And Just-Ass for All…

Victoria feels like her friends Ariana and Liz are keeping a secret from her and she’s right!

Will a weekend getaway at a secluded beach house bring these three friends closer together or drive them apart? Will secrets be revealed and will Justice be served?

The sexy teen starlets from ‘Victorious,’ Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies star in a story with ideas inspired by Cosmo Kramer and brought to the page by The Squad Leader.

AND JUST-ASS FOR ALL… by The Squad Leader
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The Squad Leader

Author’s Note: This story is payment to Cosmo for winning The Belt in our CSSA Fantasy Football league. As such he got to choose who was in it (Thankfully he chose Liz Gillies, Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice, all of whom I love and wanted to write about anyway) and what the story was about.

So if you don’t like the story please send all complaints to Cosmo and if you do like it please send all praise to me. 😉 Of course I’m kidding about that part but please please please let me know what you thought of the story. It makes my day…seriously!

Congrats again Cosmo and I hope you enjoy your story, sorry I took so long to finish it.

P.S. I’d like to give a special shoutout to Voodoojoe for letting me use the title he originally came up with. It just works so perfectly for this story and I appreciate it.



“So how much further is this place Liz?” Victoria asked.

They had only been driving for an hour or so but to Victoria it felt as though an eternity had already passed since she got in the car.

“Relax Vic,” Liz replied with a quick glance over her sunglasses and into the rearview mirror. “My uncle’s beach house is just another twenty minutes or so down the highway. We’ll be drinking margaritas and slathering each other up in sunblock before you can even say the words “I’m a party pooper.”

Ariana Grande, the other girl in the car giggled at Liz’s playful dig but Victoria was not amused.

“Ha ha,” she snorted, rolling her eyes as she slumped back into the back seat and pulled her headphones on.

“I am so not a party pooper.” She huffed to herself as Adele mournfully wailed about lost love in her ears. Truth be told, Victoria was pretty much the anti-party pooper. She possessed an infectiously carefree spirit that always seemed to sweep everybody she met up into its wake and to those that knew her well she always seemed to be up for a good time. But something had her a bit on edge at this particular moment and that something was a strong suspicion she had that this weekend getaway was about more than just three friends having fun on the beach.

For the past six months or so Liz and Ariana, her two best friends and costars on ‘Victorious’ had been behaving rather strangely. And while at first she had dismissed it as just a case of the two of them bonding without her, the evidence now suggested that their bond was one built upon more than just friendship.

Victoria’s suspicions had first been aroused when their costar Leon claimed to have walked in on Ariana and Liz kissing on the set one day. Victoria of course dismissed the tale as him misinterpreting the situation and even claimed that perhaps he was just seeing what he wanted to see. But Leon was adamant.

“You’ll see Victoria.” He insisted. “And by this time next year we’ll all be sitting in the front row of their wedding now that Proposition 8 has been overturned.”

Then there was the time that Ariana had told Victoria that she couldn’t hang out with her on a particular Friday due to a hot date that she had. So Victoria decided to surprise Liz at her apartment instead only to find a disheveled looking Ariana already there with her.

“Oh I’m so sorry Victoria,” Ariana had exclaimed unconvincingly. “I tried to call you so we could all hang out tonight but you didn’t answer.”

And Ariana could merely shrug when Victoria wondered aloud why her phone didn’t show any missed calls all the while Victoria caught Liz shooting Ariana a death stare out of the corner of her eye.

And on and on and on with the odd behavior it went. Examples of the two of them always showing up together and becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the cast kept floating through Victoria’s mind but it was what the two of them had said when they suggested the weekend getaway that had finally convinced her.

“C’mon Victoria, it’ll be super fun!” Liz had gushed even after Victoria had agreed to go with them to her uncle’s beach house just outside of San Diego. “Plus Ariana and I have something important we need to talk to you about.”

“What is it?” Victoria had asked nervously, not sure if she really wanted to hear the truth. But Liz wouldn’t tip her hand.

“You’ll see this weekend.” She assured her with a sly wink. “I just hope you can keep a secret.”

And so now as she sat in the backseat of Liz’s BMW, Victoria could no longer deny the obvious truth; her two best friends were indeed a lesbian couple and they were going to come out to her at the beach house.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” She kept hearing Jerry Seinfeld’s voice repeat over and over in her mind. It was just… weird.

But stranger still to Victoria was the fact that she had thought about Ariana and Liz as a couple a lot over the past three days as she tried to come to grips with the news. In fact it was pretty much all she thought about any more. She imagined them laughing and holding hands like any other couple in the park, imagined them cuddled up on the couch together watching a scary movie and she had even imagined them making love although she wouldn’t allow those dirty images to fill her mind for very long before quickly shaking them off and chastising herself for thinking about it.

It wasn’t that Victoria didn’t appreciate how beautiful Liz and Ariana were, it was just that thinking about her two best friends like that seemed like a violation of their trust somehow. It was just…inappropriate.

But even now as she listened to her ipod and tried her best to just stare out at the highway, Victoria’s gaze was drawn to Ariana’s smooth tan legs peeking out from beneath the short little sundress she wore and she wondered what it would be like to have them wrapped around her body.

“Stop it Victoria!” She scolded herself silently. “That is wrong and gross and you need to just get all of that nonsense out of your head right now!”

A distraction was definitely needed.

“Hey Ariana do you have any more bottles of water?” Victoria asked.

“Yeah I think there’s one in my bag.” Ariana replied pleasantly. But as Victoria reached over for the bag Ariana seemed to quickly remember something and spun around in a panic.

“Here, give that to me!” She said urgently as she snatched the bag from Victoria’s hands.

“O…kay,” Victoria laughed, wondering why the sudden spaz attack.

“I…sorry about that,” Ariana apologized as she unzipped the bag only a small bit and fished out the bottle of water. “I just didn’t want you to accidentally spill water on my clothes.”

Her excuse seemed flimsy at best but Victoria didn’t press her any further and merely accepted the water and put her headphones back on. Liz meanwhile was shooting Ariana a death glare as the cute redhead sheepishly looked up at her and shrugged before setting the bag down by her feet.

You see, spilling water on her belongings was the least of Ariana’s concerns at the moment. She and Liz were indeed a couple and had been so for several months. But they weren’t merely planning on coming out to their best friend on the trip, they were planning on seducing her and Ariana’s bag was chock full of sex toys, DVD’s and all kinds of other incriminating goodies which Victoria didn’t need to see just yet.

It was a deliciously wicked idea which Liz had first suggested to an eager Ariana just three weeks prior.

“Come on, you don’t really think she’d be into it do you?” Ariana asked, her breath heavy after having her pussy eaten by Liz.

“Oh I think if we could talk her into it the first time, that she would be a pussy loving wildcat!” Liz assured her, stroking her lover’s bare arm with her fingertips lovingly. “Besides, you’re the one who talks about her all of the time.”

“Oh shut up you,” Ariana giggled playfully as Liz nibbled at her earlobe. “I just said how hot I’ve always thought she was.”

“Mmmmmm, I think so too baby!” Liz assured her. “And I really want to do this for you…and for me. I want to share her sexy little body with you so much baby!”

“Oh hey there’s the beach house!” Victoria squealed excitedly, yanking Ariana out of the delicious memory she had been enjoying and back to the present time.

They pulled into the driveway of the secluded house and Victoria quickly hopped out of the car, kicked her shoes off and ran down to the shoreline, her worries temporarily forgotten.

“Damn Ari I thought you’d blown it there.” Liz said as they too started to get out of the car.

“I’m sorry baby I just wasn’t thinking for a second,” Ariana assured her before taking a quick glance to make sure Victoria wasn’t looking and giving her girlfriend a peck on the lips.

“Well no harm done I suppose,” Liz replied, as usual unable to stay angry with Ariana. “I don’t think she saw what was in the bag and I doubt if she suspects a thing.”

“HEY YOU GUYS COME ON DOWN HERE AND HAVE SOME FUN WITH ME!” Victoria yelled to them from the beach.

“Oh don’t you worry sweetheart,” Liz replied quietly. “We are definitely going to have some fun with you this weekend.”

And she and Ariana giggled as they strolled down to join their friend.


“You’re like, totally freaked right now aren’t you?” Ariana asked nervously.

Victoria hadn’t said a word the whole time that she and Liz had been explaining their new relationship to her. Instead she merely sat close lipped on the couch with an indiscernible expression on her face and Liz too was now afraid that they may have overplayed their hand and dumped too much on her to process.

“I…no of course not.” Victoria finally replied honestly.

Yes it was a bit odd for her to hear her two best friends talk about how in love they were but now that she had finally heard the news directly from the source and saw their worried faces Victoria was more concerned about being supportive and a good friend than her own hang-ups.

“Seriously, I’m really happy for you guys and I’m glad you told me,” she assured them.

“Oh my gosh that makes me so happy Vic!” Ariana gushed as she plopped down next to her friend and hugged her tightly around the neck.

“Me too,” Liz added with a warm smile. “I’m glad you’re totally cool about it.”

But beneath that angelic smile a powerful lust was building in Liz’s body and mind and now that phase one of the plan was complete she had her mind set on completing this little seduction mission.

For a long time the girls just sat and chatted like the teenagers that they were as the wine flowed freely. To Victoria it felt good for things to finally be back to normal between her and her pals after months of secrets and weirdness and it wasn’t long before all three of them had a nice little buzz going.

“I do have to ask you one thing though,” Victoria eventually blurted out after taking a sip of her Merlot.

“What’s that love?” Liz asked.

“I…oh never mind,” Victoria giggled, seeming to think better of whatever it was she was going to ask. “I’m being stupid and insensitive.”

“Vic we’re all friends here,” Liz assured her. “You can ask us anything you want to.”

“Oh, okay then,” Victoria snickered. “I was just going to ask; don’t you think you’ll miss the cock?”

All three of the girls burst out laughing at Victoria’s blunt but sincere question and it was several moments before they were able to compose themselves. None of the three of them were virgins (far from it actually) and Victoria really wanted to know how they could just flip the switch like that and give up men completely.

“I don’t know really,” Liz replied confidently. “I guess we’re just so in love that stuff like that really doesn’t matter. But trust me girl, if we ever did get that itch again we’ve got plenty of stuff that we can do to keep us from missing the boys.”

“Like what?” Victoria asked.

“Well I could tell you all about it but I think it would be easier for me to just show you.” Liz answered. “Baby you wanna grab one of those movies for me?”

Ariana nodded her head eagerly and grabbed her bag before fishing out a DVD which depicted two barely clothed women kissing on the cover and popping it into the player. She then returned to the sofa and she and Liz snuggled up on either side of Victoria as the movie began to play.

The movie was called ‘Lesbian Legal’ and the scene they were watching featured a hot older brunette lawyer named India Summer seducing a pretty young intern named Prinzzess.

Despite the ridiculous premise, Victoria stared wide eyed at the screen as the beautiful actresses kissed and undressed one another. She had never seen a porn movie before and she was absolutely mesmerized by watching them kiss and worship one another’s beautiful bodies. It was an absolute symphony of beautiful flesh and she couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable as her own pussy began to tingle.

It really was quite a turn on to watch the action on the screen and Victoria was barely aware of how dry her mouth seemed to be as she soaked it all in. She only hoped that Ariana and Liz weren’t aware of the effect it was having on her.

“Pretty sexy aren’t they?” Liz asked, momentarily snapping Victoria out of her trance.

“Wh…oh yeah…I mean I guess so,” Victoria mumbled sheepishly.

She had been so intently watching the movie that she hadn’t even noticed Ariana and Liz staring just as intently at her but now she felt their hungry gazes. And although it was uncomfortable to have her best friends eyeing her like a piece of meat, the action on the screen was so hypnotizing that Victoria found that she couldn’t move.

And as the older woman in the video started devouring the pretty young intern’s cunt, Victoria felt her own pussy starting to ache. She found herself desperately wishing that Ariana and Liz weren’t in the room so that she could slip her hand down the front of her jean shorts and pleasure herself but mostly Victoria was just glad that the denim material would keep the other girls from seeing the damp patch forming in her crotch. And if they did see how wet and horny the movie was making her would they think lower or higher of her?

But of course the other two girls didn’t need to see or feel Victoria’s wetness to know how turned on she was, they could see it all over her face and hear it in her jagged breathing.

“Oh my gosh this is soooo steamy!” Ariana quietly whispered before lying her head down innocently on Victoria’s shoulder.

“I know babe, Prinzzess is my favorite porn star,” Liz agreed. “What do you think Vic?”

“I had no idea that these movies would be so…hot!” Victoria exclaimed. “Those actresses are really pretty.”

“Is it turning you on?” Liz asked bluntly while playfully stroking Victoria’s arm.

“Ummmm…maybe just a little bit,” Victoria admitted bashfully, shrugging as her face grew hot and red and not wanting to tell them that it was turning her on way more than just a little bit.

“You could touch yourself if you wanted to, we wouldn’t tell,” Ariana brushed Victoria’s hair back and whispered as though she were reading Victoria’s mind. She said it with such sexy innocence that Victoria was momentarily taken aback.

“Yeah we’d never tell anyone,” Liz agreed. “What happens at the beach house stays at the beach house.”

“Oh…um…that’s okay.” Victoria quickly responded, reflexively crossing her legs in an attempt to defuse the now palpable pressure in the room.

But the truth was that she wanted to touch herself right now more than anything, to feel her fingers slick with wetness sliding in and out of her tight snatch as she watched the sexy women on the screen fuck each other silly.

“Would you rather have one of us touch you?” Liz suddenly asked, and Victoria felt her light fingertips grazing across her bare thigh.

“Wh…what do you mean?” Victoria gasped and on the other side of her body she felt Ariana shift slightly on the couch and she suddenly became aware of the feel of the little redhead’s tiny breasts pressed up against her arm.

“Come on Vic, don’t play dumb,” Liz insisted. “You know we want you. The three of us could have a LOT of fun this weekend and no one would ever have to know about it but us.”

Already, Liz was rubbing Victoria’s crotch on the outside of her shorts and Ariana was snuggled up close, nuzzling her earlobe but Victoria didn’t yield.

“I…I don’t know if I’m ready for all that,” she replied, wrapping her hand around Liz’s wrist in an effort to stop her.

“Awwww, why not?” Ariana pouted. She too was now exploring Victoria’s body with her hands which Victoria couldn’t deny felt really good. “We’re all friends here. Don’t you want to play with us?”

“Yeah Vic,” Liz insisted. “Ariana tells me how pretty she thinks you are all the time and I agree. Don’t be so uptight.”

Victoria now knew what a basketball player must feel like when they get trapped at halfcourt. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide…and did she even want to run?

Liz could sense the uncertainty in Victoria and felt the sexy teen’s fingers loosen around her wrist slightly. At the same time, Ariana was sliding the straps of her sundress off of her shoulders exposing her pretty little tits.

“I just…I’m not a lesbian.” Victoria whined.

And though she had meant it to be her final say on the matter she had to admit that it felt good to have Liz massaging her tender pussy and she was barely aware of Ariana kissing her softly up her arm.

“It doesn’t make you a lesbian just because you want to have a little bit of fun with us.” The cute redhead assured her as she kissed Victoria’s tank top covered shoulder.

Victoria had to admit that it felt good to have Ariana’s erect nipples grazing against the goosebumps on her arm and she knew that her resistance was fading as she uncrossed her legs to give Liz better access to her inflamed cunt.

“You promise it doesn’t mean I’m gay?” Victoria asked sweetly.

Ariana leaned in close and kissed her on the cheek before whispering in her ear “Of course not Victoria. We both think you are the sexiest girl in the world and we’re gonna make you feel so fucking good baby!”

Victoria grinned from ear to ear and as she turned to see Liz’s reaction she was met with Liz’s sweet pouty lips being pressed into her own.

“Mmmm…ooooohhhhhhhh!” Victoria gasped as Liz’s juicy lips smacked against her own. And as she parted her lips slightly to accept Liz’s tongue, Victoria felt not only Liz’s hand rubbing her denim clad pussy but Ariana’s joining the party as well.

Victoria no longer tried to resist and as her two sexy costars kissed her she began exploring their bodies as well, gently squeezing Liz’s firm, ample breasts together in her hands.

In harmony the two young lovers unsnapped the button on Victoria’s jean shorts and tugged the zipper down before Liz snaked her hand down inside.

“Oh my gosh!” Victoria gasped, bucking her hips reflexively as Liz’s fingers gently massaged her sweet pussy lips.

“Ooooohhhhh Ari, wait until you feel how wet she is!” Liz teased, causing Victoria to blush. “I think someone was a little more turned on by that movie than they were willing to admit!”

“Shut up Liz,” Victoria responded, playfully biting her costar’s bare shoulder. She was a little bit embarrassed at being so turned on but stopping at this point was definitely not an option and already Liz and Ariana were helpfully removing her shirt and bra for her.

“Oooohhhh she is turned on!” Ariana grinned, noting the spiky nipples protruding from Victoria’s breasts as she kissed her softly all over her bare chest.

Victoria slid lower on the couch and back into Liz’s embrace, pulling her knees up as Ariana slowly kissed her way down lower and lower. And finally when she reached Victoria’s navel she wrapped her hands around the jean shorts and tugged them down and then up and over Victoria’s knees like a surfer riding some wave of beautiful tan flesh. It was only then that she and Liz saw exactly how turned on Victoria was as damp would have been an absurd undersell for how wet her panties were. They were drenched.

“Oooohhhh you want this really badly don’t you Vic?” Liz asked soothingly as she planted soft kisses on Victoria’s cheek and stroked her long, dark hair.

“Just please don’t tell,” Victoria begged. “I’m not a lesbian but I guessed that you two were together and I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I tried not to but I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s okay baby we won’t tell,” Liz promised her. “In fact we’ve been thinking about this for a while now too…especially Ariana. Isn’t that right baby?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Ariana cooed as she softly kissed Victoria’s navel. “I’ve wanted to taste that sweet pussy for so long!”

“And now my baby is going to get her chance!” Liz beamed like a proud soccer mom whose child just scored the winning goal. “Now take those panties off and give her what she wants Ariana!”

“With pleasure baby!” Ariana grinned before quickly peeling the wet panties down and sliding them off leaving Victoria completely nude.

For Victoria it felt somewhat like an out of body experience to be naked and vulnerable like this as her two friends pawed at her body like a piece of meat but it also felt right somehow. And though she could never have pictured herself in such a predicament, at that moment there was nowhere else she would have rather been.

“Spread those pretty legs for her Victoria,” Liz instructed and Victoria did exactly that, exposing her smooth shaved pussy in all of its glory.

“Oooohhhh I’m so excited!” Ariana squealed with a little cheerleader’s clap before nuzzling the inside of Victoria’s thighs with her cheeks and lowering her face towards her waiting slit. And as the little red head knelt down in front of Victoria, she kicked her sundress off where it fell in a heap on the floor.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” Victoria cooed with a little shudder as Ariana hungrily licked the length of her pussy lips over and over. And even though it was Ariana doing the eating it was Victoria’s first taste of lesbian loving and she was hooked.

“OHHHHH MY GOD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD ARI!!!” Victoria squealed as Ariana spread her pussy lips apart with her thumb and finger and worked her slippery tongue inside of the warm folds of flesh.

“Oooohhh yeah baby likes it!” Liz cooed as she smothered Victoria’s mouth once again with hot kisses.

“Mmmmm so yummy!” Ariana grinned when at last she came up for air. “I’ve wanted to taste that sweet peach for so long now!”

“God you look so sexy babe!” Liz encouraged. She was really getting turned on watching her girlfriend devouring Victoria’s cunt all the while she massaged and played with Victoria’s breasts, rolling the skinny teen’s nipples between her thumb and fingers.

“Fuck yes you do!” Victoria agreed wholeheartedly as she thrashed slightly on the couch at the feel of Ariana’s lips wrapping around her swollen clitoris. “You are an amazing pussy eater Ariana!”

“Yeah my baby eats pussy so good!” Liz beamed. “She makes me come so easily over and over don’t you babe?”

“Mmmmm hmmmm!” Ariana managed to get out while still keeping most of her attention focused on pleasuring Victoria.

Victoria had slid even lower on the couch and was now holding the back of her knees with her hands with her legs spread as Ariana knelt in front of her and slurped away clad only in a tiny thong.

“Mmmmmm, oooooohhhhh, OHHHHHHHH!!!” Came the sounds of Victoria moaning and Ariana’s lips smacking hungrily over her swollen clit.

Meanwhile Liz was getting really turned on watching and it wasn’t long before she had removed all of her clothes and was rubbing her own pussy as she watched.

“That’s it baby eat that pretty fucking pussy!” Liz cooed as she fingered herself intensely. “God it makes me so hot to see you like this!”

Ariana was still intently focused on Victoria’s pleasure but she couldn’t help but swell with pride as she listened to her girlfriend’s words of encouragement.

“Mmmmm yeah fuck her baby, fuck that hot little cunt with your tongue!” Liz cooed as her fingers slipped in and out of her own tight hole.

And as Liz looked over at Victoria she could see the skinny brunette’s chest turning bright red and she knew that Ariana was about to bring her to a climax.

“OH SHIT! OH FUCK, OH FUCK OH FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!” Victoria wailed as Ariana’s relentless tongue lapped away. “MAKE ME COME ARIANA!!! PLEASE MAKE ME FUCKING COME!!!”

“Mmmmmmm, uh huh!” Ariana moaned as her fingers and tongue furiously squished away inside of Victoria’s tight love hole.

“DO IT VICTORIA!” Liz commanded her, so turned on by watching her lover devour this pretty lesbian virgin. “Bathe her pretty face in that pussy juice! Come for my baby!”

“I…OHHHHHH FUCK…I’M…” Victoria gasped as she pressed her hand down hard into the couch cushion to balance herself. “OHHHHH ARIANA I’M COMING FOR YOU…I’M COOOOOMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!”

And as she bucked and thrashed on the couch and sweet orgasm washed through her body Victoria knew this was right. She had never come so hard in her life whether by her own hand or from any of the boys she’d slept with.

Liz meanwhile wasted no time, sliding down off of the couch to join Ariana where she was lapping up Victoria’s love juices.

“Mmmm look at that juicy pink pussy.” Liz cooed as the wetness dripped down Victoria’s sex.

She then leaned in and lapped up all that she could, finally tasting Victoria’s still tender cunt.

“She’s so yummy isn’t she baby?” Ariana cooed, pulling her girlfriend towards her and plunging her tongue inside of Liz’s welcoming mouth.

“Fuck yes she is!” Liz gushed when she was finally able to come up for air and found Ariana’s bright eyes staring back at her. “Almost as yummy as you!”

“Oh baby so are you!” Ariana squealed, pulling Liz back in for another long makeout session.

“Hmmm Hmmm,” Victoria sarcastically cleared her throat after it had seemed that the two lovebirds may have forgotten about her.

“Don’t worry beautiful we didn’t forget about you,” Liz assured her as though she had read her mind. “I want to get a taste of that sweet pussy of yours too!”

“Well that’s good because I want more!” She grinned.

To Victoria it felt like quite the out of body experience as she never could have imagined herself saying and doing such nasty lesbian things let alone begging for more. But it was no dream and as Liz seductively crawled over towards her, Victoria could feel her waiting pussy practically aching for more.

“Mmmmm, taste her and see how yummy she is Lizzie!” Ariana cooed as her lover slowly bent down and bathed Victoria’s sex with her soft tongue.

“OOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Victoria moaned as she threw her head back in ecstasy. “Fuck that’s so good Liz!!! MMMMMMMMM!!!”

“My baby is good isn’t she?” Ariana beamed, peeling her own panties off and massaging her pussy as she watched. “She’s definitely a cunning linguist!”

“Mmmm Hmmm!” Victoria agreed enthusiastically.

If Ariana was sweet and gentle with the way she ate Victoria’s pussy then Liz was animalistic and intense.

She was hungrily sucking away at the Victoria’s swollen clit and already the sexy teen felt like she was about to come once again. Instinctively she rolled over onto her side to relieve the pressure but as she did so Ariana looked up and saw her cute ass and had another wickedly nasty idea.

She slid her way slowly over to where Liz was lapping away at Victoria and bent down to where her face was level with her co-stars ass.

“I want to taste all of your tight teen holes Victoria you dirty little tease!” Ariana smiled playfully as she lightly smacked Victoria’s ass.

“Ooooohhhhhh yes!” Liz grinned, momentarily pausing to savor this moment. “My baby just loves eating ass don’t you?”

“Just the pretty ones like yours and Victoria’s.” Ariana grinned. “Can I taste your ass Victoria?”

“I…I’ve never done anything like that before,” Victoria stammered.

She had already given in to the pleasures of lesbian sex with her two best friends, did she really want to go down the dirty path towards anal sex?

“Aw pretty please with sugar on top?” Ariana begged, batting her eyelashes and making a sweet little pouty expression with her juicy red lips. “I promise you’ll like it.”

“I…I…” Victoria tried to think of a reason to say no. It just seemed so dirty and nasty. But if having her asshole licked felt as good and right as the rest of the things these girls were doing to her then how could she resist?

“Oh fine, go ahead,” She finally relented. And though she did see the Cheshire cat grin spread across Ariana’s face she failed to see the sly wink that Liz shot her girlfriend from her spot between Victoria’s legs.

And as Liz resumed licking away at Victoria’s cunt, the pretty brunette felt Ariana’s tiny hands slowly spread apart her ass cheeks and then felt the warm softness of her tongue cover the tightest of her orifices.

“Ooooohhhhh!” Victoria squealed as her pelvis tightened up.

It was an odd sensation at first. Equal parts pleasure and tickle but as her hips instinctively pulled away from Ariana’s tongue in the back, Liz’s tongue darted over her clit in the front and made Victoria shudder. There was no place to run to now. She was surrounded on all sides with Liz and Ariana’s tongues playing the role of the Mexican Army to her body’s Alamo.

“Mmmmm that ass is so yummy!” Ariana cooed as she licked Victoria’s anus faster and faster now.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” Victoria gasped as the two tongued assault on her holes continued. “OH LIZ YOU EAT THAT FUCKING PUSSY SO GOOD!!! AND ARIANA YOUR TONGUE FEELS SOOOOOOOO GOOD IN MY ASSHOLE!!!”

“She’s a dirty little freak isn’t she baby?” Ariana gushed as Liz slipped her fingers rhythmically in and out of Victoria’s tight cunt.

“I told you she would be,” Liz teased before her girlfriend plunged her tongue several inches deep into Victoria’s asshole.

Liz felt Victoria’s body tense up in pleasure when Ariana did so and she sped up her fingering to match the intensity.

“Ooooohhhhh yeah you like my baby’s tongue up your ass don’t you, you dirty slut?” Liz asked.

“Ohhhh…I do…” Victoria gasped, her breath growing more and more jagged as her orgasm neared. “I know I shouldn’t but it’s so…OHHHHHHH…nasty and…FUCCCKKK…and sexy and I LOVE IT!!!”

“Then come for us Victoria!” Liz instructed her. “Come for us while my baby’s got her tongue inside of that slutty asshole and show us how much you love being a lezzy whore!”

“I…UNNNGGGGHHHHH…” Victoria tried to respond but couldn’t as her chest started to turn bright red again.

Ariana had both of her hands squeezing tightly on Victoria’s ass cheeks as her tongue plunged the depths of her ass and the cords of Liz’s arms stood out as she furiously fingered the sexy teen starlet and relentlessly tongued her clitoris.

Victoria could hardly speak now, such was the pleasure running through her body and she made strange guttural noises as she threw her head back and moaned.

And finally when it felt like she could take no more and her body would explode, she could feel the sweet release of orgasm begin.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH LIZZIE!!! OHHHHHH FUCK!!!” She managed to shriek so loudly that it was surprising the windows didn’t break. “I’M COMMMMING GIRLS!!! OH MY GOD I’M FUCKINGGGGGGGGG COOOOOOMMMMMMMMINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!”

And then it was like all of the pressure in the world had just shot from her spent body as wave after wave of pleasure lapped over her like the tide on the beach.

“Ohhhh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!!!” Victoria kept repeating as her body shuddered and was spent.

Meanwhile, Ariana abandoned Victoria’s ass and now joined her girlfriend as they hungrily lapped up all of the sweet nectar that sprang forth from the teen’s pretty pink cunt.

“Mmmmmm so wet and tasty!” Ariana cooed as she slurped the juices from Liz’s slick fingers and kissed her girlfriend passionately.

Liz heartily agreed, gently sucking on Ariana’s tongue and tasting Victoria’s come and sweat and the saltiness of the pretty teen’s asshole all mingled into one delicious sex cocktail.

And all the while the two lovers kissed Victoria watched them longingly. Her chest was heaving and she was utterly exhausted but seeing the two of them openly expressing their love and lust like they were just felt right somehow and Victoria found herself wanting to experience something like that. Plus there was no way that she wanted things to end just yet, especially before she had had a chance to taste pussy for the first time in her young life.

“I…um…can I try it?” Victoria asked meekly, unsure at first if the two of them had heard her over their lips smacking together.

“Try what?” Liz responded, playing dumb to make Victoria say the words.

“You know what,” Victoria mumbled, her face reddening again now that the other two had turned their attention back her way. “Can I try…well you know…on you?”

“Ooooohhhhh I think kitty wants a taste baby!” Ariana remarked enthusiastically.

“Of course she does,” Liz coyly responded. “It’s always the innocent ones that are the dirtiest.”

“I am not!” Victoria shot back playfully. As ridiculous as she knew the notion of defending her virtue was given their current situation, Victoria didn’t want to come across like some kind of an insatiable slut. However it really was turning her on to hear Liz tease her like that.

“Oh so you’re such a good girl that now you don’t want to eat my pussy?” Liz retorted. “Is that what you’re telling me?”

“I…you know I do…I’m just not a big ho,” Victoria stammered. “Come on Liz don’t be like that.”

“No it’s too late,” Liz insisted as Victoria squirmed. “We’ll just leave you alone and go have our own fun since you’re so proper and you’re clearly not interested in returning the favor. I suppose you’re not the dirty slut I thought you were which is too bad. We could have had so much fun together.”

Playfully tormenting Victoria had always been an exquisite pleasure to Liz and this amped up sexual situation was certainly no different.

“Come on Liz just let me taste you!” Victoria whined, blushing profusely. “I’ve never done this before and I want to try it. Why do you have to tease me like this?”

“Hmmmm, what do you think Ari, should I let her?” Liz asked.

“Mmmmm I don’t know,” Ariana responded, placing her chin on her fingers as though pondering the mysteries of the universe. “I think I’d make her beg for it first.”

“Ooooohhhhhh I like the way you think girlfriend!” Liz grinned.

She turned her attention to Victoria again who was now sitting straight up on the couch and flashed her that wicked sexy smile trademarked by her character Jade.

“Well?” Liz shrugged.

“Fine,” Victoria huffed before insincerely adding. “Please Liz can I eat your pussy?”

“Oh baby girl, that’s not gonna work, not by a long shot,” Liz chuckled. “I want you on your knees begging me like a good girl should. And only when I think you mean it will I consider letting you have your way with me.”

It was humiliating being forced to beg but somehow a turn on at the same time for Victoria. She couldn’t help but think it was like something like their characters from Victorious might experience with Jade once again getting the upper hand on Tori.

“Oh well,” Victoria thought as a rush of lust ran through her once again. “I’m sure there are worse things that I could be doing right now.”

There was a large fake bearskin rug on the floor in front of the couch and an embarrassed Victoria now knelt down on the super soft material in front of Liz.

“Please Liz!” She begged, batting her eyelashes and sounding very sincere this time. “Please can’t I eat your pretty pussy? I’ll do anything you want me to do I just want you so badly! Please let me make you feel as good as you and Ariana made me feel!”

And if the thought of teasing Victoria seemed sweet to Liz then the thought of her burying her pretty face in Liz’s tight love hole was an ice cream sundae with extra hot fudge spoon fed to her by Zooey Deschanel. She couldn’t risk teasing her new pet any longer without exploding from lust herself and so Liz finally ended the torment.

“Well if you want my pussy so bad then why don’t you crawl over here and get some my slutty little princess?” Liz cooed as she scooted up to the edge of the couch and spread her legs apart to give Victoria easy access to her dripping wet pussy.

Victoria didn’t need to be told twice and she quickly crawled over to Liz and rested her hands on the pretty brunette’s knees as she bent down and lovingly kissed the insides of her thighs. She had taken mental notes when Ariana and Liz had been pleasuring her and Victoria knew exactly how to make Liz feel good.

She took her time and savored the moment, planting sweet kisses all around Liz’s tight slit and pussy lips before at last taking her first exquisite lick. Liz’s body tensed up reflexively and she threw her head back in pleasure as Victoria’s tongue now bathed her moist slit and circled her clit like a plane over an airport.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Liz panted, grabbing the back of Victoria’s head and pushing her closer as the pretty teen started sucking on her sensitive love button, mimicking her friends’ actions from earlier. “Oh Victoria you’re awesome at this baby!”

“Wow look at her go Liz!” Ariana exclaimed as Victoria’s head bobbed up and down in a pussy licking frenzy. “She’s really into it!”

“Mmmmm hmmmmmm!!!” Liz agreed.

For a first timer, Victoria really knew her way around Liz’s body and already she was sliding two of her fingers inside of the deliciously tight love slot.

“You’re such a nasty little girl!!!” Liz moaned as Victoria’s tongue covered and coated every millimeter of her cunt. “I just knew you would be too! Mmmmmm…Ariana kept worrying that you might not like it but I knew you were a filthy fucking slut just pretending to be a good girl!”

“Mmmmmm, I’m gonna show you just how dirty I am too!” Victoria assured her. “I’m gonna make you come so fucking hard with my fingers and tongue that you’ll beg me to do it again and again! And trust me Liz you WILL beg me for it!”

Seeing Victoria so wrapped up in what she was doing and so commanding even had Liz taken aback for a second but she quickly refocused when she glanced over at Ariana. The angelic redhead was completely enraptured in what was going on, furiously rubbing her own pussy while she watched Victoria eat Liz.

Liz had never seen such lust in her girlfriend’s eyes before and at that moment she wanted her more than she ever had.

“Hey Vic, why don’t we move this party to the floor?” Liz suggested, grabbing Victoria gently by the hair and stopping her just long enough so that she could slide down off of the couch.

“Um sure,” Victoria shrugged. “I can make your sexy ass come just as hard on the floor as I can on the couch.”

It was so cute to see Victoria looking up at her with her hair now a mess and her lips still wet from the juicy insides of her pussy lips that Liz just had to give her a quick kiss.

“Ooooohhhhh promises promises!” She grinned at Victoria before throwing a little wink up to Ariana. “But we’ve got a little bit more room to spread out down here. And besides, it’s not as fun if we all don’t get some.”

As usual, Ariana was on the same page as her girlfriend and she too now slid down off of the couch to join the sexy pile of naked teen bodies on the floor.

“Oh my poor little Ariana!” Liz said in a mock dramatic tone as Victoria resumed pleasuring her. “Watching slutty Victoria eat my pussy but no one around to make her feel good!”

“It’s okay Liz,” Ariana beamed back at her. “I’m just happy from watching the smile on your pretty face when you come!”

“But don’t you think there’s something better I can be doing with my pretty face right now than smiling?” She asked. “Now get that perfect little ass over here!”

And as Victoria continued her assault on Liz’s nether regions, Ariana crawled slowly over to her eager lover.

“Mmmmmm I want to taste you while our nasty little friend does the same to me!” Liz hissed.

Ariana was only too happy to grant Liz’s request and she gently lifted her leg up and over Liz’s head and straddled her face reverse cowgirl style. At first, Ariana’s pussy completely engulfed Liz’s face and for a second or two she couldn’t breathe but if she was going to die, Liz couldn’t think of a better way to go out.

“OHHHHHH baby that’s soooooo fucking good!” Ariana cooed as Liz immediately grabbed handfuls of her toned ass cheeks and squeezed them hard and her tongue slipped and squirmed inside of the warm, fleshy walls of the redheaded teen’s pussy.

“Mmmmm… mmmmmm…Ungggghhhhhh,” Was all that Liz could manage in reply, the sounds of her moaning muffled by Ariana’s body.

Meanwhile from her perch atop Liz’s face, Ariana had the perfect view of their lesbian protégé working sexual magic of her own. She watched for several moments with a strange sense of pride as Victoria sent her girlfriend’s body into little spasms of ecstasy and Liz did the same to her when an idea occurred to her.

“Roll over onto your side baby!” Ariana instructed and without her tongue ever leaving the inside of Ariana’s cooch they both rolled over onto their sides and Victoria did likewise.

Ariana then reached up and pulled on Victoria’s legs, scooting her waiflike co-star towards her until she could reach the pretty brunette’s pussy with her tongue.

The circle was now complete as the girls lay on the floor pleasuring one another, Victoria eating Liz, Liz eating Ariana and Ariana eating Victoria in one big sexy daisy chain.

“Mmmmm…Ooooohhhhh…Fuck!!!” Came the muffled cries of the three teens as their tongues and fingers greedily explored the tight holes of one another’s toned bodies.

Victoria especially was really getting into it, letting herself give in to the animal lust finally after fighting it previously. She loved the sweet and salty taste of Liz’s cunt and started rubbing her clit even faster with her fingers as she lapped away.

“Mmmmm I want to taste that tight little asshole again!” Ariana mused before she started focusing her tongue on Victoria’s backdoor once again.

“I…OOOOOHHHHH FUCK I LOVE IT WHEN YOU LICK MY ASS ARIANA!” Victoria wailed as the pretty redhead’s tongue plunged the depths of her tightest of holes once more.

“Of course you do you filthy little tramp!” Liz teased her. “We knew you were an ass loving slut from the moment we met you didn’t we Ari?”

“Mmmm hmmm!” Ariana mumbled as her tongue traced circles around Victoria’s asshole.

“I can’t help it!!!” Victoria moaned. “I…OOOOOHHHHH…I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!”

“You should do it to Liz then,” Ariana suggested.

“Wh…what you mean lick her…butthole?” Victoria stammered.

It was one thing to have someone doing it to her but to do it to someone else was a different story altogether. It was so intimate and…dirty. In Victoria’s mind to cross that threshold was the final step in her transformation from good girl to complete lesbian whore.

“Mmmmm yes!” Liz moaned. “I’d like that very much. I’d just love to feel that sweet and innocent tongue inside of my ass. Do it baby! Fuck my asshole with that pretty tongue!”

“I just…I never…” Victoria tried to reason her way out of it but even as she did so Ariana’s tongue was plunging inside of her ass and convincing her to make Liz feel like that.

“Of course you’ve never,” Liz laughed. “You’ve never done any of this stuff before but doesn’t it feel all dirty and sexy? What could be hotter than America’s sweetheart licking a little ass?”

“Yeah but…”

“No buts,” Liz cut her off. “Except for the butt that your tongue is about to be inside!”

“Well I suppose since I’ve gone this far,” Victoria muttered, more to herself than to the others as she prepared to take the plunge.

She raised the angle of her head up slightly and stared at Liz’s pretty asshole for a moment before slowly sticking out her tongue and giving it a small tentative lick. And to Victoria’s surprise, it wasn’t gross at all. She could feel Ariana still licking her own backside and decided to mimic her actions, first circling Liz’s asshole slowly with her slippery tongue and then bathing it completely with a long sensuous lick.

“Mmmmmm that’s it dirty girl!” Liz cooed as Victoria started lapping her tight hole slowly again and again like a kitten bathing itself. “That’s so fucking good and naughty! But don’t forget about my pussy baby!”

“Oh no of course not!” Victoria assured her as she once again began to rub Liz’s clit with her hand. “I told you I’m going to make you come harder than you ever have and I always keep my promises!”

“Oooohhhhh I like it!” Liz grinned. And she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she kissed Ariana’s puffy pink pussy lips. Victoria was completely wrapped around their fingers (quite literally actually as Ariana had three of them stuffed inside of her cunt) and willing to do anything they asked her to do now. She was property of Liz and Ariana.

“Mmmmm deeper baby!” Liz cooed. “Bury that fucking tongue deeper in my asshole!”

“Like this baby?” Victoria asked as she plunged her snakelike tongue further inside.

“I’ll show you.” Ariana giggled before slipping her tongue inside as far as it would go and furiously fingering Victoria’s tender twat.

“I…OH MY GOD…OH FUCK!!!” Victoria gasped as Ariana made her ass a gourmet meal. “FUCK ME ARIANA…FUCK ME…LICK MY FUCKING ASSHOLE BABY!!!”

But even as she cried out, Victoria did likewise to Liz and the thought of her angelic face buried in her ass made Liz horny as hell. She knew that her orgasm was coming soon and there was no way to stop it.


“ME TOO BABY!!!” Ariana screamed out as Liz slurped away hungrily at her twat over and over again. “I WANT US ALL TO COME TOGETHER!!! I WANT THAT SO FUCKING BAD!!!”

Victoria too was on the verge of a climax but she couldn’t even gasp let alone talk as she rimmed Liz like the act would stop the Apocalypse.




And as the two girls cried out in unison Victoria at last found her voice and joined the chorus.

“FUCK ME…FUCK ME…FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” She wailed as all three girls simultaneously experienced some of the most powerful orgasms of their young lives.

And when the pleasure at last subsided the girls were utterly spent. They rolled over onto their backs and clutched at their heaving chests as the post orgasm glow washed over their bodies.

The girls laid on the ground like that for quite some time, none of them able to say a word until at last they finally looked at one another and all three of them burst out in a fit of inappropriate laughter.


The events of the afternoon had left the girls utterly drained and so they spent the next few hours lounging about and watching a movie.

It seemed silly after what they had experienced together to put their clothes back on and so as they watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ the girls cuddled up together naked on the couch.

“I think Russell Brand is hot!” Liz exclaimed as the former Mr. Katy Perry made his appearance onscreen.

“Not thinking about switching teams again are you?” Victoria joked.

“No,” Liz assured her. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate someone’s looks.”

“Meh, he doesn’t do much for me.” Ariana replied. “But I definitely think Jason Segel is cute in a funny way…I mean if I were still into guys.”

“What, no way!” Liz retorted. “What do you think Victoria, who’s hotter?”

“Actually,” Victoria began but then thought better of what she was going to say.

“What?” Liz pressed.

“I was going to say that I think Kristen Bell is hotter than either of them,” she admitted.

“Can’t argue with you there,” Ariana agreed.

“Well look at you!” Liz grinned. “One taste of pussy and you’re all ready to hop on board the pink train to Lesboland!”

They all giggled at Liz’s comment but there was more than a little bit of truth to it. At that moment Victoria felt like she would be just fine if she never knew the company of another boy again. Still there was one thing that she needed to know.

“So…um…” She began nervously. “You mentioned earlier that there were ways that you could keep yourselves from missing cock didn’t you?”

“Indeed I did,” Liz assured her. “And are you saying that you’d like to see what they are my dear?”

“Um…yes please,” Victoria replied.

“Okay then my young apprentice,” Liz said. “Then why don’t you go over there and wait on the bed with Ariana for me and I’ll be right back with a nice surprise for you.”

Victoria looked over nervously at Ariana, wondering what she had just signed herself up for but rather than assurance Ariana just gave her a little shrug. At this point though, Victoria’s resistance was completely gone. She knew that whatever it was that the girls had planned for her would be something that she would end up loving and so she obediently made her way over to the bed hand in hand with Ariana to await Liz’s surprise.

Liz didn’t keep them waiting very long and as she entered the bedroom Victoria couldn’t help but marvel at the pink silk robe she wore tied around her waist.

“Do you like what you see?” Liz asked.

“You know I do,” Victoria responded hoarsely, her mouth suddenly dry with anticipation.

She had a vague idea of what was to come next and Liz certainly didn’t disappoint. She untied the belt and slid the silky robe off of her smooth shoulders where it fell in a heap at her feet. But it wasn’t Liz’s feet that caught Victoria’s attention at the moment…it was the fourteen inch long flesh colored strap on harnessed to her waist. And not only was it long but it seemed to Victoria that it was just as thick.

“What about now princess?” Liz grinned mischievously. “Still like what you see?”

“I…um…” Victoria gulped. “That’s really big!”

She had been with a few men in her life but never one with a cock as big as the one strapped to Liz’s waist and there was no doubt in Victoria’s mind that Liz intended to fill her with every inch of that big fucker.

Liz slowly sauntered over towards the bed with the monstrous fake cock dangling between her legs like a broadsword. It made for a stark contrast with the light and airy way she ran both of her hands through her hair like one of those ridiculous shampoo commercials. It was as though Victoria’s most heartfelt wish and her worst nightmare had been blended together into the same package and there was nowhere for her to run.

And as Liz reached the bed and placed her hands on the mattress, Victoria instinctively scooted away from her on her bottom and into Ariana’s warm embrace.

“Are you ready for me lover?” Liz cooed seductively, fondling the fake phallus as Ariana softly stroked Victoria’s pretty hair reassuringly.

“I…I think so,” Victoria answered nervously. “But don’t you have a smaller one of those things? Like I don’t know maybe a beginners model?”

“Oh don’t be so uptight baby,” Liz chuckled. “You’re going to love it and I’m going to fuck the straight right out of America’s sweetheart for good. You’ll never think about boys again after I’m through with you.”

“I know,” She replied. “It’s just that it might be a little bit too big for me is all.”

“Don’t worry darling,” Liz assured her. “I wouldn’t try to stick this thing inside of you without a little bit of help.” And with that Liz produced a large tube of lube.

“Care to help me with this darling?” Liz asked Ariana to which the bubbly redhead eagerly agreed.

Ariana reluctantly let Victoria slide out of her arms before crawling over to where Liz was standing by the edge of the bed. She then took the tube from her and turned it upside down, generously squirting the big cock with the viscous fluid. The massive cock was so big that to Victoria it seemed like it would take the entire tube of lube to cover it all.

“Mmmmm I’m getting so wet thinking about you fucking Victoria’s tight little twat with this thing! Just think of what all of her fans would say if they could see her now!” Ariana cooed as she spread the lube all over the strap-on. Compared to the strap-on, Ariana’s hands were very tiny so it was almost as though she were jerking off and elephant the way she stroked the cock to make sure it was completely covered.

“I know baby, it’s going to be so fucking delicious!” Liz agreed, barely able to contain herself. “How many boys do you think jerk off thinking about Jade fucking Tori and now it’s gonna happen for real!”

Victoria meanwhile was still lying on the bed and watching all of this happen, half of her wanting to run out of the room screaming while the other half couldn’t wait for Liz to get started.

“There we go, all nice and wet.” Liz smiled when at last Ariana had finished. “What about you?”

“I…um…yes. I’m wet too.” Victoria assured her and if the truth was to be told she was much more than just a little bit turned on.

“Good then be a good girl and spread those pretty legs open for me.” Liz instructed as she crawled over towards her prey.

“Um…Okay,” Victoria replied meekly as she lay down on her back and did as she was told.

In an instant Liz was upon her and she gently caressed one of Victoria’s smooth legs as she teasingly rubbed the head of the massive cock all around her tight cunt.

“Are you ready for me?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” She answered hesitantly.

It was one simple word but it meant everything.

“Then look at me baby,” Liz insisted, turning Victoria’s chin towards her. “I want to see that pretty face of yours while I’m fucking you! I want to know how much you’re loving every delicious second of this you little tramp!”

“I…OHHHHHHH SHIIIIIITTTTTT!!!” Victoria started to reply before being cut off by the first few inches of strap-on being crammed inside of her vagina. “OHHHH THAT HURTS SO FUCKING GOOD!”

The first thing that hit her was how thick the fake cock was. It seemed to stretch her pussy lips open to their very limits as though someone were trying to jam a telephone pole through a soda straw. But as Liz started rhythmically driving the cock deeper and deeper inside of her Victoria could definitely feel the length of it as well. Was there no end to this thing? Would the head of the cock suddenly protrude up her throat and out of her mouth? To Victoria that seemed to be a very real and frightening possibility.

All the while, Liz looked down upon Victoria’s face and for a few tense moments she was worried that she might rip the poor girl in half. There was a look of pain etched upon her face that was quite scary and the last thing that Liz wanted was for Victoria to not enjoy herself. But just when Liz was about to stop, the corners of Victoria’s mouth started to turn upwards and the frozen “O” of horror on her face was replaced by a large pleasure filled grin.

“That’s my girl!” Liz smiled with relief as Victoria started to moan in pleasure. “Tell me what you like Victoria! Tell Lizzie how good that feels baby!”


“You know I will!” Liz assured her as her firm young breasts bounced in Victoria’s face with every hard thrust. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll never want me to stop!”

“Yeah baby, fuck her like you fuck me with that thing!” Ariana moaned. She was extremely turned on by watching her girlfriend pound away at Victoria’s sweet pussy and she was already fingering herself feverishly on the corner of the bed.

Harder and harder came Liz’s downward thrusts as she at last was working every inch of the strap-on into Victoria’s stretched to the limit cunt. But still Victoria wanted more. She was pulling Liz’s ass downward with every thrust and the bed was squeaking so loudly that Ariana thought it might break.

“That’s it baby!” Victoria grunted in unison with the thrusts. “Fuck me! Fuck ME!!! FUCK ME!!! FUUUUUCCCKKK…MEEEEEEE!!!”

“Yeah drill that fucking cock into her Liz!!!” Ariana cried out in chorus.

“Oh Ari you should see her face baby!” Liz exclaimed. “This little slut is loving every second of it!”

“Ohhhhhh…OOOOOHHHHH!!!” Victoria moaned even more loudly now. She was getting fucked by one of her best friends and she really was loving every second of it.

“Oh baby I want to see, I want to see!” Ariana cooed as she buried her fingers inside of her drenched twat. “Flip her over and do her doggy style so I can watch her face!”

“You heard my baby!” Liz commanded. “On your hands and knees now slut!”

Doggy style was one of Victoria’s favorite positions and so she had no problem whatsoever with that. Liz momentarily slid the massive cock out of Victoria’s pussy with a little pop of suction and the skinny brunette hopped up onto her hands and knees, jutting her backside out slightly.

“Yeah look at her sticking that little ass out!” Liz teased her wickedly. “America’s sweetheart wants Lizzie to fuck her some more!”

“Come on then!” Victoria begged. “Don’t make me wait any longer Liz, I need you inside of me baby! I want to feel that giant cock filling my pussy again!”

“Mmmmmm this is gonna be so sweet!” Liz grinned before easing the cock back inside of Victoria’s stretched out love hole.

It was the same general sensation as before for Victoria, a sense of disbelief and slight pain at first followed by immense pleasure as Liz grabbed her hips and plunged the giant dildo deeper inside.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Victoria gasped loudly. She had both hands clenched tight around the covers and when she was finally able to look up she saw Ariana beaming back at her and saw the pretty redhead’s fingers slipping inside of her meaty pussy lips.

“Ohhh Victoria you are so sexy!” Ariana cooed as she furiously rubbed her own clit. “I can see why everyone loves you so much and I just love watching my baby fuck you silly!”

“OH…I…love…it…too!” Victoria gasped in time with each hard thrust.

She couldn’t believe how wide her pussy was being stretched or how deep inside of her the dildo was being driven but it felt like utter bliss to be taken like this.


“Um not just yet!” Liz interjected. “There’s still one hole of yours I haven’t fucked yet.”

“You don’t mean?” Victoria gasped, unable to finish the thought.

“Of course I do baby,” Liz mischievously laughed. “I want that fucking ass cherry!”

Being best friends, the girls had naturally discussed everything and so they all knew that while Liz and Ariana were not anal virgins, Victoria was. But surely Liz was joking? That fucking dildo barely fit in her pussy, how in the world did Liz think it was going to fit up her ass?

Liz once again popped the strap-on out of Victoria’s cunt and started teasingly rubbing the head of it up against her puckered asshole.

“Um…Liz…I don’t know about this,” Victoria stammered. “I mean I’ve never…Let’s talk about this!”

“Shhhh baby please,” Liz soothed her. “I promise you’ll love it, you just have to relax.”

“I know but…”

“Have I ever steered you wrong before girlfriend?” Liz asked.

“No but…”

“Then just trust me baby,” She assured her. “Do you trust me?”

“I…yes…yes of course I do,” Victoria finally mustered up the courage to say.

“Then let’s do this.” Liz smiled.

She didn’t want Victoria to have too much time to psyche herself out and so she quickly moved into position behind her and slowly penetrated the teen’s anus with the head of the strap-on.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!” Victoria gasped as what felt like a telephone pole started cramming into her asshole. It felt like her asshole was going to be torn in half and she instinctively clenched up but Liz was undeterred.

“Come on baby, you have to relax,” Liz said soothingly. “Otherwise no one is going to enjoy this.”

“I’m trying it just hurts though!” Victoria replied through clenched teeth.

The whole thing seemed to be a disaster in the making but luckily Ariana was there to make the save.

“Victoria don’t think about it, just look at me,” The pretty redhead said with a smile.

And Victoria did just that, gazing into Ariana’s angelic eyes and letting herself become mesmerized by the little teen’s fingering. She was momentarily able to forget about the discomfort of the strap-on and everything else except Ariana for that matter.

Liz felt Victoria’s anus loosen up slightly around the massive dildo and slid a couple of more inches inside. And when she did Victoria could now feel the pleasurable sensations that came with the pain as the walls of her ass were filled with thick plastic.

“Does that feel better baby?” Liz asked even though Victoria’s moans were answer enough.

“I…OHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS IT DOES!!!” She wailed as Liz started to quicken her thrusts.

She wasn’t quite able to fit the whole thing up Victoria’s ass but even Liz was impressed by how much the skinny teen was able to take.

“That’s it baby fuck that ass!” Ariana encouraged, her eyes never leaving Victoria’s as Liz pounded and pounded away. “Fuck that slutty teen asshole of hers and make her beg you for more!”


“Ooooohhhh yeah who would have guessed that our little Victoria Justice likes to get fucked in the ass?” Liz teased, slapping Victoria’s ass playfully as she fucked her. “Our innocent little ass virgin turned out to be nothing but a big old lezzie slut!”


“Never!” Liz assured her. “I won’t stop until I make you fucking come again! Just like Ariana and I have been doing all day!”


Victoria’s wailing and gasping was growing more and more urgent by the second and as she rubbed her own pussy and felt the pounding of  the strap-on filling up her asshole she knew that she was once more about to have a thundering orgasm.


And with her wails, Victoria felt the explosion of orgasm wash through her body and through every nerve ending. It was like no climax she’d ever had before though as it was the first time she’d gotten there by having her ass fucked.

Liz heard and felt Victoria’s moment of pleasure and reluctantly pulled the shaft from her young lover’s tightest hole as Victoria’s legs and arms went to jello and she collapsed onto the bed. And though her asshole and pussy were sore like she’d been in a fight, Victoria felt more satisfied then she’d ever been in her young life.

Ariana meanwhile wasn’t quite done, crawling over to where Liz was and grasping the strap-on in one hand like a microphone.

“Mmmmmm I want to taste her pretty ass!” Ariana cooed. “I want to suck every last drop of Victoria off of this fucking thing so I never forget what she tastes like.”

And with that the pretty redhead wrapped her lips around the strap-on and started sliding the shaft into her mouth. Victoria looked on with a mixture of revulsion and horniness as Ariana slurped away at the plastic toy. She was really deep throating it now and Victoria could see some of her saliva running down the shaft. For such a little girl it was amazing how much of the strap-on Ariana could fit down her throat.

Finally though when it seemed like Ariana might never come up for air she popped the phallus out of her mouth and wiped her lips with the back of her hand like she’d just finished a particularly delicious gourmet meal.

“Yummy!” Was all the little sexpot could manage to say before Liz attacked her they began passionately kissing one another.

It was several long minutes before anyone spoke but at last Liz turned to Victoria and said “Now that was hot!”


Ariana awoke bright and early the next morning to the faint sound of water splashing in the background. She thought at first that maybe she was dreaming or that maybe it was the ocean outside but then she remembered that all of the doors were closed and so that couldn’t be it.

She sat up slowly in the bed and let out a big yawn like some kind of adorable jungle cat before slipping on her robe and slippers to investigate where the sound was coming from.

“What a crazy night,” she thought to herself as flashes of the previous evening’s debauchery kept zipping through her head. And as she shuffled over to the refrigerator and fished out a bottle of water she couldn’t help but grin like The Joker. I mean had they really turned Victoria Justice into their lesbian play toy? Had one of Liz’s naughty plans actually panned out for once or had she merely dreamt all of it?

But really all she had to do was to look back at the bed where a buck naked Liz was still lying face down and fast asleep to know that it was indeed no dream. They really had done all of those things to and with Victoria…and my God that was a huge strap-on that Liz had fucked her with!

The only real worry that Ariana had now was that Victoria might realize what she had done last night and feel angry or ashamed or anything other than blissfully happy. Would she still want to be friends with her and Liz? Or would things get weird?

“Oh well,” Ariana thought dismissively. “If she freaks out I guess it’s her loss.”

But returning to the matter at hand, Inspector Ariana first noticed that Victoria was nowhere to be seen in the bedroom. Secondly, now that her head was not so foggy she was able to hear that the sound of the water seemed to be coming from the bathroom.

“She’s taking a shower,” Ariana mumbled to herself.

“Ah excellent work detective!” Came the sound of an imaginary British voice in her head. “Your keen intellect in cracking the case is exceeded only by the scrumptiousness of your divine derriere!”

“Elementary my Dear Watson!” She answered herself in her mind. “But perhaps I’d better go investigate further to make sure that Ms. Justice is indeed in the shower and has not fallen victim to some nefarious plot!”

And sure enough, when the young redhead entered the bathroom, she found Victoria’s lovely naked form behind the large glass doors of the shower. Now this was no ordinary shower mind you, Liz’s uncle had gone all out when it came to the bathroom. You could probably fit 12 people inside of the huge marble structure complete with its dual showerheads, intricate brass edging and posh glass doors.

Already there was quite a bit of steam built up on the glass and Victoria didn’t seem to have heard Ariana enter.

“Ahem!” Ariana coughed after ogling Victoria’s naked form for a few minutes. The young teen was so startled that she dropped the bottle of shampoo she was holding onto the floor and quickly looked up.

“Wh…Oh my gosh you scared me!” Victoria giggled when she saw who it was.

“Sorry about that Vic,” Ariana apologized. “I was just seeing where the water noise was coming from and here it is.”

“Yep here it is,” Victoria agreed.

For a moment an awkward silence hung over the room as neither girl knew quite what to say after the events of the previous night but eventually it was Ariana who broke the silence.

“So how are you feeling?” She asked gently.

“Oh, you know,” Victoria began. “Sore.”

“I’ll bet,” Ariana smiled sympathetically.

“I feel like I got fucked by a train last night and I could hardly walk this morning,” she went on.

“Oh,” was all Ariana could manage to say. It appeared that Victoria hadn’t enjoyed her evening after all and Ariana wasn’t sure if she should apologize or just say nothing.

“But you know,” Victoria added when she saw the guilty look on her best friend’s face. “Sore in a good way.”

“OH!” Ariana chirped, realization sinking in.

“So are you just going to stand out there and mope or are you going to get your sexy ass in this shower with me?” Victoria said with a sly wink.

“Mmmmm I thought you’d never ask!” Ariana giggled before kicking off her slippers and tossing her robe to the floor.

“Ooohhhhh ouch that’s hot!” Ariana squealed when she first stepped inside and underneath of the hot jets of water.

But she didn’t have to worry about the temperature of the water for long as Victoria immediately pinned her back against the wall and pressed her wet lips into Ariana’s.

“Ohhhhh fuck that’s good Victoria!” Ariana moaned as the tan, wet skin of their bodies pressed together and the water pounded them from above.

Ariana felt Victoria’s snakelike tongue pressing against her teeth and she parted her lips slightly to let it intertwine with her own.

“I thought you’d like that baby!” Victoria laughed when at last she came up for air. “Now how about we get that sexy little body of yours all nice and clean?”

“Oooohhhhh yes please!” Ariana cooed.

Victoria grabbed one of the sponges and poured a generous amount of body wash all over it before she started softly rubbing it in circles all over Ariana’s arms and chest. The pretty redhead’s nipples were rock hard from the excitement and covered in soapy suds and it felt so good to have the sponge slide over them again and again.

“Such a dirty girl!” Victoria teased as she brushed the wet hair out of Ariana’s face and kissed her again. “How are we ever going to get you clean?”

And as the suds ran slowly down the front of her chest, Victoria started softly rubbing the sponge in circles slowly downwards along Ariana’s stomach. As she did so, the butterflies inside of Ariana’s tummy started doing backflips and she felt her pussy start to ache.

“You tell me where you’re the dirtiest and I’ll give that spot some extra attention okay baby!” Victoria cooed before planting another soapy kiss on Ariana’s soft lips.

“Ooooohhhh right there Vic!” Ariana whispered as her BFF started soaping up her tender young pussy.

“Right here?” Victoria asked innocently as she ran the sponge up and down the horny redhead’s slit again and again. “Are you sure baby?”

“Mmmmm….OOOOOOHHHHHH…yes right there!” Ariana moaned. The sensation of Victoria’s rubbing made her shudder with the chills and several times she felt Victoria’s light fingers slip inside of her swollen cunt lips.

“Oh baby rub my slutty little pussy!” She squealed, water bombarding her body as Victoria worked the sponge. “Get it all nice and clean so we can have some more sexy fun!”

“Oh don’t you worry about that baby doll!” Victoria assured her. “I’m gonna have you squeaky clean and then Lizzie and I are gonna eat you up!”

“I do like the sound of that!” Ariana cooed.

By now she had her leg propped up and wrapped around Victoria’s waist as Victoria started rubbing her faster and faster.

“But you know Ari?” Victoria began. “I think we should get that pretty little bubble butt of yours clean as well don’t you think?”

“Ooooohhh yes please!” She agreed heartily before turning around and facing the wall of the shower with her hands against the tile like she was being arrested.

“Now that is a perfect ass!” Victoria gushed as she soaked in the image of Ariana’s perfectly round butt cheeks jutting out at her.

“Don’t you just want to fuck my perfect little ass?” Ariana asked.

But her answer was a playful smack from Victoria’s hand which left a red handprint due to the hot water.

“Watch that dirty mouth of yours Ariana,” Victoria teased. “I’m the one calling the shots today!”

“Ooooohhhh, Yes ma’am!” She replied.

It was so sexy to see this side of Victoria that Ariana could hardly resist just leaping on top of her and ravishing her on the tile floor but she wanted to let her little friend have a taste of what it was like to be the dominant one.

“Now then where were we?” Victoria smiled. “Oh that’s right, we were going to clean that pretty little ass of yours!”

Again she drenched the sponge in body wash and started softly rubbing Ariana’s back, first up between the shoulder blades and slowly circling her way lower. Ariana really did have an amazing ass and it made Victoria wet to watch the suds run down her smooth back and funnel into the little divot above her ass before running down the crack of her oh so sexy backside.

“You look so fucking yummy!” Victoria remarked, stepping to the side slightly to let the water wash away the lather. “And now at last my dear, I get to taste you.”

She knelt down behind the diminutive redhead and wrapped each hand around a different ass cheek before playfully biting her round bottom. She then spread the tiny redhead’s feet apart and bent down lower still to give the bottom of Ariana’s cunt a long, deep lick.

“Ooooohhhhhh that’s so good Vic!” Ariana moaned at the feeling of Victoria’s snakelike tongue slipping inside of her soapy slit. “Lick that fucking pussy girl!”

Victoria did just that, taking long deep licks as she slid one of her hands underneath of Ariana’s body and began stimulating her clitoris at the same time. She was so into it that Ariana could hear her slurping noises above the sound of the hot water that was cascading down on them relentlessly. But it wasn’t just Ariana’s sweet pussy that Victoria wanted to taste…she wanted that ass for dessert!

“I don’t know if I told you this yesterday or not Ariana,” Victoria whispered with a devilish grin. “But I really loved it when you were licking my asshole!”

Ariana didn’t say a word in reply but closed her eyes and smiled widely. She knew exactly what Victoria wanted next and she couldn’t wait to give it to her.

“In fact,” Victoria continued. “I want to thank you for showing me how enjoyable getting your salad tossed can be. So please let me return the favor now.”

And with that Victoria greedily squeezed Ariana’s firm butt cheeks in her hands and spread them apart slowly to reveal her perfect little round hole.

“Mmmmm I can’t wait to lick that pretty ass baby!” Victoria moaned as she drew out the moment to extract every exquisite drop of anticipation.

“Do it Victoria!” Ariana begged. “Lick that fucking hole! Stick that slutty tongue inside of my ass and love every second of it you nasty girl!”

The little redhead’s body was positively on fire with anticipation and she began softly rubbing her pussy to try to relieve some of the lust that was dripping off of her. And then finally, when she didn’t think she could take it any longer she felt Victoria’s warm, snakelike tongue caress the skin of her backside and slowly slide across her asshole.

“OOOOOHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!!” She threw her head back and moaned as Victoria’s warm tongue lapped away at her brown eye relentlessly again and again. Victoria was licking so furiously that if Ariana’s asshole were a Tootsie Pop she could tell the owl unequivocally that it may take hundreds of licks to get to the Tootsie Roll center but it only took twenty or so to make this girl come.

“OH FUCK BABY THAT’S IT!!!” Ariana squealed in delight. She was rubbing her pussy furiously with one hand and resting her cheek on the cool, wet tile of the wall when she felt Victoria finally plunge her tongue inside. “MMMMMM YEAH!!! TONGUE FUCK MY ASS YOU DIRTY WHORE!!!”

“Yeah you love it don’t you Ariana?” Victoria teased as she rimmed her petite little friend. “You’ve probably been bragging all week to Liz about how you were going to get into my panties and make Victoria Justice your lesbian love slave haven’t you?”

“OH BABY I…OOOOHHHHH…I HAVE!” Ariana breathlessly admitted. “I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad since we met…I just…OOOOOHHHHHH FUCK THAT’S SO GOOD…I just never knew how.”

“But now you know!” Victoria cooed. “Now you know what a pussy loving little slut I really am don’t you!”

“Mmmmm hmmmmm!” She cried out before biting down on her bottom lip when Victoria started rimming her again.

Ariana could feel the electricity building in her body as she fingered her little cunt and rubbed her clit. The thought of getting off while Victoria was eating her ass was just too delicious to pass up and Ariana knew it was only seconds before she did just that.

“OHHHHHH VICKY I…I…FUCK BABY I’M COMMMMMMINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!” She screamed as her body tensed up and released and her legs began to get wobbly.

Victoria quickly hopped to her feet and spun Ariana around before pinning her back against the wall once again and kissing her passionately.

“Mmmmmmmm…ohhhhhhh…” They moaned into one another’s mouths as their hands greedily explored each other’s bodies and Ariana tasted her own asshole all over Victoria’s lips and tongue.

After what seemed like an eternity, Victoria reluctantly pulled her lips away with a loud pop and just stared into Ariana’s eyes for a moment.

“Oh Victoria that was amazing!” Ariana gushed in childlike wonderment. “My body is still tingling and I…”

But she didn’t get to finish her sentence because just then the shower door flew open and there stood Liz. She was as naked as the day she was born and she had her arms crossed, wielding a strap-on dildo in each hand. In fact, had the fake cocks been M-16’s and she had been wearing sunglasses it would have been rather like one of the old ‘Terminator’ movie posters.

“So is this a private party or can anyone play?” Liz asked.

“Baby…what?” Ariana stammered, momentarily caught off guard. “I thought you were asleep?”

“Well I was until the fuckathon going on in here woke me up!” She replied. “And were either of you two tramps going to bother waking me up?”

“I’m sorry Liz,” Victoria said. “We didn’t plan it…it just kind of…happened.”

“Relax beautiful,” Liz smiled. “I’m not angry…at you! But Red here on the other hand is soooo gonna get it!”

“Big talk, but can you back it up?” Ariana replied, sticking out her tongue like a little kid. She knew her girlfriend too well to think she was actually angry and even if she was, Liz always fucked better when she was a little bit pissed.

“Ooooohhhhh you are sooooo gonna get it!” Liz grinned mischievously as she stepped into the harness of her strap-on. It wasn’t the King Kong model from the night before but still plenty big enough to get the job done.

“Here you go Vic,” Liz said as she tossed the other strap-on to Victoria.

The skinny brunette looked at it for a moment with a small frown and said, “But I’ve never used one of these things before, what do I do?”

“Honey it ain’t a jet pack,” Liz laughed. “Figure it out.”

“Okay…right,” Victoria replied as she too put her strap-on on.

The water continued to beat down on them as the two plastic cock wielding girls closed in on Ariana. The little redhead backed up against the wall, eyes wide in pretend terror as she surveyed her predators.

“Any last words sweetie?” Liz lifted the shorter girl’s face up and asked.

“Do your worst!” Ariana replied defiantly as she desperately tried to suppress a gleeful grin.

“I was so hoping you’d say that!” Liz smiled.

Ariana was already leaning back against the wall and now she raised her arms up high over her head as Liz closed in from the front. She lifted one of the little redhead’s legs up and wrapped it around her waist before teasingly rubbing the strap-on back and forth against her tight slit.

“Yeah you want this big old cock inside of your pretty little pussy don’t you baby?” Liz moaned.

“I do Lizzie, I do!” Ariana whispered. “I want to feel you inside of me. Don’t you want to fuck your little pookie bear?”

“Always baby!” Liz huskily whispered back and with that their lips seemed to melt into one another. Victoria watched in awe as Liz wrapped her arm around Ariana’s waist and pulled her in by the small of the back closer to her own body. And in that one swift motion she was inside of her lover, the thick plastic cock filling and penetrating Ariana’s tight teen pussy.

“OHHHHHHHH!!!” Ariana threw her head back and moaned loudly as Liz’s thrusts filled her body. She wasn’t just fucking her girlfriend, she was making love to her pookie bear.

Again and again she slipped the strap-on inside as Ariana writhed and moaned in ecstasy. They just seemed so perfect together that for a moment Victoria felt like she was intruder peeking in  on some private party. She thought about slipping out of the shower and leaving them alone for a little while but when she looked back up at Liz’s face the pretty brunette was motioning her over to join in.

“Take her ass!” Liz said, spinning Ariana around so that Victoria could swoop in behind.

“Mmmmmm yes, that’s what I want!” Ariana moaned. “I want to feel both of my girls fucking me at the same time! I want you to fill all of my slutty holes!”

Victoria was still a little bit nervous about using the strap-on but there was no way that she could resist such a heartfelt invitation and so she slipped in behind Ariana. The little redhead was a bit shorter than Victoria and Liz and so she wrapped both of her legs around Liz’s waist and let Liz pick her up in order to give Victoria a better angle at her ass.

Victoria then got in close behind and guided the cock up to Ariana’s asshole with her hand before roughly plunging it inside.

“UHHHHH…OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH…FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!” The diminutive Ariana screamed at the top of her lungs as she was double penetrated by her two best friends. “OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!”

Victoria and Liz quickly found a rhythm, pushing in and pulling out in time with each other as Ariana squealed and wailed. Her feet weren’t even on the ground as the two teens mercilessly pleasured her body and her arms were wrapped around Liz’s neck in a death grip.


“Yeah we’re gonna fuck you all right you naughty little girl!” Liz smiled. “This’ll teach you to not wake your girlfriend up when there’s fun going on!”

Victoria loved seeing and feeling Ariana in a sexual frenzy like this. She had her hands clenched tightly on Ariana’s waist as she pumped the strap-on up her asshole and she could feel every bit of tension and release go through Ariana’s tight little body.

“Mmmmmm looks like my tongue isn’t the only thing little Ariana likes in her butt is it?” Victoria laughed. “I had no idea what a little freak you were!”


“I bet you do love it!” Victoria replied. “After all with a booty as sweet as yours, how could you not?”

“Yeah my baby is a dirty rotten slut!” Liz beamed like a proud parent. “And now we’re gonna make her come again aren’t we Vic?”

“Ohhhhh yes we are!” Victoria agreed.


“Do it sexy girl!” Liz coaxed. “Come for us and show us how slutty you are baby!”


And as she screamed to the heavens Ariana once again felt the sweet rush of orgasm wash over her body and shoot out to every nerve ending in her body. Victoria felt the surge of tension too in Ariana’s midsection as did Liz in the little redhead’s legs which engulfed her still.

They all three fell in one big wet unflattering heap onto the cold tile of the shower floor but Ariana wasn’t done.

“I want you to taste me Liz,” She whispered. “Lick all of my sweet ass off of that cock baby!”

And Liz did just that, popping Victoria’s strap-on into her hot mouth and slurping up the essence of her young lover like there was no tomorrow.

“Mmmmm so yummy!” She moaned. “I love you Ariana!”

“I love you too baby!” Ariana replied, kissing Liz hungrily as Victoria watched enviously.

“And we both love you Victoria!” They said in unison when they had at last finished.

“Aw you guys are so sweet!” Victoria gushed. “I love you all so much!”

“I guess it’s agreed then?” Liz asked.

“What’s that?” Victoria asked.

“Best weekend ever!”


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