An Oscar Story

An Oscar Story,

By Mark Oxford. As you well know, this year Halle Berry won the Oscar for best actress, and a few years back so did Angelina Jolie (now Lara Croft). This is, blatantly obvious, a fantasy sexual meeting between these two beautiful women, yet I have tried to make it as plausible as is possible within the confines of trying to write an exciting story. To me sexual fantasies work best in my mind when I can logically follow the events in the story, and can (to some extent) logically imagine them happening. It is however long, and possibly somewhat slow.

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Both Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie seemed like intelligent women, along with their looks. As such, at the after-Oscar party held the year of Angelina Jolie’s win they had a chance to meet each other for the first time. Angelina was the more out-going of the two, and while Halle was a bit taken aback by this statuesque amazonian beauty, Angelina’s appealing personality soon made her laugh. She seemed so brazen, never holding back on what she thought about a person, both good and bad. Halle, up for a bit of fun, but a touch more reserved, was soon won over. They were well on the way to a friendship. This slowly developed into a close friendship over the course of a couple of years, Angelina happy for Halle when she won her own Academy Award. When each had the time during their busy schedules they met up to chat, have a coffee or to go out to drink. Though both took on slightly different roles, they both understood the pressures of fame and all that it entailed. As such they learnt to open up to each other, solving each other’s problems, and became dear friends.

One early Tuesday morning Halle had finally got a chance to get back into Los Angeles, after the hectic shoot of the last two months. When she got back into her house, it was empty, and she realised that her husband was going to be away that evening on business. This was not what she wanted to come back too, she’d hated her last shoot, after a few hours bored she was dying to see someone she cared about. She knew that Angelina was probably in town, organising for her painful divorce from Billy-Bob, and could possibly be home. They had spoken over the phone recently, and Angelina had been despising all the publicity that her divorce had been getting. As such Halle knew that she would be looking for a sympathetic ear, so she’d go around and surprise her.

She rang the door-bell, and waited and waited, with no reply. Halle sighed, oh well… it was just a chance. She turned to leave, and at that moment heard a scratching at the door. It swung open to reveal a rather red and flustered looking Angelina Jolie, wearing a bikini top (that barely covered her rather large breasts) and a pair of track-suit pants. It looked like the type of gear you’d fling together if you had nothing on, and there was a knock at the door to answer. Plus Angelina’s face was the picture of surprise…

“Oh shit, Halle, hi, I didn’t expect to see you?” said Angelina, the words tumbling out of her mouth. She was sweating like a mad dog.

Halle was sure she’d interrupted something here. “Yeah… Just thought I’d drop by to say hello… that’s alright isn’t it?” she sounded very hesitant.

“Ummmm, yeah sure, just come in.” She opened the door wide motioning Halle to enter.

Halle wandered cautiously in, “um, I’m not disturbing you am I Angie, I mean if your busy it can wait? It’s just that Jeff’s out of town and I was looking for a chat? You said last time on the phone that you wanted to catch up, so…”

Angelina sputtered, “no, no problem, you poor girl. A bit lonely hah?” Patting her brow with sweat. She realised she looked a bit flustered to Halle, “Ah, I’ve just been in the yard exercising a bit. Um, it’s a bit warm today isn’t it?”

“Yes, I guess…” Halle simply guessed that Angelina must have been nude sunbathing or something (in the past Angelina had mentioned that she like the all over tan), heard the bell and quickly thrown some clothes on.

Angelina looked like she was calming down. “Look, just park yourself out on the balcony, I’ll get a cool-drink and we’ll chat… I’d love to catch up”. She sounded a great deal happier today than she had in months, clearly her mind wasn’t on the divorce.

Angelina emerged from the house wearing her bikini top, and now just a pair of very tight shorts that emphasised the curves of her butt. To anyone’s eyes (including Halle, who wasn’t bi, but could still recognise a seductive women when she saw one) she was damn sexy. Soon the two beautiful women were relaxing with each other chatting away and catching up nicely. Angie sounded resigned to what was going on,

“It’s just based on this persona that the public have of me, wild-child and all”, she flung her hands around as she spoke. “I mean the publicity machine is good when you need it, but…” and with that she just sighed. “I mean I miss Billy, I mean I do and I don’t, but I’ve been keeping myself busy, I’ve got a new shoot starting next week!” Halle thought she was trying to make light out of the horrible situation that she was going through. She said she was a bit lonely now and then, but that she had good friends, and that if she was a bit frustrated, that Angelina had to take care of herself in that department. Halle just laughed, she knew that Angelina was one of the more sexually relaxed people she knew. Halle kept quiet on the subject, she was a bit more reserved, but it was all by the by to be hearing Angelina discuss matters of masturbation.

“Look, just hang around this afternoon, I’ll cook dinner, and we can relax and drink a bit. I’ll just get a beer now, and I insist you have one too”, Angelina gave Halle a mock serious look, pointing her down with her finger. Halle was so happy that Angelina was feeling better.

As Angelina was in the kitchen getting the drinks, clinking around making a racket, her large breasts bouncing as she moved. ”I’ve got a six pack of Stella’s and I’ve got a few whiting fillets in the fridge, I just rub it with some ginger and some light soy and fish sauce, foil it, and bung it in the oven. I mean, you like fish don’t you Halle?” She called out.

“Um sure… Angie, this sounds a bit dumb considering how often I’ve been here, but just where is the bathroom again?”

Angelina sounded off to her, waving her hand, “Oh, you know, just down there at the end of the second hallway…” She watched Halle wander down.

Angelina’s house was huge, and this hallway had at least ten or so doors, Halle was confused. “Oh, this one?” Halle stated as she stopped at a door and opened it.

Angelina looked down the hallway and freaked, “Oh fuck, no, Halle not that one!” But it was too late.

Halle didn’t really recognise what she’d walked in on. It was a bare tiled room except that there were a few pillows to lie down on to be comfy, arranged around Angelina’s Academy Award. Also the Oscar seemed to be bolted or attached to the floor so that it couldn’t be moved. Plus, most peculiarly, it appeared that the Oscar was coated in some sort of bright shiny lacquer, which sort of polished it to a bright but sort of off-whitish colour. Halle thought to herself, ‘well, I ‘spose that’s one place to put your awards, though I prefer to place mine on the fireside mantle?’

Halle turned around to see Angelina absolutely freaked and standing at the doorway, she couldn’t work out what she was upset about? They both stared at each other in silence. Halle broke the awkwardness by simply asking, “So, what do you use to polish your Oscar? I simply use a dry cloth, but yours positively shines!” She thought that she sounded a bit dumb trading cleaning tips.

Angelina’s face just fell into her hands, she was bright red. “Umm… I was just moving it around while the prick moved his stuff out of the house, hadn’t found a new place for it yet!”.

Halle didn’t get it, “Oh, O.K. then, no probs. Can I just ask one question then, why is it attached to the floor. It doesn’t damage it does it?”

Angelina was exasperated, “Ah, no Halle, I just use it for other stuff.” Angleina had the look of a young girl who’d been caught with her hands in the cookie jar when they shouldn’t have been. “Look, fuck it, I’ll tell you, what the fuck, why not”. She flung her hands to either side. “It’s just a game I play to feel good, odd things do it for me!” Her eyes were as wide as owls were.

Halle still didn’t understand, “Angelina, I don’t understand what your talking about?”

“Well, you know, it’s bolted to the floor so that it does move when I….”

“Yes, go on!”

“Um… well when I fuck it!”

“What..!” Halle had no idea of what she meant. Now she was flustered too.

“Um, jesus Halle, you know what I’m like, all the rumours that spread. Yeah, I like unusual sex, I like playing with both guys and girls, sometimes toys…” she started making broad hand gestures, “they get me off”.

Hillary was stunned. A vision filled her mind of Angelina Jolie, naked, sitting herself over her Oscar, so that it was inside her, slowly rising and lowering herself over it. It made her feel horny.

“Really…?” Halle was confused. “what’s it like?” Halle couldn’t believe she asked.

“Um,” Angelina nodded her head, “It’s really fucking good”

“Really?” Halle started feeling horny. Though she never really admitted it to herself, she liked sex, thinking about it, doing it. She felt just like she did when she was a teenager. Admitting to a girlfriend that she jerked off, while sleeping over. Truth or dare type stuff. The idea of this tall gorgeous world famous movie star getting herself off on a statue was just boggling. She felt a twitch in her crotch.

Angelina saw a confused look cross Halle’s face. “Um, I was just bored and horny one day, and the idea to use it just popped into my head” She reassured Halle. “I mean, everyone does it, but none admits it. Don’t you sometimes?”

Halle shyly admitted yes by nodding her head, but she thought to herself ‘but not with a statue!’ She was a 15-year-old girl again. “Truth. What does it feel like?”

“Um, well its not like an ordinary dildo, you’ve used a dildo before right?” Halle shook no. “How about a vibrator?” Halle shook again, all of a sudden she felt like an inexperienced prude.

Angelina continued anyway. “It’s colder, wider and has more ridges… you can really feel it inside yourself” Halle seemed to be hanging on to her every word. Angelina enjoyed that, she liked talking about sex, what she did, and she started feeling a little horny, she felt an itch in her pants. She wanted to shock, surprise and experience was an important part of fucking to her. So she just blurted it “to you want me to show you? I’m quite serious”.

At first Halle just said no, though she was curious. Her pussy started becoming moist, she could feel it wetting her panties. But no, no way… it was too much for her.

Angie looked her square in the eye, and said sedately “are you sure?” She was serious, all of a sudden she had a rush of adrenalin, she was quite happy to fuck herself in front of someone. She knew the sense of power it would give her, knowing that she was showing something very private so publicly. She walked over to the statue and sat down on the cushions. She took one hand and started lowering the straps of her bikini top. Halle could clear see Angie’s nipples poking though the top. They were large and round, as were her areoles, dusky skin of which were also becoming visible through the thin fabric. Halle knew her breasts were becoming the same way, but her clothing covered her hard nipples. She didn’t know what to do.

Angelina looked up at her and said, “you don’t have to watch, but I’m gonna do this anyway, I’m fucking horny”. With that she slipped the top over her head, her massive tits spilled out. Halle was stunned, they were even larger than hers, a beautiful lightly tanned colour, round and firm with her nipples crimson pink, looking like they’d burst.

Halle didn’t know what to do, she felt a trickle of juice run down her thigh, she was soaking. She needed to get off too, but not in front of someone, even someone as beautiful as Angelina Jolie. She felt like running off to another room and rubbing her clit raw, but she was glued to where she was, she couldn’t take her eyes of Angelina.

Angelina had thrown her top away, her large tits jiggling. She then placed both hands on her hips, and unzipped the front of her pants. Angelina felt like putting on a show, so she stood in profile to Halle, and bent over. She could feel Halle’s eyes burning into her, concentrating on her tight arse, as she wiggled it a little. Slowly she lowered her pants, more and more flesh showing of her rounded smooth skin. Halle glanced at her breasts. Side-on she could see just how large they were, her nipples jutting out like cherries. They were perfectly rounded full breasts. Just then Angie dropped her pants on the floor, a small puddle at her feet. She didn’t have any underwear on, her legs were fantastic, but her butt was amazing. Still bent over she crossed her ankles, it had the effect of poking her arse out further. She reached down to her ankles, causing her pussy lips to fold between her smooth thighs, so that they poked between her legs bending over. In profile Halle could see smooth downy pink flesh, glistening with juice, poke between her legs. Halle’s heart jumped a beat, and she felt like she wanted to cum.

Still bent over, Angelina slowly raised her hands up her long legs, taking forever over the smooth flesh. She ran them slowly over her hips, and then over her flat stomach, rising over the dips and curves of the contours of her body, till they reached her breasts. She held her tanned globes of flesh in her hand, squeezing hard, so that her flesh oozed from between her fingers. She squeezed harder and moaned, delighting in the pleasure she was giving herself, especially when she knew that every move she made was being watched. She moved her hands down slowly, cupping each breast in her hand, almost like a demi-cup bra. She then raised her thumbs, each rubbing her erect nipples. As she rubbed the nipples rolled from side to side, Angie letting out a deep pleasurable sigh as she did so. She then glanced over to Halle and grinned, her full lips glistening.

Quite openly she stated quietly, “Do you like my…” she cupped her left breast up, towards her head, her nipple towards her mouth and hissed “…body”. With that she extended her tongue, and licked the tip of her red nipple, lolling around on it. With that Halle couldn’t believe what she was seeing, she felt a little faint, weird in the stomach, and yet kept her mouth shut. Halle Berry was speechless. She slowly slid down the wall to the floor, her legs held against her chest. She slid her hands over her own breasts, and through her clothing could feel her own erect nipples against her palms.

By this stage Angelina had taken as much as she could of her breast into her mouth, sucking hard on her teat. Angelina loved to pleasure herself, it relaxed her, and as she rubbed the top of her tongue against her tit, she slowed her breathing, taking long deep breaths, luxuriating in the tactile feelings she was giving herself. Obviously she knew her body better than anyone. Slowly though she raised her head, her hands dropping to her sides. She turned to stand full frontal to Halle, crouching against the wall. She looked extraordinary standing there, her long smooth legs, tapering up to her hips. Her hip bone curved into her pussy, her public mound rising lightly, and her pussy itself covered in a neatly shaved yet thickly haired strip. Her labia were not visible, tucked as they were between her legs. Yet a thin clear oily fluid was visible between her upper thighs, a thick strand of the liquid shared between the smooth rounded pieces of flesh, linking the two, it being the only visible sign of the excited state that her genitals were in. Her stomach looked like it was made of porcelain, flat and precious, dimpled only by her small cute belly button. Her breasts stood proud, jutting out, her areoles now deep pink, puffed and pecked with excitement, her left nipple particularly red from its sucking and twisting. Then her long face, with the thin cat like eyes, high cheeks, slightly pointy nose and incredibly full bee-stung lips looking like they were designed for sucking and enveloping the head of a cock.

This is what Halle drank in as Angelina stood there, it made her crotch ache with lust, and when their eyes met, Angelina smiled slightly, reassuringly, but Halle lowered her own eyes. She felt ashamed that she had stared at Angie’s body in such a way, and the way it made her feel.

“Are you alright Halle?” Angelina ventured, Halle quietly nodding yes as a reply. “You know there is nothing to worry about here. This is not depraved or disgusting, it’s how I feel, what gives me pleasure… but I’ll stop if you want me to”. Halle again nodded, this time a no. “Then look at me, look up,” it was almost an order. Halle dared to glance up, daring only to look at Angelina Jolie’s face. “Halle don’t just look at my face, you can look at my entire body if you want to, don’t ever feel ashamed to do something that is not wrong and gives you pleasure”. Again Halle’s eyes took in all of Angelina’s body, she admitted what she saw excited her, made her feel wet, made her want to touch herself. Angie smiled.

Angelina began to crouch down to her knees, resting on pillows, with the golden statue resting between her thighs. “Look at me Halle, look at my cunt, I’m very wet”. Angie’s thighs formed an outward ‘V’ that centred in, like an arrow towards her dark curly crotch, soft velvet skin surrounding it. Her vagina was not yet visible, but at the base of her pubic mound her slit was just visible, glimpses of pink moist skin here and there. It looked covered, and also matted her pubic hair, by a slick of wet thick pre-cum. Angie took her right hand and with two fingers pointing down straight, seemed to place them between slit made by her labia. She then opened her two fingers like an upside down V, which opened her pussy up, delicate pink folds of skin, puffy, thick and moist. She jutted her hips forward, it meant that dark that her dark, small vaginal hole was now visible. With her other hand she took hold of one of her outer pussy lips, and started massaging it slowly between her fingers, She sighed and a string of thick white cream dropped to the floor beneath her legs.

She started to speak, “sometimes when I’m alone, or sometimes in front of people, I like to open my cunt like this, see what it looks like… touch it in different areas, see what different feeling I get… Sometimes I massage my lips like this, just lightly… But I could take one finger, and make loops just outside my hole, moistening it, before I stick it inside me, thrusting it in and out. Or I just let my hand wander around my thighs, the smooth skin there and follow it down so I rub the puckered skin of my arse-hole. Sometimes I just take my entire palm and rub it raw and fast against my whole pussy, feeling the pressure it makes… Or take just one finger and rub my little clit around and around”. Her fingers were becoming covered in juice.

She looked up at Halle and ventured forth “do you do this Halle?”

Halle finally vocalised a reply, sounding hoarse with sex, “sometimes I do, not like that though, just undercover in bed, my finger and me”. Halle couldn’t believe she was saying this, but it excited her to talk now, discussing something so private as touching ones one genitals, getting pleasure from them. “I did when I was young though, a teen, I looked at myself to see what it looked like. I squatted over a hand mirror, opened myself, but only when I knew I was by myself in the house. I would touch myself, take a towel and see what its coarseness felt like against me, or the warmth of a hot-water bottle. Or rub an aerosol can along my lips, so smooth and cool, imagining if that was what a dick felt like, of course I found out it didn’t” she giggled. Talking this way made her crotch throb, she wanted to touch it so much. She was still crouched and clothed, but she lowered a hand and cupped her crotch, pressing hard and feeling the pressure it made on her clit.

“Halle”, Angie spoke, she felt like this was a very private moment and she could feel heat from Halle, “would you do something for me? Would you take your clothes off?” Angie rose her legs slightly off the ground and centred her crotch directly over the Oscar. She spread her legs wide and her pussy along with it. She looked up at Halle, “I want to look at you while I do this”.

Halle nodded and stood up. Quite slowly, but quite matter-of-factly, not putting on a show, she started to disrobe. She bent to take her shoes off, then stood up and took the thin pullover off over her head. She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, and then her trousers, throwing them to the side of the room. She stood in her thin white cotton panties and her lacy, slightly see through bra, it contrasted well with the darkness of her own brown skin. She looked just as she did in her films, in skimpy underwear. Angelina felt her own stomach jumps at what she saw, Halle looked fantastic and as if she was loosing her modesty. Halle looked down at Angelina and smiled somewhat nervously but spoke “I’ll take it all off for you”. She reached behind her back and the bra slid off her shoulders, she made no attempt to cover her breasts. She had her own well rounded breasts, smooth, not quite as large as Angelina’s but still beautiful. Her nipples were small, hard, and a deep dark brown. She had her own well toned body, and as her panties dropped to the floor she revealed her own pussy, not as thick as Angelina’s and showing a glimpse of what it covered. On her pubic hair were droplets of pre-cum, acting as frosting. If Angelina had any doubts, she could now see that Halle Berry was as aroused as she was. Halle reached forward for a pillow for herself, placed it about six feet in front of Angie and knelt down on it. She looked perfectly posed, legs kneeling out front, tightly together but joining towards the small tuft of fur at her pelvis. Her hands were on her thighs and her breasts jutted forwards. She presented herself, completely naked, to Angelina Jolie.

Angelina seemed to lean forward, making her crotch lower and lower to the ground, she scrounged forward till her open pussy made contact with the golden Academy Award, it reasonable hight helping. She yelped slightly at its coldness, but enjoyed how it was against the heat of her body. Again she took two fingers and spread her labial lips almost so that they were spread on either side of the abdomen of the statue. Raising and lowering her legs she seemed to rub herself against the statue, trying to cover the entire length of it. It was being covered with the same slick juices that Halle had recognised from before, rubricating it with her own thick oil. A loud grown emerged from Angie’s lips, as she felt the different ridges of the statue play along her pussy. She got up slightly, and placed the head of the Oscar at her clit. She shuffled slightly from side to side, the head rubbing her sore itchy clit. Another grown emerged and a sigh.

Now she felt like she wanted it in her, she wanted to actually fuck the Academy Award, like a long metal dildo. She spread her pussy lips wide and placed the head at the opening of her vagina, and just the head moved into it, and slick stream of fluid trickling down the statue. She bent down more, taking in the shoulders of the small man, and her lips beginning to flex and fold over it, stretching more and more.

Halle’s eyes were glued as more and more and the statue disappeared into the pink folds of Angelina Jolie’s snatch, lodging itself into her pelvis, and rubbing against her vaginal wall. “How does it feel?” Halle demanded.

“REALLY FUCKING GOOD”, Angie meowed. Soon the entire length of the metal itself was lodged in Angie’s crotch, so that she could even feel it at her cervix. Here she paused, and looked into Halle’s eyes, her own eyes wet with emotional pleasure. “Please rub yourself in front of me, please, fuck yourself with your fingers”.

Halle spread her legs wide and balled her right hand into a fist. Immediately she smashed the fist against her pussy and rubbed it up and down, delighting in the feelings it gave, but keeping her eyes open at the statue in Angie’s vagina. Slowly Angelina raised and lowered herself on the statue, only slightly at first, using her legs as they did the work. She leant back slightly, meaning that inside her body the metal statue/dildo rubbed all along her vaginal wall, and that it thrust her breasts forwards. She grabbed for one with one of her hands, taking the entire breast in her hands, and squeezing it very hard, and lolling it around. Her right hand was on her hip, gripping hard. Her leg muscles were working hard, as she sped up her movements, her snatch moving further up and down the length of the Oscar. Halle could literally see her lips open and close around the different contours, hungry for the metal prick. Halle opened her balled fist and made a makeshift dildo out of three of her fingers, which she proceeded to thrust violently into her own snatch at a 100 miles a hour, her hips moving to meet them.

Angie appreciated the display Halle presented, and slowly inched her right hand down from her hip, reaching around to her bum, feeling her smooth flesh. Lower and lower she went till her hands reached her puckered butt hole. She thrust a finger inside, rubbing it around inside this deeper tighter hole of hers, her sphincter rubbing against her knuckles. As her hips thrust down on the statue she stuck her finger further up her arse, pistoling out when her own vagina did. She continued like this for a few minutes, keeping up the speed. More and more groans escaped from her, as she panted harder and harder, forcefully expelling her breath as she pushed down on the statue. She closed her eyes, and clenched her jaw her face red and sweaty.

She was nearing orgasm, “uuahgggg,”, closer, closer, and then an almighty scream as she came loudly on the statue, “UGGGGGGG…”.

Halle’s eyes flipped open as her friend orgasmed, screaming in front of her. Angie slammed her hips down on the statue, feeling it deep in her snatch, one hand pinching her nipple flat between her fingers. Slowly her calmed down pistoning slower and slower out of her as she came. Halle had stopped masturbating now, fascinated by what was happening in front of her. As Angelina stopped, Halle leaned forward and placed a hand on her shoulder, almost as support.

“Are you alright?” she asked. A breathy “Yes, yes” was Angelina’s reply. She had stopped moving but the statue was still impaled inside her.

The muscles in her legs felt sore, and somewhat shakily she slowly raised herself off the Oscar, her snatch now feeling rather raw and rough. Halle helped her up, giving her support, Angelina turning towards her, “thank you, thank you”.

Angelina stood up straight, needing to stretch the muscles in her legs, and giggled at Halle, shaking her head. Halle just couldn’t believe what she had seen. She didn’t think she had ever seen anyone give himself or herself so openly to sexual pleasure. It had opened her eyes.

“Now,” Angelina said, “your turn”.

“Umm… I don’t know about that, I don’t know if I could”, replied Halle, looking down at the statue, covered in juice.

Angelina looked into her face, and nodded “yes you can…, and you’ll love it. Come here,” Angie grabbed Halle’s arm and dragged her onto the cushions. She looked into Halle’s eyes, “are you still horny?”

Halle didn’t know if she was or not. She certainly was in some ways, but nervous about doing such a thing, she felt plain weird about it.

“Need to get into the mood again?” and Angie took Halle’s hand and moved it towards her breasts, “Here touch me, you’ve never touched a woman before. It’s different from a man, and it feels terrific.” Halle was nervous but clutched her hand around Angelina’s breast. It felt so smooth, so soft, softer than a man. Her nipple pressed into her palm. She removed her palm and replaced with a finger, circling the teat, rubbing it from side to side, completely absorbed by it. Angie sighed appreciatively, bringing Halle out of her trance. She looked at Angie and giggled mischievously, she was now relaxed. Angelina brought her closer to her so that they knelt towards each other, looking at Halle for permission as she placed her thigh between Halle’s. They were in very close proximity to each other so that Halle could feel Angie’s breath on her shoulder. Halle again reached for Angie’s breasts.

“Poke out you tongue, lick it,” said Angelina gently.

Halle brought the breast close to her face and rubbed her face against it… she was so smooth. She opened her lips and sucked hard on the nipple, she felt very safe doing this, warm. She continued it for what seemed like hours, Angie enjoying the affection she had so recently lacked. Angie placed her hand on Halle’s thigh, Halle not flinching one bit. Angie stared at Halle’s beautiful dark skin, so different against her own. She slipped her hand towards Halle’s crotch, it felt very warm and she could feel Halle’s public hair against the side of her hand. She slipped in closer and felt a warm heat, wet and wanting from Halle’s pussy, as she lightly fingered her lips.

“I think it might be time Halle, come here”.

Angelina lead Halle Berry to the statue, legs either side of it, Angie knelt in front of her.

“Hold yourself open, that’s right, slowly inch down, I promise it doesn’t hurt”.

The statue felt weird to Halle, not yet cold from Angie, but kind of metallic, but she trusted Angelina. She had the head at her vaginal opening.

“Do you want it now, or hold on a second?” Angelina whispered.

“Now, I can take it now”.

Slowly Halle felt the statue open her up, stretch her snatch open. She lent forward a little, and she could feel her clit rub again each of the ridges, ever so slowly, teasing and delighting her. She felt full in her vagina as more and more of the dildo went in, fuller than she had ever felt in her life, as if her pussy completely enveloped it. It felt fantastic. But the entire time she kept her face on Angie’s, she looked so beautiful, seductive.

“I want to kiss you.”

Angie lent forward, her full lips reaching Halle’s. Again to Halle to felt so different to a man, so smooth. Angie teased Halle’s lips open with her tongue, slipping it in. Halle welcomed it, and they kissed passionately, without stopping. Angie reached a hand down to Halle’s hips and motioned her to start moving them.

To an onlooker it would have look as such. Two beautiful women, world famous actresses, naked together, intimate and sharing a passionate kiss, one with their legs wide open, slowly pumping a metal penis in and out of their crotch, luxuriating in the new experiences she was feeling.

Slowly Halle pulled away and looked down at their two bodies, so close to each other. Each time Halle pumped up her breasts pushed forward into Angie’s, her nipples rubbing against Angie’s. They tickled and felt electric. Slowly Halle knew she wanted to do something, take control and do something she hadn’t done before. She took her hands to Angie’s shoulders and gently pushed her onto her back.

Angie looked at Halle, “what do you want me to do”, she motioned backwards, “me one my back. Halle motioned yes, and Angie smiled. She lied on her back towards Halle, when Halle motioned her to raise her legs and place them one her shoulders, either side of Halle’s head.

Halle took nibbles along Angelina’s inner thighs, kissing, moving further towards Angie’s crotch from which emanated a deep musky smell. White liquid practically flowed from it, oozing from the pink wet lips, spread wide open directly in front of Halle’s face. Meanwhile Halle had managed to inch forward, taking in a little less of the Oscar, but still pumping her snatch slowly on the statue.

Halle pressed her face against Angelina’s pubic hair, and breathed in sharply. It was a strong pungent smell, the same smell she had smelt in the room, but now she had come to the centre of it. She rolled out her tongue, and like a dog, seemed to lap at the pussy in front of her, tasting the tangy strong sensation of it. Her tongue lapped the length of her pussy, saliva dripping from her mouth, soaking her thighs and mixing with the pussy juice within. Then with the tip of her tongue, she felt the different textures that there were. The stringy pubic hair, the thick viscous liquid that seemed to drool between her chin and Angie’s snatch, the hard nodule of Angelina’s clitoris, and the little cavity that lead to the inside of Angie’s body. Halle looped her tongue like a tube and pushed it forward into Angie’s pussy, so that she could actually feel the vaginal walls of Angelina Jolie with her tongue, and feel its soft hot texture. She started pumping her tongue in and out of her, soaking her face with Angie’s vagina, doing in slowly and in time with her own snatch, which was still feeling the delights of the dildo within it.

Angie sighed loudly, gratefully accepting it.

After a few minute she could feel an orgasm rising in her. “Halle, Halle”, she sighed, “my clit, lick my clit, I’m going to cum soon”. Halle moved her head slightly, and with the flick of her tongue, rubbed Angie’s clit for her. She also sped up her own hips, feeling the hard ridges of the statue lick at her own pussy lips, the hard ridge of the statues shoulder rubbing against her own clit. She started making little squeaking noises as an orgasm rose with in her. She concentrated on the feel on her clit, making only short sharp rubs on the shoulder, as the metal roughed her.

Her pelvis convulsed against the statue, and Halle let out a muffled roar. At the same time Angelina came, pushing her hips up to Halle’s mouth,

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH…., uh, uh, uh, uh”.

Both of them collapsed, Halle lurching forward to dislodge herself from the Academy Award. She collapsed into Angie’s arms, nuzzling her face against Angie’s breasts. Both of them breathed heavily, slowing down breath by breath. Angelina wrapped both her arms and her legs tightly around Halle Berry, whispering “you’re alright, you’re alright”.

Quite a few weeks later Angelina was over at Halle’s house. Neither had contacted each other since that day, Halle especially unsure about what had happened between them. It was at Halle’s husbands suggestion that Angie came over for a dinner party, he simply didn’t think they had seen each other in a long time, and thought they should catch up. Maybe Angie should bring over the new fellow she’d been seeing, which she did, no one famous, just a smart handsome young man she’d met. Halle and Angelina didn’t say much to each other, asking how each other was, a few things. It was only til after dinner, sharing a few drinks in the lounge that it looked like they’d continue to be friends. Halle was talking to her husband and the new man about her own views on George Bush and Iraq. Angie wasn’t interested in politics tonight, she never was. She looked around the room, admiring photos and trinkets, till she got to the fireside. There were all of Halle’s certificates and awards, including her Academy Award. It looked great, with a deep lustrous finish. She held it up and looked at Halle.

Halle paused, broke her conversation and giggled, smiling directly at Angelina.

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