And Then There Were Three

This story contains scenes of a homosexual nature, do not read if offended.

It does not depict the real sexuality of anyone involved.

‘Oh fuck me with that cock’ I yelled at the top of my voice as Duncan thrust his meat inside me. ‘Oh yeah, that’s good’ I continued to yell obscenities

My boyfriend Len was watching us, his hand a blur as he wanked himself into a frenzy

Just last week, we had amazing sex with Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud at an Open Air concert. Now it was Duncan from boy band Blue

How did that come about, I hear you ask? I’ll tell you:

Len and I had attended another concert. A Blue concert.

You see I had managed to convince Len how gorgeous Duncan James was and now we’d come to see him in the flesh.

We were both feeling horny and decided to have a little pre-show fun.

I led him into a secluded area near the stage and undressed him quickly.

Grabbing his cock, I wanked him off slowly, deliberately taking my time.

He shut his eyes, surrendering himself to me.

I move a little faster and I felt his breath on me, short and rapid.

I knelt down, taking his cock in my mouth, devouring him in one mouthful.

I heard him gasp as my mouth closed in on him

‘That looks good’ a raspy male voice suddenly emanated from behind us.

I stopped in my tracks and looked over to where the voice was coming from.

It was the very man himself, the same man I had succeeded in convincing my boyfriend was the sexiest man on planet Earth.

He walked over to us, a big grin on his handsome face.

I was a little shocked at the intrusion, but I did my best not to show it, instead giving him the sweetest smile I could muster.

We watched in silence as Dunk unleashed his cock on us, the massive meat gleaming in the light

I licked my lips, my mouth already watering.

Duncan spotted this and said to me:

‘Go on, take it’

I looked up at Len and he smiled

I didn’t have to be asked twice, grabbing his cock, I shoved it in my mouth sucking the swollen tip, immediately tasting his delicious juices

I moved my mouth further over the meat, taking most of it in.

I felt Duncan’s hand on my head, guiding me across his pole.

Grabbing his balls, I gently squeezed them, making him groan loudly.

Len was watching us (as I knew he often enjoyed doing) and I knew he was enjoying this immensely. I wondered if Duncan was going to let him have a go later.

Duncan thrust his cock into my mouth and I almost choked.

Pulling back slightly, I licked the sensitive underside, feeling him quiver.

I felt immensely proud knowing I was causing this!

Len’s cock brushed my cheek and I instinctively turned my head to swallow it.

I held on to Dunk’s cock slowly stroking it while I sucked Len off.

I took turns between the two, sucking and licking both cocks, a mixture of their juices filled my mouth

‘Which one of you wants to fuck me first?’ I looked up at them questioningly

Len motioned for Dunk to go first.

He crept up behind me and lift my mini skirt up, pulling my panties aside

I felt him enter me and I wriggled, impaling myself on his fuck stick.

I gasped as his mighty cock entered me, stretching the walls of my pussy.

I groaned loudly, enjoying the sensation of this huge pole inside me.

Len thrust his cock in to my mouth and I swallowed the whole length down to the base, the pubic hairs tickling my nose as I devoured his meat.

Duncan fucked me with wild abandon and I knew if he kept this up it wouldn’t be long before I would explode.

‘Oh fuck yeah’ I encouraged him, between gulps of my boyfriends’ knob

This seemed to do the trick and he sped up, bringing my orgasm within reach

Len fucked my mouth, his body rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm

I devoured him completely, his delicious nectar trickling easily down the back of my throat.

My body was trembling and I knew I was about to come.

‘Fuck’ I cried out as orgasm took over me.

My body spasmed and I knew I’d lost control.

Duncan moved faster, causing me to orgasm again.

‘Oh Jesus’ I called out as I reached the point of no return.

The sound of the music in the background drowned out my cries.

Duncan continued to fuck me until my orgasm subsided and it took all I had not to bite down on my boyfriends’ cock.

My body jerked one last time and I collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted.

I felt the orgasm slowly fade away and I tried to catch my breath.

The two men watched as I struggled to regain myself.

I got back up and inserted Len’s cock in to my mouth sucking on it like a child sucking on a lollipop.

A mixture of mine and Duncan’s juices ran down my leg and I resisted the urge to wipe it away.

I felt something warm touch my pussy and I realised it was Duncan’s tongue.

I wriggled in pleasure, thrusting my pussy into his face

His tongue slid in further and I moaned loudly.

A few seconds later, Len filled my mouth with his cream and I lapped it up hungrily, eager for more.

I sucked him dry, his cock growing limp in my mouth.

I pulled it out, giving it a little kiss.

I looked over at Duncan who was stroking his own cock.

To my amazement, his erection had returned, dripping with my juices.

I looked over at Len and smiled, a plan formulating in my head

‘Can Len have a go?’ I asked Duncan, certain he was going to say no.

To surprise he nodded, making his way over to Len

Len knelt down so his face was inches from Dunk’s groin

Taking his cock in one hand, he slipped it inside his mouth, sucking him as I had done to him minutes ago

I heard Dunk groan as Len swallowed him, taking in more of him that I had managed to.

I watched in awe as my boyfriend sucked man meat, I could only imagine how Dunk was feeling, knowing what a good lover Len was.

I slid my hand under Dunk’s arse and felt for his testicles, giving each of them a squeeze.

Dunk opened his legs and I slipped a finger into his anus

His body jerked as I entered him, but he opened his legs for me allowing me in further

I finger fucked his arse searching for his G-Spot located inside

I guessed I had found it when Duncan’s body jerked violently

He held on to Len’s shoulders for support

‘Oh shit!’ Dunk yelled loudly and I wondered if anyone had heard him

I slid another finger in and he groaned again

‘Oh yeah, ooooohhhhh……..that’s good’ these words of enjoyment encouraged me and I moved faster inside his anus.

Len had swallowed his cock completely and was giving him probably the best blowjob he was ever likely to have

The combined efforts of our movements sent Dunk over the edge and he climaxed hard flooding Len’s mouth with his cream

Len expertly swallowed it, catching every last drop of delicious sperm

I removed my fingers when the climax ended and I saw Len had removed Duncan’s limp cock from his mouth.

‘Oh shit, I gotta go’ Dunk said looking at his watch ‘I’ll catch up with ya later, yeah? Meet me back here after the show’ he said, giving me and Len a kiss each.

We agreed to meet and Duncan left us

We found our way to our seats, wanting the show to be over already so we could get back to our fun.

An hour and a half later, the show ended and we made our way back to the spot where Duncan had left us.

True to his word, Duncan came to meet us and I drove us back to our flat.

Immediately we made our way to the bedroom, ridding each other of our clothes.

We made love several times that night, never stopping till we’d had enough.

And that is how it had all began

‘Oh fuck, baby………..that’s it, fill me with your spunk’ I said as Duncan came inside me once more, his sweet nectar filling me as it had many times since the concert.

I looked over at Len, who had already climaxed and was nursing his limp cock.

I knew he had enjoyed the show, but I knew he wanted more, he wanted Duncan

Who will it be next week, I wonder……………


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