. Then she has one more major orgasm. “Oh shit! YEAH!” I hold the shuddering and exhausted Jessica Alba, as her chest moves so hard while she breathes.

Leeza then moves up her body kissing her, and Jessica can hardly take anymore, and she cries some out of fear. Then Leeza makes it up to her face. “Jessica, can I kiss those lips? Not only men like them.” Jessica nods and then Leeza gives her a long and very deep kiss. Then she breaks it. “Very nice.”

“I taste great don’t I?” Jessica asks, as she sees her cum on Leeza’s pretty face.

“Yes you do.” Leeza smiles, as she looks into the beautiful face of FOX’s former Dark Angel. “You have got nice tits too.”

“Leeza, Jessica is exhausted. You and me have been double teaming her for many hours.” My hand then moves over her leg and Leeza shakes so hard.

“Oh God! Master!” Then I get up and I remove Leeza’s panties and I toss them into a pile with Jessica’s many pair of panties. It was like unwrapping a gift inside of a gift over and over. I am keeping all of them too! I crawl over Jessica and she smiles, as she watches me and Leeza kiss with such passion. My hands move over the well scupted legs of Leeza Gibbons and I wonder how long I can truly last. It took me forever and a day to make Jessica cum. I am only human after all.

My hands move over her tits, as Jessica pushes hers into my back. I take my dick into my hand, and I work it inside of Leeza slowly. She closes her eyes, as she strains to take my size. “Oh man!” I shudder, as Jessica’s tongue begins to move over my ear.

I begin to move my dick inside of Leeza Gibbons wet as hell pussy, and she closes her eyes so tight while she wraps her still long and very sexy legs around me. I then begin to power fuck her hungry ass as hard as I can, while she closes her eyes and Leeza begins to moan so hard. “Oh God Master! Harder!”

I begin to power fuck her harder than I have ever fucked anyone before in my life. Her legs squeeze even harder around me, as I screw her so hard. My hands move over her sexy thighs, as I screw her so hard.

Leeza then has the best orgasm that I have ever seen a woman have before in my life, and she has multiple orgasms all over my dick. My hands move over her tits, as she cums so hard, and oh so long. “Oh for the fucking love of God! WOW!”

I watch her sexy chest, as it heaves so hard and my eyes move over her sexy ass body. My hands move over her sexy thighs, as my eyes move to the ultra sexy Jessica Alba. She cums all over her fingers, as she continues to masturbate so hard.

“Ladies, I got a job for you two.” My hands do not leave Leeza’s thighs, and my eyes do not leave Jessica’ beautiful body.

“Blow job?” Jessica asks, as she purses her sexy lips. God if she could give me a blow job it would be complete heaven.

“Actually, Leeza do you know Kiran Chetry?” Her eyes widen, and the air leaves her lungs as I ask my question. I then look at Jessica, and she begins to tear up some.

“Master, she is happily married.” Leeza has a look of fear on her face that I have seen many times before. She does not give a shit about her marriage, but she fears the beautiful former FOX News caster stealing me from her.

“So, I might as well go before the reporter come to take pictures for the scandal rags.” I get up, and I grabs my pants and I begin to put them on. “I called them and told them that Jessica Alba and Leeza Gibbons were meeting here to have Lesbian sex.”

Jessica sits up, and she grabs my arm. “Please no! I have a boyfriend.” Tears come down her face, as she begins to offer me things that no man can resist. She then glares at Leeza and she demands of her. “Give him what he wants, because we cannot stop him! All you’ll do is fuck up my life!” This confirms to me that Jessica really loves her boyfriend Cash Warren.

Leeza looks up at me, and I can see that her wheels are spinning in her head so hard. She bites her lip, as she looks at Jessica. “So, what do you want us to do?”

Jessica smiles a grin of relief, as my pants come down once again. I then lie between the incredibly beautiful Leeza Gibbons and the ultra sexy Jessica Alba. We begin to make a plan to bring the sensual Kiran to me, so she and I can do things that people will only wish like hell that she shall do to them. By the way I never called any reporters.

THE END. Next The Legman seduces Kiran Chetry. Anyone with any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to

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