Anal Adventures: Shakira

Story title: Anal Adventures: Shakira

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Shakira

Story codes: MF, anal

Story summary: Author has fling with Shakira after finding out how much of a slut she really is.

Disclaimer: The following story is not true and never happened it’s total fiction I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality it’s all in fun feedback should be sent to now on with the story.

After the wild times with Christina Aguilera that lasted all summer I have no idea how that woman could perform after the ass fuckings I layed on her night after night. But now that the tour was done I had to find a new job. I found that job in a fine piece of Columbian ass named Shakira. She had a new tour starting up in early fall and needed a guitar player for her band. I auditioned and won the gig in the same day the first few shows went great but the last show she winked at me a lot and grinded her ass up against me a few times. She asked me up to her rooftop penthouse after the show to “make music” but she really didn’t need to be cryptic about it I could tell she wanted my fuckstick badly.

I got off the elevator on her floor thinking I was going to be greeted by a simple hotel penthouse but this place was perfect in many ways. a king size bed big enough for 4 people. The best luxury carpet I have ever seen. A beautiful chandilier over the center of the room and best of all the 5 ‘2 bootylicious babe standing butt naked in front of me. She looked at me with the sexiest eyes and smile I have ever seen and said.

“I have heard about you and your particular fetish and your gifted size as well.”

I looked at her with a slight grin.

“Let me guess Christina told you?”

“Si.” she replied in her native tongue.

“Ahora ven Aqui y Follar Mi Culo Usted Hombre Grande caliente.”

After taking 2 years of Spanish in college before dropping out and having a Puerto Rican girlfriend in high school I could speak and understand Spanish pretty well.

“Lo que tu digas bebe.” I said following her towards the bed

She stopped turned around real quick which caught me a bit off guard.

“Before we get started.” she said

“I want to make you a bet. I have a really tight ass. I won’t loosen it the whole time. If you can make my asshole loose, then I’ll give you a list of names and numbers with more women who are just as gifted.” she paused to turn and shake her ass a bit for me.

“As me. If you can’t loosen me up you have to eat me out until I tell you to stop.”

I considered her offer

“Deal.” she held out her hand

“Acuerdo.” I said agreeing in Spanish.

“Muy Bien mi gran hombre.”

She walked over to the bedside table and opened a drawer she pulled out a small thin black book about the size of an iphone and left it out on the table.

I was never one to turn down a challenge and I wasn’t about to start then I followed Shakira over to the bed.

She bent over the edge of the bed giving me a great view of her thick, awesome sexy ass. I stared for what felt like minutes. she then spoke up.

“What are you waiting for? Fuck my ass!!”

Her demanding voice brought me back to attention. I swear her ass is hypnotizing. I walked up behind her put my hands on her hips rubbed the asscheeks a couple times then I swiftly stuffed her asshole full of my cock.The feeling was so amazing I’m amazed I didn’t cum from the tight, warm, wet feeling. She must’ve used a lot of lube, it was clear she had done this before. I started slam fucking and she started moaning and mewling. Not before long I was fucking her so hard the flesh on flesh contact sounded like a loud clapping sound. It had been a couple of months since I had fucked Christina so my balls were ready for a long night of orgasms. It was five minutes before I came for the first time of the fuck session. She kept telling me don’t stop in both English and Spanish.

I kept fucking her like a piston slamming into her again and again with a lot of force. I was getting hornier by the second the Columbian whore and her thick ass were giving me all I could handle for the moment. But I had a knack for being able to hang in there no matter how many times I shot my load. In the words of George Thouroghgood “Every woman I meet they all stay satisfied.”

Pretty soon Shakira was screaming my name telling me she was my ass whore and would do anything to keep my fat cock in her ass. It was at this point she came for the first time I felt her juice hit my leg. She kept telling me “Don’t stop” not that she could’ve gotten me to stop at that point anyway. I had a thick Columbian ass all to myself and I was going to enjoy it for as long as I could. After 10 more minutes I started long dicking her slowly drawing my full length out until my cock head caught her sphincter and pulled at it a little then I slammed back in.

I tell ya Shakira could take a cock like no woman I have ever fucked anally. I don’t know how she does it but she has an ability to take every thrust into her ass you can manage to give her no matter how hard. It must be how her ass got so thick she must’ve got fucked there so many times. All this was going through my head while I fucked her it was only turning me on even more. I could feel the lube covered walls of her tight hole stroking me and I was getting closer to another orgasm.

Shakira must have sensed this because she leaned back up against me and said

“Squeeze my breasts you hung fucker.”

I moved my hands from her hips up to her tits and started massaging them vigorously ever since she gave birth to her first child her tits seemed to have gotten a little bigger. I started to role her nipples it was then she started thrusting her ass back at me. That pushed me over the edge I started cumming like a madman filling her asshole up with even more of my spunk.

While I was cumming I didn’t let up I kept slamming into her harder and harder. As a result of this I pushed her up onto the bed with me still standing at the edge.At this point she was cumming again. Her body tensed up as I kept thrusting as much as I could to meet her hips thrusting back at me.

I was an animal at this point I was gonna fuck this woman in the ass until every ounce of energy and sperm was used up. Shakira and me didn’t say a whole lot we were too much into our own world too much into the sex.

Shakira then wrapped her legs around me and started pushing her heels into my back on each thrust. I took my hands off her tits and moved them down the small of her back. I pushed my thumbs into the dimples above her ass on her lower back. From this I got an even better grip on her I was moving at a pace that was only a little bit faster than when I was long dicking her. Even after all of an hour of fucking her asshole didn’t loosen a bit. She had kept her tightness so far up until now.

I looked down at her pussy and she had not leaked a drop of my cream. It was official this babe was a professional ass whore now I was feeling another orgasm coming along she had been reduced to mewling and making long groans she looked back at me with a lust filled face and winked at me. I lost it another load went into her ass she knew what would push me right over the edge. I was loving every second of the passion filled assfuck. We never stopped fucking the whole time we slowed downsure but we never stopped she had a hell of a lot of stamina but then again I did too.

I felt my cock start to soften a little Shakira looked back up at me a little tickled.

“Don’t you even think about stopping your big cock.”

I then figured out a way to keep it up. Without stopping I jumped up onto the bed my cock still in her ass my hands still gripping her hips. I then got the hardness back into my fuckstick and continued drilling her asshole. She now made a move to twist around while planted on my dick. I liked our current position too much to allow that. I grabbed her arms and pinned them to the bed. She then used her legs but I moved to pin those too she was staying where she was. I’m not a masogynist but when the hormones are going like that they are running the show.

I started fucking Shakira a hard as I could I felt like I could keep fucking her forever. It was then I could tell she was starting to tire from the fucking. She turned her head to the side and looked at me she looked like she was in a state of euphoria.

I had lost count of how many times she had cum during the experience she then looked up at me with those sexy eyes and said. “Kiss me gran chico.” I leaned down she licked her lips then we kissed. It was a total porno kiss she sucked on my tongue as we parted I looked down at her asshole and saw that it was leaking. I had done itI had loosened this whores ass with that satisfaction I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I unleashed one last gushing torrent of cream she started cumming at the same time and began babbling in Spanish. We were both wiped out from the sex she passed out from exhaustion. I fell asleep not too long after with my cock still firmly planted in her asshole. I woke up at 11 am she was still under me sleeping.

As I got up my now limp dick fell from her fuckhole. I must’ve fucked her in her sleep because it had opened up. It was now open 2 and a half inches across her sphincter seemed to be straining trying to close again. but my cock made sure that’s not gonna happen for a while.

“Damn I’m good.” I said to myself

It was then I saw the book on the bedside table I went over picked it up got dressed and put it in my pocket. I walked over to Shakira gave her a kiss on both cheeks then one on the side of her face. I then made for the elevator after I got in and the doors closed I pulled out the book and opened up the first page it had a phone number and email and an address the name listed was Jennifer Lopez.

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