An Unexpected Guest

An Unexpected Guest

Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, a parody of a public figure. If you are offended, you
shouldn’t be reading this. As far as I know, Love doesn’t actually do things like this.

No one believes what happened last year at Barry’s party. We were all chugging down
beers and watching some old homemade porn when there was a knock at the door. Darryl was
closest so he had to open it. I can still see the look on his face when he saw her. She was short,
only coming up to his waist. Her hair was
a deep brown and her eyes were a shiny brown. She
had two big breasts and a luscious ass, all wrapped up in a tight red dress. Her legs were long and
slender. Darryl looked like he was about to faint. “Uh. Hi.” He said with a stutter. I turned to
see what he was so surprised about and saw her. Barry and Kyle saw her too. We were all

“Hey. My car broke down. Can I use your phone?” She asked in a velvety angelic voice.
Darryl sort of staggered to the side as she entered the house. Barry turned to me. “Holy shit!
That’s Jennifer Love Hewitt!” He said quickly with a rasping whisper. I didn’t need anyone to
tell me that. I’d noticed already and was too busy checking out her ass as she walked past us to
reply with more than a quick mumble. Kyle was the coolest of all of us. He brought Jennifer the

“Thanks.” She said with a super model smile that made Kyle go weak at the knees. It
was incredible to watch. Here was one of the most beautiful women on the planet here at our
beer bash. While Jennifer was on the phone, we kept looking at each other and leering at her. At
one point, she turned and caught me looking her up and down. She must have seen how I was
staring but she just smiled and turned away, seemingly embarrassed. After a few minutes of
talking on the phone, Jennifer hung up and walked over to us. She sat down on the small coffee
table where our glasses of beer were. She didn’t seem to be concerned about getting any on
herself. Then she turned around and looked at Barry’s TV. In our surprise we hadn’t turned off
the porno. It had been running the whole time. I was so afraid that she’d freak out but instead
she did the most amazing thing. She licked her lips and turned to Darryl, who’s image was on the
screen. “Your pretty big.” Jennifer said coyly. Darryl turned a shade of red that matched
Jennifer’s crimson dress. He looked down at his feet. Barry and Kyle just kept blinking in
surprise. Who would have imagined that a movie star could be so relaxed saying such a thing.
Especially one such as her. I smiled at her and she leaned forward, giving me a great view of her
breasts. Somehow, I just knew what she wanted.

“How long until your ride gets here?” I asked in a whisper. Jennifer leaned closer and
breathed hotly into my ear, “not for a while.” She turned towards Darryl. “I want to see just how
big you are.” Jennifer moved forward and reached out, her fingers gripping Darryl’s zipper.
Barry and Kyle started smiling. This was going to be the best beer bash ever. As Jennifer was
pulling down Darryl’s zipper, I moved over and shoved my hand up her dress. She grunt softly as
my fingers brushed her pussy lips through a pair of silk panties. She was soaking wet. Darryl’s
cock popped out of his pants as Jennifer got his zipper down. Her eyes shined brightly at the
sight of his ten inches of flesh. Barry saw this and ran got his video camera while Kyle started
pulling his own pants off. I, meanwhile, was slipping Jennifer’s panties off. She looked back at
me as she took Darryl’s cock into her hand. “I want you to fuck my ass while I suck him.” She
said in a commanding voice. I nodded.”Whatever you say Jennifer!” I said as I stuck two
fingers into her pussy and my thumb up her tight ass hole. She shuddered and grinned. “Call me
Love.” She turned back to Darryl’s cock and wrapped her lips around it. Her tongue slithered all
over it as she started sucking. Her angel face bobbed up and down on that thick shaft of flesh. I
smiled at Darryl. He grinned back at me. This was a hell of a party. Barry was standing back
about ten feet, his video camera recording this great threesome. Then Kyle stepped forward, his
shorter cock in hand. Jennifer saw it and reached out. She took it in her free hand and started to
pump hard. Kyle’s eyes rolled back. I was watching this as I tried to shove my own cock up
Jennifer’s extremely tight ass hole. I don’t know if I was the first person to plunder that particular
hole but it was almost impossible for me to squeeze in. I’m not as long as Darryl but I’m twice as
thick. My cock needed some heavy lubricant. As Jennifer gave Darryl’s cock a long suck before
switching over to Kyle’s, I took a glass of Miller Lite and poured it over her ass. She moaned and
glanced back, fire in her eyes. “Fuck my ass now! Damn you, fuck me!” She yelled loudly. I
smiled and rammed my cock into her ass as fast and as hard as I could. It went straight in and
buried to the hilt. Jennifer threw back her head and screamed through clenched teeth. She dove
back down and took both Darryl’s and Kyle’s cocks at once, her mouth stretched over them.
Feverishly she sucked, like a damned five buck nympho whore. I laughed at the insanity of the
situation. I was ass fucking Jennifer Love Hewitt while she sucked two of my best friend’s cocks!
I kept pounding her as hard as I could. She kept sucking. Darryl pulled out suddenly and sprayed
a thick line of cum across Jennifer’s face. She stopped sucking Kyle’s cock. “Don’t pull out.”
She said icily, her eyes glaring at Darryl. Her words were for Kyle. “I want your cum in my
mouth.” Jennifer looked at Kyle and he smiled and nodded like a boy in a candy store. She
glanced back at me. “Shoot it up my ass!” She said quickly before trying to swallow Kyle’s cock
again. Darryl looked dejected as he moved away and sat down. He’d just fucked up with
Jennifer Love Hewitt. I wasn’t going to make a mistake like that. My balls were getting tight and
I planned to fill her ass with cum in just a few more minutes. Barry laughed at Darryl as he
continued to film Jennifer and our raw sex. Kyle moaned and fired a wad of cum down Jennifer’s
throat. She cleaned every drop of semen from his cock before turning back to watch me
pounding her ass. I smiled at her as I made one last deep plunge and let loose a flood of cum. I
slipped out of her tight ass and fell back into my chair. I was exhausted. Jennifer smiled and
stood up. She reached up and wiped sticky cum from her cheeks and forehead. Then she licked
her fingers dry and repeated the action until her face was clean. Barry smiled at her from behind
his camera lens.

“Hey Love! Can I fuck your cunt?” Barry asked bluntly. Jennifer smiled at him and
pulled up her dress. Her thinly shaven bush was as brown as the hair on her head. She had no tan
lines whatsoever. “You’d better. And get my right side, It’s my best.” She said with an innocent
giggle as she backed up against a wall. Barry handed me the camera. “You heard the lady. Get in
close and film everything!” He said with a smirk. Jennifer spread her legs wide as Barry threw
down his pants and took hold of her legs. He lifted her into position and slowly slid his big cock
into her soft cunt. The fit was tight but not too much. “I always knew you were a slut.” He said
as he started moving in and out. Jennifer smiled and moaned quietly. She reached back and
braced herself against the wall with her arms. “Oh yeah. I’m a slut. Treat me like one!” Jennifer
yelled as Barry started pounding her pussy with all of his might. Before long, she was screaming
at the top of her lungs in ecstasy. I laughed and kept the camera focused in on Jennifer’s face.
After only a few thrusts, Barry was on the verge of cumming. “Don’t cum too soon. I hate men
who can’t hold their wad.” Jennifer said between gasps of pleasure. Barry’s face was red from
exertion and he moaned at her words. He knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer. “Just
think of your last girlfriend!” Darryl yelled from his seat. Barry grunted and held out for a few
more minutes before filling Jennifer’s womb with cum. Jennifer sighed and slid down the wall to
the floor after Barry pulled out. She rested there for a minute while the rest of us waited. We all
wanted another go at her.

“Take this.” I said to Barry and handed him the video camera. He smirked and took it in
weak hands. I walked over to where Jennifer was seating and stuck my cock in her face. She
looked up at me and then opened her mouth wide. Without hesitation, I started to fuck her face.
Every plunge made her cheeks bulge and her chest heave. Her tongue played across the tip of my
cock as she sucked and moved across the shaft. I had never had a better blow job in my life!
Maybe it was just the fact that it was Jennifer Love Hewitt giving it but I think she was just that
experienced. My balls were starting to tighten so I moved faster. Jennifer didn’t mind. She met
me stroke for stroke and sucked with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t believe she wasn’t a porn
star! Finally, I couldn’t hold out any longer. I shot a thick stream of cum down her throat.
Jennifer licked me clean with her velvety tongue. Then I helped her to her feet. She turned to
Darryl and walked over. He looked at her with longing. Jennifer smiled and giggled that sweet
laugh of her’s. “Want another chance?” She asked kindly. Darryl nodded like one of those
bobbing head dogs. Jennifer spread her legs and slowly sat down on Darryl’s cock. It slipped
straight up her cunt. Barry grinned behind the lens of his camera. I sat down and watched as
Jennifer started bouncing up and down and groaning from pleasure. Darryl’s eyes rolled back into
his head as she rose and fell upon his cock. Her juices slid down his shaft and she gasped. Darryl
bucked his hips in time to her motions. He wanted Jennifer to enjoy every second this time. She
reached out and gripped his shoulders, her chest thrust out and her cleavage in his face. Darryl
eagerly pushed her dress away from her breasts and nibbled on them. Jennifer screamed in
orgasmic release and pressed his face against her chest. Darryl kept his cock moving in and out of
her pussy. He was really making this last. I sat back and drank some more beer as Kyle came
over. He reached down and grabbed the edges of Jennifer’s dress. He practically tore the bright
red outfit off. Jennifer fondled her breasts as Darryl slid in and out of her. Kyle leaned in and
turned her head. He passionately kissed her and she held him tightly to her lips. Darryl moaned
as he fired a blast of cum into her cunt. Jennifer turned to Kyle. “Next?” She said and rose from
Darryl’s lap to leap into Kyle’s arms. She laughed as they fell back onto the floor. Kyle felt his
cock being squeezed and sighed as Jennifer let him fill her. Jennifer started to buck and grind
against Kyle’s pelvis. He moaned and massaged her big breasts with his strong hands. Barry
filmed the whole thing with a big grin. Kyle laughed as Jennifer let out a yelp of joy. “This is
unbelievable! I’m fucking Love Hewitt, the sexist girl in Hollywood!” He yelled happily as
Jennifer squeezed his cock with her powerful cunt muscles. She smiled and leaned down, giving
Kyle a sweet kiss on the forehead. “You think I’m the sexist? Thanks!” She said. Then she
started rising and falling as quickly as she could. Kyle took in a deep breath and tried to keep
himself from cumming. Jennifer was moving fast up and down his cock’s shaft. She roared with
enjoyment. The speed and strength of her movements made her pussy hurt. She screamed as a
massive orgasm rocked her body. Kyle roared too as he sprayed sperm into her cunt in thick
streams. He was breathing hard as she stood up. A thin trickle of cum slid down her inner thigh.
“This is fun.” She said with a smile, her naked body glistening with sweat. As I watched, Jennifer
walked over to Barry who was happily filming everything that was going on. “Want a blow job?”
She asked while making sucking noises. Barry nodded crazily and Jennifer dropped to her knees
in front of him. She took his hard cock in her hands and slipped her mouth over it. Barry tossed
me his camera and I started filming. It was incredible. Jennifer Love Hewitt had already given
three blow jobs and was now giving a fourth! I’d fucked her ass once already and everybody,
except me, had slammed their meat into her pussy. I had trouble believing she still had energy
enough for all this. While I sat back and rested, my cock hard as a rock, Jennifer slurped and
slathered Barry’s dick with her skilled tongue. He groaned and pumped her face slowly. Barry
held Jennifer’s head in his hands and he played with her hair while she sucked his cock. Darryl
got up from his chair and walked over, his cock in hand. Barry saw him and grinned when he
grabbed Jennifer’s ass and rammed his dick straight up it. Jennifer momentarily lost it. She
screamed in orgasm. She slammed her fingers into her pussy and started masturbating like mad
while Darryl drilled her colon. Then she remembered Barry and took his cock back into her
mouth and started sucking like a woman possessed. Barry’s eyes rolled back into his head and he
fired a load into her mouth almost immediately. Jennifer swallowed it eagerly before turning all of
her attention over to Darryl. She bucked her hips hard and squealed with every hard jab of cock
up her ass. She was on all fours, moaning like a dog. I couldn’t take another second. I gave
Barry back his camera and pushed Jennifer over on top of Darryl. She gasped loudly in ecstasy as
I shoved her legs apart and slammed my cock into her hot, wet pussy. I’d never felt a cunt so
warm or tender before. It was amazing. I could feel Darryl’s dick through her cunt walls but I
didn’t care. I started pounding her as hard as I could while Darryl did the same. Jennifer Love
Hewitt came three times before we were ready to blow our loads. Darryl went first, his jizz filling
Jennifer’s ass tunnel. Then I fired off a vast glob of cum, pouring it out until I thought that I’d
collapse. Jennifer moaned as we both pulled out. She was sweating and her big tits were heaving
from exertion. But we weren’t done yet and neither was she.

“Don’t stop. I want more cock. More cum. Please.” Jennifer moaned from the floor. I
was exhausted and so was Darryl, so we just laid where we were. Kyle, however, had recovered
a bit. Barry got some closeups of my, Jennifer’s, and Darryl’s faces as Kyle came over. Jennifer
saw him approaching and rolled over, sticking her sweet ass in the air. I heard Kyle laugh as he
jabbed his dick into her backdoor. Jennifer was beyond joking and laughing, she was insatiable.
“Fuck my ass now!” She yelled at Kyle. He started moving in and out so fast that Jennifer shook
with each movement. They both groaned and moaned and screamed in ecstasy. Barry watched
through his camera lens, waiting for the money shot. Jennifer twisted and jiggled her ass while
Kyle speared it with his cock. She moaned as he slid in and out and in and out, over and over
again. She was thoroughly enjoying herself. Barry came closer, his camera catching every thrust
and every groan. Jennifer gritted her teeth and orgasmed again, her cunt dripping as Kyle
slammed home a few more times. He was holding everything in and maximizing her pleasure.
Their movements were hard and rough, I couldn’t believe a small woman like Love could handle
that kind of ass pounding. She looked like she was in pain but enjoying it. Kyle rammed his cock
as far into her as he could and roared as he fired a thick wad of cum into Jennifer’s ass. She
flattened out on the carpet as Kyle pulled out, her small frame shaking with lust and exquisite
sexual satisfaction. Jennifer didn’t make a sound as Barry came over, camera in hand, and stuck
his cock into her ass. “Been waiting for my turn at this sweet piece of ass.” He said with a grin.
Jennifer turned back to him, her face was red with exhaustion but she whispered wantonly.
“Make me your whore. Do my ass.” She sighed as Barry slid into her slowly and easily. She had
been well stretched by the cocks before his. Barry kept the camera in hand the entire time while
he slid in and out of her ass. We all watched: Me, Kyle, and Darryl; as Jennifer groaned and stuck
her fingers in her pussy. The slow ass fuck and the soft motions of intimate fingers brought her
orgasm after orgasm. She reached her slick fingers back and Barry licked them clean, loving the
taste of her pussy stew. He kept his cock moving at all times. After a few minutes, he started to
really pound. Jennifer threw back her head and screeched as her body flew beyond what she had
thought of as its boundaries of sensual enjoyment. Barry didn’t stop. He kept pounding and
pounding, getting deeper and deeper into her ass. Jennifer slammed her fingers in and out of her
pussy, licking them clean as soon as she got them juicy. I started cheering Barry on and the
others joined in. We took fresh bottles of beer and poured them on Jennifer’s back as the fucking
continued. She didn’t seem to mind, in fact, Jennifer loved it! She grabbed a bottle out of my
hand and sucked down half of it before letting out another orgasmic scream. Barry took a bottle
and drank it all in one long gulp. Then he took another and poured it straight over Jennifer’s ass.
The beer seemed to sizzle as it washed over Barry’s ever moving cock and Jennifer’s well fucked
ass hole. Suddenly, Barry gasped and a thick string of cum was fired off. He pulled out and
collapsed, the camera at his side, facing Jennifer Love Hewitt as she sighed and fell asleep, a thick
stream of cum oozing out of her ass hole and cunt lips. She had finally been satisfied.

Later, after Jennifer and Barry woke up, we all watched the video. Jennifer took a shower
while we cleaned her dress. Then she left Barry’s house forever with a wave and a smile. It
wasn’t until a few hours later, when we were telling a few of our friends about the experience,
that we discovered that the tape was missing. While we’d been cleaning Love’s dress, she had
slipped out of the shower and taken the video. I guess she didn’t want anyone else seeing it but I
got pretty pissed off. No one would ever believe us without proof. And that tape was the only
proof that we four best friends had fucked actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. We didn’t even get a
shity autograph. We still get together and party of course. But we all wish for the day that Love
will come back through Barry’s door and let us fuck her again. And this time, let us keep the


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