Anal Celeb Shaggers

Leila Birch was in a bar when 2 men came over to her and asked her if she was from Eastenders. She replied yeas and asked these 2 men if they wanted autographs. They said yes and Leila signed them. Then the bigger man asked if he could buy her a drink. She agreed and asked for a coke. Secretly the bigger bloke had put double vodka in the coke. He bought it over to the table and Leila downed it in one and then she started talking to the 2 men. They introduced themselves as Greg and John. John was the bigger man and asked Leila for another drink. She said yes and John got the double vodka in the coke.

now quite drunk, started flirting with the 2 men for the rest of the night. At closing time (3am) the 3 left in a taxi together. Greg told the driver to go to his flat and when they got there John paid the driver as Greg and Leila went into the flat. When John came up into the flat Leila and Greg were in the bedroom and they were kissing. He went up to them and started to fondle Leila’s breasts through her dress. He unzipped her dress and started to rub her thongs, which were starting to get wet.

She was laid on the bed and her bra and thongs were taken off and John and Greg got naked. Leila took hold of John’s 13 inches in her mouth and deep throated it. She then took Greg’s 11 inches and deep throated that too. Then John said to Greg that he was going in and with that he started to fuck Leila’s tight pussy. She let out a shriek as John started to build up a rhythm. As John was fucking Leila’s pussy, she had Greg’s cock in her mouth.

She was moaning and groaning when she suddenly felt something prod her in the ass. It felt like a red-hot poker had been rammed into her tiny ass but in fact John was now ramming his cock into her ass. Although she was an anal virgin, she actually started moaning and shrieking as John built up a quick rhythm in her anal passage. He told Greg that it was very, very tight and that he should give it a go. So Greg came over and his cock replaced John’s in Leila’s ass. Leila now had her mouth full with John’s 13 inches.

Suddenly after about 3 minutes of fucking Leila’s ass, Greg released a wad of spunk into her pussy. Then suddenly John released a wad of spunk into Leila’s mouth. Leila then got up and kidded both men and then called a taxi and when it arrived she went home.

John? Asked Greg. Yes said John. Should I cross her name off our list? Said Greg. Too right said John. Right who’s next on our list? John said. Nicky Hillman said Greg. The 2 men then started plotting how they could get to fuck this Eastenders babe.

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