Anal For A Tow

Title: Anal For A Tow

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Anna Kendrick

Codes: MF, anal, oral

Summary: Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow go out drinking during their day off of filming a movie together. When there car breaks down not too far away Anna uses it as a convenient excuse to see the mechanic that she had been flirting with and then thanks him for his help

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Anna Kendrick or Brittany Snow. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story.


“Now that was fun,” Anna Kendrick gushed as she exited the rundown bar with her friend and co-star.

“I think I got Hep A through E from that place,” Brittany Snow retorted, not nearly as jovial as Anna was.

The two friends had been off in Eastern Europe filming the latest movie in their franchise when they had a day off in their shooting schedule. Always up for a good time, the two attractive ladies headed into the nearest town, though it hardly passed as one. Maybe the city had a 1000 people with a main strip that had nothing built prior to World War 1, however it did possess a bar which was what they were after.

“Oh don’t be such a snub,” Anna replied with a playful push to her occasional lesbian lover.

“Don’t worry, you were free loving for the both of us,” Brittany said as they got to their car. “I should drive.”


“You suck at driving stick.”

“I’ve never had a negative review,” Anna winked at her friend. “Get it. Like a cock. Me riding dick.”

“Anyone ever tell you that if you have to explain the joke then it wasn’t funny,” Brittany retorted though she got into the passenger’s seat. “Try not to blow the tranny.”

“Actually blowing a tranny sounds like the start of a good night,” the petite actress once again joked.

“I think you did enough blowing tonight already. What was it, 4?”

“Sounds about right,” Anna confirmed.

It was a well known fact that Anna Kendrick had a well-charged sex drive but when that was combined with even so much as a drink of beer it intensified greatly. In fact, the petite 32-year old actress was no stranger to full out orgies and gangbags when coke was on the table…or up her nose for better choice of words. Factor in her needing to blow some steam off during a compact shooting schedule and being surrounded by uber-masculine, rough-looking men and it was a mystery had Anna had only blown a handful of guys so far and not fucked any or all of them.

“Just drive so we can get back and fuck our brains out,” Brittany ordered, shooting her friend a predatory smile.

“Smartest thing you said all night,” Anna replied as she pulled out of the parking lot, only stalling 3 times before reaching the street.

*          *          *

Anna’s jerky start to the drive was foreshadowing the rest of the shortened trip as well. Brittany Snow knew it was a mistake to let her friend drive despite her insistence and now it was biting them in the proverbial ass. They barely made it 2 miles into their trip back to the hotel when the car began sounding rough. When the ‘check engine’ light began flashing and smoke could be seen wafting out from under the hood, Anna pulled the vehicle off the road into a derelict service road lined with thick trees and shut the engine off.

“God damn Anna! You are the shittiest driver ever,” the redhead fumed at her friend.

“Chill dude,” Anna tried calming her. “Besides, my pussy eating skills more than compensate.”

“Fuck. You’re sex drive has always been firmly stuck in high gear,” she conceded. “Should we call the hotel and get them to call us a tow truck? We’re about 5 miles away and I’m not walking there in these heels.”

The mention of a tow truck stirred a thought in Anna’s mind. Specifically back a few hours when they first went into the bar and one of the guys she was flirting with before eventually giving head to in the bathroom. He was dressed in a full work suit still with oil stains on it and under his nails, and if she remembered correctly, he was one of the guys who gave her his number.

“Actually, I got this,” Anna replied before stepping out of the car for some space to make her call.

“What do you know about cars,” Brittany asked, thinking Anna was gonna go have a look under the hood. “Those huge tits and tight ass gonna turn magical and save us?”

“They might just,” Anna replied before pulling out her cell.

When the petite Pitch Perfect star returned a minute or two later she had a bright smile on her face and was using the mirror to fix her hair and make sure her eye liner was still good. Finally she undid the top most botton on her trademark flannel shirt and made sure her large pillowy tits were on full display.

“Gus, the mechanic from the bar is coming to help. He’ll be here in a minute but I want to give him a special thank you for saving our asses,” Anna explained.

“God, you’re such a horn-dog and totally into the knight in shining armor trope,” Brittany scoffed. “Wait so you’re going to go fuck him out on the car and I’m suppose to just hang out in here?”

“Pretend to be passed out like the lightweight you are,” Anna said, getting out of the car. “Or watch and rub on out as he fucks your girlfriend’s tight little ass and probably blows his load on my great tits.”

By the time Anna had the hood popped and was waiting in front of the vehicle, she heard the crunching of gravel as a tow truck appeared out of the fog created by her car. The handsome middle-aged mechanic stepped out before giving her a wave and grabbing some gloves.

“So it started running funny then the smoke so I called you to help me,” Anna explained briefly.

“Let’s have a look,” the 30 year old man replied as he bent his head in the engine. After a few minutes of testing out a few gauges, all while the pair flirted with one another, he smiled. “Could you grab me some water?”

“Water? Sure,” Anna replied, disappearing to the trunk before returning with a large half-gallon bottle. “Where do you want to put it?”

“Hmm,” he grunted with a smile to match her own.

“I meant the water,” Anna said, her playful smile still decorating her face, aware of the double meaning her last sentence had.

“I just need to add it in here for it to act as coolant,” the mechanic replied, pointing to the opening.

Anna was going to hand it over then decided that a little more flirting wouldn’t hurt, especially since he’d yet to make his move. Offering to do it, Anna moved close to the engine and bent over at the waist and made sure her ass pushed back, made to look nice and tight in her form-fitting, ultra-tight skinny jeans. As she tipped the bottle and began draining it into the proper tank, she risked a look back behind her and caught the muscular man staring right at her bubble butt.

“See something you like?” Anna asked, wiggling her ass.

Anna appreciated that the man she already besides she would fuck for helping them out of the jam was a nice enough guy to only look and not touch until given permission. Once she nodded her his hands descended with a hunger onto her tiny rump, rubbing the tight cheeks through her pants and groping the flesh beneath.

Straightening up so that she could get access to her pant buckle, Anna loosened her pants and Gus took over by lowering them down around her ankles. With only a red thong on, his hands were now able to feel her fleshy rump. While at the opposite spectrum of the ass size to Jennifer Lopez, Anna’s may have been skinny but it was firm and still bubbly, allowing the mechanic’s dirty fingers to sink into.

“Yes?” Gus asked, hooking his fingers into her thong.


With her panties joining her skinny jeans down around her ankles Gus now had free access to her sex, which he took advantage of immediately. After a moment to appreciate her completely bare pussy and tight looking asshole, the mechanic rubbed her snatch until it moistened his fingers enough so he could slip a beef digit inside her pussy.

“Awwh! Mhmm,” Anna cooed as his finger probed deep inside.

Once finger was enough to stretch out her tight cunt, which was tighter than it had any right to be given the amount of sex Anna was known to have and the fact she’d been heavily sexually active for over 15 years. Not only was his finger curling against her G-spot, but he let his other digits rest limply in her crack so that they were actually rubbing over her backdoor which furthered her arousal.

Gus was obviously into foreplay instead of getting right to the good stuff as Anna found out when he spun her around and had her sit her bare ass on the fender of her rented vehicle. With her legs spread wide, Gus pressed two fingers into her cunt now and started to thrust in and out before cramming them in fully. With fingers curling to find her G-spot, he aggressively and repeatedly ground them up into her sensitive pussy while his free hand worked over her clit.

“Damn! Fuck dude, just like that,” Anna all but begged.

To encourage him further, just in case her non-stop chorus of screams weren’t enough, she lifted a leg up onto his shoulder to give him even better access to her bare pussy. Gus was more than up to the task as it seemed like his arm began pumping even harder up into her G spot, something that Anna didn’t think was possible.

“Cum baby,” Gus urged.

Anna hardly needed encouragement and within another 30 seconds of the vigorous finger blasting she let loose a curse and a scream as she came all over his oil-stained fingers. Her petite body contracted violently, especially her pussy around the invading fingers in its depth until the muscles relaxed fully.

“My turn to show you how much I appreciate your help,” Anna cooed as she quickly regained her composure.

As Anna got on her knees on the grass and fiddled with her pants so that she was able to remove them while leaving her heeled boots still on, Gus was undoing the flap in her coveralls. Anna turned to face him just in time to tilt her face up and allow his already erect cock to land flat on her face before Gus used it to lightly bat her cheek then onto her tongue.

Anna only giggled as he slapped her with his gigantic pecker, which somehow seemed bigger than when she blew him an hour ago in the seedy bar. At least 9 inches and as thick around as her wrist, Anna thought that she’d have to unhinge her jaw if she was to have any hope of deep-throating him, a talent that she loved to show off whenever possible.

“Ah yes,” the mechanic groaned as Anna inhaled his tip.

For Anna, there was two types of blowjob. The first style she used on him in the bar to get an orgasm in a relatively short amount of time. It had lots of speed and in her case a lot of deep throating. However, when blowing a guy was only the prelude to sex, her technique slowed and it was this style she used now.

Without using her arms, Anna used the bobbing motion of her head and the rocking of her lithe body to take almost half of his length cock into her mouth. As her lips formed a tight circle around his thick meat, she heard the man moaning his appreciation above her. Opening her eyes, she made sure to make and hold eye contact the entire time she slobbered on his pole.

“Choke me with your big dick,” Anna cooed when she felt one of his hands rest on her head.

Taking the actress literally, Gus wrapped his hand on the back of Anna’s head while the other held the base of his cock steady. Anna still maintained eye contact as the head of his cock poked against the back of her throat and held there. Normally she’s relax her gullet and swallow him down her throat but there was no chance of that happening with his thickness so just as her eyes began to moisten and nose redden, Gus pulled back out and watched as several strands of string still connected her mouth with his dick.

He paused as if to make sure she was okay so it was Anna who had to pull herself forward and impale her mouth with his dick. Gus quickly took back control, holding her head as far down his pole as possible all while the petite actress began making gurgling and heaving noises. Before a gag reflex could happen he pulled back and allowed Anna to gulp in some air before they did it all over again and again and again.

As saliva now streamed down her chin and onto her cleavage, Anna realized she didn’t put her top asset on display. With his cock still in between her lips, Anna brushed her hair back over her shoulders and pulled her flannel shirt and bra down onto her stomach to reveal her 36C tits, far larger than any girl with her petite frame had any right to naturally possess.

“Jesus! So big,” Gus complimented in his broken English.

Gus had even more motivation to look down and watched as the gorgeous girl blew him. Now not only was Anna Kendrick gagging on his dick and spitting all over him, her face and her chest, but now her large boobs were swaying as she did so. Unable to help himself, Gus allowed Anna to blow him for another minute before stepping back away from her magical mouth.

“We fuck now?” Gus asked, helping the petite girl to her feet.

“Yes, we definitely fuck now,” Anna replied, standing and bending over the engine, being sure not to touch anything hot.

Gus didn’t bother with a condom and didn’t wait for Anna to tell him to wrap it up either, instead he stepped in close to her and was thankful the heels on her boots made their hips level. With his cock rich in her spit, the mechanic had no trouble sliding the first half of his monster cock into her tight pussy in the first push before backing out and sheathing the whole shaft with his next thrust.

“Awwh yes! Oh fuck,” Anna cooed as she felt his dick stretch her out fully.

With his hands on her hips it only took the burly mechanic several more thrusts to work himself into a solid rhythm that had him fully thrusting into her tight cunt at a decent speed. With each push into her Anna’s ass would ripple from the contact while her heavy tits swayed back and forth under her.

Of course it was only a matter of time before his hands left her narrow waist and reached up to make her tits home. Anna felt his fingers grope her bouncing boobs initially before he would mix in tweaking her erect nipples every so often, all without slowing down his thrusting deep into her pinkness.

“God,” God groaned from pleasure before slapping Anna’s petite ass. When that caused Anna to mean louder, Gus smiled before delivering a matching blow to her other cheek. “You like?”

“Slap my ass, pull my hair. Whatever you want just keep fucking me,” Anna demanded, shoving her tiny ass back to meet his thrusts.

“Dirty girl,” Gus commented. Slowing his thrusts but going much harder, the mechanic reared back and slammed his hips forward with everything he had. Anna whelped in surprise as she was fucked deep and hard, but ultimately it felt good. She was prepared for it the next time he skewered her tiny body with his cock but it didn’t stop her from moaning loudly as a result. “Dirty girls get fucked hard.”

“Mhmm…yes please,” Anna cooed.

Gus did just that, slowly increasing his speed so that he was fucking her with everything he had. With a combination of lightning speed and a pounding force, Gus repeatedly slammed his whole cock into Anna’s once tight pussy. He felt her body growing sweaty just as his was within his coveralls as they fucked with such intensity over a hot engine until Anna was bursting again in a second orgasm in the past 10 minutes.

“AAAWHHHHH! FUCK,” Anna cussed as she came.

With a casual movement the mechanic gave several more complete thrusts of his entire cock into Anna’s pussy with a slow speed before pulling out. With one hand on her back and using his fingers to separate her petite butt cheeks, he used his other hand to work a glob of spit from his mouth onto his cock before placing it right at the entrance of Anna’s asshole and started to apply pressure very slowly.

Anna knew all about European men, especially those from the Eastern Bloc and their preferences with sex. Though the 32 year old actress may have been barely 5 feet tall and 100 lbs, she was no stranger to all matters of sexual relations, even taking a cock in her poop chute. This time it would be a challenge though even how freakishly thick the mechanic’s dick was and the lack of any type of lubrication on hand other than their saliva and her pussy juices.

“Go ahead,” Anna cooed, feeling the man being polite enough to withhold until she said yes or no, at which point he broke her sphincter’s threshold. “Awww fuck.”

It was clear to Anna that her fuck buddy had an ample amount of experience in anal sex given the way he had changed his technique. Gone away was the thumping, fast pace set to rock-and-roll music and in its place was a smooth, almost gentle rhythm akin to elevator music. The star didn’t think it would last much longer given the way she could feel her backdoor loosening with each thrust, but it was definitely considerate at this early junction.

“Better,” Gus groaned.

“Much,” Anna replied with a flash of her mesmerizing smile back over her shoulder. “Now fuck my ass.”

It was a bold statement and one that Anna was hoping her body, namely her asshole, could cope with given the fact it was likely the thickest cock she had ever attempted up her butt. However, the petite actress luckily had years and literally dozens if not hundreds of practice sessions and thus far her backdoor was expanding nicely for the young mechanic despite the lack of lube other than her spit from earlier.

As Gus started to push with a little more of his cock and with a slightly increased pace, Anna whimpered in discomfort. It was barely audible through the biting of her bottom lip, nor was it enough to make the mechanic stop sodomizing her with his huge cock. Being a veteran of anal affairs, the talented actress instead freed a hand by using one arm to support all her weight over the car’s engine so her fingers could go to work rubbing her clit.

“Awhh yes…much better,” she cooed as a tendril of pleasure shot up her spine, ending the last of mild pain coming from having her bowels forced open repeatedly. “Keep going.”

The European man did just that, aided by the redhead pushing back against him as he slowly worked more in and out of her petite ass. Inch by inch he made progress further into her asshole, going deeper but only pushing in and out at a slow and steady pace until Anna was taking half his length. In the next minute with the same technique Gus had gotten half the remaining portion of his thick cock into Anna’s tushy, meaning it was only the last 2 inches not currently embraced by her rectum.

“Tight American ass,” Gus groaned in delight. “Fucking perfect.”

The mechanic continuing to rail his dick into Anna with a steady medium speed, repeatedly gauging open her bowels and making her take 6 girthy inches all while the actress moaned and diddled her clit with her eyes closed. As Gus maintained a steady thumping rhythm he leaned forward so one hand could go to Anna’s impressive bust, giving her breast a hearty squeeze while his other wrapped through her hair and onto her neck, causing Anna to look back over her shoulder with a look that portrayed true happiness.

Anna was caught off guard when Gus froze for a moment with only a few inches in her rectum, but a slapping noise at the same time she felt her ass cheek start to sting let her know it was fos the mechanic to spank her tiny butt again. He restarted fucking her booty again but this time with more speed, his thick cock splitting her anal passage easier than ever.

“You my dirty girl?” Gus asked, slowing his strokes down even more but still driving deep, deeper in fact.

“Mmhmm,” Anna agreed. “The nastiest.”

“Good. Then come suck my dick right now,” the mechanic insisted as he pulled his mammoth cock out from the deepest recesses of Anna’s bowels.

“But that was just in my ass,” the star reasoned, looking down at his soiled member.

“So what? A dirty girl wouldn’t care, correct?” Gus retorted and waited.

Anna found it hard to poke holes in that logic so with a shrug of her shoulders she descended to her knees in the grass before the man and her car. She gripped his pole and gave it a stroke before holding the base steady and steering his pecker towards her gaping mouth. Anna closed her eyes and prepared for the worse as she wrapped her lips around the midway portion of his shaft and massaged his underbelly with her tongue, loaded in billions of taste buds.

“Mmm,” Anna moaned, tasting her own ass on his cock.

Despite Anna’s numerous occasions taking a dick in her ass over the years, this was something new for her. However, rather than being repulsed by sucking and tasting his cock fresh from her dirty asshole, it was so nasty and naughty but in the best way possible. This was fairly consistent for her since Anna really got off on being such a depraved little slut, thus letting a random guy she knew for all over an hour fuck her in the ass and then sucking his cock clean was right up her alley.

Seeing the lust and hunger in Anna’s eyes Gus put a hand on the back of the petite actress’ head. Thrusting his hips he started fucking her mouth, pushing in until he felt his cock brush against the back of her mouth before pulling back. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth the mechanic paused and let Anna suck on the head and swirl her tongue around the crown before pushing back in.

“We fuck more?” Gus asked as Anna was in the middle of running her tongue along the entire length of his cock, trying to get all traces of her ass from him.

“Get that dick back in my tiny butt,” Anna all but demanded.

Before she could rock back from her knees to her feet, Gus reached down and clutched behind her legs. With a pull he flipped Anna onto her back, her pillow tits nearly smacking her in her face as she found herself lying facing the blue sky in the grass with the burly mechanic kneeling in front of her.

Looking down and finding that her asshole was still yawning half-open so that he could see where her milky white flesh changed to a ring of pink then into total darkness, Gus wasted no time. His cock still shimmered in Anna’s saliva from moments ago after taking his cock fresh from her ass to her mouth so after pressing both her legs together and placing them on his shoulder, he crammed his tip back into her gaping asshole.

“Oh fuck! That’s it big boy,” Anna cooed as her bowels swelled with his huge manhood once again.

With her legs pressed together Gus found her asshole to have renewed tightness, however Anna’s spit acting as lubricant and their earlier sodomy meant that he could swiftly find his fast pace once more. After starting slow and with only half his length, it took less than a minute to first plunge her entire anal depth before picking up the speed.

With his dick being hugged on all sides by her sphincter Gus reached his arm not currently holding her thin legs to pull back down her shirt and better expose her heavenly tits. With every thrust her C-cups jiggled up towards her face, threatening to give Anna a matching set of black-eyes while her nipples were rock hard from the slightly cool evening air.

“Such great tits,” Gus grunted as he speared his hips forward, skewering Anna’s asshole in the process.

Having a thought and figuring that this tiny American would be game since she was up to everything else so far, the mechanic gave her ass another series of medium speed thrusts before pulling out and seamlessly plowing into her cunt. He went back and forth, one stroke into her wet inferno of a pussy before back into her gaping asshole until settling back in her twat.

“That can’t be healthy,” Anna thought before pleasure started flooding her mind and all else was lost.

Holding tightly onto the tiny actress’ hips, Gus started fucking her with all the speed he possessed. Though tight, her pussy’s vice grip paled in comparison to her asshole so the mechanic was able to fuck Anna as fast, as deep and as hard as physically possible, which he was currently doing. Not only was it great to go full throttle again, but watching as Anna’s magnificent boobs bounced and jiggled made the whole experience double in pleasure.

30 seconds later and the burly European man was spearing back into Anna’s still yawning asshole. With diminished speed and power, the majority of his cock was still being thrust into her rectum and massaged erotically by her much tighter anal sphincter. It was a completely different sensation for the horny mechanic but equally as pleasurable with an extra special imagery of a woman so tiny being split nearly in two by a massive dick.

“Fuck. So hot,” Gus groaned, this time switching between the star’s two holes with more frequency.

Once Anna got over the potential hygiene issues of going from ass to pussy, she couldn’t believe how great it felt. True, there was a little welp of pain if he stayed fucking her pussy too long and allowed her asshole to narrow before forcing it back open, but that was only short lived. But the way it felt having her G-spot repeatedly probed and then seconds later having her bowels feeling full in the most wonderful way was a sensation that she’d have to keep trying.

“Oh god,” Anna moaned as he slammed his cock into her ass over and over.

As he continued to sodomize the petite star, Gus felt his orgasm approaching like an unstoppable Mack truck. After another few thrusts into her snug-fitting asshole, the mechanic knew he was moments away from his climax so thought about what he wanted to do. He briefly considered all of his options including cumming inside her wonderful rectum or how he enjoyed giving girls facials, finding the degrading act to be a real turn-on but not spraying on her tits would feel like a massive wasted opportunity.

“Gonna cum on you,” he told the tiny actress as he pulled out of her ass for the last time.

With a final hard, deep fuck into Anna’s tight little ass the mechanic pulled out and quickly crawled up the grass to kneel before the actress. His timing was perfect as after only a couple rapid strokes of his cock the first strand of white cum came bursting out. Anna was using her hands to squeeze her large tits together to make an even greater landing pad as the warm fluid landed in large streaks with the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of her flawless skin. With a good amount of surface area covered on her rounded chest, the mechanic directed the last few smaller spurts higher up at the actress’ beautiful face, painting the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek.

“Oh my God…so much cum,” Anna cooed, feeling the still warm streaks of goo on her skin.

“Mmm yes. Looks so sexy on your big tits,” the mechanic groaned before crawling to the side so he no longer straddled the large-breasted actress. “Here’s your clothes…and a rag for the semen.”

“No problem there,” Anna replied, already having gathered most of the salty load up with her fingers and deposited into her mouth for her tasting delight.

The pair got dressed still sheltered by the open hood of the car to keep up pretenses for the mechanic that Brittany was not able to watch, though Anna doubted he’d mind at this point. Regardless it took them only a minute before they had their clothes back on and Anna got back in the vehicle while Gus closed the hood and waved goodbye.

“So what was the damage? Like, how much was it,” Brittany asked.

“Didn’t pay a penny,” Anna said with a satisfied smile.

“Next time just make sure if you fuck someone with me only a few feet away you let me God damn watch!” Brittany screamed before playfully slapping her co star on the arm. “I mean I still rubbed one out but listening is no replacement for watching.”

“Alright deal. Just drive us back to the hotel so I can shower and fuck your brains out next you little voyeur,” Anna said, getting comfy in the passenger seat as Brittany started up the repaired engine.

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