Anal Adventures Christina Aguilera

story title: Anal Adventures Christina Aguilera

story by: Money

celeb in story: Christina Aguilera

story codes: MF, oral, anal

story summary: main character is called on to replace guitarist on upcoming tour.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality I would like to thank Bobby for asking me to write this chapter it was really fun any comments or feedback on the story send them to now on with the story.

Being called up to replace a band member and learn a ton of songs in a short time really taxed my brain what made it worse was the audition in front of the artist herself Christina Aguilera was a personal favorite of mine so I knew all her songs and the guitar parts I had to play live easy enough I aced the audition but still needed the tour schedule Christina had a copy but I had to go get it in a remote area the address made no sense till I walked up a well hidden pier I thought it was a houseboat until I saw the whole thing a giant 300 foot long 100 foot wide 4 story yacht in the water.

“I have arrived…just need that tour schedule.” I said

“Hey Trebor you made it.” she said

Christina was standing by the cabin door in a white bathrobe I thought she had a bikini on under it when I saw it was slightly open in the front the sign of a top wasn’t there.

“The tour doesn’t start for a month we will be spending lots of time around each other.” she said

“Well I still need to go home and pack once I have the schedule.” I said

She handed over the list it was about 9 pages thick as I started to look over the first page I noticed Christina wasn’t letting go of it giving it a playful tug pulling me into the yacht’s bedroom.

“Leave this here and follow me.” she purred

“Right behind you.” I said

She tossed the paperwork on the bed leading me into the shower stall even from behind the petite blonde bombshell had stunning curves oozing out everywhere as I pulled off her bathrobe I got a look at her huge tits they were easily DD’s and very real.

“Ha caught you looking.” she said

“Can’t help it.” I said

While I was busy drinking in her lucious curves Christina was busy fishing my thick cock out of my pants which she clearly liked from the look on her face.

“Shit that thing is really thick.” she said

“Glad you like it.” I said

She sat me on the shower bench straddling my waist with her legs easing my 8 inch long very thick rod into her love canal even though it wasn’t very long she still breathed rather hard getting used to the thickness factor.

Christina started riding me like a cowgirl driving her hips down on my thick shaft while I felt up her ample boobs giving them some attention.

“UUUUUUUHHHHHHHNNNNNN….this is a thick monster.” she cooed

“Just getting started.” I said

The longer I pumped my meat into her the more kinky she got grinding her hips as I sucked on her big tits making Christina groan and buck more.

“Massive.” she hissed

“Your so kinky.” I said

We kept going at it fucking at a near blistering pace between us where my shaft was heating up Christina’s clit while she begged for mercy between screaming fits our orgasms hit at the same moment I blasted her insides with my thick goo as her girl cream was like a flash flood on my shaft soaking my abs.

“I need this thing in my ass…now.” she purred

“I’m game.” I said

Christina never let me up keeping me on my back as my thick cock opened her anal ring she let out a rather vocal moan getting used to my size while I groped her big tits.

“I swear I can barely handle this thick thing baby.” she cooed

“See if you can handle this.” I said

She was bounced around so hard the bench almost broke within the first few strokes I was holding onto her hips while Christina drove 3 fingers into her pussy rubbing her hand on it trying to get off.

“Almost there.” she said

“Me too.” I said

I was still rock hard as my orgasm hit again pumping spunk into Christina’s ass making her body convulse on top of me with one of her own rocking back and forth while I felt her up again her hips bucked milking my cock for everything it could get.

Christina was a dynamo the girl knew her stuff we both fell on the bed after our little tryst her boobs bounced around a bit on her still naked form.

“That was fantastic.” she said

“I’m not done yet.” I said

I rubbed her abs working my way up to her boobs then back down as she writhed on the bed letting her legs slide off it opening them very wide for easy access.

“Ready for another round.” she said

“So am I.” I said

Christina clearly didn’t want to control herself as she kissed me licking part of my face even spreading her legs as far as possible letting my dick slide right in with no complaint.

“I’m loving your stamina baby.” she purred

“So kinky.” I said

I drove her wild as I sucked on her boobs making Christina arch her back and mewl like a cat in heat thrusting my thick shaft up her pussy made her breath rather hard.

“I might burst your so thick.” she moaned

“Almost there.” I said

The more I shoved in the more I felt her pussy contract trying to milk my dick of the load it was about to unleash I was groping her big rack as I exploded inside her drenching her pussy with my thick spunk making Christina scream.


“Not done yet.” I said

I pulled out and straddled her chest feeding my thick shaft between her boobs Christina started sucking it tasting her own sex juices mixed with mine looking at me with lust in her eyes those baby blues made me even harder.

“I wanna see it erupt.” she cooed

“Give it time.” I said

She was feeling herself up sandwiching my cock between her epic tits the vixen was masturbating my shaft like a pornstar even using her long tongue as well.

“I want it on my tits.” she purred

“Can’t hold out.” I said

I unloaded again covering Christina’s boobs in my jizz like she wanted then my balls kept churning out thick spunk ropes on her face even tossing some in her blonde hair and mouth the sticky mess pooling on the sheets around her knees.

I thought Christina would be pissed but she wasn’t playing off taking a huge load over her boobs and part of her face as part of the gig she almost looked like she got off on it.

“Well looks like I need a dip in the pool.” she said

“Just be careful my spunk might jam the filter.” I said

She had grabbed a towel getting most of the sticky mess off her ample chest which made my cock go rigid again as Christina waded into the pool water her boobs surely qualified as flotation devices the further she went.

“I’ve been wanting that thick meat in my ass since you got here and your not leaving till I do.” she said

“Now your talking my language.” I said

As I had gotten in the pool Christina swam up to me giving my dick a kiss circling me heading for the steps where she got into the doggiestyle position giving her big tits a squeeze playing with me.

“Ream me till I can’t walk right.” she purred

“You asked for it.” I said

I eased my meat inside her ass making Christina hold her breath from the thickness letting it out with her anal ring opening up craning her head back.

“If it was much bigger I might not handle it.” she said

“That sounds like a challenge.” I said

We went at it like rabbits right then Christina and me went all in I slammed her ass harder than ever before while she kept pace the small tidal waves in the pool kept growing larger as she drove her hips back making her boobs bounce on the waters surface.

“Oooooohhhhhhh fuck and I thought it was thick in my other holes.” she moaned

“Not done yet.” I said

We were both soaked but we didn’t care Christina’s hair was stuck on her back and face from the water I could barely see anything grabbing a handfull of boobs instead of a towel.

“I love hands on my rack.” she purred

“Good to know.” I said

I kept driving my hips forward keeping my hands on her boobs for balance and fun I could feel Christina’s mouth on my hands trying to suck them the visual from the back made me pump harder.

“Almost there…keep going.” she said

“Your a real anal fanatic.” I said

The waves in the pool were really big now easily 4 feet tall most of the time if not taller alternating slashing us it felt good cooling off a bit so I could maintain the pace between my legs.

“Little …more.” she cooed

“That’s all I’ve got.” I said

I erupted into her ass nearly flooding it with my thick spunk my orgasm kept pumping an unheard of amount out of my thick shaft while Christina was sucking her tits she was clearly enjoying herself as a multi staged orgasm pulsed like wildfire through her body nearly causing Christina to pass out in the water.

The more I tried to leave the more Christina begged me to stay normally involving sex of some kind so we kept going at it I gave her multiple orgasms more times than I have fingers and toes while she continued to be a total slut on so many levels.

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