And Finally on Blue Peter…

Disclaimer: This story is purely a fantasy, and does not represent the celebrities involved. Do not try this at home, you WILL end up in jail. If you are under 18, stop reading NOW.

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As usual, Konnie Huq has dressed sensibly for the Blue Peter cameras. Her brown hair was tied back in a pony tail and she was dressed in a sensible jumper, jeans and wellies combo. There had been too many complaints from prudes about just how much of her perky breasts were visible to the young children watching – much to the disappointment of many male viewers young and old. Konnie had been very disappointed by this development – she loved the fact a great many young boys around the country felt a strange little tingle watching her lean over and show her cleavage while covering various items for the magazine show.

However, this time rather than being reluctantly forced into drab clothes, the Indian beauty is in on the deal. This is her final edition of Blue Peter, and she intends to go out with a bang. She has a new career lined up, and plans to announce it to the nation. She strides up a muddy path and pushes open a metal gate, and turns and speaks to the camera. “Today on Blue Peter we’re going to visit a farm, a very special farm for horses. Let’s go on in.” The camera follows her as she heads towards a barn. Inside there’s a farm hand. Konnie walks up to him and greets him.
“Hello Charlie.”
“Hello Konnie.” He replies in a thick West Country accent.
“What type of horse farm do you have here?” She asks, in her best slightly patronising childrens’ TV presenter voice.
“This is a stud farm.” He replies.
“And what does that mean?” asked Konnie.
“Well, Konnie, it means the horses here are used to breed other horses.”
“And how does that work?” She prompted.
“Well, we either bring mares here for them to breed with, or we extract the sperm through other methods, freeze it and send it out to our customers.”

In the corner of the screen, a small inset picture of the Huq family’s living room taken from a hidden camera is shown. Her parents are sitting on the sofa watching the broadcast; her father is stony-faced, her mother squirming uncomfortably.

“And how do you extract the sperm?” Konnie asked the farmhand.
“Well, we have this piece of apparatus called an artificial vagina, which the horses mate with. There’s a receptacle inside from which we can then extract the sperm.”
“Can we see that in action?”
“Sorry, no. It’s away being cleaned at the moment.”
“Oh no,” said Konnie, stage-fashion. “But our viewers will need to see the process in action.”
“Well, there is another way, and that’s to physically arouse the animal until it ejaculates.”
“Well, as a Blue Peter presenter, it’s my job to get involved in things and educate everyone at home, so I’d like to have a go.”
“Okay then, Konnie.” The farm hand said, and led her further into the barn, where three horses stood, tethered inside a long pen.
“Right,” he instructed. “What you’ve got to do is kneel down so you can reach the horse’s penis, get your hand around it and just rub it backwards and forwards until the horse ejaculates.”
Obediently, she knelt down and reached under the horse. Its’ cock was about three inches wide, and she could barely get her hand around it. Nevertheless, she began rubbing the long mottled fleshy tube while keeping up the pretence.
“Is this safe to do?” She asked.
“Well, all these horses are sedated, so you should never attempt this on a horse that you see in a field.”
“His penis is very big, isn’t it?”
“Yes, horses generally have penises up to two feet long. They can get longer with erections, but the sedatives generally keep them flaccid.” He picks up a large bottle of cider from the floor, and began knocking back swigs.
“I think the biggest penis I’ve ever seen on a man is around a foot long, erect.” Said Konnie conversationally as she wanked the horse. “I could fit it in my vagina, but not in my mouth – well, not deep-throat, anyway.”

On the inset picture her parents are frozen in shock and anger.

Konnie is now using both lands on the horse’s thick cock. The animal makes occasional noises and slight movements, but largely just stands there happily while the beautiful TV presenter rubs its’ shaft and the farm-hand looks on impassively. Without warning, the massive tool twitches in her hand and a thick blast of horse-cum jets out, pasting the front of her jumper. A second volley hits her left shoulder and cheek, a third fires over her head and into her jet-black hair as Konnie continues to yank on the animal’s prick. She lets go and looks up at the farm hand.

“Sorry, I didn’t realise he was going to do that… I’ll try and catch it with something next time.” She said with a smile towards the camera. Konnie stripped off her ruined sweater, baring her coffee-brown breasts to her audience, before pulling off her wellies and jeans, giving the audience an eyeful of her dark bush. Her father is quaking with anger, her mother’s jaw has dropped, but neither can summon up the strength to look away or turn the television off as it beams the truth about their youngest daughter to them.
For the second horse, Konnie immediately starts jerking its’ prick with both hands. She looks up at the camera, her face a picture of innocence.
“I wonder if it will speed things up if I put it in my mouth?” She asks, coquettishly.
“You won’t be able to move up and down the length,” The farmhand said, letting out a belch. “But if you get the end in your mouth and lick the tip he’ll ejaculate much faster.” His wisdom imparted, he goes back to his cider. Konnie opens her mouth as wide as she can, and manages to envelop the first four inches of horse-meat, still working the rest of the length with her hands, her throat swelling and contracting as she sucks furiously on the giant organ. After a few minutes the horse shuffles and she feels the beast’s load pulsing along its’ fat cock. She pulls the prick from her mouth just in time for the camera to see a torrent of jizz fire down her open mouth. The horse’s orgasm lasts for fully ten seconds and Konnie doesn’t flinch as the thick cream jets down her throat. As the flow stops she leans forward – a long, thick white strand is dangling from the tip of the spent horse’s floppy dick. Konnie extends her tongue and laps it up. She turns towards the camera and opens her mouth, giving a perfect view of the creamy mess sitting on her pink tongue before she swallows with an appreciate sigh.
“Mmmm, it tastes quite nutty, and it’s a lot thicker than men’s sperm.”
The farm hand, halfway through the three-litre bottle of cider and visibly worse for wear, brings her beaming face into focus. “We can’t collect it from your belly, love.” He says wearily.
“Oh no,” bemoans Konnie with a complete lack of sincerity, “Oh well, third time lucky…”

She crawls over to the remaining horse and eagerly wraps her lips around its’ dick, using one hand to hold the appendage steady. With the other she reaches down behind and parts her pert coffee-coloured buttocks with two fingers, revealing her dark unshaven arsehole for a second before her rosebud is filled by her thumb. Her hand bangs frenziedly against her bum as she works the animal’s length with the other and slurps hungrily on its knob-end. She’s definitely getting better at this and the horse begins to sway after only a few moments.
“It’s going to cum!” Slurs the farmhand. This time Konnie is on the ball, and plops the bell-end out of her mouth. As the arm-sized prick throbs and begins to spill its’ nectar she played it up and down her body like a hose, spraying its’ yoghurt-like muck over her perky tits, over her flat stomach, over her black pubes, over her toned thighs until the beast’s balls are drained. She turns towards the camera and shuffles over on her knees before removing her thumb from her backside with an audible sucking noise as her anus reluctantly lets it go. Konnie lifts the greasy digit to her mouth and sucks on it like a child. Her smile is as dirty as the stable floor.
“Oh no,” She exclaims with mock horror, “Who’s going to help me collect all this sperm?”

Two older Indian women descend into the shot. Neither are quite up to Konnie’s hotness – one looks like her ten years or so down the line, the other a fair bit fatter with untidy kinky brown hair. Both are naked.
“Why, it’s my lovely sisters Rupa and Nutun. You’ll help little Konnie clean up?”
With a word, they both descend on her sticky body. Rupa, an aspiring politician who bears a strong resemblance to her young slut of a baby sister, begins ravenously licking the horse-cum from her tits, while Nutun – the unfortunate ugly duckling – runs her hands through Konnie’s matted bush, smearing the spunk down and into her cunt, closely followed by three chubby fingers. Soon the trio are a writhing mass of incestuous brown flesh smeared with sperm, fingers disappearing into pussies and arseholes, mouths locking in forbidden kisses, breasts squeezed by sisterly hands and taboo orgasms. The farm hand throws away his drained bottle and undoes his fly, his semi-hard cock flopping out.
“Dirty fucking Asian cunts,” he growls. “Clean you fucking whores up.”
With that a powerful spurt of dirty yellow urine blasts from his purple bell-end, spraying across the filthy sisters. They squeal with delight and begin wrestling with each other to catch the deluge in their mouths. The cider means there’s enough to go around, though, and the Huq girls line up, arms around each other, as he pisses over each girl from mouth to pussy. His flow is finally exhausted and Konnie stands up and turns to the camera, urine glistening on her dark skin with the odd fleck of horse-spunk still on her body.

“Mum, Dad, I know you’re watching. Because of the way you brought me up, I’ve turned into a dirty fucking slut who sucks off horses and drinks piss. Thank you!” She beamed.
A member of the camera crew emerges from behind the camera and shows Konnie a monitor playing the camera feed from her parents’ living room. Her mother is on her hands and knees, her skirt up around her back as Konnie’s father ploughs into her like a dog. Konnie reaches down and begins fingering her own messy minge, delighted at being able to degrade her whole family ahead of her new career as a porn star in Brazil.

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