Anal Adventures

Story title: Anal Adventures

story by:Bobby

Celeb in story: Jamie-Lynn Spears

story codes MF, oral, anal

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Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this

in reality any questions or comments send them to I would also like to thank Money

for helping with this project now on with the story.

My name is Trebor (I know not a common name but hey it is mine). I’m a Musician by trade and I play the

guitar. I’ve played all over the country in small towns, clubs, bars, even High schools. and in my travels

I’ve gotten to know some really interesting people in a lot of ways. Let me tell you about some of them.

I Was playing in Nashville about 6 Months ago. I was in a studio trying to get something recorded for

my New Album “The Drifter’s Prayer”. I had been trying to find a balance between Country, Blues, and

Bluegrass. However I didn’t seem to have the magic as I kept straying in note from one genre to another

rather than blending them effectively. I Spent 6 Hours in the studio and hadn’t produced jack shit.

It wAs 8:00 and I was tired from the day as I left the Recording room and went down the hall I glanced

inside one of the recording rooms and I stopped dead in my tracks as i looked thru the window I

saw her. She Looked to be in her early 20’s and had beautiful shoulder length golden brown hair. She had

on blue jeans with a red shortsleeve shirt with a denim jacket on the back of the chair she was sitting in.

She was playing an acoustic guitar singing what I believe was a song by Faith hill. She looked so pretty as

she sang.It Was then she hit a wrong note on the guitar and the smile faded to anger.

“Damn it!!!” She Yelled.

“Thats the Seventh Damned time thats Happened!!” She Was Clearly Frustrated with herself.

I felt compelled to enter the room and help her after all I could see what she was doing wrong.

As I entered the studio her Manager (I’m Assuming) got up and started questioning me immediatly.


I ignored Her Manager’s Interrogation and asked.

“Is that who I think it is?”

“Yes it is” Her Manager Replied

“And Miss Spears has demanded to be left alone during her recording time Here”

I remained calm and told her manager that I can help her out on the guitar.

“Thank you for your offer but we have someone to help her with that.”

In the middle of all this Jamie-Lynn walked out of recording room.

“Who are you?” She Asked.

“Are You My Guitar Instructor?”

She Kept On.

“No he isn’t now go back in and take it from the top.”

Her Manager clearly had no idea how to go about helping new talent. Jamie-Lynn Fired back with an

attitude of her own.

“Well the instructer was supposed to be here 5 Hours ago and still hasn’t shown up and we have got

only 2 hours of recording time left!”

I again offered my help.

“Sir I can help her on the guitar if there’s no instructor availible.” I Said.

“It’s no trouble really.”

Her Manager thought it over. Then Jamie-Lynn Threw in her 2 Cents.

“Sure You Can! come on in.” she said

Her Manager Relented.

“Ok Fine but this is a one off got it?” he said

I ignored him and apparently so did Jamie-Lynn as we entered the recording room together I showed her how to

relax while Playing and she started playing better she got 3 songs recorded before her time there was up. as

we were leaving she turned towards me and asked in the sweetest voice.

“You Wanna get some coffee with me?”

Joe’s Cafe was only a block away from the studio and served very good coffee according to Jamie Lynn. As

we Walked in I noticed it was only servicing 2 other people. As We talked she opened up about her hopes to

act again in the future, the memories from her old show Zoey 101. Eventually the subject got around to

her pregnancy. She said she wished she had the courage to ask her sister for some condoms. but said she was

too scared to tell her sister that she was sleeping with her then boyfriend Casey Aldridge. while me

and Jamie were chatting it up waiting for our coffee a Paparazzi managed to sneak into the cafe. Jamie lynn

Was looking at me deeply like she wanted to say something but didnt know how.

“Its ok say what you feel. I won’t judge you.” I said

Just then a flash came from over her shoulder next to the door.Then the waitress who was bringing our coffee

dropped the tray she was holding and it spilled all over us.

“God Dammit” Jamie lynn Yelled.

I chased the photog away, then came back to pay. The Waitress was apologising repeatedly but we both told

her it was not her fault and we even Tipped her $20.00. When we walked outside Jamie lynn said she was

cold so i gave her my coat. She looked at me smiled that beautiful smile of hers and said

“You wanna crash at My Place?”

We arrived at Her place 20 minutes later and still smelling of coffee. While walking in she mentioned that

her daughter was visiting her mother and father in Louisiana and wouldn’t be back for a few more days. I was

Wondering why she mentioned that while closing the door only to look back and find her stripping down

to her Underwear right there next to the front door.

“Meet me upstairs when your ready.” Jamie lynn Said in a real sexy tone With a hint of a Southern accent

dragging her leg up the wall.

I Stood there shocked For About 10 Seconds wondering if this was really happening I then snapped out

of my stuper and followed her upstairs.

After a brief search of the rooms I found her bedroom it was really nice, a Queen Size Bed, A shower that

doubled as a hot tub that could fit at least 8 people, and the best feature of all its owner standing

before me in her birthday suit. She had rather large B cup tits that could have passed for C’s, With a

tight little tummy. and the most perfect Goldilocks ass in the World not too big not too small just right.

She motioned with her hand and said

“Come on in big boy the Water is fine.” She giggled

She Didn’t have to ask me twice. I stripped down to nothing and walked in with an 8 inch erection. I was

definitly going to enjoy this. I looked inside the glass shower door and saw that it was fogging up. I

opened the door and stepped in and there she was as sexy as ever before with that brown wet hair

(God i love it when a womans hair is wet.) She looked over her Shoulder and acknowledged me with a wink.

it was then I looked down saw her incredible ass then looked over at the body wash She had set on the edge

of the tub. I lubed up my cock and wrapped my arms around her breasts and belly. I whispered in her ear.

“I Should’ve Warned you I’m an ass man all the Way”.

I kissed her neck and pushed my cock into her asshole.

“Slow your roll wild man mama doesn’t give it up so easy.” she said

“Not really crazy about the alternative so far.” I said

I must have spoken too soon since Jamie Lynn was stroking my cock like a pro as she got on her knees

puting it between her ample boobs.

“Gotta get you warmed up.” she purred

“Don’t let me stop you.” I said

She went down on me in a heartbeat her blowjob skills were above what I expected to begin with Jamie Lynn

clearly knew what she was doing as my cock throbbed in her mouth begging for release.

“I love the size it’s not too big that I’ll choke or you might break me in half with it.” she said

“It’s just perfect.” I said

Even though I really wasn’t doing anything to her I really couldn’t so I just let her go to town on me while

I propped myself up on the shower wall.

“Of all the things I did before the baby I miss sucking dick the most.” she moaned

“No complaints here.” I said

She was getting rather aggressive down there I wondered what she meant about the other things until my cock

started throbbing even more than before.

“Feels like it has a mind of it’s own.” she said

“I’m gonna blow.” I grunted

Between Jamie Lynn’s blowjob her angelic face looking at me with my dick in her mouth and her heaving boobs

sandwiching my dick I just lost it erupting all over her face plastering everything she even caught a

sizeable amount in her mouth and hair.

“Dude seriously that was epic.” she said

“I’m warmed up now.” I said

“I thought it was going to ooze out where I could lick it up easy I wasn’t expecting mount flowmore

and don’t get me started on the thick spunk in my hair.” she said

Even showering off my spunk off her body she still looked hot with all her curves and wet hair I knew she

was toying with me though my labido was going into overdrive.

“Been a while since I have had anything near your size be gentle.” she said

“Your taking the fun out of this.” I said

I propped her up on the tile wall easing my cock inside before speeding up pistoning her pussy like a maniac

with my legs being the only thing holding Jamie Lynn’s body up.

“Oh yeah I can feel you really deep in there.” she said

“Try this.” I said

I kept drilling her as hard as possible not letting her feet touch the floor while sucking on her boobs

if I got milk hey bonus for me Jamie Lynn was really getting into it.

“So thick.”she moaned

“Just a bit more.” I said

I blasted her insides with thick ropes of jizz like a firehose which in turn triggered Jamie Lynn’s orgasm

coating my dick in her girl cream I also found out she was a screamer assaulting the shower walls and my

hearing with joy.


“Little louder than expected but still good.” I said

That orgasm took a lot out of both of us so we just layed on the shower floor letting the warm water sooth

our sore muscles Jamie Lynn bounced back faster than I thought she would.

“That was amazing wonder what that could do to my ass.” she said

“No idea, let’s find out.” I said

I crawled onto her back trying not to hurt her which was easy enough I did catch Jamie Lynn’s reaction when

my dick opened her anal ring a slight squeal and bulging eyes were all I needed to confirm she was either

an anal virgin or it had been ages since anyone had been there.

“Can’t…focus, really big.” she said

“Just relax.” I said

Her anal ring stretched a good bit but it didn’t hurt her which was a good thing even though she was clawing

the tile floor like a cat from the feeling in her ass.

“Not as bad as I thought it would be it’s…kinda kinky.” she said

“Just what I wanted to hear.” I said

I had my dick as far as possible up her ass while I pushed forward Jamie Lynn pushed back feeling my girth

I started massaging her boobs to turn her on even more.

“I’m really loving this.” she moaned

“All I hear is faster.” I said

The harder I rammed into her ass the more Jamie Lynn’s legs opened letting me in all the way pumping away

at a good clip on her own.

“I’ve gotta be on top.” she said


Somehow she flipped me on my back not breaking my rhythm getting on top of me as the shower head sprayed

her back she pushed her chest out grinding into me again.

“Figured you wanted this.” she purred

“This is a hot look for you.” I said

The visual of Jamie Lynn riding my cock with her ass while being showered on her hair made me lose control

I unloaded a big amount of sperm in her ass which triggered her own orgasm slamming her hips down

nearly cracking the tile floor we cleaned ourselves off and barely made it to the bedroom.

“I’ve got one more go round left I would love it if it was memorable.” she purred

“Still got something in the tank.” I said

I climbed on top of her sliding my cock back in her ass I went very slow since I wanted this to last

Jamie Lynn kept pushing back harder and harder trying to get me to cum.

“Blast my ass with that cream baby.” she said

“Not so fast.” I said

I was trying really hard to go slow but Jamie Lynn was turning into a full on anal slut which was fine by

me my own orgasm was a good distance away hers was ramping up by the minute.

“Won’t be able to sit right but I don’t care.” she said

“Sounds fun.” I said

Between her grunts and moans of pleasure Jamie Lynn was enjoying herself with her fingers sliding 2

sometimes 3 of them inside her pussy.

“Feels so good.” she purred

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I could feel my orgasm hit me like a sledgehammer as my balls churned out sperm into her ass it

felt like a river and rather thick as I pulled out loads kept coming spraying Jamie Lynn’s back all

the way up to her hair, all over the sheets, even across the room splashing

the vanity mirror cracking it with the force leaving a whiteish running stain down it’s face the

last bit was caught by the ceiling fan blades smearing the bay window in sticky goo.

“Fuck me that was Great!” she said

I just did. even I need rest after that. I said.

We both collapsed on to her bed and fell asleep in a pool orgasmic bliss.

I was awakened the next morning to find her not in bed with me. I looked around the house but could

not find her. I wrote my cell number down on a piece of paper with a messege about helping her with

any further guitar issues and placed it on her pillow. as I feltaround in pockets i found a note from

jamie-lynn with her number on it along with the messege saying if i ever missed her tight ass to

call her up.

“No Problem” i said aloud to myself.

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